Joss & Main: Ultimate Brand Review And Rating

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Looking for that wow factor to transform your living room? Joss and Main furniture is all about the latest trends in furniture, and I'm here to tell you if their sofas are worth the hype or worthy of the praises of other Joss and Main couch reviews. Let's dive into this Joss & Main review and see if they can help you find that piece your space is missing.

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Joss and Main furniture nails that combo of current styles and actually getting it into your home fast. Lots of their pieces offer that two-day shipping, which is amazing if you need a new sofa, like, yesterday. Their price points are pretty reasonable, too.

I wouldn't call Joss and Main sofas the pinnacle of couch craftsmanship (they're made by different manufacturers across the industry and vary in quality and price point with a focus on the more low cost promotional category), but that's not what they're going for. Joss and Main furniture is perfect for style-conscious folks who want a fresh look without spending a fortune or waiting forever. And they do that very well.

Online Shopping Experience Rating: 92%

Okay, giving credit where credit's due: the website of Joss & Main is surprisingly decent. It's snappy, visually appealing, and they clearly want to make shopping easy. But can they keep this up, or is there a catch? Time to put them to the test!

“The brand, which has been around since 2011, has evolved over time to a brand that embraces a new elevated style for home. Its customers are energized with the creative process and a breadth of styles to create an artful home narrative,” says Joss and Main furniture General Manager Adrienne Brown when asked about the brand and its target customers.

Joss and Main's Ease of Navigation

  • At the very top of the homepage is a horizontal navigation bar with department names like "Furniture," "Outdoor," "Lighting," etc.
  • When you go to the Joss and Main furniture’s sofa page, they've got tons of filters to narrow down your search, which is awesome if you know what you want. Could be overwhelming if you're just browsing, though.
  • Search Smarts: The search bar seems to understand natural language pretty well. I typed in "blue velvet sofa" and got exactly what I expected, not a bunch of random stuff.
  • I like how they curate styles into collections. Makes it easier to browse if you're into a certain vibe, like "Modern Farmhouse".
  • Lots of big, clear photos on the category pages. This makes it easy to scroll and get a sense of their styles before even clicking into a product. Clicking on a product takes you to a dedicated product page with more information and photos. Any future Joss and Main furniture reviewers like myself will love their approach!
  • Mobile Moment: I checked it on my phone, and it all works smoothly. No weird zooming or buttons you can't tap, which is honestly a relief these days, especially in the furniture space.

Joss and Main's Information Available “At-A-Glance” 

  • No beating around the bush – the price (and sale price if there is one) is big and bold. I appreciate not having to hunt for that info. I think other Joss and Main furniture reviews also noticed that.
  • From the Joss and Main sofa page, each product has a “Quick View” link which pops up a window showing more detailed product information and an option to add the couch to your cart.
  • They show a few key upholstery swatches right under the name, which helps me get the style vibe instantly.
  • Customer ratings are front and center. Those little gold stars give me a quick snapshot of whether a piece is well-liked. And I love it!
  • Shipping Speed: That "2-Day Delivery" badge pops out on eligible items. Huge for folks who need their furniture like, yesterday. They show items that come with free white glove delivery, too. This is worthy of the praises, indeed, when you see this called out in Joss and Main furniture reviews.
  • It'd be great to have sofa dimensions right next to the photos, so I can visualize fit without scrolling down.

Joss and Main's Product Images  

  • They've got the basics covered – multiple angles, mostly clear shots. Joss and Main furniture reviews seem to indicate that these are good enough to get a general sense of the Joss and Main sofa.
  • I like that they often put the Joss and Main sofa in a styled room setting. Makes it easier for me to picture it in my own space.
  • If a sofa has a cool feature, like reclining or hidden storage, I'd love to see close-up images specifically highlighting those!
  • Sometimes the lighting seems a bit different across photos of the same sofa. Makes it harder to be 100% sure of the true color.
  • They show swatches, but having the sofa in multiple colors in those lifestyle shots would be awesome for visualizing options.

