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Online furniture clearance outlets offer some of the best budget values when shopping for couches or household decor. Here are our top 10 best clearance sofa options.
Strapped for cash but need a couch fast? You're in luck! There's no better time to shop for cheap couches online. There's an entire world of online furniture clearance outlets that have unbeatable prices. Yes, even top brands that you might have thought were out of reach. If you want the best deal on sofas or other furniture, you'll want to see our top 10 best online couch clearance outlets. Check them out!

Shop the Top 10 Best Online Couch Clearance Outlets

When you need a couch or other household furniture but you're on a tight budget, it can be hard to know where to start your shopping journey. But the good news is that you don't have to settle for shopping on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Some of the top furniture brands have unbelievably good online clearance outlets. Shopping for clearance couches has never been easier or more affordable. But not every major furniture brand has a good online clearance outlet. That's why we've done the hard work and scoured the Internet to bring you a consolidated list of the top 10 best online clearance furniture outlets. Find out our top picks for couch companies that have the best clearance sections!

Ashley Furniture Clearance Outlet

Ashley Furniture Homestore is already a great place to find some impressive furniture deals, but their clearance section is even better. With prices up to 50% off, you might just find your new favorite sofa at a serious discount.

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Living Spaces Clearance Outlet

Shoppers at Living Spaces are already used to value prices on high quality furniture, but you might be happy to learn that they have an equally impressive online clearance furniture section. You can sometimes snag Living Spaces sofas for as little as $295.

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Apt2B Clearance Outlet

Apt2B has a clearance section with outrageously good deals on some of their top-selling sofas, sectionals, and other household decor. Like other American made couch suppliers with clearance outlets, Apt2B's clearance couches will ship out in as little as 1-3 days from their warehouse.

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Room & Board Clearance Outlet

If you thought Apt2B had a massive outlet, you'll be blown away by the amount of items available in Room & Board's clearance outlet. They have a seemingly endless assortment of amazing deals on their top living room furniture, as well as other home furnishings. This is a great way to shop Room & Board's excellent collection.

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Ethan Allen Clearance Outlet

Ethan Allen is a luxury, designer brand that isn't traditionally known for their deals. But they have a surprisingly good clearance outlet where you can find high quality sofas at deeply discounted prices. Their outlet items might not have bargain bin prices, but you can still get a great deal on their elevated offerings.

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Joybird Clearance Outlet

Joybird allows for a huge amount of customization when ordering their custom couches. And Joybird's clearance outlet is no different. You'll find tons of Joybird's best selling sofas, accent chairs, and household furniture in a veritable rainbow of colors, all available at huge discounts. We're talking more than 50% off in some cases!

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The Dump Clearance Outlet

The Dump describes itself as a luxe factory outlet, which is absolutely true. While they have seriously good deals on their standard sofa offerings, they have an additional "Last Chance" section with even better deals. The Dump is a great option for finding a cheap couch online.

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CORT Furniture Clearance Outlet

CORT is best known as a rental company that provides all kinds of furniture for offices and commercial spaces. But they also have a clearance outlet where they offer seriously high quality couches and office furniture at incredibly low, budget friendly prices. This is furniture that's already been used, but it's still in great condition.

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AptDeco is a second-hand online furniture store where real people can sell their couches and other home decor on a safe and streamlined platform. It's not exactly a clearance outlet, but it serves a very similar function. You'll be amazed at the number of cheap sofas from top brands you can find on AptDeco's site. It's definitely worth checking out for a good deal.

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Bob's Discount Furniture Clearance Outlet

Everyone knows that Bob's has low prices (hello, "Discount" is right in the name), but people might not know that Bob's also has an online clearance outlet. If you thought Bob's prices were low before, you'll be amazed at how low they can go when they're on clearance. If you need a cheap couch fast, then Bob's clearance should be one of the first places you look.

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Can You Return a Clearance Couch?

Before you jump straight to clicking that "add to cart" button on the clearance couch of your dreams, it's important to understand how clearance outlets work. Clearance furniture is considered "Final Sale." And "final" really does mean final. Once you buy a clearance item you will not be able to return it or receive a refund on your purchase. Your clearance furniture will arrive "as-is." If you're unhappy with the piece, you likely won't have any recourse. So you might not have purchased the couch on Facebook Marketplace, but you might consider selling it there if it didn't match up to your expectations.

What Does "As-Is" Condition Mean?

When shopping for clearance furniture you'll frequently run into the phrase "as-is condition." This means exactly what it sounds like - you'll be receiving the furniture in its current condition, wear and tear included. In many cases clearance outlet furniture is gently-used and has been returned by a customer. There might be minor damage or flaws. It's up to the furniture company to document the condition and list any and all scuffs and scrapes so that you know exactly the "as-is" condition of the item. Make sure you read all the outlet listing details so that you're not surprised by a minor cosmetic imperfection when it arrives to your home.

Are Clearance Sofas in Bad Condition?

Couches on clearance sale are generally in good, great, or like-new condition. Furniture companies won't try to re-sell a returned sofa if the condition is too poor. You can safely shop clearance outlets online knowing that any sofas or other household furniture are in acceptable condition, if not better. That being said, the clearance company should list the exact condition of the furniture, as well as make specific notes of any minor damage on the piece. Any flaws should also be photographed and displayed with the furniture, though not every company has the capacity to offer that level of service.

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