Burke Decor: Ultimate Brand Review And Rating

Alex Back | CEO & Founder
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Been eyeing those stylish Burke Decor sofas popping up on your Instagram feed? Wondering if they as comfy as they look? Well, buckle up for this in-depth Burke Decor review, where I'll spill the beans on style, comfort, and whether those sleek couches are worth your hard-earned cash.

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Okay, I've gotta admit, Burke Decor surprised me (in a good way!). Their sofas are stylish, well-made, and feel like they'll stand the test of time. Their commitment to making good design accessible even outside of major cities is a big plus in my book. And you know what? They're not afraid to be a little different, and I admire that.

Yes, Burke Decor sofas come with a slightly higher price tag, but it feels like you're getting what you pay for. So, if you want a sofa that'll be a statement piece in your home and won't look like it came from the same old big box store, Burke Decor is a contender.

Online Shopping Experience Rating: 92%

Think of Burke Decor as the cool, organized friend who always knows where to find the best hidden gems. Their website has that feel. It's got a sophisticated vibe, and all the important info is right there without being overwhelming. I'm digging the way they make browsing feel effortless, almost like a treasure hunt for your perfect sofa.

Burke Decor's Ease of Navigation

  • The top menu bar has simple categories like furniture, decor, and lighting – perfect for couch potatoes like me who know what they want.
  • Their filters are well-organized, letting you narrow down by sofa style, color, fabric, brand, you name it. This is especially important given their wide selection.
  • Their search bar is front and center and seems to have some smarts behind it. Even if you slightly misspell a product name, it still pops up!
  • I love that their homepage features curated collections. It's great for anyone who needs a starting point or a touch of design inspiration.
  • They've put some thought into the mobile experience. Everything loads quickly and resizes nicely on my phone, which is a major plus.
  • Honestly, their website is pretty solid overall, but one small thing – I wish there was a way to sort by customer ratings and compare several Burke Decor couches.

Burke Decor's Information Available “At-A-Glance” 

  • They clearly display the price (and sale price if applicable) right under the product name – no digging through menus to find that out.
  • Each product image shows a few of the main color options, which gives you a quick idea of the range available.
  • I was pleasantly surprised to see they include a little icon under each product listing that gives you a quick product overview and lets you quickly add the item to your cart.
  • They provide dimensions for each product, but you have to click on the individual product overview or product page to find them. It would be nice to have that right upfront.
  • They could highlight other key features at a glance, like whether a sofa is kid-friendly, pet-friendly, or stain-resistant. Little icons or badges would be super helpful.
  • It's not immediately clear which sofas are in stock and ready to ship versus those that are made to order. A simple tag or label would help!

Burke Decor's Product Images  

  • They get major points for their photography! The main product images are clear, well-lit, and high-resolution. You can really zoom in and see the details, which is essential when buying furniture online.
  • They do a decent job of showing most sofas from various angles. You get a good sense of the overall shape and sofa style from front, side, and sometimes back views.
  • I love the close-up fabric shots, showcasing different textures and weaves. It definitely helps you imagine how the sofa would feel to the touch.
  • Some of the product pages have an extra section showing the sofa in a styled room setting. This is always a plus in my book, helping me visualize it in my own space.
  • While they do well overall, they could improve with a few more lifestyle shots. Showing a person sitting on the sofa could help potential buyers with gauging size and scale more easily.

Burke Decor's Quality of Product Information 

  • Each product page has a detailed description section covering the sofa specs, materials, and design inspiration. I like that they don't just throw out generic descriptions; it feels tailored to each piece.
  • They're transparent about materials used, listing the frame construction, type of upholstery, and filling materials. This helps build trust, at least for a furniture nerd like me!
  • They provide all the essential couch dimensions, like overall size, seat depth, and arm height. Super helpful when you're trying to map out your living room!
  • They include a product care section, which covers how to care for the specific upholstery. Important stuff, since spills are inevitable when you have kids or clumsy friends like me.
  • It would be even better if they included some info about the sofa's construction methods. Knowing if it has a kiln-dried hardwood frame or corner-blocking reinforces that sense of quality.

Burke Decor's Extra Bells & Whistles 

  • While not really an extra bell and whistle, I appreciate their "Shop the Look" feature on the homepage and within product pages. It provides design inspiration and lets you easily find those throws or side tables that complete the look – nice touch!

