TOV Furniture: Ultimate Brand Review And Rating

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Tired of the same old boring furniture? Ready to inject some personality into your living room? Get ready for a TOV Furniture review that's as vibrant as their designs. We'll explore whether they're truly delivering magazine-worthy looks at wallet-friendly prices, and if their couches are as comfortable as they are chic. We're digging into TOV quality, design details, and whether TOV sofas are built to last. Let's discover if they're worthy of a spot in your home!

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TOV Furniture is all about the look. And, somehow, they're doing it at an affordable price point. This is definitely the brand to check out if you want your living room to feel like something out of a design magazine without spending your life savings. While some super high-end brands might have slightly better craftsmanship, TOV delivers quality construction at a much more accessible price point. It's clear that they put effort into making their pieces feel special. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend TOV to a friend looking for a fashion-forward sofa upgrade.

Online Shopping Experience Rating: 92%

The first thing to mention about TOV is that they are a manufacturer / distributor and a direct retailer as well. You can buy furniture directly from TOV on their website or through one of their many retail partners in the furniture industry. TOV furniture is sold in many major furniture retailers across the U.S.

TOV Furniture's website has a certain flair. It's bursting with photos showcasing their bold designs and unique sofa style that fits your personal design aesthetics. If you're looking for furniture inspiration, or specifically a TOV sofa, their website is a great place to start your search.

TOV Furniture's Ease of Navigation

  • At a glance, TOV Furniture does a solid job of organizing their product categories. Their mega menu at the top is particularly helpful, providing a quick overview of different furniture types and collections.
  • TOV does a great job of showcasing curated looks and collections, making it easy to find pieces that fit a specific vibe you might have in mind. This is a cool way to discover new styles.
  • While I found it easy to get to the general category I wanted (like sofas), the sheer number of options on each product page was a bit overwhelming. Filtering is key! TOV does have some filters in place, like sorting by fabric or color. A few more filter options (like style, dimensions) would really take their site to the next level.
  • It’s awesome to have a way to "favorite" or save specific items as you're browsing. That way, when you inevitably see a million cool sofas, you can narrow down your choices later.
  • Search Function is Your Friend. TOV's search feature is a lifesaver if you have a specific item in mind. For example, I heard a lot about their TOV Emmet Sofa and TOV Porter Sofa, typing those keywords got me to the right section faster.
  • There's no denying TOV Furniture's website is a visually engaging place to shop. It sparks inspiration, which is kind of the point when furniture shopping!

TOV Furniture's Information Available “At-A-Glance” 

  • Price is Front and Center: I like that TOV Furniture doesn't make you hunt for the price of their sofas. You see it prominently displayed right away, no guessing games!
  • TOV Furniture  gives you a few key details at a glance, like price and a small fabric swatch. A few more details (dimensions!), and this feature would be super useful.
  • One thing I wish was displayed upfront is the sofa's overall dimensions. While they're listed within the product page, it's a bit of a hassle to click through if you're just browsing and trying to get a sense of size.
  • Besides the standard product photos, TOV includes lifestyle shots, which help visualize how those bold sofas might look in a real living space. That's a cool touch!
  • I like that TOV highlights their latest sofas with a "New Arrival" label. It's a small detail, but it adds a sense of excitement and discovery when browsing their site.
  • If an item is on "Final Sale", TOV clearly marks it as such. This gives shoppers a sense of urgency, while also managing expectations about returns/exchanges for those sale items.

TOV Furniture's Product Images  

  • High-Quality Photos, check! TOV definitely puts effort into their product photography. Their images are high-resolution and well-lit, allowing you to see the sofas' designs clearly.
  • Lifestyle Shots Are a Major Plus. I love that TOV includes lifestyle shots of their sofas in styled rooms. This makes it way easier to picture how one of their pieces might fit with my own decor style.
  • While the main product photos are great, it would be helpful to have even more variety in angles. I'd love to see more close-up shots of the fabric texture, stitching details, and maybe even see what those sofa legs look like. I’m sure other TOV Furniture reviews would agree.
  • TOV's images are good quality, but a zoom feature would be the cherry on top. Being able to zoom in and really examine the small details would be helpful if I'm going to drop some serious cash on a sofa.
  • Overall: Images Get the Job Done, with Room to Level Up. TOV Furniture's product images give you a solid sense of their sofas' overall style and design. A few more close-ups and a zoom feature would take them from good to truly great!

