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Top 13 Cat-Friendly Couches for Pet Owners (Stop Chasing Your Tail Around!)

Top 13 Cat-Friendly Couches for Pet Owners (Stop Chasing Your Tail Around!)

Top 13 Cat-Friendly Couches for Pet Owners

Cat owners, chances are that at some point you’ve watched a piece of furniture be taken over by your feline companion even when you’ve taken measures like stocking up on toys and scratch posts. Shedding and clawing are some of the most common problems that pet owners are looking to solve in their search for the most pet-friendly couch. While finding the best sofa for cats can seem like a daunting task, I’ve done the research and have the answers that should scratch the itch to your most pressing cat sofa issues. Here are 13 of my favorites that cover all the bases from the ideal scratch and stain resistant fabric to options for the apartment dwelling cat. Just don’t ask me where the litter box should go.

The Top 13 Cat-Friendly Couches, According to


Best Sofa for Cats, Overall

Zavis /

With all sorts of options to consider, the Zavis Sofa from Medley stood out to us as being the top overall choice of furniture for cat owners. Starting in Sacramento, California, brothers Travis Nagle and Ryan Schultz wanted to see “cleaner, more eco-certified materials, local manufacturing, and an emphasis on quality and comfort.” You can check out my interview with Travis and all ways they look at sustainability practices along with the challenges of running a furniture company. This sofa captures that minimal design aesthetic while still expressing some slight curves and finely shaped lines. It can fit just about any room as an addition or a centerpiece, but what really sold us though were its customer service, sustainability practices, and the sheer amount of customizable options for cat owners searching for the perfect pet sofa that they can share.

What I Love:
  • Medley makes really durable furniture. Their warranty and guarantee game is one of the strongest and most pet owner friendly I’ve come across. This includes a lifetime guarantee on wooden frames, a 10-year warranty on cushion cores, and a 5-year warranty on fabrics.
  • Removable zipper covers. Cleaning is much easier to maintain when it comes to stains and shedding.
  • Forward thinking on sustainability. Medley is partnered with the National Forest Foundation as well as committing use to FSC-certified forests.
  • 30-day no questions asked return policy.
Things to keep in mind:
  • Every piece is made by hand in the U.S., so expect things to take a bit longer from start to finish.
  • Shipping times can vary greatly depending on the item.

Best Scratch-Resistant Couch for Cats

Nomad Sofa /

Outside of hair, scratching is high on the list of issues folks are looking at when purchasing a couch with their cat. There are a ton of options for cat-proofing your furniture, but what about scratch resistant furniture? Cue Burrow. Burrow’s dedication to ultra-modular and customizable furniture makes each piece do well in most settings, but their Nomad series, with its scratch and stain resistant fabrics, are a great fit for those with kitties that can’t resist the itch.

What I Love:
  • Olefin fiber weave ensures that your couch and cat should get along just fine.
  • Because these pieces were designed with modularity in mind, you can easily fit them into whatever configuration best serves you and your cat's space.

Things to keep in mind: 

  • Burrow offers both a 1-year inhouse warranty with limited coverage, and an even broader 3 to 5-year warranty in partnership with Mulberry.
  • Assembly is required with instructions provided by Burrow. You can look up your piece's instruction manual at their online database anytime.

Best Cat Hair-Resistant Couch

Park Sectional Sofa /

Vacuuming or cleaning cat fur out of your couch can be a real drag, but I think this sectional from Albany Park is the perfect match for those seeking a cat sofa that resists the shed. Started in 2008 by Daryl and Jessica Sharpton to “bring soulful stylish furniture at a really great price.” It also makes sense that this duo would be obsessed with making comfortable sofas, being that Daryl’s previous occupation was with the Houston Texas as a linebacker. In the hunt for the best couch for cats, you can’t spend more than a few seconds browsing Albany Park’s gorgeously designed website without noticing their pet-friendly options. Albany Park’s furniture gushes with calm, cozy vibes, while attending to pet-owners' needs with style to match. I’m really into the Park Sectional Sofa for its sophisticated aesthetic:

What I Love:

  • I’m all about the vegan-leather option as it gives cat hair no place to hide and makes for the easiest cleanup. With a load of other customizable options, you can fit this piece in just about any setting.
  • With fast and free shipping, plus a 30-day in-home trial, you can test the waters and feel confident that your purchase will be the best option for you and your feline friend.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Claws can still pose an issue. While I love the vegan-leather option, leather doesn’t always make for an ideal scratch resistant couch. Looking into other options to keep your cats from scratching will be the most useful here.

