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Which Brand Has The Best Couch Delivery Options?

Couch shipping is a tricky business. That's why we made a complete couch shipping comparison chart. Find out which company has the best sofa shipping options!
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When you're shopping for a new couch online, it can be frustrating to finally find the perfect sofa that's in your budget only to discover at checkout that the delivery costs hundreds of dollars. Suddenly that cute couch isn't as affordable as you thought. That's why we built the complete couch company shipping and delivery chart. It shows you exactly how much each company charges for sofa shipping so you know what to expect before you even start shopping. Check it out!

But before we can compare the costs and options that only retailers offer for couch delivery, we first need to explain exactly what we'll be comparing on the chart. So read up on these couch delivery definitions, and then take a look at the full chart below!

Outside Home Delivery

The first type of sofa delivery method we'll look at is "outside home delivery." There are two different styles for this traditional delivery method. The good news is that both styles are usually offered free of charge by most online retailers! And there's nothing we love more than free couch delivery.

Curbside Delivery: Couches that ship unassembled in individual boxes will often arrive via "curbside delivery." In many cases this will actually be a FedEx delivery. If you live in a home, then "curbside" might be very literal. If you're an apartment dweller, then the boxes are usually at least brought inside a lobby.

Front Door Delivery: Sometimes called "first dry area delivery," this style of delivery will see your couch arrive to your actual front door (or porch or garage or apartment lobby). In this case you'll typically need to be home to sign for the couch delivery. However, the delivery team will NOT bring the couch into your home.

Inside Home Delivery

The next type of delivery is "inside home delivery." While this style is more convenient, it's rarely offered for free. It also has a couple different variations.

Threshold Delivery (TH): As opposed to front door delivery, "threshold delivery" means that the delivery team will bring the couch through your front door. But that's as far as they'll take it.

Room of Choice Delivery (RoC): Just like it sounds, "room of choice delivery" means the delivery team will bring the couch into the appropriate room. The price for this service usually includes two flights of stairs (you can often pay to add more flights if needed). Once in the proper room, the delivery team will not perform any necessary assembly.

White Glove Delivery Service

The majority of online couch companies offer "white glove delivery" as a service. But what does white glove delivery mean? It means that the delivery team will do all of the work for you. They'll bring your couch into the room of your choice, fully assemble it, and then remove and dispose of all the packaging. This is a premium service and it often has a premium price tag. And in many cases, it's the only sofa shipping method that a company will offer. Thankfully it's also a flat rate shipping service, which means your entire order will be delivered for the same price, regardless of how much you ordered.

Now that we know the different delivery methods, we're ready to look at the full chart!

NOTE: If a price range is shown on the chart, it means that the pricing is dependent on either your order total or, more likely, your proximity to the nearest shipping facility.