Joss and Main's Quality of Product Information 

  • They cover material, dimensions, the usual stuff. Gives me enough to know if a Joss and Main sofa might be right for me.
  • I appreciate that they mention things like "kiln-dried wood" – shows they care about quality, at least on some level.
  • Sometimes they focus more on the vibe ("perfect for entertaining!") than the specifics. That's fine, but I also want the nitty-gritty to know what the real Joss and Main couch quality is.
  • I love it when they tell me about the cushion fill! Is it going to hold its shape? Is it super plush? Don't leave me guessing or other online sofa shoppers with no idea about sofa specifications.
  • They mention if a fabric is stain-resistant, which is a HUGE plus, but more care instructions overall would be helpful long-term.
  • It’s a nice touch to give potential buyers an idea of their monthly payments and things like estimated delivery date.

Joss and Main's Extra Bells & Whistles 

  • Free Design Services = Major Win: For anyone who gets overwhelmed by furniture choices, this is a welcome and standout feature. Lots of brands don't offer this, or charge for it. Note that we haven't vetted or tested these services for
  • If you’re in a dire need for a sofa, they also have items that qualify for fast delivery. According to company, this takes just a few days. And yes, you can filter for these items when searching for the perfect sofa for your home.

Shipping & Lead Times Rating: 94%

Sofa shopping shouldn't be stressful! Good thing Joss and Main furniture is pretty transparent about their shipping and lead times. Let's see if their timelines match up with the average furniture shopper, and how to plan ahead for a smooth delivery experience.

Joss and Main's Made to Order Products: Made-to-order Joss and Main couches have a lead time of 6 to 12 weeks.

Joss and Main's In Stock Items: The lead time for in-stock sofas vary from 3 days to 2 weeks.

Joss and Main's Shipping Time: Some Joss and Main couches qualify for fast deliveries that only take a few days. For most sofas and if you go for their in home delivery services, it usually takes 1 to 4 weeks if you’re in the US from the time your Joss & Main sofa leaves their warehouse, and 4 to 6 weeks if you’re in Canada.

Customer Focus Rating: 93%

Sofa shopping can get stressful fast – between choosing a style and figuring out shipping, there's a lot to handle. Does Joss & Main take the hassle out of it, or leave you feeling lost? Let's dig into their customer-focused features.

Joss and Main's Warranty:

  • Good to know Joss and Main warranty details are under "Details & Dimensions" on product pages. But, it'd still be better to have that info highlighted more prominently.
  • It's clear that Joss and Main furniture offers a 1-year limited warranty on most Joss and Main sofas. This is pretty typical, but not particularly impressive.
  • They double down on offering those additional plans at checkout, confirming that's their main strategy for extended coverage.
  • Proof Required: Makes sense that they need photos for warranty claims.
  • The Fine Print: Important that they define "normal wear and tear." This could be used to deny a lot of claims, making that warranty less reassuring.

Joss and Main's Return Options:

  • Joss & Main gives you 30 days to initiate a return. Pretty average for the furniture world, but some brands offer longer, which is always a bonus.
  • Their wording about items needing to be in resellable condition leaves it open to interpretation. Could be frustrating if you have a minor issue and they reject the return. This, however, is very typical in the furniture industry.
  • They deduct return shipping costs from your refund. Makes it less appealing to send a Joss and Main sofa back if you simply don't like it which is either unfair or fair depending on whom you ask, of course.
  • DIY vs. Scheduled: Nice that they offer different methods depending on item size. Printing labels for small stuff is easy, and the pickup coordination is a good option for bulky items.
  • While they allow exchanges, you're essentially returning the old one and buying a new one separately. This means potential delays in getting that replacement sofa.
  • I like that you can easily cancel a return if you change your mind. That shows flexibility on their part.

