Anthropologie: Ultimate Brand Review And Rating

Alex Back | CEO & Founder
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Anthropologie: they're the folks who bring that boho-chic, wanderlust vibe to your wardrobe, but can they do the same for your living room? Get comfy, couch potatoes, because in this Anthropologie review, we're diving deep into their sofa collection. Are these Anthropologie couches just eye candy, or can they deliver the comfort and style your home craves? Let's find out!

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Anthropologie sofas are a blend of chic design and high-quality craftsmanship, offering something for everyone. Their attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction are evident in each piece. The brand’s commitment to sustainability and unique aesthetic make Anthropologie sofas not just furniture, but a statement. I love how their sofas combine comfort with a touch of elegance, truly enhancing any living space.

What makes Anthropologie sofas truly special is their ability to adapt to different styles and preferences while maintaining a high standard of quality. Their customer service is top-notch, providing support and guidance throughout the buying process. The use of premium materials and sustainable practices highlights their dedication to creating beautiful, durable furniture. Whether you’re redecorating or just looking for a new centerpiece, Anthropologie sofas are a fantastic choice.

Online Shopping Experience Rating: 91%

The online presence of Anthropologie is a curated collection of eye candy, showcasing their unique blend of bohemian-chic and modern styles. But does the user experience live up to the aesthetic? Let's explore the nooks and crannies of their website and see if it's as user-friendly as it is beautiful.

“The role of digital for Anthropologie has increasingly become where our customer engages with us, in addition to our stores. Organic and paid social have become our most efficient ways to reach our customers, along with digital media, redefining how we acquire new customers,” said Anthropologie CEO Tricia Smith.

Anthropologie's Ease of Navigation

  • Navigating Anthropologie’s website is like strolling through a chic, organized boutique. The top navigation bar has everything from clothing to furniture, making it a breeze to find what you’re after without feeling lost in a sea of options. Ready to bring the new couch from the showroom to the living room?
  • The side menu on the home furniture page is a lifesaver. It neatly categorizes items into the living room, bedroom, and outdoor furniture, so you can zero in on what you need without the usual online treasure hunt.
  • Product thumbnails are arranged in a tidy grid, each labeled with the product name, price, and a brief description. It’s like having a well-organized Pinterest board where everything actually links to something you can buy.
  • The search bar is your trusty sidekick, prominently placed and ready to find anything you need, whether it’s an “Anthropologie couch” or a specific style. It’s quick, efficient, and saves you from endless scrolling.
  • The filters on the sectional page are a total game-changer. Sort by price, color, style, and material to find your dream couch faster than you can say “home makeover.” It’s all about getting you to the right choice without the hassle.
  • The “Load More” button at the bottom of product pages is a nice touch. It lets you see more items without refreshing or navigating away, keeping your browsing experience smooth and uninterrupted.
  • Each product page links to related items and similar products, encouraging a bit of a shopping adventure. It’s like the website knows what you might like next, helping you discover new favorites effortlessly.
  • Despite the rich visuals and comprehensive layout, the site loads quickly. This efficiency sets it apart from other furniture sites that can be as sluggish as waiting for paint to dry.

Anthropologie's Information Available “At-A-Glance” 

  • Anthropologie's sofa pages are like a curated art gallery, with each sofa taking center stage. You won't find a sea of same-same sofas here, that's for sure.
  • Each sofa listing features the name, price, and dimensions right upfront. No need to play hide-and-seek with the essentials.
  • The multiple photos for each Anthropologie sofa are like a visual story. They show you the sofa from different angles, in different settings, and even with different throw pillows. It's like getting a sneak peek into the sofa's personality.
  • The material of each Anthropologie couch is clearly listed, whether it's a plush velvet, a textured linen, or a supple leather. No surprises here!
  • You'll also find a range of color options for each sofa, from bold jewel tones to neutral earth tones. It's a color lover's dream!
  • Some Anthropologie sofas offer customization options, like different leg finishes or fabric choices. This is clearly indicated on the product page, so you know what you're getting into.
  • Many of Anthropologie's sofas are made to order, which means they're crafted just for you. This is great news for those who want a truly unique piece, but it does mean longer lead times.
  • Customer reviews and ratings are easy to spot, offering firsthand insights from other buyers. It’s like getting advice from friends who’ve already tested the waters, boosting your confidence in the purchase.

