Design Within Reach: Ultimate Brand Review And Rating

Alex Back | CEO & Founder
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Design Within Reach (DWR) promises "beautifully designed furnishings" – but let's be real, beauty doesn't matter if your couch is uncomfortable. In this Design Within Reach couch review, I'll cover both the look AND the lived-in experience. Will these DWR couches pass the lounging test, or are they better suited to a magazine photoshoot?

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Design Within Reach markets itself as the source for accessible, authentic design pieces. Those are some big promises! As a furniture nerd, I had to try them out for myself. Overall, the hype is mostly justified – there's a reason DWR has staying power in this industry. Their focus on quality stands out, but their offerings aren't for everyone's budget (or style). Let's dig into why (or why not) these couches might be your thing.

Online Shopping Experience Rating: 92%

The Design Within Reach website feels like a well-designed space itself. They don't overload you with clutter, instead focusing on stunning visuals and key product details. It leaves you wanting to browse more, and shows they "get" what makes good design work – even with their online presence. 

Design Within Reach's Ease of Navigation

  • The DWR website has that "I Like to Look" Factor. Okay, it is seriously nice to scroll through. Big, beautiful product photos, and that clean layout is easy on the eyes.
  • Filtering Fun (With Caveats): They've got the usual filters (brand, price, designer etc.) which is a must-have, and I appreciate that they've included things like "in stock and ready to ship” as an option. But, could that filtering system be a little more intuitive? Absolutely.
  • I love how there’s a way to compare several DWR couches. Sometimes you just don’t know if you want a loveseat, a modular sofa, or a standard 3-seater.
  • Their search bar handles basics like product names well, but it's not great for broader terms (like "cozy sectional"). If you don't know exactly what you want, there's some trial and error involved.
  • They keep the main menu uncluttered, which I appreciate. "Sofas", "Chairs", etc. are easy to find.
  • Page layouts are super consistent. You’ll have that consistent clean and functional layout even when viewing totally different product lines.
  • The site works on your phone, and wow, those photos are still crisp just like on the bigger screen. I still enjoyed browsing through different DWR sofa collections because of the responsive design of the brand.

Design Within Reach's Information Available “At-A-Glance” 

  • Love that they give you a good visual overview of their sofa styles. Let's be honest, looks matter when you're starting your search, and they get that. Instant visual appeal is key!
  • Putting those big sale tags front and center is genius. They're snagging folks like me who love a good deal, getting my hopes up before I even click into a product. They also label their best-selling sofas.
  • Clear listing of original and sale prices right on the main page? YES. Design Within Reach isn't playing around – they know we want the bottom line, especially with higher-end brands.
  • Showing a few fabric options right off the bat is a nice touch. It gives you a sense of the possibilities without being overwhelming. Perfect for sparking that initial "ooh, I like that!" reaction.
  • If there’s one thing I want to point out in this DWR review, I would love the width dimension right there on the main page. If I'm looking for something to fit a specific spot, I can immediately rule things out – that's a serious time saver.
  • DWR makes good use of selective highlighting. They lead your eyes to things on sale or DWR sofas that people love adding to their cars.
  • Some info on stock status or estimated lead times would be fantastic from the get-go. This way you can rule out items before digging for more information about the products.

Design Within Reach's Product Images  

  • DWR knows the power of good visuals. Their main product shots are gorgeous – great lighting, styled beautifully. If you're into that sleek, high-end look, they'll definitely grab your attention.
  • Detail devils rejoice! They generally include close-ups of sofa fabrics and textures which I greatly appreciate. Helps you imagine how that specific leather might feel, or if a fabric will be scratchy. Those are the make-or-break details for a lot of us.
  • But... Where's the Backside? I've noticed they rarely show the BACK of their sofas. This is annoying for anyone planning to float their couch in the middle of a room. I want to know how the back is finished, not just how pretty it looks from the front!
  • Lifestyle Shots: Love 'em or Hate 'em: They include the occasional staged-room photo. Some of those are very stylish, while others feel a bit... sterile. Depends on your taste. Personally, I prefer a mix of "perfect" room shots with a few more realistic setups to help me visualize.
  • High-five to DWR for showing how different choices impact the overall look of a sofa, rather than just relying on those little swatches. You’ll see the DWR couch image change appearance when you pick different fabric choices.