Joss and Main's Delivery Options & Costs:

Joss and Main furniture offers a solid range of delivery options, from simple doorstep drop-off to full-on White Glove service. This caters to different budgets and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of their large item shipping costs, but make sure you check any exceptions or details upon check out:

  • Outside Your Front Door: Free
  • Inside Your Entryway: Free
  • Your Outdoor Area of Choice: $49.99
  • Your Room of Choice: $49.99
  • White Glove Delivery & Assembly: $149.99
  • Want some good news? They offer free white glove delivery for many of their sofas. AND you can filter Joss & Main sofas that qualify for this hassle-free service.
  • They provide scheduled appointments and order tracking, which takes a lot of the guesswork out of waiting for your sofa. This is customary in the industry these days, of course, but good to check the box.
  • It's awesome they go beyond the doorstep with options like "Room of Choice" delivery, just be aware there are stair restrictions.
  • Their top-tier delivery includes assembly, saving you time and hassle. Take note that this type of in home delivery is also limited to 2 flights of stairs.
  • Transparency for Remote Locations: They're upfront about potential extra costs for Alaska, Hawaii, etc. This honesty avoids unpleasant surprises at checkout. If you live in a remote location that is not Alaska nor Hawaii, it still might be worth a Joss and Main live chat with a rep to make certain there are no hidden shipping charges for your location.

Joss and Main's Financing Options:

  • Joss & Main seems to get that sometimes a new sofa can't wait for payday. They've teamed up with a whole bunch of those "buy now, pay later" companies. Names like Affirm and Bread Pay give this some legitimacy. Those companies have been around the block, so feels a bit more trustworthy.
  • They also offer a Joss & Main credit card. They make you choose – either you get 5% back in rewards, OR those interest-free payment plans.
  • If you love to get some numbers shaved off the price tag, you might also want to check out a Joss and Main coupon code or two. Do some search and you might also find Joss and Main 10 off first order promos.

Is Assembly Required?

  • Most Joss and Main sofas require some form of assembly. You can find the instructions under details and dimensions on the product page, in case you want to have an idea of what you’re getting yourself into. BUT don’t forget they have white glove all-done-for-you service.

Joss and Main's Customization Options:

  • With Joss & Main sofas, you may have some customization options like choosing from a selection of fabrics (ranging from a few choices to over 30!). For sectionals, you can often select the orientation to best fit your space.

Does Joss & Main Offer Free Fabric Swatches?

  • Yes, you can get free fabric swatches. You may request for the samples on the product page of the Joss and Main sofa you are checking out. According to a Joss and Main customer service agent, the number of swatches you can request really depends on the item and the availability of samples. Might be best to check for more info through the most convenient Joss and Main contact option for you. Or visit Joss and Main stores near you.

Durability & Quality Rating: 93%

Built to Last, or Built to Budget? Is Joss and Main furniture legit? Joss and Main furniture talks a good game about quality, but let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Their sofas use okay materials, the kind you'd expect for the price (ah, don’t forget you can still save some by using a Joss and Main coupon code). It's really about finding a piece with sturdy construction and a fabric that can handle your lifestyle – nobody wants a sofa covered in stains and snags after a year. Makes you wonder how long does the average person keep a couch? Here’s the deal with Joss and Main quality.

Joss and Main's Quality of Materials:

  • Joss & Main offers a decent selection of genuine leather sofas. Think of leather as an investment - those full-grain options are the most durable and develop that awesome patina over time.
  • They've got fabrics for every style, from cozy textured weaves to sleek performance options that can handle spills. Just be sure to check the descriptions carefully – some fabrics are meant more for looks than heavy use.
  • You'll find a mix of solid wood and engineered wood in their sofa frames. Solid wood is always a plus, but with proper construction, those engineered pieces can hold their own.
  • Most Joss & Main sofas rock a blend of foam and feathers for that sink-in softness. Just remember, feathers can lose their fluff over time, so look for dense foam cores for long-term support.
  • While you can't feel the materials online, their descriptions can be pretty helpful. Those tight weaves and supple leathers usually signal higher quality and durability.

Joss and Main's Cleanability:

  • Good news for messy folks – some of their Joss and Main couches come in performance fabrics that resist stains and wipe clean easily. Leather options are also pretty forgiving for most spills.
  • Those dark and patterned fabrics are your friends if you're prone to accidents. Light-colored sofas are gorgeous, but be prepared for some extra upkeep.
  • The Washable Factor: Removable cushion covers are a lifesaver, especially with kids or pets. Just be sure to check those cleaning instructions – some are machine washable, others require professional cleaning.