Anthropologie's Product Images

  • High-quality photography: Anthropologie clearly invests in high-quality photography. The images are crisp, well-lit, and showcase the sofas in their best light. It's like having your own personal photoshoot for each sofa. I love how the experience is like browsing into a high fashion magazine.
  • Lifestyle shots: Most sofas are shown in a lifestyle setting, which helps you envision how they might look in your own home. It's a nice touch that adds to the overall shopping experience.
  • Multiple angles are covered—front, side, back, and even top views. This comprehensive approach ensures you fully understand the sofa’s design and style, just like you would in a showroom.
  • Zoom in: The zoom feature lets you get up close and personal with the fabric textures and details. It's a helpful tool for those who like to scrutinize every stitch.
  • Limited close-ups: While the lifestyle shots are beautiful, I wish there were more close-up shots of the fabrics and details. It would be helpful to see the texture and weave of the fabric up close.
  • Room for improvement: Some of the images could be improved by showing the sofas in a wider variety of settings. It would be helpful to see how they look in different lighting conditions and with different decor styles.
  • Overall, the product images on Anthropologie's website are a strong point. They're beautiful, informative, and give you a good sense of what to expect. However, there's always room for improvement, and I hope Anthropologie continues to elevate their visual presentation.

Anthropologie's Quality of Product Information 

  • Anthropologie gives you the essentials: sofa name, dimensions, materials, and care instructions. You won't be left wondering if that velvet beauty is actually polyester (phew!).
  • The descriptions often go beyond the basics, painting a picture of the sofa's personality and design inspiration. It's like reading a mini-biography for your future couch companion.
  • Technical specs are laid out clearly, with exact measurements for width, depth, height, and seat dimensions. This helps you visualize the perfect sofa for your space and avoid any “oh no” moments when it arrives.
  • They're pretty upfront about the sofa materials used, which is a major plus in my book. Whether it's a linen blend or top-grain leather, you'll know exactly what you're getting.
  • Construction details, like frame construction and cushion support systems, are included. It’s like getting a behind-the-scenes look at how the sofa is built, reassuring you of its quality and comfort.
  • Warranty and care instructions are easy to find, outlining coverage and how to maintain your sofa. This transparency helps you feel secure in your investment, knowing exactly what’s covered and how to keep it looking great.

Anthropologie's Extra Bells & Whistles 

  • Anthropologie offers a “Complete the Look” section on their product pages, suggesting complementary items to go with your new sofa. This is a fantastic feature for those of us who want a cohesive, stylish room without the hassle of piecing everything together ourselves.
  • Style guides: Anthropologie goes beyond product descriptions with their curated style guides. They offer tips on how to mix and match patterns, choose the right size rug, and create a cohesive look for your space. It's like having a personal stylist for your home.
  • Designer collabs: Anthropologie often collaborates with well-known designers to create exclusive furniture collections. These collaborations bring a fresh perspective and unique design elements to the table. It's a great way to add a touch of designer flair to your home without breaking the bank.

Shipping & Lead Times Rating: 85%

Ordering a sofa is like waiting for a first date – anticipation is high, but patience is key. So, how long will you be twiddling your thumbs before your Anthropologie couch arrives? Let's find out.

Anthropologie's Made to Order Products: Anthropologie’s made-to-order furniture is all about bespoke craftsmanship and personal touch. These custom pieces typically take 8 to 10 weeks to produce. Once your order is placed, you’ll receive a fabric swatch within two weeks, signaling the start of production. The careful attention to detail and quality means you can expect your unique sofa to be ready for shipment in about two months. This timeline is fairly standard in the industry, aligning well with expectations for custom furniture.

