A modern living room with a beige sectional sofa adorned with green and black patterned cushions, a wooden coffee table with decorative items, a tall floor lamp, and a large abstract framed artwork on the gray wall. A window lets in natural light. A modern living room features a dark green sectional sofa adorned with assorted cushions, a brown round coffee table with a plant on top, and two colorful geometric prints on the wall. A potted plant sits to the left, and the room has a patterned neutral rug. A modern living room with a light gray sectional sofa adorned with patterned cushions. A large abstract painting hangs above a white shelf decorated with vases. A ladder shelf holds blankets, and a potted plant sits beside the sofa. A black-and-white rug covers the floor. A modern living room with a large window, featuring a blue sectional sofa with a chaise lounge, a beige area rug, and a potted plant on a small wooden table. A blue abstract painting hangs on the white textured brick wall. A modern living room features a dark gray sectional sofa with a plaid pillow and a throw blanket. A framed abstract artwork hangs above the sofa. A round wooden coffee table with decorative items sits in front. A large plant and side table with a lamp are in the background. A modern living room featuring a grey sofa adorned with blue and grey cushions, a light grey coffee table with a white vase and book, and a side table with a white lamp. The walls are decorated with two framed circular art pieces. A large window brightens the space. A modern living room features a mustard yellow sofa with matching cushions, a wooden coffee table with a decorative bowl, and a blue armchair. Large windows with black frames let in natural light, illuminating a striped area rug, a tall plant, and framed artwork. A modern, cozy living room featuring dark blue walls, built-in bookshelves, and a decorative fireplace. The room is furnished with a mustard yellow sofa, two beige armchairs, a central ottoman with flowers, colorful wall art, and a patterned rug. A modern living room features a navy-blue sofa set with white and gray cushions. Three wall mirrors hang above the sofas on dark blue walls. Potted plants and a white coffee table with plants on it are placed on a white fluffy rug, adjacent to a large window with white curtains. A cozy living room features a mustard-colored sectional sofa adorned with throw pillows and a blanket. A round wooden coffee table holds decor items. A large arched window with black frames and beige curtains opens to greenery outside. A floor lamp and an accent chair complete the space.

Interior Define

PotatoMeter Rating: 93%

Logo of Interior Define. It features a minimalist design with the company's name in uppercase letters below a small square containing the initials "I" and "D" separated by a diagonal line. The logo is displayed in a gray color on a white background.

About Interior Define

Interior Define is a modern, customer-centric furniture brand that's shaking up the industry with its custom made-to-order pieces. They're about empowering the customer to create furniture that's specifically right for individual spaces, styles, and budgets, without the hefty price tags and long lead times of traditional retailers. With an easy online ordering process, free fabric swatches, and a 365-day return policy, Interior Define is making it simpler and more personal, than ever.

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