Joss and Main's Quality of Construction & Manufacturing Origin:

  • The Global Network: Joss and Main furniture works with a bunch of manufacturers all over the world. This gives them a ton of variety, but makes it harder to pin down exactly where your sofa was born.
  • They use both solid wood and manufactured wood for their frames. Solid wood is always stronger, but those engineered pieces can be surprisingly sturdy if they're made well.
  • Look for details like "mortise and tenon" joinery – those are signs of solid construction. Avoid sofas that rely only on glue since they might not last.
  • Pocket springs or sinuous springs in the seat are a good thing. These tend to provide better support and last longer than basic webbing unless the webbing is very high end.
  • Made-to-Order Matters: Some of their sofas are made-to-order, which usually means a bit higher quality in terms of materials and construction.
  • It'd be awesome if Joss and Main furniture gave more info on their manufacturing partners and processes right on their website!

Brand Vibe Check Rating: 91%

Let's be real, a sofa isn't just a sofa. It's a statement. It says something about your style, your priorities, even the kind of world you want to live in. So before you commit to that Joss & Main sectional, let's dig a little deeper and find a brand that truly resonates with you.

Joss and Main's Key Differentiators & Unique Facts:

  • Joss & Main is part of the Wayfair family of online home decor brands. This provides them significant logistical and buying power. The brand focuses on a specific aesthetic, blending modern and traditional touches, making it easy to find cohesive pieces if you like their vibe. Wondering why is Joss and Main cheaper than Wayfair? With their focus on value-driven market, their business model and all their processes have evolved, allowing them to  delivery quality furniture at more affordable prices.

Joss and Main's Sustainability:

Joss & Main understands that stylish furniture shouldn't come at the cost of our forests. Their wood sourcing policy prioritizes responsible choices, demonstrating a commitment to protecting valuable ecosystems.

  • Preference for FSC-certified wood: They prioritize wood products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, signaling responsible forest management.
  • Rejection of illegally harvested wood: This combats deforestation and supports ethical supply chains.
  • Avoidance of wood from high-conservation forests: This protects sensitive areas and endangered habitats.
  • Focus on responsible sourcing: Beyond wood, their overall sourcing practices consider environmental and social impact.
  • Aside from eco-friendly sourcing, most of their sofas use CertiPUR-US® Certified foam. This means the foam inside meets strict standards. That's a good sign because it indicates the foam is free from harmful stuff like flame retardants, heavy metals, and other nasty chemicals. Most Joss and Main sofa reviews give the brand a virtual high five because of this.

Joss and Main's Overall Brand Presentation:

  • Joss and Main furniture offers a vast selection of stylish furniture at accessible price points, making it easy to find pieces that fit both your budget and your taste. Their curated collections and frequent sales help you discover unique items that reflect your personality. That’s the general theme I discovered in this and other Joss and Main furniture reviews.


  • Wide variety of trendy and affordable sofas
  • Fast shipping options available (some as fast as 2 days)
  • Clear shipping and lead time information
  • Free white glove delivery for many sofas
  • Variety of financing options
  • 1-year limited warranty (standard)


  • Quality varies across manufacturers, not all high-end
  • Limited customization options beyond fabric and configuration
  • Return shipping costs not covered
  • Most sofas require assembly (though white glove service is available)
  • Warranty terms could be more generous and transparent

Still feeling couch curious...?

More Brand FAQs

What are Joss & Main’s top couches?

Upgrade your living space with Joss and Main couches, sectionals, or outdoor sofas! Discover our curated selection featuring stylish designs, superior comfort, and quality construction. With furniture prices soaring high these days, you might be able to snag a Joss and Main 10% off first order promo with some of these sofas after a quick search.