Anthropologie's In Stock Items: For in-stock items, Anthropologie shines with efficiency. These pieces require no production time and are prepared for shipping almost immediately after your order is placed. Typically, you can expect your in-stock sofa to be ready to leave the warehouse in just a few days. Delivery usually takes an additional 2 to 4 weeks, ensuring you won’t be waiting long to enjoy your new furniture. This speedy process is on par with, if not better than, many industry standards.

Anthropologie's Shipping Time: Anthropologie offers clear and concise shipping times that cater to different needs. For White Glove Delivery, expect a call 24 hours before your scheduled delivery, with a 2- to 4-hour delivery window on the day itself. Doorstep Delivery provides email notifications 1 to 2 days prior. In-stock items generally arrive within 2 to 4 weeks, while custom orders, after their production period, follow a similar delivery timeframe. This blend of promptness and reliability ensures your new couch reaches you in a timely and well-coordinated manner. And before the new sofa arrives, make sure you’re prepared for its arrival.

Customer Focus Rating: 87%

When purchasing a couch online, having a supportive brand is a game-changer. Does Anthropologie provide the red carpet treatment for their sofa buyers, or do they fall short? Let’s explore and see what they offer.

“Anthropologie’s reputation for keeping the customer front and center was one of the biggest draws for me,” said Smith.

Anthropologie's Warranty:

  • One-year limited warranty: Anthropologie offers a one-year limited warranty on their sofas, which is standard for many retailers. This covers any defects in materials or workmanship, so you can rest assured that your new Anthropologie couch is protected against any unexpected hiccups.
  • The warranty is fairly comprehensive, covering structural defects like faulty frames or broken springs. However, it doesn't extend to normal wear and tear, stains, or accidental damage. This is quite typical in the industry and keeps the focus on manufacturing quality.
  • To claim the warranty, you need to contact Anthropologie's customer service and provide proof of purchase. The process seems straightforward, aiming to resolve issues efficiently without a lot of red tape.
  • Room for improvement: While the one-year warranty is a good start, it would be great to see Anthropologie offer an extended warranty option for those who want extra peace of mind. Some other retailers offer warranties of up to five years, which can be a major selling point for those who are looking for a long-term investment.

Anthropologie's Return Options:

  • 30-day return window: Anthropologie gives you 30 days from the delivery date to decide if you want to keep your sofa. That's plenty of time to test it out, see how it looks in your space, and even invite a few friends over for a movie night.
  • Home pickup or DIY return: If you're not happy with your Anthropologie couch, you can either schedule a complimentary home pickup (if it was delivered) or ship it back yourself. Just make sure the sofa is in like-new condition with the original packaging.
  • Items must be in sale-able condition to qualify for a return. This is standard practice and ensures that returned items are still in good shape for resale, maintaining the brand’s quality standards.
  • Restocking fees: Be aware that some sofas may be subject to a restocking fee, which can be a bummer. This fee is typically a percentage of the purchase price and is deducted from your refund.
  • No in-store returns for delivered furniture: If your Anthropologie sofa was delivered, you can't return it to a store. This might be inconvenient for some folks, but it's understandable, given the size and weight of most sofas.
  • Refunds are processed within 1-2 weeks after the items arrive at their warehouse, with the credit posting to your original payment method in 1-3 days. This quick turnaround time helps alleviate the stress of waiting for your money back.

Anthropologie's Delivery Options & Costs:

