Sectionals 101

The Sectional That Stays Together... Stays Together: The Best Strategy

Secrets to sectionals: connectors, velcro, and non-slip pads! The experts at showcase how to prevent your sectional from sliding.

How to keep a sectional together?

  • Use connectors: Sectional connectors are your secret weapon. Naturally, these devices hook onto the sectional pieces, preventing them from doing the furniture version of the moonwalk.
  • Velcro magic: Velcro strips is officially your best friend! Next, attach them to the bottom of your sectional pieces and the floor to keep everything snug. No more sofa slip 'n' slides!
  • Non-slip pads: Non-slip pads, the unsung heroes of furniture stability! Alas, they can be placed under your sectional couch with recliner to keep them grounded and prevent any unexpected solo performances.

How do you use sectional clips?

Secondly, sectional clips are like the star of your furniture ensemble:

  • Clip placement: Get those sneaky clips tucked away under or in between your sectional pieces. And, these little guys have two sides that fit snugly into the connecting brackets on each piece, like a secret handshake.
  • Secure snugly: Slide those sections together with finesse and watch them align perfectly, as if they were born for each other. Then, lock those clips into place with a satisfying snap or slide, like a puzzle coming together. This even works with cheap furniture or when you're ready to replace a couch!
  • Tighten the bond: Finally, give those clips a firm and stylish fastening, so your white sectional sofa stays bonded for life. Again, no more wandering pieces or awkward gaps - this is true unity, ready to deliver a flawless performance. Finally, get ready for compliments galore!

How many pieces is a sectional couch?

If it's time for you to buy a new sofa, the magic number of sectional pieces can certainly vary:

  • Standard sections: A standard sectional usually consists of two pieces – a sofa and a chaise. But, don't let that limit your imagination; sectionals come in all shapes and sizes. And, the larger modular sectionals can come with upwards of five or more pieces beating out a double decker couch!
  • Modular freedom: Modular sectionals allow you to mix and match pieces, so your sectional can have as few or as many components as you desire. Then, create the grey sectional sofa of your dreams!
  • Custom creations: Seeking the ultimate in customization? Some sectionals are made up of several individual pieces that you can arrange to suit your space and style perfectly.

So, when it comes to sectionals, the number of pieces is like the notes in a symphony – it's up to you to compose the perfect harmony for your living room.

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