Shipping & Lead Times Rating: 90%

When it comes to getting your hands on that stylish Burke Decor sofa, it's good to know the timeframe. Some items might have you kicking back in style within a few weeks, while others could take a bit longer. Let's sort through their shipping details together.

It's good that Burke Decor mentions that lead times can vary due to popularity and unforeseen circumstances. I see some Burke Decor couches with a lead time between 3 to 4 weeks, while some could be as long as 13 to 15 weeks. This sets realistic expectations for customers and helps avoid frustration or at least you’ll know how to prepare for the arrival of your couch.

Burke Decor's Shipping Time: After your order leaves the warehouse, expect your furniture to arrive within 7-14 business days. This is very common in the industry these days.

Customer Focus Rating: 88%

Burke Decor's website looks great, but customer service is where the rubber meets the road. Let's uncover whether they're all smiles and easy exchanges, or if getting help is more of a headache than a comfy, supportive sofa.

Burke Decor's Warranty:

  • You’ll see the warranty for Burke Decor sofas on their product pages. The warranty of the sofas depends on the brand, with most giving a year or two covering manufacturer defects. However, I wish there are clear terms about the inclusions and exclusions of these sofa warranties.

Burke Decor's Return Options:

  • You've got 30 days from the delivery date to decide if that sofa is "the one." This return window is pretty standard in the furniture world, giving you a bit of time to live with the piece.
  • Burke Decor expects items to be returned in "as-new" condition, including the original packaging. This can be tough with a large sofa, so be careful when unpacking and save all those protective materials.
  • Get ready to pay a 5% restocking fee, on top of covering the return shipping costs. This seems to be in line with other online furniture retailers.
  • Here's where things get a bit stricter. You have only 48 hours for freight deliveries to report any damage or defects. Make sure you inspect carefully upon arrival and snap photos of any issues.
  • Be aware that some Burke Decor sofas might be marked as "final sale" on the product page, meaning they can't be returned at all. Double-check this before ordering, especially for special order or customized pieces.

Burke Decor's Delivery Options & Costs:

  • Standard "Threshold Service:  Burke Decor's free shipping gets your sofa to the "first dry, covered area" of your property (think porch or garage). The clarification about the standard "threshold" delivery is important. Be aware that you'll need to move that sofa yourself from the porch (or curb!) to its final spot inside your home. The White Glove option is worth considering if you don't want the hassle.
  • White Glove Upgrade: For an extra $150, you can upgrade to White Glove service. This includes inside delivery (first floor only), unpacking, and packaging removal.
  • Alaska & Hawaii: They do ship furniture to Hawaii and Alaska, but you'll have to request a shipping quote separately. This is common due to the higher shipping costs.

Burke Decor's Financing Options:

  • They've partnered with Affirm, a financing company that lets you split your purchase into monthly payments. This can be a game-changer, especially for those big-ticket furniture pieces. This buy now, pay later scheme is just one of the ways you can finance the sofa of your dreams.

Is Assembly Required?

  • It seems like most of Burke Decor's sofas arrive largely assembled. You might need to attach legs or properly connect sectionals, but generally, it shouldn't be an all-day build-a-thon. They don't mention offering in-home assembly as a separate service. Your best bet, if you aren't handy, would be to upgrade to White Glove delivery, which should include the small amount of assembly required.

Burke Decor's Customization Options:

  • Sofa Fabric Choices: This is the main area where you can personalize your sofa. Most pieces have a variety of fabric and leather options, including different textures, colors, and patterns.
  • Leg Finishes: Some sofas let you choose between different leg finishes, like different wood tones or metal options.
  • Configurations: Certain styles might be available in different configurations (sectional, loveseat, chaise, etc.), though this isn't as common.

Does Burke Decor Offer Free Fabric Swatches?

  • There are no options to order sofa fabric swatches on specific product pages. According to Burke Decor’s live chat representative, you have to reach out to their sales team via

Durability & Quality Rating: 88%

Burke Decor promises quality, but can you actually kick back on their sofas for years to come? Let's dive into their materials, construction methods, and overall longevity to see if the price tag matches the staying power.