  • Unlimited furniture delivery: Anthropologie offers a flat-rate delivery fee for all furniture orders, regardless of the number of items. This is a great option if you're ordering multiple pieces of furniture, as it can save you a lot of money on shipping costs.
  • Anthropologie offers two main delivery options: White Glove Delivery and Doorstep Delivery. White Glove Delivery includes delivery to your room of choice, unpacking, assembly, and debris removal, making it a premium option for those who want a hands-off experience.
  • Doorstep delivery is a more economical choice, with in-box delivery to your front door. This option is ideal for those comfortable with some DIY assembly and handling the final setup themselves.
  • The cost for White Glove Delivery starts at $149 for orders up to $999.99, and $249 for orders over $1000. For Doorstep Delivery, the rates are $99 and $149, respectively. These flat-rate fees are competitive and straightforward, ensuring no surprises at checkout.
  • If you order both Doorstep and White Glove eligible items, the entire order is upgraded to White Glove service at no extra cost. This is a fantastic perk, enhancing the delivery experience without additional charges. 
  • Delivery times are efficient, with in-stock items typically arriving within 2-4 weeks. Custom furniture takes 8-10 weeks for production, followed by the standard delivery time. This aligns well with industry norms and sets clear expectations.
  • Extended delivery areas do incur additional fees, but this is transparently communicated. It ensures that even remote locations can enjoy Anthropologie’s furniture, albeit with a small extra charge.
  • For multi-unit buildings, Doorstep Delivery items are placed in a secure lobby or with a building attendant, ensuring safe delivery even if you’re not home. This adds a layer of convenience and security to the delivery process.

Anthropologie's Financing Options:

  • Anthropologie has partnered with Afterpay and Klarna to offer interest-free installment plans. This allows you to split your purchase into four equal payments, due every two weeks. It's a great way to make a big purchase more manageable.
  • By offering these financing options, Anthropologie enhances its customer service by providing more ways to make their products affordable, ensuring that budget constraints don’t hinder your home décor dreams.

 Is Assembly Required?

  • Most Anthropologie sofas require no assembly, which is a significant advantage for ease of setup and immediate use.
  • White glove delivery to the rescue: If you're not a DIY enthusiast (or just don't want to break a sweat), Anthropologie's White Glove Delivery service is a lifesaver. They'll bring your Anthropologie couch or sofa to your living room, unpack it, assemble it (if needed), and even haul away the packaging. It's like having your own personal furniture fairy godmother.
  • Some assembly required: If you opt for the standard doorstep delivery, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Many Anthropologie sofas require some assembly, but it's usually not too complicated. Think of attaching legs and maybe connecting a few pieces.
  • Assembly guides are available online, providing additional support if needed. This extra resource ensures you have all the information required to get your sofa set up perfectly. But hey, we've all seen those IKEA instructions, right? If you're feeling a bit puzzled,
  • DIY or don't DIY?: Ultimately, the choice of whether to DIY or go with White Glove Delivery comes down to your budget and comfort level. If you're a handy person who enjoys a good project, assembling your Anthropologie sofa can be a rewarding experience. But if you'd rather leave it to the pros, White Glove Delivery is worth the extra cost.
    Anthropologie's Customization Options:
  • Anthropologie offers a variety of customization options for their sofas, including choices in fabric, color, and configuration. This flexibility allows you to create a piece that perfectly fits your style and space.
  • Customizing your sofa does affect the cost, but the investment is worthwhile for a piece that’s uniquely yours. Knowing that your sofa is tailored to your preferences adds a personal touch to your home décor.
  • The customization process is user-friendly, with options clearly laid out on the product pages. This ease of use ensures that even those new to furniture customization can navigate the process smoothly.
  • Anthropologie sends fabric swatches to help you make the best decision. This thoughtful step ensures you’re confident in your choice before finalizing the order, reducing the risk of buyer’s remorse.
  • Custom orders take a bit longer, with an average production time of 8-10 weeks. However, the wait is justified by the high-quality, personalized product you receive in the end.

Does Anthropologie Offer Free Fabric Swatches?

  • Yes, you can request fabric swatches from Anthropologie. This service is particularly helpful for making an informed decision about your sofa’s upholstery.
  • Swatches are typically sent within 5-7 business days after your request, allowing you to see and feel the fabric before committing. This short turnaround time keeps your decision-making process on track.
  • There is no charge for requesting swatches, which is a great perk. It’s a small but significant step in ensuring you’re happy with your purchase.

Durability & Quality Rating: 90%

Anthropologie sofas are undeniably eye-catching, with their eclectic designs and luxurious fabrics. But are they just pretty faces, or do they have the substance to back it up? Let's examine their durability and quality to see if they're worth the investment.