Best Budget-Friendly Cat Sofa


You know them, you love their meatballs, and no one has brought as much Swedish culture to our homes since ABBA. On a side note though, ever notice that the A’s in ABBA couch the B’s in a neat sofa-like palindrome? I’m talking of course about IKEA! This furniture giant has been at the forefront of designing fun Scandinavian influenced pieces that instantly make any room feel clean and cozy. When it comes to their selection of cat-friendly furniture, there is no shortage of options, but I found a lot to love about the UPPLAND.

What I Love:

  • IKEA’s model of chic furniture at a budget friendly price means that this couch won’t break the bank.
  • The UPPLAND boasts supreme cleanability with its washable couch cover. This is especially helpful for cats with more noticeable shedding.
  • Couch covers are also sold individually so you can routinely swap covers out to maintain a fresh look. 

Things to keep in mind:

  • IKEA is able to stay budget-friendly because of their flatpack method. Remember that assembly is required, but this doesn’t mean you are completely on your own. IKEA’s partnership with Taskrabbit means that for some extra cash, you can save yourself the time of putting things together.
  • IKEA can have very specific measurements for their furniture, so be sure to double check the dimensions listed on their website if you’re purchasing anything from a third-party.

Best Sofa for Cats and Small Spaces

Piper Petite Sofa /

Apartment dwellers are often caught in the middle of the right couch for them and their cat, but not the right space. I looked towards Urban Outfitters for their chic sofa selections that check the boxes for the best couch for cats and smaller spaces. The Piper Petite Sofa lives up to its name by being both stylish and cozy, and with its soft recycled leather, this is a perfect cat sofa.

What I Love:

  • Recycled leather means less clinging cat hair
  • Apartment friendly with three options for delivery: Over the Threshold, Doorstep, or the full service room placement and assembly White Glove option.
Things to keep in mind:
  • Leather may be a great option for unwanted cat hair, but it’s not totally scratch-proof.
  • Because this item is made to order, returns are very tricky. This one can be quite risky if you aren’t totally set on it. Be sure to measure!

Best Cleanable Sofa for Cats

3-Seat Lounger Sofa /

We took cleanability into account with every selection in this list, but the 3-Seat Lounger Sofa from 7th Avenue goes above and beyond when it comes to stain resistant features and feline friendly durability. Liquid repellent coatings are the key to how this sofa manages to withstand everything from pet urine to wine stains. Even if your cat is an a**hole, this option should make their bad behavior easier to manage, or at the very least, less expensive. This is one of the best cleanable sofas for cats, even if that kitty sometimes turns into a loveable demon.

What I Love:

  • Cleanability is certainly the highlight, but this sofa boasts lots of comfort with customizable options for depth and cushion firmness.
  • Removable covers make cleaning and maintenance easier to manage.
  • OEKO-TEX certified fabric covers. This safety standard is meant to promote the use of eco-friendly fabrics free from harmful chemicals.

Things to keep in mind: 

  • 7th Avenue offers a limited lifetime warranty, which is a pretty generous statement.
  • There are financing and payment plans available.

Best Eco-Friendly Cat Couch

Rodez /

Making conscious choices in our surroundings, especially with our purchasing, is the most doable way to help cultivate sustainable practices. CB2 is forward thinking in their commitment to responsible design, and this not only makes for a great eco-friendly option, but with their selection of fabrics and sleek design, there are some great selections for cat owners here. I love the Rodez because of its customizable fabrics that make for a scratch resistant sofa for your cat. It’s also FSC-certified for bonus points.

