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Which Company Has The Best Couch Warranty?

A good couch warranty is an important consideration when sofa shopping. But which company does it best? Check out our complete couch warranty comparison chart.

A good couch warranty is one of the most important items to look for when sofa shopping. But finding furniture warranty information can be challenging, even on a company's website. And who's got the time to do warranty research anyway? We do! We dug deep and put together a comprehensive list of furniture warranty information for many of the biggest couch companies. Here's what we found. 

As a general rule, companies divide their couch warranties into several categories that have different warranty coverage timelines. Before we get to the chart, here's a quick look at the different types of sofa warranty categories we'll be comparing.

Couch Frame Warranties

The first category covers couch frames. These warranties guarantee the couch's wooden framing, the joinery, and often the spring support system against manufacturer's defects or breakage for a set period of time. The best companies offer a lifetime warranty on couch frames, but the majority of companies offer a 1 year warranty.

Couch Material Defect Warranties

The second category is material defects. This type of sofa warranty typically covers the upholstery workmanship and any special sofa features. For instance, the fabric seams and stitching, the button tufting, and the zippers on cushion covers. The average material defect warranty period is 1 year.

Extended Couch Warranties

Some retailers have partnered with third party companies like Mulberry, Allstate, and Extend to offer 3 to 5 year extended warranty plans. You can purchase these furniture protection plans to cover your sofa against spills, pet accidents, fabric tearing, and more! Our chart lets you know which companies offer this type of extended couch warranty.

So which company has the best furniture warranty? Check out the full chart below!

Complete Couch Company Warranty Comparison**

Brand Couch Frames Material Defects Extended Warranty Available?
7th Avenue Lifetime Warranty No No
Albany Park 10 years+ 10 years+ No
AllModern 0-5 years* 0-5 years* Yes
Apt2B Lifetime Warranty 1 year* Yes
Arhaus 10 years 3 years Yes
Article 1 year 1 year No
Ballard Designs 1 year 1 year No
BenchMade Modern Lifetime Warranty 1 year No
Bob's Discount Furniture 1 year 1 year Yes
Burrow 1 year 1 year Yes
Castlery 3 years 1 year Yes
CB2 No No No
Crate & Barrel No No No
Design Within Reach 1 year 1 year No
Edloe Finch 1 year 1 year No
Frontgate Lifetime Warranty 1 year No
Floyd 1 year 1 year Yes
Grandin Road 1 year 1 year No
GreenRow 2 years 2 years No
Homary 1 year 1 year Yes
Hulala Home 30 days 30 days No
IKEA 10 years+ 10 years+ No
Inside Weather 1 year 1 year No
Joss & Main ≤1 year ≤1 year Yes
Joybird Lifetime Warranty 1 year Yes
Kardiel Lifetime Warranty 3 years Yes
Lovesac Lifetime Warranty 3 years No
Lulu and Georgia No No No
Maiden Home Lifetime Warranty No No
Medley Lifetime Warranty 5 years No
Modloft 1 year No Yes
Pottery Barn No No No
Rejuvenation 2 years 2 years No
Restoration Hardware Lifetime Warranty No No
Room & Board No No No
Rove Concepts 5 years 1 year Yes
Wayfair ≤1 year* ≤1 year* Yes
West Elm No No Yes
Zinus 1 year 1 year No

*Not all models (Check listings)
**Data as of 11/1/23

Who has the best couch warranty?

According to the chart, the Kardiel warranty is the best in class. They have a lifetime warranty on their couch frames, a 3 year warranty on materials and cushions, and they offer extended warranty coverage. the Apt2B warranty and the Joybird warranty are runners up. The biggest difference is that Apt2B and Joybird only have a 1 year warranty on material defects. And some of Apt2B's imported couches have shorter warranty periods.

Although Medley does not offer extended warranties, they do have the best benchmade warranty in the business. The Medley benchmade warranty provides lifetime coverage on their handcrafted frames, a 5 year warranty on material defects, and they actually offer a 10 year warranty on their cushion filling materials. That's amazing and incredibly rare.

The Albany Park warranty is also extremely good. They'll replace your couch at no cost to you within 10 years of purchase if there are any manufacturer's defects. And that coverage may extend beyond 10 years depending on the circumstances. Wow!

The Lovesac warranty is also quite good. They provide a lifetime guarantee for all the "hard components" of their popular Sactional modular sofa. They also have a 3 year warranty on all of their Sactional's "soft components," which protects seat cushions, back pillows, and fabric covers against manufacturer defects.

The Restoration Hardware warranty is also worth mentioning. Their lifetime guarantee covers, for the original owner, the frame, springs, and cushions of their upholstered sofas. We love that the Restoration Hardware warranty includes cushions.

Whose couch warranty could be better?

The big name brands could all do better. Several major companies do not offer standard furniture protection plans. There's no CB2 warranty, no Crate and Barrel warranty, no Pottery Barn warranty, and no West Elm warranty. But even though there's no standard West Elm couch warranty, they do at least offer extended warranties, which is appreciated.

While there's no specific Room and Board warranty, they do guarantee their couches against defects. Customer reviews and write-ups say that Room & Board does offer generous repair and replacement services. However, we'd feel a lot more comfortable if there was an official Room and Board warranty that we had in writing.

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Couch Warranty FAQ

Do couches come with a warranty?

Yes, the majority of furniture retailers provide a limited warranty on their couches, sectionals, and sleeper sofas. Typically you can expect at least a 1 year warranty from the date your couch arrives at your home.

What does a sofa warranty cover?

A sofa warranty generally covers the couch frame, the spring support system, and any material workmanship such as upholstery seams, stitching, button tufting, and cushion zippers. In many cases, a company will provide longer warranty coverage for the couch's frame and spring system and a shorter warranty coverage period for the material workmanship.

What do extended warranties on couches cover?

Extended warranties on couches usually cover any accidents that may occur from everyday use. Spills, pet accidents, and fabric tearing are some of the common issues that an extended furniture warranty will cover. Most extended furniture warranty protection plans provide coverage for 3 to 5 years after purchase.

Is a couch warranty worth it?

Yes, most couch warranties are worth it, especially when the company provides a warranty with your purchase. Extended warranties are also a smart way to protect your couch from everyday accidents for the first few years of your sofa purchase. Couches can be expensive, so it's wise to budget a little extra money for peace of mind.

Where can I buy furniture with warranty?

If you're looking for the best furniture with warranty protection, take a look at our full chart above. We think that Kardiel, Albany Park, Arhaus, Medley, Apt2B, Joybird, and Lovesac all provide very good couch warranties with your purchase.

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