Anthropologie's Quality of Materials:

  • Luxurious fabrics: Anthropologie sofas are upholstered in a variety of fabrics, from plush velvets and textured linens to durable performance fabrics and even top-grain leather. This variety allows you to choose the perfect fabric for your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.
  • Kiln-dried hardwood frames: Most Anthropologie sofas feature kiln-dried hardwood frames, a hallmark of quality construction. This ensures a sturdy foundation that can withstand years of use.
  • Down-blend cushions: Many of their sofas boast down-blend cushions, offering a luxurious combination of softness and support. While some may prefer a firmer feel, the down-blend option is perfect for those who crave a cozy, sink-in experience.
  • Performance fabrics: For those with kids or pets, Anthropologie offers a selection of performance fabrics that are designed to resist stains and spills. This is a major plus for busy households where accidents are bound to happen.
  • Handcrafted details: Some Anthropologie sofas feature unique details like hand-carved wood accents or hand-woven fabrics. These artisanal touches add to the overall charm and character of the piece.
  • Sustainable materials: Anthropologie is increasingly incorporating sustainable materials into their furniture, such as recycled fibers and responsibly sourced wood. This commitment to sustainability is a definite plus for eco-conscious shoppers.

Anthropologie's Cleanability:

  • Performance fabrics shine: If you're worried about spills and stains, Anthropologie's performance fabrics are a lifesaver. They're designed to be easy to clean and resist everyday wear and tear.
  • Delicate fabrics require care: Some of their more delicate fabrics, like velvet or linen, may require professional cleaning or special care instructions. Be sure to read the care label carefully before you buy.
  • Cleaning instructions: Each sofa comes with specific care instructions, which can include professional cleaning recommendations or simple at-home maintenance tips. This ensures you can keep your sofa looking fresh without much hassle.

Anthropologie's Quality of Construction & Manufacturing Origin:

  • Handcrafted in the USA: Many of Anthropologie's sofas are handcrafted in the USA, which is a testament to their commitment to quality and craftsmanship. You can expect attention to detail and a focus on using high-quality materials.
  • Solid construction: The frames are generally well-built and sturdy, with reinforced joints and durable materials. This ensures that your Anthropologie sofa can withstand the rigors of everyday use.
  • Attention to detail: From the stitching to the tufting, Anthropologie sofas are often finished with meticulous attention to detail. This level of craftsmanship is evident in the overall quality and aesthetic of the piece.
  • Made-to-order options: Many Anthropologie sofas are made to order, allowing for some customization and ensuring that your sofa is truly unique.
  • International sourcing: While some sofas are made in the USA, others are imported from countries like India and China. It's important to note that the quality of imported furniture can vary, so be sure to read reviews and do your research before you buy.

Brand Vibe Check Rating: 90%

Anthropologie has a certain je ne sais quoi, a bohemian-chic charm that extends beyond their clothing racks and into their furniture collection. But is it the right vibe for your living room? Let's dive into their brand ethos and see if it speaks to your soul.

Anthropologie's Key Differentiators & Unique Facts:

  • Bohemian rhapsody: Anthropologie, born in 1992, isn't just about sofas; they're a lifestyle brand. They've got that eclectic, globally-inspired vibe that's made them a favorite among free spirits and trendsetters. Their Anthropologie sofa collection is a natural extension of this aesthetic, offering unique designs that you won't find anywhere else.
  • Part of the URBN family: Anthropologie is owned by URBN, the parent company of Urban Outfitters, Free People, and BHLDN. This gives them access to a vast network of resources and expertise, translating to high-quality products and a well-rounded shopping experience.

Anthropologie's Sustainability:

Anthropologie isn't just about creating beautiful sofas. They're also committed to doing their part for the planet. Shouldn’t that be part of your new sofa checklist? While they're not perfect (who is?), they're taking steps towards a more sustainable future. Let's see how their green ethos translates to their Anthropologie couches and the overall shopping experience.