What I Love:

  • Elegant design meets sustainability.
  • With a long list of fabrics, you have plenty of ways to figure out the best choice for you and your kitty.
  • Single cushion makes it less likely that loose fur can get trapped.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Custom fabrics can take time, so anticipate longer shipping times.

Best Cat-Friendly Couch for Guests

Briar Sleeper Sectional / 

Hosting friends and family can sometimes require some extra attention if you have pets, especially if there are any allergies present. Even with options for cat-friendly furniture, it can seem challenging to find a sleeper couch that’s cat-resistant and comfortable. Luckily, Joybird produces some stylish mid-century furniture that fits the bill. Joybird crafts their pieces by hand in Mexico, and the quality really shows. The Briar Sleeper Sectional, and its pet-friendly fabric options, have me ready to host overnighters for the summer.

What I Love:

  • Each piece is handmade with care, and honestly, for the price, it's hard to match that kind of crafting.
  • There are a ton of options and breakdowns as to what fabric would suit you best. Clicking the pet-friendly option shows a list of material that can stand up to cat fur and stains.
  • Easy cleanability means that even those with allergies will be comfortable.

Things to keep in mind:

  • While Joybird handles shipping pretty efficiently, because each piece is made by hand, there can be unanticipated delays from time to time.
  • Sheet sizes may be a bit tricky to compensate for, as the dimensions of the mattress are pretty specific to Joybird.

Best Cat Sofa for Comfort

Ella / 

The classic image of a cozy night with your cat, whether it be with a good book or movie, is centered around a comfortable looking couch, so we wanted to make that image true to life. The Ella from Interior Define manages to check every box when it comes to comfort and cat-friendly options. There are so many ways to customize this couch from tons of pet-friendly fabrics, to depth preferences, and even cushion fill for your ideal firm-to-soft grade.

What I Love:

  • You really have nearly endless pet-friendly fabric options to combat loose cat hair and clawing.
  • Having the option to choose total couch depth is a great feature. You can totally control how much room you want for maximum sinking-in with your furry friend.

Things to keep in mind:

  • There are slipcover features here, which are a great option for cat-owners, but some of the reviews are a bit mixed and show that this may be dependent on the fabric.
  • Customization means that your piece will be made-to-order, so expect a slightly lengthier shipping time.

Best Luxury Pet-Friendly Couch

Bond Modular Sofa /

If you are wanting to go all out on your couch without sacrificing style for function, I think the Bond Modular Sofa from Restoration Hardware is the perfect match where elegance and form intersect. With a robust stock of fabric and material, RH really goes above and beyond with their options. Of course, premium quality means premium cost, but with such a select list of fabrics, cat owners can easily find the most optimal stain resistant material. Cat sofas and luxury don’t always seem like they should occupy the same space, but if you’re wanting the best of both worlds, this modular piece will elevate the room.

What I Love:

  • This sofa’s sleek, gorgeous, and sophisticated design will make for a posh centerpiece, and with fabrics, like velvet that boast stain-resistant features, you can be sure that your couch will withstand your four-legged friend.
  • Boasting a lifetime guarantee, RH’s pieces are made to last.

Things to keep in mind:

  • There’s no hiding that it’s quite pricey. High-quality materials are usually going to translate to higher prices.
  • There are two-pricing options: members and non-members.
  • While they do have a guarantee, it’s best to be familiar with the limitations. You should also be aware of the differences between this guarantee and a warranty, which RH does not offer.

Best Modern/Stylish Sofa for Cats

Most Stylish Sofa for Cats
Bianca /

Sleek and sophisticated, Arhaus produces some gorgeous furniture for the modern set up with a focus on fabrics that can hold up. The Bianca, with its textured weave, is stylish enough to be the centerpiece in your space, and durable enough to withstand the liveliest of cats. This polished and cat-ready sofa is a great option for those wanting to steer toward elevated style but with materials that can hold up to your feline friend.