Design Within Reach's Quality of Product Information 

  • The basics are covered. They get points for including the key specs like dimensions and general material info. Finding those dimensions does not require any effort. You also have quick access to information about the materials used and the designers. (TIP: Here’s how to measure a couch)
  • I'm a sofa geek, so I want the details on how the thing is built. Joint construction, frame materials, that’s the stuff that tells you if a sofa is truly worth the price. DWR is lacking in this area, unless that info is buried somewhere I haven't found.
  • Where's the care and maintenance stuff? With this price point, I want to know exactly how to keep my investment piece looking good for years to come. Specific cleaning instructions would be much appreciated.
  • It seems there's there’s transparency about basic warranty, but with brands like this, I expect more. Where are the specifics? What exactly is covered, and what's excluded? While I know the sofa warranty might depend on the designer of the furniture, but it will be a great customer experience if they don't leave us guessing on something this important. Agree?

Design Within Reach's Extra Bells & Whistles 

  • Their complimentary design services are a serious standout. Most online furniture places don't offer this level of personalized help, especially for free. This is huge for anyone intimidated by the design process, or those who want their space to feel truly elevated. However, the focus seems to be on in-store or virtual consultations – I didn't see an easy way to get design input purely online.

Shipping & Lead Times Rating: 90%

Design Within Reach has a two-tiered system when it comes to shipping. "In-Stock" items promise to ship faster, while their custom pieces have those notorious furniture industry lead times. But what does that really mean for your living room situation? Let's break it down.

For items that are not in stock, they generally say to expect "8-12 weeks" (or more!) for most DWR sofas. That's a pretty wide range, and honestly, on the longer end for the custom furniture industry.

Design Within Reach's In-Stock Items: In-stock items ships within 1 to 5 business days.

Design Within Reach's Shipping Time: Most sofas require their full-service in-home delivery option, which takes around 2 to 4 weeks within the contiguous US. This is very common in the furniture industry.

Customer Focus Rating: 93%

Look, I appreciate beautiful furniture, but I also want my sofa buying experience to be smooth and hassle-free. Does Design Within Reach make it easy to get help, sort out issues, and feel good about my purchase? Time to find out.

Design Within Reach's Warranty:

  • DWR honors a 1-year warranty on all products. Brand-specific warranties may be for longer periods.
  • Again, I wish there’s a bit more transparency about the the warranty of their sofas. It helps to know if you have a year or two of warranty, but the devil is in the details. Customers need to know what’s covered and not by the couch warranty.

Design Within Reach's Return Options:

  • You've got 30 days to decide if a sofa is the right fit. That's not amazing, but pretty standard for higher-end brands, especially where customization is involved. Pro tip: Measure carefully before ordering!
  • "Pristine Condition" Required: They expect items to be returned in "original condition." That's understandable, but a bit vague. If you're testing out a sofa, light wear and tear should be expected... hopefully, they're reasonable about it.
  • Get ready for some fees. Returns generally incur shipping charges, and ditching the original packaging can mean a restocking fee too. Makes those big decisions feel even weightier but this is very common in the furniture industry.
  • If your sofa is a Herman Miller model, returns get EVEN more complicated (and expensive). That inconsistency is frustrating, especially considering those pieces likely carry a hefty price tag.
  • DWR's policies clearly discourage casual returns. They're banking on you doing your research upfront, using their design services, and being absolutely certain before committing to that custom sofa.

