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The Art of the Pivot: Mastering Stairs When Your New Sofa is Delivered

Elevate your couch maneuvering game with help from the experts at! Expertly navigate your new sofa through the twists and turns of staircases.

Can you slide a couch down stairs?

Imagine yourself as a couch-whisperer, gracefully maneuvering your beloved piece of furniture through the twists and turns of the staircase. Here are a few savvy tips to make navigating stairs doable if you didn't buy a couch with delivery service included:

  • Measure and assess: Before attempting the daring descent of your sofa, make sure to channel your inner couch-sizing detective. Measure the dimensions of your sofa and assess the width of the stairs to ensure a smooth slide.
  • Evaluate the weight: Now, let's have a serious heart-to-heart about the weight of your couch. If it's packing some serious pounds, you might want to reconsider the physics of sliding it down the stairs. Remember, if it's a particularly heavy piece, like a couch bed, we'd suggest avoiding turning this into a crash landing disaster.
  • Get some helping hands: Unless you possess superhuman strength, it's high time to call in some backup. Rally your trusty sidekicks (aka friends or family members- you can pay them in pizza and booze!) to embark on the couch descent together. Safety in numbers, right? Plus, it'll make for an epic tale to tell around the next happy hour.

Remember, if you're unsure about sliding your couch down the stairs, you can always explore alternative options like disassembling the couch or hiring professional movers. Most likely, a sofa sale will come with delivery. Safety should always be a priority when it comes to moving furniture.

How wide should stairs be to move furniture?

Moving furniture can be a tricky business, especially when it comes to maneuvering through staircases. Our experts are here to guide you through the ins and outs of selecting the perfect stair width for your furniture! So, here are some key points to consider:

  • Calculate twice, slide once: To ensure a smooth journey for your beloved furniture, the width of your stairs should ideally be at least 10% wider than the widest part of the furniture piece. In the case of a Lovesac sectional, measure the widest section and add some extra leeway to guarantee a cushy slide.
  • Watch out for hazards: Keep in mind that staircases often have turns or doorways along the way. These pesky obstacles can significantly impact your furniture-moving endeavors. Ensure that your stair width accommodates any twists and turns along the path, guaranteeing a seamless transition. Pro Tip: "Heads up" on the low hanging ceilings!
  • Leave ample room: Aim for a width that's as generous as your hosting spirit – typically around 36 inches or more. This way, you'll glide through the twists and turns of moving day without turning your living room into an obstacle course.

Remember, the width of your stairs plays a crucial role in determining whether your furniture-moving mission will be an epic success or a tragic comedy. So, measure diligently, plan wisely, and your sofa will glide down the stairs with grace and charm. Lastly, want an easy way out? Pick a sofa with delivery included.

Can you move a couch down stairs alone?

a couch at the end of a dreamlike set of endless stairs

Moving a couch down stairs alone may seem like an impossible quest, but feasible with the right knowledge. When it comes to tackling this task solo, here's the lowdown:

  • Proceed with caution: Moving a couch by yourself can be a formidable challenge, so proceed with caution. Evaluate the weight and dimensions of your couch before attempting any daring maneuvers. Safety first!
  • Unleash your inner MacGyver: Look around for some clever makeshift solutions. Consider using a sturdy rope, a makeshift sled, or even a couch cover for moving to aid your heroic endeavor. Using the right leverage can make all the difference when slingin' sofas.
  • Grace and Precision: Fasten blankets with tape for a snug fit. Position the furniture on its back at the top of the steps – it's showtime! Channel your inner mover and step up top and glide the furniture toward you. Let it recline gracefully on the steps and ease your way down.

Moving a couch by yourself can be quite the challenge, but with some ingenuity, and a little muscle, you might just emerge victorious. Keep your wits about you and slide that couch with finesse!

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