What I Love:

  • Durable fabric that boasts high stain resistance makes it a good choice for pet owners.
  • Elegant curves meet clean cut lines that make for one classy couch for cats.
  • Arhaus’ Worry-Free Protection Plan is a huge plus in feeling secure in your purchase.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Outside of their protection plan, Arhaus offers a limited warranty that can range from 10-3 years depending on the item.
  • There is a 14-day return policy minus a 10% restocking fee.

Best Amazon Couch for Pets

Stendmar Sectional Sofa /

Amazon is ubiquitous within the sphere of e-commerce. When it comes to furniture though, I wanted to see how this titan of online marketplaces stacked up. With a trove of customizable options plus dedication to transparent shipping times, there are some great selections for feline friendly furniture, but I found a lot to like about the Stendmar Sectional Sofa. With roomy design and removable covers for easy cleaning, this is a great sofa for cat owners.

What I Love:

  • Microfiber is one of the best materials to help with shedding and clawing.
  • Amazon is by far the quickest shopping experience. Every detail is laid out right in front of you for timely purchasing.
  • A cinch to clean.

Things to keep in mind:

  • It’s 2024, people, and you should know the drill on most of Amazon’s shipping and return policies by now. However, do check into it before you buy as some options take longer than others, and some return policies can have specific details.
  • With Affirm, you have the option for a monthly payment plan, but the interest can be a bit steep.

Best Sectional Sofa for Cats 

Movie Night Modular Sectional /

Sectionals are great for those medium to large spaces where it can function as a centerpiece for a night-in or an entertainment space, but with multiple lines and crevices they can be tough for cat owners to manage. While I’ve shown off some great sectionals already, the Movie Night Modular Sectional from Sundays lives up to its namesake for both that melt-into-the-couch feeling with sprawling surface area and stain resistant fabric that repels liquids pretty impressively. Their reviews and product descriptions are great indicators as to how this sectional stands up to the furriest of kitties.

What I Love:

  • Removable slipcovers make for excellent cleanability. This is great for cats that shed fairly heavily. Plus, with its liquid repelling features, this is a great option for families and pets alike.
  • Tight woven fabric makes it easier to handle claw-loving cats.
  • Utilizes FSC-certified wood in its material list, which promotes sustainability and aims to minimize environmental impact.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Free delivery and assembly within the Continental US? That’s huge! Folks in Hawaii and Alaska should reach out to customer support regarding this service as it may be available with an added fee.
  • Sectionals are indeed large, but if you want to downgrade to a smaller option, Sunday has options.

Honorable Mention: Best Loveseat for Cats


Gabriola Ivory Bouclé Loveseat /

I think that loveseats for pet owners and their cats don’t get enough love, and I couldn’t just leave out this one from Article. I gave our recommendation for the best small space couch, but I want to mention the Gabriola Loveseat for its stylish curves and petite size. This pet-friendly and stain resistant loveseat makes for a solid pairing for cat and cat lover.

What I Love:

  • Texture! Bouclé has a wonderful feel to it, and with low-absorption, this is a great option for cat owners looking for a smaller stain resistant couch.
  • Article leaves no fabric untested. They are committed to longevity.

Things to keep in mind:

  • A 30-day return policy means that you can feel certain that this is the right loveseat for you.
  • Pretty fast shipment time, which partly motivates their commitment to cutting out the middle-man and making sure your orders are sent directly to you by them.

Cats and couches can coexist with a bit of planning and knowhow. One need not claw through search after search of cat-proof furniture to figure out the best option for, if not a peaceful harmonious cat to couch relationship, the most cost-effective. Make sure to look at my reviews of each brand for a deep dive and full assessment into shipping, warranties, and other helpful info before you buy.

A few tips to recap with:

  • Measure, measure, measure again! Be familiar with the dimensions you are looking for.
  • If your cat is too handsy (would paws-y be the right word here?) with your couch, consider investing in some scratch posts or other cat-proof objects that they can take their scratching out on.
  • Stain-resistant and low-absorption fabrics are great for cats who like to knock s**t over.
  • Leather is a great material to combat excessive shedding, but it’s not totally claw-proof.
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