Burke Decor's Quality of Materials:

  • They offer a mix of fabric options, including cotton, linen blends, velvet, and leather. This gives you choices in terms of both style and durability – leather will generally outlast a cotton blend.
  • While they mention using kiln-dried hardwood frames (a good sign!), there's less info about other construction methods like joinery techniques. This makes it a bit tougher to fully assess the build quality.
  • It seems like they use a mix of foam and down in their cushions. This can be comfy, but pure down will hold its shape better over time.

Burke Decor's Cleanability:

  • They offer a variety of fabrics, so cleanability will vary. Leather or faux leather is easiest – wipes clean with a damp cloth. Fabric options might be trickier, and some might even be dry-clean only.
  • Each sofa has specific care instructions on the product page. Check these before you spill that whole glass of red wine! Knowing if it's machine washable makes a huge difference.
  • They also have slipcovered sofas. This is a major win for those of us who dread cleaning mishaps.

Burke Decor's Quality of Construction & Manufacturing Origin:

  • They don't explicitly say where manufacturing takes place (as thig might depend on the brands that supply the sofas). This isn't uncommon, but higher-end brands often tout the location as a selling point.
  • They mention using kiln-dried hardwood frames, which is good. This type of wood is more stable and less prone to warping than softwoods like pine.
  • They don't specify the type of joinery they use (like dowels, corner blocks, etc.). These details tell a lot about the build quality.
  • Not all Burke Decor sofa products pages mention of the suspension systems used. Some indicate sinuous spring suspension, a reliable system that durable and comfortable.
  • Burke Decor could be more transparent about their construction or at least coordinate well with the different brands they work with. For those sofa nerds (like me!) who want those nitty-gritty details, it's a bit of a letdown.
  • Sometimes, comments within customer reviews can provide clues about manufacturing location or construction methods!

Brand Vibe Check Rating: 86%

Burke Decor's got a certain style, but is it your style? Let's dig beyond the pretty pictures and see what makes this brand tick, from their design philosophy to any good they might be doing for the planet.

Burke Decor's Key Differentiators & Unique Facts:

  • Burke Decor was founded in 2007. This suggests some level of established reputation and experience. The founder, Erin E. Burke, sought to make stylish, well-designed furniture more accessible outside major cities. This tells us they prioritize reaching a wider audience and likely offer a range of price points.
  • Their origins highlight a mission to bring good design to people regardless of location. This aligns with their online business model and focus on user-friendly navigation. Unlike some brands that design and manufacture everything in-house, Burke Decor sources pieces from various suppliers. This translates to a wider variety of styles and potentially faster lead times.

Burke Decor's Sustainability:

Burke Decor's got the looks, but do they have the eco-friendly chops? Let's see if they're as committed to saving the planet as they are to stylish design.

  • Burke Decor doesn't provide a ton of detail about their sustainability practices on their website. This makes it tough to assess their overall commitment to the environment.
  • They do mention offering a few eco-friendly sofa options, but don't specify what makes them eco-conscious. Are they made from recycled materials? Sustainably sourced wood? We need more details!
  • Burke Decor doesn't seem to highlight any certifications like GREENGUARD or FSC, which indicate a verified level of sustainability.

Burke Decor's Overall Brand Presentation:

  • Burke Decor presents itself as a stylish and accessible option for modern furniture shoppers. They have a well-curated collection and a user-friendly website, aiming to bring design inspiration to those outside major metropolitan areas. Their "Shop the Look" features and emphasis on stylish visuals help customers envision how their pieces would work in their homes.


  • Stylish, well-made sofas
  • Focus on making good design accessible
  • Decent range of fabric options
  • Free shipping on orders over $299
  • White glove delivery option
  • Financing options available


  • Long lead times for some items (3-15 weeks)
  • No free returns (5% restocking fee + customer pays return shipping)
  • Limited transparency about sustainability practices
  • Limited transparency about materials and construction methods for some sofas
  • Limited customization options beyond fabric and legs

Still feeling couch curious...?

More Brand FAQs

What are Burke Decor’s top couches?

Burke Decor has more than 900 sofas in their catalog. Here are some of the best-selling Burke Decor sofas you need to check out:

1. Habitat Sofa Review ($2,899)

  • The Habitat Sofa is all about sinking in and relaxing. With its deep seats, plush cushions, and inviting slipcover, it's the perfect spot to chill after a long day.
  • This sofa uses a special fabric blend that's both comfy and tough. It's designed to handle spills and messes, making it ideal for families or anyone who likes to snack on the couch (guilty!).
  • Available in two generous sizes (90" and 96"), the Habitat can comfortably fit multiple people. Perfect for movie nights or hosting friends.