1. Kodie Upholstered Sleeper Sofa Review ($1,900)

  • As other Joss and Main couch reviews also point out, the Kodie strikes a perfect balance between a chic Joss and Main couch and a practical guest bed, saving you space without compromising on looks.
  • Built for lasting comfort: Solid wood frame, generous foam cushioning, and a supportive innerspring mattress mean both you and your guests will be sleeping soundly.
  • An array of upholstery options, from performance fabrics to eco-friendly Sustain® weaves, let you personalize the Kodie to fit your vibe.

2. Pera Upholstered Sofa Review ($1,530)

  • The Pera's plush velvet upholstery elevates any space with a touch of sophisticated texture. Do you agree fellow sofa geeks doing Joss and Main furniture reviews?
  • Lounge in luxury: Sink into feather-wrapped foam cushions with sinuous spring support – a combo that means serious comfort.
  • Classic lines and solid wood legs give the Pera timeless appeal.

3. Portland Genuine Leather Sofa Review ($2,160)

  • The Portland's top-grain leather and classic design make it a piece you'll treasure for years.
  • Luxurious comfort! That’s what other Joss and Main furniture reviews are also saying. Sink into plush cushions with supportive springs – this is seriously comfortable lounging.
  • From its solid wood frame to reinforced joinery, the Portland boasts superior craftsmanship.

4. Clayton Upholstered Sofa Review ($1,260)

  • The Clayton's clean lines and versatile color options make it a perfect fit for a wide range of spaces.
  • Durable performance fabric, a sturdy frame, and supportive web suspension means this Joss and Main sofa is up to the challenge.
  • Removable, cleanable cushion covers make dealing with spills easier.

5. Astra 2-Piece Upholstered Chaise L-Sectional Review ($2.000)

  • Stretch out on the chaise, or invite friends to spread out on this spacious L-shaped sectional.
  • Low profile, clean lines, and neutral color options make the Astra a fit for many styles.
  • Kid & pet approved: Durable fabric makes it a worry-free choice for busy households.

6. Ellaria 4-Piece Modular Upholstered Reversible Chaise L-Sectional Review ($3,100)

  • Plush feather-filled cushions, soft LiveSmart performance fabric, and supportive construction create a seriously comfortable experience.
  • Rearrange the pieces as your space changes, or even add sections later on!
  • Whether it's movie nights, game days, or hosting guests, the Ellaria can adjust (or impress, especially during Joss and Main furniture reviews).

7. Tyrel 2-Piece Upholstered L-Sectional Review ($2,640)

  • Mid-century sophistication: Clean lines and sleek design capture a timeless, mid-century modern feel.
  • Upgrade your space with the suppleness and durability of top-grain leather.
  • Split-leather sides and back offer durability without sacrificing the premium leather feel on seating surfaces.

8. Avaliese 5-Piece Upholstered U-Sectional Review ($9,395)

  • The epitome of spacious comfort: This expansive U-shaped sectional invites you and your loved ones to spread out in style.
  • Plush feather-filled cushions and luxurious Crypton fabric offer an irresistibly soft and inviting experience.
  • Armless design lets you rearrange the pieces for maximum lounging freedom.

9. Vienna Outdoor Sofa Review ($2,950)

  • Beautifully crafted teak wood and a subtle grey finish create a refined look for your patio or deck.
  • Sunbrella fabric cushions resist fading and stains, while teak is naturally resistant to weather and decay.
  • Easy care comfort: Cushions are machine-washable and the teak requires minimal maintenance.

10. Savion Outdoor Sofa Review ($1,500)

  • Modern wicker design with sleek lines and a warm chestnut finish adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space.
  • Durable resin wicker and a sturdy aluminum frame make this Joss and Main couch built for outdoor living.
  • Thick cushions in weather-resistant fabric invite you to linger outdoors longer.

How much do Joss & Main's couches cost?

Joss and Main furniture offers a wide range of couches catering to various budgets, ensuring there's something for everyone. Their collection encompasses both affordable sofa options and higher-end pieces, reflecting the brand's commitment to providing quality furniture at competitive prices.

Joss and Main's Average Range:

  • The average price of a standard 3-seater Joss and Main couch from Joss and Main furniture sits between $1,500 and $3,500. Within this range, you'll find options to suit various tastes and durability needs. If you’re on a budget and can’t find a product quick enough on the site, the Joss and Main customer service reps are more than willing to help over chat.