Design Within Reach's Delivery Options & Costs:

  • They have Threshold and In-home delivery options. Don't expect "Threshold Delivery" for a big piece like a DWR couch. They use full-service for furniture, which means placement, assembly, and removal of packaging.
  • Those In-Home Delivery fees are flat-rate, but they're HIGH. Expect to pay several hundred dollars on top of the sofa cost. That's in line with the luxury market, but still a possible gut punch when you see the final bill. Within the contiguous US, be ready to pay a max charge of $399 if you live within 100 miles of a DWR Studio and $599 if you live more than 100 miles from a studio. Be ready to pay more if you’re from Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. If your location is an island, there’s an additional $150 delivery fee.
  • From time to time they have free shipping promos for orders over a certain dollar amount. For example, as of writing DWR offers free shipping (within the contiguous US and Canada) for orders over $5,000.

Design Within Reach's Financing Options:

  • They've partnered with Affirm for those "buy now, pay over time" plans. But heads up — the interest rates range from 0-36% APR. Ouch! That means your monthly payment could vary a LOT depending on your credit and loan terms.

Is Assembly Required on DWR Couches??

  • Generally, they deliver their sofas pre-assembled. Hooray! Smaller details like legs might need to be attached, but it's usually minimal. If you have a sectional sofa, there might be a bit more work to connect the pieces, but it shouldn't be too complex.

Design Within Reach's Customization Options:

  • Fabric, leather, color, pattern – they have a huge library of options. This is where you can truly make a sofa feel unique to your space. Many of their sofas are available in different standard sizes (loveseat, 3-seater, etc.). Some even offer modular sectionals where you can build your perfect configuration.

Does Design Within Reach Offer Free Fabric Swatches?

  • They offer free fabric swatches for most of their upholstery options. This is essential when you're dealing with high-end pieces and a wide range of textures and colors. To order, you can visit a DWR Studio in person, order online through their website, or even request swatches by calling customer service.

Durability & Quality Rating: 93%

Design Within Reach sofas have a reputation for sleek design and high furniture prices. But do they deliver on quality and durability to justify the cost? They talk a good game about materials and craftsmanship, so let's see if their furniture holds up over time.

Design Within Reach's Quality of Materials:

  • DWR offers a nice range of leather options, from buttery-soft Italian imports to more textured, family-friendly choices. This is where the brand often outshines competitors with similar price points.
  • They have everything from basic weaves to performance fabrics, but those high-end options will cost you extra. Pay close attention to specs like durability ratings and cleaning instructions – those tell the true story about a fabric's longevity.
  • They don't get super specific on the type of wood used in most sofa frames. They say things like "kiln-dried hardwood" while some say the frames are made of solid oak, walnut, plywood, among others. Might really be dependent on the specifics provided by the designers.
  • Cushion Conundrum: Again, it depends on the model. Some use basic foam, while higher-end options might have down or a foam/feather blend. Be prepared to pay more for those plush upgrades, of course.
  • Their showrooms are great for getting a general feel for their materials, but online, it's harder to tell if a fabric is truly durable or if a leather will age gracefully. That's where those free swatches and detailed product descriptions become essential.
  • Make the most of the available information when it comes to upholstery options, as DWR provides a wealth of info about their fabrics, including their origin, rub count, and flammability.

Design Within Reach's Cleanability:

  • Their fabric options run the gamut from easy-care performance weaves to those that scream "professional cleaning recommended." Pay close attention to those descriptions and fabric care tips– if you've got kids or pets, a fancy linen sofa might not be the wisest choice.
  • They do offer slipcovers on a few select sofa styles. It is a lifesaver for messy households, but sadly, this isn't a standard feature across their range.

Design Within Reach's Quality of Construction & Manufacturing Origin:

  • Design Within Reach sources their furniture from all over the world. They have partner designers from all over, with some of these brands in the business for several decades. You'll find pieces made in the USA, Europe, and Asia. This isn't bad in itself but makes it harder to get a clear picture of consistent quality control.
  • If you want to peek at DWR's craftsmanship story, you can do so by checking out the brands and design houses they work with. Browsing through the names, I can say they make good choices to satisfy the most discerning market and justify their price tags.
  • You’ll find words like "hand-tied springs" or "corner-blocked frames" used consistently with their sofas. Somehow, this gives us an idea of the under-the-surface quality that furniture geeks crave. Ask me how I know!
  • Design Within Reach likely uses very good construction methods overall, considering their prices. Perhaps providing more information (read: working closely with their partners) about the construction of their sofas will help us avoid scenarios when we have to make educated guesses about craftsmanship.