  • Recycled materials: Anthropologie is incorporating recycled materials into their sofas, like recycled fibers in some fabrics. It's a small step, but it's a step in the right direction.
  • Responsible sourcing: They're working towards sourcing wood from responsibly managed forests for their sofa frames. This means less deforestation and a smaller environmental impact.
  • Packaging reduction: Anthropologie is also trying to minimize waste by reducing packaging and using more recyclable materials. Every little bit helps, right?
  • Furniture salvage program: They have a furniture salvage program that aims to repair and reuse damaged furniture, rather than sending it to the landfill. This is a great initiative that reduces waste and extends the life of their products.
  • Transparency: Anthropologie is pretty transparent about their sustainability efforts, which is refreshing. They publish annual reports and share updates on their progress. This shows that they're serious about making a positive impact and are willing to be held accountable.
  • Circular economy initiatives: URBN, the parent company, invests in circular business models to extend the life of products through recycling and recirculating.

Anthropologie's Overall Brand Presentation:

  • Anthropologie's overall vibe is definitely more style than substance when it comes to their sofa collection. They're clearly targeting the design-savvy shopper who prioritizes unique aesthetics and a curated look. Their Anthropologie couch collection is full of statement pieces that'll spark conversation and add personality to your space. But hey, who says a sofa can't be both beautiful and comfy? Their quality is commendable, using high-quality materials and construction, making these sofas an investment for those seeking a statement piece to elevate their home decor. 

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  • Chic designs with a bohemian flair
  • Wide variety of fabrics, including performance options
  • Free fabric swatches for at-home testing
  • White-glove delivery option available
  • 30-day return window
  • Commitment to sustainability


  • Higher price point
  • Limited customization options beyond fabric and color
  • Restocking fees for returns
  • Some fabrics may require special care
  • Return policy can be tricky for furniture

Still feeling couch curious...?

More Brand FAQs

What are Anthropologie’s top couches?

Searching for the ultimate sofa to complete your living room? Look no further! I’ve selected the top 10 Anthropologie sofas that excel in form and function. These sofas are aesthetically pleasing and built to provide unparalleled comfort and durability. Ready to upgrade your home? Let’s check out these top picks and see which one speaks to you.

1. Leonelle Sofa Review ($2,798)

  • Tuxedo chic: The Leonelle is a modern take on the classic tuxedo sofa, with clean lines, a squared back, and sleek track arms. It's a statement piece that'll add a touch of sophistication to any living room.
  • Sink-in comfort: The Leonelle features a deep, generous seat and a plush down-filled bench cushion that's perfect for curling up with a good book or binging your favorite show.
  • Customizable: Like many Anthropologie sofas, the Leonelle is made-to-order, so you can choose from a variety of fabrics and colors to match your personal style.

2. The Woven Marija Kori Modular Sectional Bundle Review ($4,742)

  • Unique upholstery: Features multi-colored, rag rug-inspired upholstery handwoven from recycled fabric strips, making each piece unique.
  • Eco-friendly: Upholstered in 100% handwoven recycled cotton, showcasing a commitment to sustainability.
  • Sturdy construction: Built with a tropical hardwood frame and sinuous spring seat construction for lasting support.

3. Bowen Sofa Review ($2,098)

  • Modern minimalist: The Bowen sofa is a minimalist masterpiece, with clean lines, a plush low-profile seat, and T-shaped cushions. It's a versatile piece that can easily blend into any decor style.
  • Down-filled comfort: The cushions are filled with a luxurious blend of down and feathers, providing a cloud-like seating experience.
  • Supportive seat: The cushions also feature spring coils encased in high-resiliency foam, offering both comfort and support.

4. Meriwether Sofa Review ($2,498)

  • Luxurious comfort: Double seat cushions and a deep seat design make the Meriwether Sofa incredibly inviting and comfortable.
  • Deep seat: The Meriwether's deep seat makes it perfect for lounging, napping, or cuddling up with loved ones (furry friends included!).
  • Performance fabric options: The Meriwether is available in a variety of performance fabrics that are stain-resistant and easy to clean, making it a practical choice for busy households.

5. Denver Two-Piece L-Shaped Sectional Review ($3,498)

  • Space-saving design: This L-shaped sectional is a great option for smaller spaces, offering ample seating without taking up too much room.
  • Removable cushions: The cushions are removable for easy cleaning and fluffing.
  • Performance velvet: The performance velvet upholstery is soft to the touch and resistant to stains and spills.