Most Expensive Joss & Main Couch:

  • The Gisela 9-Piece Modular Upholstered U-Sectional is the most expensive Joss and Main furniture collection. This luxurious sectional is priced at $10,741. With its expansive size, plush cushions, and modular design, it's the ultimate statement in comfort and style.
  • The Bruno Genuine Leather Sofa is the most expensive standard 3-seater. It will set you back $4,099. Its tufted detailing, round arms, and top-grain leather in Valencia Camel exude timeless sophistication.

Least Expensive Joss & Main Couch:

  • The Giulietto Upholstered Loveseat retails for $990. This compact loveseat offers a touch of style ideal for smaller spaces, showcasing Joss & Main's ability to provide appealing options even at lower price points.

Does Joss & Main have good reviews?

I've given you my take on Joss and Main couches. Now, let's broaden the picture. What are other customers saying about their experiences at Joss and Main stores or with Joss and Main furniture customer service? We'll explore their Joss and Main furniture reviews to uncover the whole story.

Overall Joss and Main Reviews:

  • On Sitejabber, Joss & Main has a rating of 3.61 out of 5 stars based on 1,340 reviews. This reflects a generally satisfied customer base. Over at BBB, the brand is registered under the umbrella of Wayfair, which has an A+ BBB rating. However, it has received more than 1,900 complaints in the last 12 months. To be fair, the BBB complaints or Joss and Main sofa reviews might be against Wayfair, Joss & Main, or other brands owned by the former. Keep in mind that Wayfair is one of the largest furniture brands in the world and the largest in the US.

Joss and Main's Top Product Reviews:

  • Portland Genuine Leather Sofa, 5-Star Review: “Happy with my purchase! It is the color I was looking for! I based my purchase off of other people's reviews since I was shopping online. They did not steer me wrong. And it was fast shipping!” - Janet from Pasadena, MD
  • Portland Genuine Leather Sofa, 1-Star Review: “Cushion has lost its volume and the “leather” wore way too easy and soon for 6 months.” - Kevin from Winter Garden, FL

Joss and Main's Customer Service Reviews:

  • The Joss and Main sofa reviews are a total mixed bag! People dig the well-made furniture and stylish designs, but also run into delivery snags, unhelpful Joss and Main customer service (sometimes), and even get the wrong item altogether. Plus, those big sales can make checkout a nightmare.

What kind of style is Joss & Main furniture?

Joss & Main? More like a treasure trove of furniture finds! Seriously, this online shop throws everything at the wall – modern furniture, glam couches, rustic seating, industrial sofas – you name it. But the real question is, can they cater to all our unique design personalities? Let's dive in and see if they've got a sofa that screams "you" (or whispers "eclectic masterpiece").

Joss and Main's Range of Couch Options:

  • Okay, if you're hunting for a Joss and Main couch, loveseat, sleeper, or that weird modular thing your friend is obsessed with – Joss & Main's got you covered. We're talking a ridiculous range! Plus, if you find a style you adore, chances are they have it in multiple shapes and sizes. Imagine a whole room with that vibe?

Joss and Main's Range of Couch Styles:

  • From sleek and minimalist to straight-up grandma-chic (in a good way, as we and other Joss and Main furniture reviews put it), Joss & Main serves up styles for every design daredevil. Modern, mid-century, traditional – they play the whole field. If you have a quirky sense of style, there's probably something that'll make you do a happy dance.

Does Joss & Main Have Other Products Besides Couches?

  • Surprise! Your entire place can get the Joss & Main treatment. They've got furniture for every room, but honestly, their bedroom collection is kinda tempting. Get ready to give your space a serious upgrade.

What are some alternatives to Joss & Main?

The brand offers a good range, but not convince after reading Joss and Main couch reviews or visiting Joss and Main stores? Maybe you're craving a very specific style? Let's ditch the mainstream and uncover some brands with super distinct aesthetics that might be your perfect match.