TOV Furniture's Quality of Product Information 

  • TOV Furniture does a nice job with their sofa descriptions. They're not overly technical, but they paint a picture of the style and vibe each piece has, which is helpful when browsing something as design-focused as a TOV sofa.
  • Each product page features a decent outline of the TOV couch features, highlighting things like upholstery, size, and overall design style. A bit more detail on specific materials would be ideal, but it's a good starting point.
  • I'm happy to see TOV Furniture does list sofa dimensions within the product pages. I appreciate not having to hunt for these essential details.
  • I'd like a bit more info about how TOV sofas are built. While things like frame materials, cushion filling, and so on are mentioned, I’m sure TOV Furniture reviews would agree that more details speak to the durability and quality of the sofa.
  • TOV Furniture made it easy to find on their product pages. That kind of info offers peace of mind for a big purchase like a sofa. High-five to that!
  • On individual product pages, TOV shows a list of related products to “Complete the Look.” This is a nice feature if you're browsing and find something you almost love, but want to explore a few more options.

TOV Furniture's Extra Bells & Whistles 

  • Trendy Designs with a Global Flair: TOV Furniture isn't afraid to take design risks. Their pieces are inspired by travels around the world, showcasing unique fabrics, materials, and a global perspective. If you want a sofa that feels fresh and stands out from the crowd, they're definitely worth a look.
  • A Focus on Collaboration & Empowerment: TOV Furniture puts a strong emphasis on collaboration, actively seeking out talented female artisans and designers. This commitment adds a unique layer of personality and social responsibility to their brand. “Our business is unique within the furniture space because we don’t just have female employees in the office or in the warehouse. From design and marketing to production and shipping, our furniture is FOR women, BY women,” says Chaya Krinsky, CEO of TOV.

Shipping & Lead Times Rating: 91%

TOV Furniture knows you're excited to get your TOV sofa. They offer a few different shipping options and try to be transparent about lead times.

TOV aims to ship in-stock items within 1-3 business days. This is on par with industry standards and is a positive. Meanwhile, back-ordered items will ship as soon as the sofas or sectionals are back in stock.

I noticed that items for restocking usually have a timeline between 1 to 2 months.

TOV Furniture's Shipping Time: Your TOV Furniture couch will be delivered within 2 to 3 weeks from shipping.

Customer Focus Rating: 93%

When it comes to buying a new TOV sofa online, clear information and helpful policies make a huge difference (plus, you browse through different TOV furniture reviews for insights) . The question “Is TOV Furniture legit?” wouldn’t even cross your mind.  Let's see how TOV stacks up when it comes to customer-friendly offerings, and if they truly make the process easier for those who want a fresh new look for their home.

TOV Furniture's Warranty:

  • The brand offers a one-year limited warranty on their sofas, covering both upholstery and structural components (wood, metal, etc.). This warranty duration is on par with industry standards for furniture in this price range.
  • TOV warranty protects against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. This provides peace of mind knowing that if there's a problem due to production issues, TOV will work to resolve it.
  • To initiate a warranty claim and you bought the furniture through a retail partner (vs. having bought through TOV directly) you'll need to go through the retailer where you purchased the TOV sofa. They'll work with TOV to gather necessary documentation (photos, purchase information, etc.) to support your claim.
  • Like most warranties, there are exclusions for the warranty of your TOV Furniture sofa. TOV Furniture warranty doesn't cover normal wear and tear, accidental damage, abuse, improper maintenance, or use in non-residential settings. It's essential to fully understand these exclusions to avoid surprises.
  • TOV includes specific language regarding fabric warranties, covering things like seam failure or fabric separation. This clarity helps understand exactly what's covered. A TOV Furniture couch is after all an investment using your hard-earned money.
  • Documentation is Key: When making a warranty claim for your TOV sofa, detailed photos and a proof of purchase are required. Documenting the issue and keeping your receipt on hand is essential in getting a successful resolution through TOV Furniture's warranty.