2. Maxx Sofa Review ($3,999)

  • The Maxx Sofa makes a statement. Its distressed black leather and weathered oak base give it a cool, industrial edge that's both modern and timeless.
  • Top-grain leather is known for its durability and unique patina that develops over time. The Maxx is an investment piece designed to age beautifully.
  • Aged bronze nailheads add a touch of refinement and contrast to the worn-in leather. This sofa is for those who appreciate subtle design details.

3. Benito Sofa Review ($2,399)

  • The Benito stands out with its curved silhouette and unique pleated cushions. This is a sofa for design lovers who want something a bit different.
  • The chenille-like upholstery adds visual interest and a soft, inviting feel. Imagine sinking into this plush fabric after a long day!
  • Polyester upholstery is known for being relatively durable and easy to clean. This makes the Benito a practical choice for homes with kids or pets.

4. N701 Sofa Review (Starts at $1,629)

  • The N701's modular design makes it incredibly versatile. You can create anything from a small loveseat to a sprawling sectional – perfect for fitting any space.
  • Designed by Jacques Deneef, the N701 has a modern European aesthetic and the prestige of a designer name behind it.
  • With its deep seats and plush cushions, the N701 looks exceptionally inviting. Picture yourself curling up with a good book on this cozy sofa.

5. Grant Armless Sofa Review ($2,099)

  • The Grant's clean lines, armless design, and neutral oatmeal upholstery give it a minimalist, contemporary vibe. It'll blend seamlessly with a variety of decor styles.
  • Crypton fabric is known for its exceptional stain resistance and durability. Perfect for homes with kids, pets, or messy adults (like me!).
  • Though technically a sectional piece, the Grant's armless style means it functions like a sleek, extra-wide sofa. Great for smaller spaces where a full sectional might feel too crowded.

6. Everly Sofa Review ($1,999)

  • The Everly's design finds a balance between traditional and modern – think rolled arms but with a clean, low-profile silhouette. This versatility makes it a fit for various decor styles.
  • The performance-grade upholstery is designed to withstand spills and wear – perfect for those with a busy household.
  • The neutral "Irving Taupe" color and cocoa wood base create a warm, welcoming vibe that would work well in a variety of spaces.

7. Grant 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Review ($5,799)

  • The Grant's generous size and deep seats make it the ultimate spot for relaxing and entertaining. Movie nights just got a whole lot cozier!
  • The Grant's clean lines, armless design, and charcoal upholstery give it a sleek, contemporary vibe. It'll blend seamlessly with various modern decor styles.
  • Since it's a sectional, the Grant can be configured in different ways to suit your space and seating needs. This flexibility makes it a long-term investment piece.

8. Liam Two Piece Sectional Sofa Review ($5,199)

  • The Liam's unique crescent shape and elegant curves make it a true standout piece. This is a sofa for those who want to make a bold design statement.
  • The cream linen-blend upholstery adds a touch of softness and texture, while also feeling luxurious and high-end.
  • The Liam's unique design and premium materials come with a higher price tag. This sectional is an investment for those who prioritize statement-making style.

9. Mercury Double Chaise Review ($2,199)

  • The Mercury's chaise design makes it a luxurious spot for stretching out. Picture yourself curled up with a book or cozying up for movie night.
  • The combination of weathered oak, charcoal felt, bronze nailheads, and black leather bolsters creates a visually striking and texturally interesting piece.
  • The Mercury has a touch of industrial-inspired coolness without feeling overly harsh. It would work well in both modern and more eclectic spaces.

10. Bolo Leather Sleeper In Carriage Sofa Review ($5,629)

  • The Bolo promises "superior craftsmanship" and a focus on comfort, suggesting it's built to last for years of cozy enjoyment.
  • Top-grain, Semi-aniline leather in the rich "Carriage" color creates a luxurious and sophisticated look and feel.
  • Details like kiln-dried hardwood frames, sinuous springs, and high-density foam suggest the Bolo is designed for durability.

How much do Burke Decor's couches cost?