Brand Vibe Check Rating: 91%

Buying a sofa isn't just about finding one that looks good in your space. It's about aligning with a brand whose values (and price tags) match your own. Let's break down the Design Within Reach vibe and see if they're worth the investment.

Design Within Reach's Key Differentiators & Unique Facts:

  • Founded in 1998, Design Within Reach's original goal was to make classic, high-end designer pieces more accessible. They partner with famous designers and focus on well-known furniture icons alongside their own in-house line.
  • Their physical stores aren't just places to buy stuff – they're curated design experiences. High-end, minimalist aesthetic, and (hopefully) knowledgeable staff. This makes them more like a gallery than a traditional furniture store.

Design Within Reach's Sustainability:

Look, "sustainable" and "high-end furniture" don't always go hand-in-hand. Does Design Within Reach make an effort to be green, or is it all just marketing fluff? Let's investigate.

  • They have a policy on responsible wood sourcing, focusing on avoiding wood from sensitive forests. A good start, but they could provide more specifics on the certifications they look for.
  • While not explicitly stated, their focus on in-home delivery suggests they might use less individual packaging than some competitors who ship smaller items direct to consumers.
  • By offering well-constructed furniture, they are, in theory, helping reduce the "throw-away" furniture mentality. However, this depends on whether their pieces truly stand the test of time.

Design Within Reach's Overall Brand Presentation:

  • Design Within Reach is a haven for those who prioritize high-end design and a personalized shopping experience. They offer access to iconic pieces, extensive fabric choices, and complimentary design services that make finding your dream sofa a breeze. While their prices reflect their focus on quality, Design Within Reach is a solid choice for discerning furniture lovers willing to invest in timeless style.


  • Curated selection of high-end designer pieces
  • High-quality materials like Italian leather and performance fabrics
  • Variety of customization options including modular sectionals
  • White-glove delivery for a seamless experience
  • In-home design services offered
  • Partnership with Affirm for financing


  • Expensive price point
  • Limited 30-day return window
  • High return shipping fees and potential restocking fee
  • Limited information on frame construction and cushion details
  • Varying manufacturing origins with potential for inconsistent quality control

Still feeling couch curious...?

More Brand FAQs

What are Design Within Reach’s top couches?

Explore luxurious materials, timeless silhouettes, and the perfect blend of form and function. Here are some of the best Design Within Reach sofas you can buy today:

1. TOGO Sofa Review ($9,995)

  • This sofa is the epitome of soft, squishy, sink-in comfort. Love it or hate it, that unique, slouchy form is instantly recognizable, making it a true design statement piece.
  • Forget traditional frames - the Togo is all about those multiple layers of foam construction. This makes it surprisingly lightweight, and easy to move or rearrange as needed.
  • That price tag is no joke. The Togo is an investment, justified by its iconic status and Ligne Roset's reputation for quality... but it's definitely not for the budget-conscious.

2. Emmy Sectional Sofa Review ($10,395)

  • The Emmy straddles that line between modern and traditional, with clean lines but a focus on cozy comfort. It's the kind of sofa you want to curl up on, without sacrificing style.
  • That chaise section is the star of the show. It's perfect for stretching out after a long day, or creating a separate "zone" for lounging within a larger living space.
  • The sheer number of upholstery options is both awesome and overwhelming! Budget-conscious buyers might focus on those basic fabrics, while leather lovers WILL swoon over the high-end options.

3. Float Sofa Review ($8,495) 

  • This sofa is all about that laid-back, conversation pit energy, reimagined for modern spaces. If you love vintage furniture or crave a less structured feel, this might be your jam.
  • Those extra-deep seats and sloping arms promise next-level lounging... but make it tricky to sit upright. This sofa is better for chilling than formal entertaining.
  • The Float sofa is perfect for those who want a statement piece that breaks away from the standard modern sofa look. It's a good fit for rooms focused on relaxation over formality.