Complete Couch Company Shipping & Delivery Comparison Chart

Brand Outside Home Delivery Inside Home Delivery White Glove Service Price
7th Avenue No White Glove Service only $199-$299
Albany Park Free Curbside Delivery Free Threshold Delivery Free Threshold Delivery
AllModern Free Front Door Delivery (if White Glove not available) Free White Glove or $49 Free White Glove or $149
Apt2B No White Glove Service only $199
Arhaus No White Glove Service only $299 - $599
Article Free Front Door Delivery $119 Room of Choice Delivery $199
Ashley Furniture $39 - $299 White Glove Service only $69 - $399
Ballard Designs No White Glove Service only $290 - $390
BenchMade Modern $249 White Glove Service only $399
Bob's Discount Furniture No White Glove Service only $70 - $350
Burrow Free Curbside Delivery No No
Castlery Free Front Door Delivery $50 Room of Choice Delivery $100
CB2 No White Glove Service only $279 - $399
Crate & Barrel No White Glove Service only $279 - $399
Design Within Reach No $399 Max (Threshold Delivery) $399 - $499
Edloe Finch Free Front Door Delivery White Glove Service only $199
Frontgate No $199 - $349 Max (Threshold Delivery) $179 - $449
Floyd $299 Max No No
Grandin Road No $149+ (Threshold Delivery) $199+
GreenRow No White Glove Service only $279 - $429
Homary Free Curbside Delivery $99 Room of Choice Delivery $149
Hulala Home Free Curbside Delivery No No
IKEA $49 - $249 $79 - $279 Room of Choice Delivery No
Inside Weather Free Curbside Delivery No $175
Joss & Main Free Front Door Delivery (if White Glove not available) Free White Glove or $49 Free White Glove or $104
Joybird No White Glove Service only $129 - $299
Kardiel No $227 - $377 (Threshold Delivery) $397 - $497
Lovesac Free Curbside Delivery No No
Lulu and Georgia No White Glove Service only $369
Maiden Home No White Glove Service only $145 - $245
Medley No White Glove Service only $175
Modloft No White Glove Service only $99+
Pottery Barn No White Glove Service only $279 - $429
Rejuvenation No White Glove Service only $279 - $429
Restoration Hardware No White Glove Service only $299 - $849
Room & Board No White Glove Service only $119
Rove Concepts $299 - $569 White Glove Service only $434 - $549
Wayfair Free Curbside Delivery No No
West Elm No White Glove Service only $279 - $429
Zinus Free Curbside Delivery No No

*Data as of 11/1/23

Who has the best couch shipping options?

Although Wayfair's couch delivery options aren't the best in the business, companies owned by Wayfair often have excellent sofa shipping options. AllModern and Joss & Main are two companies both owned by Wayfair and they both offer free white glove delivery on nearly every couch order. And in rare cases where white glove delivery isn't available, the cost for in home delivery is still very reasonable. Can't argue with free!

Apt2B is another standout option. Apt2B is known for colorful and comfortable couches and offers free threshold delivery for every couch order, which is great. And their white glove delivery upgrade is only $149. Compared to Joybird shipping – which only has white glove delivery for couches – Apt2B is a clear winner with its free option.

IKEA couch delivery can be very inexpensive if you live near an IKEA store where the couch is in stock. But if that's the case, you also have the option to pick up your couch free of charge from that same IKEA location. This is a great option if it's possible for your situation. It's also about as close as you'll get to same day couch delivery.

Whose couch shipping options could be better?

Of the furniture stores that deliver nationwide, some of the biggest names in the game are also the biggest disappointments when it comes to sofa delivery options. In many cases, the higher the "luxury" status of the company, the higher the delivery prices are.

Restoration Hardware delivery can be extremely expensive depending on where you live. They only offer white glove delivery and the costs range from $299 all the way up to $849. On the other hand, if you can afford a Restoration Hardware Cloud Couch then the extra shipping price might not matter to you.

Companies owned by Williams-Sonoma also have expensive sofa delivery options. This means West Elm delivery, Pottery Barn delivery, Green Row delivery, and Rejuvenation delivery are all on the pricey side. These companies only offer white glove service and the price ranges from $279 to $429 depending on your location.

Crate & Barrel delivery and CB2 delivery aren't far behind in terms of sofa shipping prices. These companies also only offer white glove service, but the price range is slightly lower at $279 to $399. You may also have the option to pick up your couch from these stores, which could save you hundreds of dollars.

Regional & Local Couch Delivery

It's important to note that not all couches have to make the great journey across the continent just to reach your home. While our comparison chart mostly deals with sofa delivery options from online retailers, many people shop for couches at local or regional stores. The shipping and delivery game for local brick-and-mortar stores is completely different than nationwide furniture delivery.

If you're shopping at a local or regional furniture store, the majority of options will be ready and available to ship to your home ASAP. That's because these types of stores operate with stock and inventory as opposed to custom building your furniture when you place your order. This gives them the ability to deliver your order from a nearby warehouse (or even the store itself). Even online retailers with "quick ship" options might have to ship your order from a warehouse across the country.