TOV Furniture's Return Options:

  • TOV Furniture gives you 15 days after delivery to start the return process. That falls within the acceptable range for furniture, but keep in mind you'll need to get that sofa disassembled and back in its original packaging within that window.
  • Returned TOV sofas must be in new, unused condition, unassembled, and with the original packaging. This policy is common in the industry and understandable to protect the products.
  • No Restocking Fees: This is a major plus and worth pointing out in any TOV Furniture reviews! Restocking fees can eat up a chunk of your refund, so it's nice that TOV Furniture doesn't charge those.
  • You Pay for Return Shipping: Unfortunately, you're on the hook for return shipping costs. However, note that this is common with furniture retailers.
  • If you snag a TOV sofa on clearance, be extra certain it's the right piece for you. Clearance items are final sale, with no returns allowed.
  • TOV requires any damage to be reported within 24 hours of delivery to be eligible for a claim. They provide a claim form for easy reporting or you can contact TOV Furniture customer service if you need further assistance.

TOV Furniture's Delivery Options & Costs:

  • Free Basic Shipping (With a Minimum):  TOV offers free basic shipping on orders over $299, which is a nice perk to offset the cost of your new TOV sofa. This option gets your furniture to your doorstep and aligns with what a lot of other furniture retailers offer.
  • Upgrade Options for a Fee: Need help getting that sofa inside, or even assembled? TOV offers upgraded in-room delivery (starting at $69) and in-room with assembly (starting at $149). These options come with appointment scheduling, which is major plus for busy folks.
  • Remote Locations Might Cost More: TOV is upfront about potential extra charges for deliveries outside their "standard service area." It's good they're transparent about this, but those extra fees could add up for customers in more remote locations.
  • TOV's delivery options seem in line with what you'd expect in the furniture industry. The free basic shipping with a minimum spend is a plus, and their upgraded options offer flexibility for those willing to pay.

TOV Furniture's Financing Options:

  • TOV works with Affirm to offer flexible financing options. This is a popular service used by many online retailers, giving customers the ability to split their TOV sofa purchases into monthly payments.

Is Assembly Required?

  • When you view specific TOV sofa product pages, you’ll see if the item ships assembled or requires minor assembly. In case you don’t have the time or skills to deal with the task, note that they have a white glove service that includes assembly of your new TOV Furniture couch. You can also get an idea if they’re easy to assembly by reading some TOV Furniture reviews.

TOV Furniture's Customization Options:

  • TOV Furniture seems to prioritize on-trend, ready-made furniture pieces and does not offer typical customization options at this time. This makes their designs accessible and production more efficient. TOV's approach makes the buying process simple and relatively quick. You see a sofa you like, select a fabric option, and it's ready to ship.

Does TOV Furniture Offer Free Fabric Swatches?

  • Yes, you can order free fabric swatches directly on the product page of a TOV sofa.

Durability & Quality Rating: 93%

Let's be real – no one wants a sofa that starts sagging or pilling the second you sit on it. I guess other fellow sofa geeks will agree with me in their version of TOV Furniture reviews. You're dropping some serious cash on a new TOV sofa, so it better hold up for more than just a couple of Netflix binges. Do their trendy designs stand the test of time, or are they just flimsy eye candy? Let's break down what TOV Furniture quality is all about.

“...we’re providing stylish pieces at affordable price points. Before TOV, if you wanted something really stylish and chic for your home, you had to save up for months or even years. We’re able to provide luxury quality at great price points so women can design their dream homes,” says Krinsky.

TOV Furniture's Quality of Materials:

  • TOV Furniture offers a mix of upholstery options for their TOV sofas – from trendy velvets to textured boucles and even some performance fabrics. It's a decent selection, but the quality will vary depending on the specific material you choose.
  • Wood Frames: It seems like a lot of their sofas have solid wood frames (often kiln-dried pine). This is a good sign, as solid wood offers more durability than cheaper alternatives like particle board.
  • Some of their sofas, especially within their outdoor collections, feature performance fabrics. These are designed for increased durability and stain-resistance.
  • Support Systems: TOV sofas use a range of support systems for their seats, including sinuous springs, zig-zag springs, and webbing. Springs are generally more durable than webbing alone, but it depends on the specific sofa.
  • Foam Fill: They use different foam densities in their cushions. Higher density foam is a good sign, as it'll likely hold its shape better over time.

TOV Furniture's Cleanability:

  • TOV offers a mix of upholstery options – from velvets to more stain-resistant performance fabrics. Your cleaning experience will depend heavily on the specific fabric you choose, so consider your lifestyle (kids, pets, clumsy partners?) before falling in love with a delicate option.
  • TOV Furniture actually includes care instructions for their various materials. While not super in-depth, it's a start and shows they're at least thinking about how to help you keep your sofa looking fresh.