6. Willoughby Sleeper Sofa Review ($2,798)

  • Sleepover superstar: This sleeper sofa isn't just a looker, it's a multitasker. It seamlessly transforms into a queen-sized bed, making it perfect for hosting guests or those unexpected sleepovers.
  • Classic with a modern twist: The Willoughby features classic lines with a touch of modern flair. Its scrolled arms and plush cushions offer a timeless elegance that will never go out of style.
  • Supportive sleep surface: The pull-out bed features a comfortable mattress that's perfect for a good night's sleep. No more tossing and turning on a lumpy sofa bed!

7. Relaxed Saguaro Sectional Review ($3,598)

  • Laid-back luxury: This sectional is all about relaxed comfort. Its low back, deep seat, and down-filled cushions invite you to kick back and unwind.
  • Modern-bohemian fusion: The Relaxed Saguaro seamlessly blends modern and bohemian aesthetics with clean lines, a low profile, and plush cushions that spill over the arms.
  • Family-friendly: The performance fabric options are stain-resistant and easy to clean, making the Relaxed Saguaro a practical choice for families with kids or pets.

8. Relaxed Saguaro Sofa Review ($2,598)

  • Casual elegance: Features down-filled cushions and a low back for a relaxed yet polished look.
  • Modern touch: While it has a casual vibe, the Relaxed Saguaro still maintains a sense of polished modernity that complements a variety of decor styles.
  • Durable construction: The kiln-dried hardwood frame and sinuous spring seat and back construction ensure that this sofa is built to last.

9. Vale Sectional Review ($9,998.00)

  • Sculptural statement: The Vale is not just a sectional, it's a work of art. The iconic designs of Vladimir Kagan inspire its curvaceous silhouette and soft, feminine edges.
  • Ample seating: With its generous size and unique shape, the Vale offers plenty of space for lounging, entertaining, or simply enjoying a quiet moment alone.
  • Conversation starter: This sectional is sure to be a conversation starter in any living room. Its unique design and luxurious materials are sure to impress your guests.

10. Goleta Two-Piece Sectional Review ($5,998.00)

  • Bohemian modern: The Goleta sectional embodies the free-spirited, bohemian vibe that Anthropologie is known for, with a touch of mid-century modern flair.
  • Unique shape: Its low-floating, curvaceous silhouette is both eye-catching and functional, providing ample seating and a natural flow for conversation.
  • Turned maple legs: The turned maple legs add a touch of warmth and character to the sectional.

How much do Anthropologie’s couches cost?

Anthropologie isn't known for bargain-basement prices, and their sofa collection is no exception. However, they offer a diverse range of sofas, catering to various budgets and styles. From luxurious, high-end pieces to more affordable options, their pricing reflects a commitment to quality and design. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or something more budget-friendly, Anthropologie’s pricing structure provides options for everyone.

Anthropologie's Average Range:

  • The average price range for Anthropologie's 3-seater standard sofas typically falls between $1,500 and $3,000. This range indicates their focus on providing well-crafted, stylish furniture that balances quality and affordability. You can expect a mix of classic designs and contemporary styles within this price bracket, ensuring there’s something to suit every taste and home decor.
  • For a standard 3-seater Anthropologie sofa, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,598 to $3,998. This is definitely on the higher end of the sofa market, but it reflects the brand's focus on quality materials, unique designs, and handcrafted construction.

Most ExpensiveAnthropologie Couch:

  • The most expensive Anthropologie sofa overall is the Agnes Three-Piece Sectional which starts at $7,598. It is a stunning, '70s-inspired crescent sofa that combines avant-garde design with plush comfort. Perfect for open-concept spaces, its channel-tufted cushions and expansive seating make it ideal for both social gatherings and cozy family movie nights.
  • The most expensive standard 3-seater is the Relaxed Saguaro Leather Sofa, with a tag price that starts at $4,798. This luxurious sofa features high-resiliency foam core cushions wrapped in soft fiber padding and a hypo-allergenic blend of down and feathers, ensuring a plush and supportive seat. The kiln-dried, laminated hardwood frame and sinuous spring seat construction add to its durability and comfort, making it a premium choice for any living room.