Burke Decor understands that achieving your dream living room shouldn't be out of reach. Their collection features thoughtfully priced sofas with the looks and longevity you desire, turning your design vision into reality.

Burke Decor's Average Range:

With more than 900 sofas and sectionals, Burke Decor caters to the design-conscious shopper who is seeking a balance of style and value. Their sofas span a wide price range, reflecting a mix of styles, materials, and customization options. The average price for a standard 3-seater sofa at Burke Decor falls within the mid-range, likely between $2,000 - $4,000. Within this range, you'll find a good selection of styles, fabrics, and some customizable options.

Here's a general breakdown:

  • Entry-Level: Smaller sofas, sectional pieces, and sale items can start around $350 - $1,600. These are mostly ottomans and sectional sofa pieces.
  • Mid-Range: The core of their collection falls between $1,600 - $7,000, encompassing standard sofas, sectionals, and sofas with designer collaborations.
  • High-End: Luxury sofas, top-grain leather pieces, and expansive sectionals can reach upwards of $7,000 - $20,000. 

Most Expensive Burke Decor Couch:

Least Expensive Burke Decor Couch:

  • The cheapest sofas at Burke Decor are often individual sectional pieces (ottomans, corner units) starting around $350. At times, sale items like small loveseats or accent chairs might also fall into this price range. Additionally, the Jaxon Sofas offer excellent value with starting prices around $1,450 for a full-sized sofa. These sofas prioritize simple, modern style and come in a few color options.

Does Burke Decor have good reviews?

Beyond my take – See what others are saying about Burke Decor sofas and their customer experience.

Overall Burke Decor Reviews:

  • Burke Decor's online reputation seems mixed. On Trustpilot, consumers give the brand 1.7 stars out of 5 based on over 1,250 reviews. Over at BBB, the business is not accredited but has an F rating with an average rating of 2.76 stars out of 5 based on almost 600 reviews. Customers generally like the design and style variety offered and some reviewers report good experiences with delivery and product satisfaction. However, customers raised concerns with regard to customer service, long shipping delays, order cancellations, and product quality not always matching the price point. Nothing furniture shoppers haven't seen before in other brands' online reviews.

Burke Decor's Top Product Reviews:

  • Habitat Sofa, 5-Star Review: “Couch was on backorder everywhere, but Burke had it in a reasonable amount of time and the delivery was easy.  We are enjoying the couch in the room and have been happy with the performance thus far.” - John H. (Verified Purchase)
  • Maxx Sofa in Destroyed Black, 3-Star Review: “This couch is not like a regular leather couch. The leather is super thin and not tear proof at all. Very fragile material. On top of that, it weighs way less than an actual sofa this size should, which say to me the wood can not be that great. I love the look, but not the quality for the price.” Susan M.

Burke Decor's Customer Service Reviews:

  • Burke Decor's customer service receives mixed reviews – while some customers report positive experiences, many express frustration with slow response times, unresolved order issues, and limited after-sales support.

What kind of style is Burke Decor furniture?

Forget boring beige couches! Burke Decor is where sofa shopping gets exciting. They offer a playful mix of styles, from mid-century modern gems to cozy sectionals perfect for movie marathons. So, whether you're a minimalist or a maximalist, there's a Burke Decor sofa that speaks to your unique design language.

Burke Decor's Range of Couch Options:

  • Forget one-size-fits all sofas. Burke Decor knows your living room deserves options! Loveseats, apartment-sized wonders, sprawling sectionals – they've got the whole crew. Plus, you'll find the same stylish sofa in various shapes, ready to give your entire room that cohesive, designer look.

Burke Decor's Range of Couch Styles:

  • Trendy minimalist? Mid-century mod enthusiast? Burke Decor's got your style and then some. From clean-lined contemporary stunners to traditional pieces with a modern twist, they've curated a collection to satisfy every design personality. This ain't your average furniture store, folks!

Does Burke Decor Have Other Products Besides Couches?

  • Absolutely! Burke Decor isn't just about sofas. They tempt you with stylish offerings for the whole home. Think chic accent chairs, sleek coffee tables, and bedroom furniture that'll give those five-star hotels a run for their money.

What are some alternatives to Burke Decor?

Love Burke Decor's style but want to explore your options? Don't worry, the world of stylish and comfy sofas extends far beyond! Let's check out some worthy alternatives.