TOV Furniture's Quality of Construction & Manufacturing Origin:

  • TOV Furniture's worldwide network of factories allows them to source the best materials and manufacturing processes from different locations. While other TOV Furniture reviews might see this as a negative, this strategy helps them keep costs down, offering stylish sofas at more accessible price points.
  • Even with global manufacturing, TOV emphasizes that their sofas are "handmade by skilled furniture craftsmen." This focus on craftsmanship injects a level of quality into their products.
  • Solid Construction Basics: TOV sofas often feature solid wood frames (sometimes kiln-dried), which demonstrates their commitment to foundational quality. They also offer different spring systems, allowing them to tailor the support level to specific sofa designs.

TOV's global approach is understandable given their focus on affordability. Increased transparency in the future would be a welcome addition for those seeking even more detail. It’s always nice to know the story behind the sofa in your living room or patio.

Brand Vibe Check Rating: 92%

Furniture shopping isn't just about finding something that looks good, it's about finding those pieces that just get you. So, what's TOV Furniture's deal? Are they the bold trendsetters your living room craves, or do they have a more laid-back, eco-conscious approach? Let's dive into their vibe.

TOV Furniture's Key Differentiators & Unique Facts:

  • Born from Affordability: TOV was founded in 2013 with a mission to create stylish furniture that wouldn't break the bank. This focus on budget-friendly design is a major differentiator in the furniture world.
  • Travel-Inspired Designs: Their designs are influenced by the founders' travels, infusing their furniture with a touch of global flair. This wanderlust aesthetic is a unique touch you won't find everywhere.
  • TOV Furniture partners with female artisans, adding a handcrafted element to their pieces. This focus on empowering female artisans and craftsmanship sets them apart from mass-produced furniture brands.

TOV Furniture's Sustainability:

Looking for on-trend furniture with a touch of eco-consciousness? TOV Furniture is making strides in sustainability with their recycled fabrics, focus on reducing VOCs, and plans to expand their green initiatives. The green efforts of the brand is worth pointing out in any TOV Furniture reviews.

  • Recycled Fabrics: TOV offers a selection of sofas featuring fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. This upcycled approach helps reduce waste and divert plastics from landfills.
  • Focus on Low-VOC Finishes: Their fabrics are dyed with minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This choice improves indoor air quality and reduces harmful emissions during the manufacturing process.
  • Ongoing Efforts: TOV mentions exploring biodegradable packaging and expanding their use of recycled materials. This indicates they're thinking about ways to improve their environmental impact over time.

TOV Furniture's Overall Brand Presentation:

  • Overall, TOV Furniture offers trendy and accessible furniture with a unique global twist. They prioritize affordability and eye-catching designs, making their sofas a great option for fashion-forward shoppers on a budget. Their dedication to craftsmanship and touches of sustainability add an extra layer of appeal to their brand.


  • Trendy, stylish designs
  • Affordable pricepoint
  • Solid wood frames on many sofas
  • Performance fabrics available for some models
  • Free fabric swatches
  • Partners with female artisans


  • Limited customization options
  • Return shipping costs not covered
  • Short return window (only 15 days)
  • Mixed reviews on durability
  • Limited transparency regarding manufacturing details

Still feeling couch curious...?

More Brand FAQs

What are TOV Furniture ’s top couches?

Ready to upgrade your living space? Discover why these best-selling TOV Furniture sofas are flying off the shelves! We're diving into the trendy designs, cozy features, and must-know details that make these sofas a top choice for furniture lovers everywhere. Get ready to transform your living room! 

1. Yara Pleated Velvet Sofa Review ($1,479)

  • This sofa isn't afraid to make a statement! The pleated velvet texture and those rolled arms have a touch of old-school glamour that's totally on-trend.
  • Imagine sinking into that plush velvet after a long day – it's pure luxury.
  • TOV mentions a solid wood frame and supportive springs, showing they're not cutting corners on quality.

2. Lina Sofa Review ($1,499)

  • This TOV sofa's got a sophisticated vibe with that cafe au lait brown velvet. It's a statement piece, but not in an over-the-top way.
  • Velvet + Brass = A Winning Combo: Velvet is already luxurious, but those gold-tone legs kick it up a notch. It adds just a touch of glam to the design.
  • Comfort Factor: TOV mentions plush cushions and a mix of foams, which sounds promising for serious lounging sessions.