Least Expensive Anthropologie Couch:

  • The Odin Faux Fur Loveseat offers a luxurious touch of faux fur elegance at an accessible price of $798, making it the cheapest Anthropologie couch. With its plush surface and timeless design, this loveseat invites pure comfort and chic sophistication into any room.

Does Anthropologie have good reviews?

Thinking of adding an Anthropologie sofa to your home? Don't just take my word for it. Let's see what other shoppers are saying about their purchases and experiences with the brand.

Overall Anthropologie Reviews:

  • Anthropologie’s reputation is a blend of positive and negative feedback. On Trustpilot, Anthropologie has a rating of 3.7 stars out of 5. The brand received 1 out of 5 stars on BBB customer reviews. Customers often praise the unique designs and aesthetic appeal of Anthropologie's furniture. However, there are frequent complaints about customer service, delivery issues, and the quality not meeting expectations.

Anthropologie's Top Product Reviews:

  • Relaxed Saguaro Sofa, 5-Star Review: “I purchased this sofa without seeing in person. I went to an Anthro Design Center, and the team was so helpful in providing fabric samples and the most comparable cushions to try out. I was so happy when the sofa was delivered! It is extremely comfortable with the down layers in the pillows. It's holding up its shape so far, even with two cats constantly lounging/scratching at it. The length is also comfortable enough for me to fall asleep - which has happened a lot! Definitely recommend! “ - Raggly
  • Bowen Sofa, 1-Star Review: “The seat cushions on the leather couch cannot be turned around and the fill on the cushions is poor grade foam. A little over a year after it was delivered the cushions were badly compressed and deformed. I contacted customer service for assistance with repairing or replacing the cushions. Anthro refused to provide any assistance at all. They claimed it was past the return window so they could do nothing. All I wanted to repair or replacement of the cushion fill. Warranty? I Guess not.” - UnhappyJen

Anthropologie's Customer Service Reviews:

  • While Anthropologie generally receives positive feedback for their customer service, there are some recurring complaints. Some customers have reported long wait times on the phone and difficulty reaching a representative. Others have experienced issues with returns and exchanges, citing confusing policies and delays in processing refunds.
  • However, there are also plenty of positive reviews praising Anthropologie's helpful and friendly customer service representatives. Many customers appreciate the brand's willingness to go above and beyond to resolve issues and ensure customer satisfaction.

What kind of style is Anthropologie furniture?

Anthropologie isn't afraid to take risks when it comes to sofa design. They offer a diverse range of styles, from classic to contemporary, with a focus on eclecticism and global inspiration. It's a treasure trove for those who want their home to reflect their unique personality.

Anthropologie's Range of Couch Options:

  • Anthropologie’s extensive range includes everything from armchairs and loveseats to grand 3-seater sofas, sleeper sofas, sectionals, and modular sofa designs. If you're looking for a specific type of couch, chances are Anthropologie has it. Their offerings make it easy to furnish an entire room with pieces that match in style and comfort.

Anthropologie's Range of Couch Styles:

  • Matching their broad selection of couch types, Anthropologie offers a plethora of styles to suit any aesthetic. Whether you’re into bohemian vibes, mid-century modern, contemporary chic, or timeless classics, Anthropologie has a sofa to complement your decor. They even offer eclectic and vintage-inspired designs for those looking to add a unique touch to their home.

Does Anthropologie Have Other Products Besides Couches?

  • Yes, Anthropologie is not just about couches. They have a comprehensive range of home furnishings, including bedroom sets, dining room furniture, and outdoor pieces. Their home decor items, from lighting to rugs and wall art, are particularly popular, providing the perfect finishing touches to any space.

What are some alternatives to Anthropologie?

If you're looking to broaden your options beyond Anthropologie, here are three noteworthy brands that offer stylish and high-quality sofas.