4. Outline 3-Seater Sofa Review ($5,995)

  • The Outline has a clean, almost minimalist, form. Those slender legs and slim armrests give it a visually light appearance, great for small spaces or modern, open floorplans.
  • That molded foam is likely on the firmer side, typical of Scandinavian designs. Some buyers might add throw pillows to soften the look and feel of this sofa.
  • The Outline fits perfectly into contemporary or Scandi-inspired spaces. Its clean lines make it a background player that allows other design elements to shine, or a bold statement piece depending on the color you choose.

5. Como Sectional Sofa Review ($14,645)

  • The Como is MADE to impress. From its Italian craftsmanship to those goose-feather cushions, it screams high-end. Think of this less as a sofa, and more of a design statement piece.
  • The Como is less about everyday lounging and more about creating a luxurious haven. Those feather-filled cushions and Italian craftsmanship offer an experience few other sofas can match.
  • That solid steel frame and those polished aluminum legs aren't just for show. The Como is designed to be a focal point in your room for years to come, with a focus on quality materials.

6. Twilight Sleeper Sofa Review ($2,895)

  • he Twilight is a smart solution for small apartments or guest rooms. Its compact size when used as a sofa disguises that it can become a queen (or two twin) bed for visitors.
  • That adjustable bolster pillow is a clever touch! It lets you tailor the seat depth for different people, and adds a bit of lower back support when lounging.
  • The rear casters mean easy rearranging, while the removable slipcover makes cleaning a breeze. This sofa is designed for real life, not just sitting pretty in a staged showroom.

7. Quilton L-Shaped Sectional Review ($6,995)

  • Those deep seats and rounded edges just scream "cozy afternoon nap spot." This sofa is all about embracing that plush, sink-in comfort.
  • That L-shape configuration is great for creating distinct zones for lounging and relaxing, but make sure you measure your space! The Quilton demands a room with some decent square footage.
  • The Quilton prioritizes a laid-back vibe over a tailored look. It's perfect for rooms designed for lounging and relaxation, where a perfectly wrinkle-free cushion isn't the highest priority.

8. Kelston Fabric Sectional Sofa Review ($14,195)

  • Those articulating headrests are THE standout feature. Perfect for households where everyone has a different "ideal" TV-watching angle, or for maximizing reading support.
  • The "Made in Italy" tag brings expectations of quality, especially at this price point. It's a subtle detail, but for design lovers, it carries weight.
  • They tout those feather-blend cushions and that spells luxe comfort.

9. Raleigh Sofa Review ($7,995)

  • The Raleigh's got that clean-lined, minimalist look that mid-century fans love. However, that exposed wood frame adds complexity to manufacturing, hence the higher price compared to more basic sofas.
  • DWR emphasizes the Raleigh's canted seatback for comfort, but makes little mention of the seat depth. Those with longer legs might find this more of a perch than a sink-in sofa.
  • The Raleigh's visual lightness and exposed frame make it a good fit for rooms where you don't want a sofa to overwhelm the space.

10. Mags Soft Low 2.5-Seat Sofa Review ($4,545)

  • The Mags has a serious following in the design world. It's got those clean lines and low profile that seem to scream "cool" without trying too hard.
  • Those deep seats and down-wrapped cushions are all about personalizing your lounging experience. Whether you want to sink in, stretch out, or build a pillow fort, the Mags is designed to adapt.
  • The Mags' low seat height won't be ideal for everyone, but that's part of its charm. It's designed for a specific aesthetic and lifestyle – and for those who love it, there's no substitute.

How much do Design Within Reach's couches cost?

Design Within Reach's best-selling sofas showcase a vast price range, from a few thousand dollars to upwards of $20,000. This raises the question: is the cost always justified by superior quality, or does the allure of designer names inflate the price tags?