3. Amelie Faux Fur Sofa Review ($1,379)

  • This sofa isn't for everyone, but if you love a bold statement piece, the Amelie delivers! That faux fur and asymmetrical design are sure to get people talking.
  • Faux fur is the ultimate in cozy texture. Imagine snuggling up on this sofa with a good book or a furry friend (human or pet!).
  • It comes with throw pillows in different sizes, adding a fun touch and extra support options for lounging.

4. Bea Velvet Tufted Sofa ($1,279)

  • This sofa serves up some timeless elegance with its velvet upholstery and tufted details. It's got a sophisticated vibe.
  • Sink-In Comfort: TOV mentions a deep seat and high-density foam cushions, which sounds like a recipe for relaxation.
  • Those Lucite legs add a modern, unexpected touch against the traditional velvet design. It's a cool contrast that keeps it from being too stuffy.

5. Broohah Upholstered Sectional Review ($1,799)

  • This isn't your average boxy sectional! Those curves and rounded edges give the Broohah a modern, almost futuristic vibe.
  • That boucle upholstery adds a cozy and visually interesting texture to the space.
  • Sectionals are perfect for stretching out and relaxing, whether solo or with company. The Broohah looks super comfy.

6. Cali Upholstered Modular 4-Piece Sectional Review ($2,300)

  • Modular sectionals are awesome because you can rearrange them to fit your space, or even split them up into smaller seating areas. This kind of versatility is a major plus.
  • Performance Fabric: TOV calls out "LiveSmart Performance Fabric" which is designed for durability and stain resistance. A good sign for busy homes.
  • It features a mix of duck feather and fiber fill, which should translate to softness and a sink-in kind of comfy feel.

7. Tarra Fluffy Oversized Cream Corduroy Modular Sectional Review ($1,599)

  • Texture Overload: This sectional isn't shy! That wide-channeled corduroy is a serious statement and feels super cozy.
  • Spills happen. The fact that this has a liquid-repellent feature makes it WAY more appealing, especially in a light color like cream.
  • Just like other modular sectionals, the Tarra offers flexibility in how you arrange it. Perfect for fitting awkward spaces or changing up your living room layout.

8. Calliope Cream Vegan Shearling 4-piece Modular Sectional Review ($1,849)

  • Vegan Vibes: This one's for the animal lovers! The vegan shearling offers a cruelty-free way to get that cozy, textured look.
  • Those deep, hand-tufted cushions look seriously comfy. It's like building a luxurious pillow fort on your sofa.
  • Removable Arms? That's Cool: This feature offers even more flexibility. Use the arms as backrests, headrests, or ditch them entirely for a different look!

9. Yara Pleated Velvet Loveseat Review ($1,149)

  • Loveseats are perfect for snuggling up with someone special, or for stretching out solo when you want a more intimate seating option.
  • That pleated velvet is the star of the show. It adds a touch of old-school glamour and a super soft feel.
  • The rolled arms continue the vintage-inspired vibe and look extra comfy for lounging.

10. Farrah Velvet Loveseat ($1,169)

  • This loveseat is all about the details! The tufted arms and gold nailhead trim add a serious dose of glamour.
  • TOV mentions a spring suspension and foam filling, which sounds promising for comfort.
  • Loveseats are perfect for smaller spaces where a full-sized sofa might overwhelm. The Farah still packs a luxurious punch despite its smaller footprint.

How much do TOV Furniture 's couches cost?

TOV Furniture offers a range of sofas to fit different budgets. Whether you're searching for an affordable option or looking to invest in a statement piece, you'll find a selection of styles and price points within their collection. This variety positions them well within the mid-range furniture market, providing on-trend designs without breaking the bank.

TOV Furniture's Average Range:

  • 3-Seater Sofas: The average price for a standard 3-seater sofa from TOV falls between $1,000 - $2,000 USD. Materials, features, and design complexity all influence where a specific sofa will fall within this range.

Most Expensive TOV Furniture Couch:

  • Most Expensive Overall: The priciest sofa in TOV's collection is the Cali Upholstered Modular 7-Piece Large Chaise Sectional, retailing for $4,025. This expansive sectional boasts a modular design for customization, along with durable "LiveSmart" performance fabric.
  • Most Expensive Standard Sofa: Excluding sectionals, the Kendall Velvet Sofa takes the top price point at $1,599. This TOV couch is a modern sofa with a curved silhouette and plush upholstery. It is made out of cotton-poly blend velvet that is available in cream, light grey, cognac, and moss green.