These smaller mom and pop sofa stores near you will sometimes be able to provide impressive shipping options like same day sofa delivery, next day delivery, or free white glove delivery. They'll likely also use an in-house delivery team rather than a third-party service. This gives them more control over scheduling your local couch delivery, which is usually a big plus for customers. If you need a couch fast, shopping at a local or regional furniture store is your best bet.

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Couch Shipping & Delivery FAQ

What is white glove delivery?

White glove delivery is a full-service furniture delivery option. For this type of delivery service, the white glove delivery team will bring the furniture into your home, place it in the room of your choice, assemble it, and remove and dispose of all of the packaging for you. White glove delivery is almost always a flat rate shipping method, which means it's only one price for your entire order. It's important to note that most white glove delivery services only include two flights of stairs in their pricing. If the furniture is going up more flights of stairs, there will likely be additional costs.

Why is white glove delivery so expensive?

The main reason white glove delivery is so expensive is simply due to the fact that sofas are very large and difficult to ship. Most sofas require freight shipping, which is already pricey (think of the gas alone!). Add in direct-to-your-home delivery service with a team of two people and you can see how things start getting expensive fast. Now consider the time and labor it requires to bring a sofa inside a home, potentially up stairs, and also to assemble it. It's actually remarkable that white glove delivery isn't even more expensive (but we're not going to give anyone any ideas). It can be odd to snag a $500 couch on clearance and pay $400 to have it delivered...

Are you supposed to tip white glove delivery?

Tipping your white glove delivery team is not mandatory, but if you appreciate the team's effort then we absolutely encourage you to give them an extra tip. A reasonable tip would be $20 - $60 depending on the size of your sofa (or sectional) and the amount of stairs the team had to climb.

And here's a tip for leaving a sofa delivery tip – use two $10 bills if you're leaving a $20 tip so that it can be easily split between the two-man team.

How is a couch shipped?

The primary method of sofa shipping is via freight delivery. For freight delivery, the contact points on the couch are typically reinforced with cardboard or other hard packaging materials. Then the shipping team wraps the entire couch in heavy duty plastic wrap.

In most cases, the couch is then placed in the delivery truck vertically so that nothing can be stacked on top of it and so that the maximum number of couches can be shipped in one truck. The couch arrives at a local distribution hub where it's inspected for damage. At this point you'll receive a call to schedule an exact delivery date. On that date, the local delivery team brings the couch to your home.

A couch can also be shipped direct to your home in multiple boxes. These couches are generally not assembled, which means they can fit in smaller, easier-to-handle boxes. Sometimes this is referred to as "flat pack shipping." This method is usually faster and cheaper, but it does require assembly.

Why does sofa delivery take so long?

Couch delivery takes a long time because sofas, sectionals, and sofa beds are big and difficult to ship. They take up a lot of space in delivery trucks and are usually quite heavy, which adds difficulty to the loading and unloading process. Couches are often shipped from the manufacturer to a regional shipping hub and that process can take 7 to 14 days on its own depending on your location. Then each sofa is inspected, which takes another day or two.

You'll then be contacted to schedule an exact day for delivery. Due to the large volume of furniture deliveries (and the limited number of trucks and delivery team members), the next available delivery day may not be for another 2 weeks. All told, it's quite normal to expect sofa delivery to take three weeks or more.

Can white glove delivery remove your old couch?

No, white glove delivery teams cannot remove an old couch from your home. In fact, the white glove delivery team should not touch any other furniture in your home. So make sure on your sofa's delivery day that there's an open space for the team to place the sofa, as well as a clear path for them to reach it. There are plenty of great haul away services that will come to your home for a small fee to remove your old one so you don't have to worry about it.

What happens if my couch doesn't fit through my door?

It's your responsibility to determine if the sofa you ordered fits through your front door, down any hallways, and into the room of your choice. Most companies will not provide a full refund if a sofa delivery does not fit through your doorway. You may be charged for the return shipping costs plus an extra fee. If you're not sure how to measure your space for a couch delivery, check out our complete guide here.

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