Design Within Reach's Average Range:

  • The average price for a standard 3-seater sofa at DWR falls between $4,000 - $8,000 USD. However, this is heavily influenced by factors like upholstery choice, materials, and the specific designer or collection.

Most Expensive Design Within Reach Couch:

  • The most expensive Design Within Reach Sofa is currently the Florence Knoll Relaxed Sofa priced from around $9,200 - $18,000+, depending on size and upholstery. This iconic piece commands such a high price due to its status as a mid-century modern classic, Knoll's brand recognition, and its premium materials.
  • Among more traditional 3-seater sofas, the Bastiano Sofa by Knoll reigns supreme, priced around $8,000 - $12,500. Similar factors of brand, design pedigree, and high-quality materials contribute to its cost.

Least Expensive Design Within Reach Couch:

  • The Twilight Sleeper Sofa is the most affordable DWR sofa at around $2,900. Its compact size, dual-purpose functionality, and more basic construction keep the price lower.

Does Design Within Reach have good reviews?

Design Within Reach promises high-end style, but does that translate into happy customers? Let's dissect the real-world reviews and see what the experience is like.

Overall Design Within Reach Reviews:

  • Design Within Reach's reputation is decidedly mixed. It's clear they're beloved by a loyal clientele who swear by the design and quality, but there's a vocal segment of customers who've had frustrating experiences. DWR has a 1 star of 5 rating on BBB. Meanwhile, customers gave the brand 1.8 of 5 stars on Trustpilot, with more than 90% giving it a 1-star rating. As furniture shoppers can likely tell, review platforms can be a breeding ground for complaints far more than songs of praise so take it with a grain of (expensive Himalayan pink) salt.

Design Within Reach's Top Product Reviews:

  • Emmy Corner Sectional Sofa, 5-Star Review: “This is stunning. We just had ours delivered today in pebble weave pumice. More comfortable and better looking in person. Our family of four can comfortably all lie down at the same time on it.” - Ely M.
  • Quilton 2-Seat Sofa, 2-Star Review: “gorgeous couch but after only 3 months, it has started to sag and pill. i'm terrified of what it will look like after a year of use. purchasing this has been one of my biggest regret.” - Alexandra

Design Within Reach's Customer Service Reviews:

  • Design Within Reach's customer service is either a delightful bonus or a major headache – there's little in between. There's a stark divide in reviews. Some customers report smooth exchanges/warranty claims, while others feel abandoned after the initial purchase. The brand is often praised for its design vision and helpful staff, but customers complain of delivery disasters, customer service issues, and return woes.

What kind of style is Design Within Reach furniture?

Looking to deck out your living room in pure, unadulterated modern style? Design Within Reach might be your aesthetic soulmate. But what if you crave something a little less, well, iconic? We'll explore their range of offerings and see if they cater to a broad spectrum of design preferences, or if their focus is a little too niche.

Design Within Reach's Range of Couch Options:

  • Let's be real: Design Within Reach has more sofas than you can shake a throw pillow at. From pint-sized chairs to sprawling sectionals, they cater to spaces big and small. You'll find staples like 3-seaters, plus the occasional oddities like chaise-and-a-half monstrosities.

Design Within Reach's Range of Couch Styles:

  • Design Within Reach leans hard into modernism and that unmistakable mid-century vibe. Think clean lines, iconic names, and the occasional minimalist curveball. If sleek and sculptural is your thing, you're in luck.

Does Design Within Reach Have Other Products Besides Couches?

  • Surprise, surprise, Design Within Reach does sell things other than sofas. They've got a whole range of designer furniture for basically every room in the house. Their curated selection means you won't find anything too outlandish, but if you want your entire place to scream "I have a discerning taste (and deep pockets)", they've got you covered.

What are some alternatives to Design Within Reach?

Love Design Within Reach's modern vibes, but craving a little more variety? Some brands offer similar design philosophies, but with a broader range of styles to satisfy a wider range of tastes. Let's check out those alternatives.