Least Expensive TOV Furniture Couch:

  • The most budget-friendly sofa from TOV Furniture is the Tischa Upholstered Sofa, priced at $899. This compact sofa features a modern, clean-lined design and versatile upholstery options. The TOV Porter Sofa is actually cheaper at the moment at a discounted price of $779, but it’s already on final sale.

Does TOV Furniture have good reviews?

Forget what I think about TOV sofas – let's dive into what real customers are saying about their sofa style, TOV quality, the whole sofa buying experience, and TOV customer service. Is TOV Furniture legit? Let’s see what the buying public thinks.

Overall TOV Furniture Reviews:

  • TOV Furniture boasts an "Excellent" rating on Trustpilot with 4.6 out of 5 stars. Customers frequently praise their stylish furniture, exceptional customer service, and the overall positive buying experience.
  • The brand is not accredited with the BBB. It has a rating of 1 out of 5 stars on the platform, but it’s difficult to conclude based only on 4 customer reviews.

TOV Furniture's Top Product Reviews:

Here are some TOV sofa reviews from verified buyers.

  • Yara Pleated Velvet Sofa, 5-Star Review: “This sofa is an absolute show stopper! It’s absolutely beautiful and the delivery team took great care in taking it to my apt home despite the rainy conditions on the day it arrived. I’m so happy with this purchase. Also, it’s very comfortable and easy to reposition despite the hefty weight. It’s soft and has a beautiful sheen to the fabric when you look up TOV quality close. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this sofa. The shipping company also did a fantastic job making arrangements for my delivery. No complaints from my end! The sofa is a true beauty!” - Santia B (Verified Buyer)
  • TOV Emmet Sofa, 3-Star Review: “I wanted to buy this sofa because I live in a small apartment in NYC, and I really want to love it, but it's just not very comfortable when sitting in it for a while. My partner and I love to watch movies and it's not the best for "lounging." Although it's super beautiful, soft, and surprisingly easy to clean, it's probably better in a room where you don't sit on it very often.” - Evie (Verified Buyer)

TOV Furniture's Customer Service Reviews:

  • Customers frequently praise TOV Furniture for their helpful and responsive TOV Furniture customer service representatives, who often go above and beyond to resolve issues quickly. Meanwhile, common complaints revolve around delivery delays or issues, occasional unhelpful customer service experiences, and some difficulties encountered when using store credit.

What kind of style is TOV Furniture furniture?

Tired of furniture that looks like everyone else's? Throne room about to lose its royal touch? TOV Furniture has your back, my liege. They offer a distinctive collection that caters to a wide range of design preferences. So ditch the generic and embrace the extraordinary. From luxe velvet sofas to statement lighting, TOV lets you furnish your domain with pieces that truly reflect your kingdom's unique style (and all without having to raid the royal treasury).

TOV Furniture's Range of Couch Options:

  • Let's talk couch game. Forget those one-size-fits-all deals – TOV Furniture knows everyone needs options. We're talkin' armchairs, loveseats, space-saving couches, comfy 3-seaters, dreamy name it, they probably got it. Need to outfit your whole living room with the same killer style? TOV has your back with various shapes within the same design. And I bet other TOV couch reviews also praise them for having this much variety in their lineup.

TOV Furniture's Range of Couch Styles:

  • When it comes to couch styles, TOV throws down a major gauntlet. They've got the modern looks, the Mid-Century vibes, and those classic, never-go-out-of-style options. Heck, they even have some seriously glam pieces with a touch of old-school Hollywood. Whatever your space is screaming for, TOV Furniture can hook you up with the perfect couch to match.

Does TOV Furniture Have Other Products Besides Couches?

  • Short answer: yeah! TOV isn't just about couches. They've got a whole range of stylish furniture for your entire pad. Their bedroom collection is seriously tempting, packed with pieces that'll turn your sleeping quarters into a stylish sanctuary.

What are some alternatives to TOV Furniture ?

Let's face it, TOV Furniture has killer designs. But every space needs options! If you're looking for a similar aesthetic with a different twist, check out these alternative brands that won't disappoint.