Restoration Hardware (RH): Ultimate Brand Review And Rating

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Restoration Hardware, now known simply as RH, is the luxury brand. RH is the company that the affluent default to and the company that everyday people aspire to. They’re known for their exceptional, trend-setting style and their “elevated” prices. Their divisive membership program is also infamous in the industry. All this to say that RH has more or less established themselves as the country club of couch shopping. Is it a club that you should be a member of? In this in-depth Restoration Hardware review and brand breakdown, you’ll find out!

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Restoration Hardware is the quintessential luxury brand. Yet their website shopping experience, their customization options, and their customer focus are all decidedly lackluster. That being said, RH does have decent lead times and their materials are extremely high quality.

But the real question is whether or not RH's couches are worth the price of admission. If you want the clout of owning an RH couch then the answer is "yes." If you're looking for a high quality couch at a reasonable price, then there are plenty of other worthwhile options.

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Online Shopping Experience Rating: 79%

Restoration Hardware, which rebranded in recent years to simply become RH, has a luxurious in-store experience. In fact, they call their stores “galleries,” which is actually a more accurate name than you might think. But does their online shopping experience live up to their gallery experience? Not at all.

Restoration Hardware’s Ease of Navigation

  • Restoration Hardware has an absolutely stunning home page that features gorgeous full-width images and videos with impressive production value. The videos showcase tours of their glitzy galleries, their two private jets, and their luxury yacht. It certainly paints a picture of what kind of company they are.
  • The dropdown menus are very bare bones. They also require you to click on a menu item in order to open up each sub-menu. This is clunky and feels outdated. Hovering is a much better option for this style of menu navigation.
  • Couches are located under sub-menus titled “Fabric Seating” and “Leather Seating”. It took me a while to figure out where to find the couches because these titles didn’t immediately jump out at me.
  • On category pages you can filter by In-Stock, New Arrivals, and Size. The Size filter has great options for width, depth, and seat height. I always appreciate when a company offers filters for specialty dimensions like seat height.
  • Category pages are just row after row of couches on a white background. There’s no other imagery on the page to break up the scroll or to show off their products. Most competitors do a significantly better job in this regard, especially considering that RH is a luxury brand.
  • Product pages are minimalist and tidy. I liked that the dropdown menus for “Details,” Dimensions,” and “Fabric Care” were easy to find and access without scrolling.
  • It felt strange that I had to scroll down in order to find the place where I could actually customize and add the couch to my cart. The customization options were also confusing in their own right. Everything is done via dropdown menu, but there’s no extra information about the choices as you’re picking. How am I supposed to know what “Luxe” depth means? The only place this info is shown is in the “Dimensions” dropdown, which you have to manually open. What’s worse is that they don’t list seat depth as a dimension, so it’s completely unclear what the practical difference is between “Luxe” and “Standard” depths. Honestly, this is a mess.
  • Customization dropdowns are a disaster. You have to manually choose the fabric type and then choose the fabric color. But you have to scroll up and click the fabric menu in order to study the fabric options, remember the fabric type and fabric name, and then scroll back down and manually input those decisions. Frustratingly, many fabric types feature fabrics with identical names. Every single fabric type seems to have a “Dove” fabric option. If you open the fabric menu and click on one of the color options, the main product image updates, but this fabric selection doesn’t update the customizations you’re making. Why? It would be so much easier to choose a fabric from this visual menu than a clunky, text-based dropdown. It didn’t help that the dropdowns glitched multiple times for me and required a lot of extra clicking just to get them to function properly.
  • You can click a link to “View In-Stock Options”. This opens up an overlay window with a visually-boring, long list of couches to choose from. They show an image of the couch and then list important size and fabric details. They also tell you a range of time for when you can expect your couch to arrive. It’s a perfectly fine system, but it really feels like the bare minimum, lowest effort way to present these products.

Restoration Hardware’s Information Available “At-A-Glance”

  • On category pages you can see the couch name, the RH member and non-member price, and text letting you know if a couch is available in multiple sizes or fabrics.
  • RH does not show additional fabrics like most competitors. There are also no tags or stickers to indicate if an item is new or a bestseller, etc.
  • Altogether, this is about the bare minimum information you could possibly provide.

Restoration Hardware’s Product Images

  • On category pages, you’re shown an image of the couch on a white background. Hovering over the image does not show an alternate lifestyle image or alternate angle. There are also no fabric options that you can click between from the category page. It’s one single, non-changing image per couch.
  • On product pages you’re provided with a small carousel of product images. On average there’s about 3-4 images of the couch from multiple angles and 1-2 lifestyle images that are usually cropped to only show part of the couch as opposed to the entire thing.
  • Choosing a fabric and color updates the main product image, but not any of the other images in the carousel. Choosing a width and depth does not update the images to reflect the changes, which can make it difficult to tell how these changes will visually impact your couch.
  • Certain collections like the Cloud have a video that highlights their design and features. This is rare, but lovely when available.

Restoration Hardware’s Quality of Product Information

  • The “Details” section is fantastic and provides lots of extremely detailed information. They even list specific information about the frame construction, which is rare. The only thing I’d like them to add is the exact density of their high-resiliency cushion foam.
  • The “Fabric Care” link takes you to a PDF full of information that’s extremely thorough and breaks down the care instructions for each fabric type. They don’t include the cleaning codes, but they do tell you whether a solvent-based or water-based product should be used. This is all very good information to have.
  • Opening the fabric menu allows you to see lots of excellent fabric information. However, they don’t list the double rub count, which I think is an important detail to include.
  • They do not have customer reviews on their products. This was clearly a specific choice, but it was a choice that doesn’t help customers with their shopping experience

Restoration Hardware’s Extra Bells & Whistles

  • There are no added bells or whistles.
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Shipping & Lead Times Rating: 91%

Restoration Hardware has surprisingly good lead times for a company of their stature. Many luxury brands have shockingly long lead times, which they can usually get away with because of their elevated status. RH’s made-to-order couch lead times aren’t breaking any land-speed records, but they’re about on par with what you’d expect for the quality. They also offer great in-stock items in lovely fabric options.

Restoration Hardware’s Made to Order Products:

  • On average it takes about 8-10 weeks to construct their made to order couches.

Restoration Hardware’s In Stock Items:

  • Their in-stock couches ship out in about 3 days. They have a surprising number of in-stock, ready-to-ship couches to choose from. These are available in lovely fabrics too.

Restoration Hardware’s Shipping Time:

  • The average shipping timeline is roughly 2-3 weeks after the couch leaves the warehouse.
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Customer Focus Rating: 81%

Our goal at is to provide customers with the information they need to find the best couch for their home. We take customer satisfaction very seriously. So how does Restoration Hardware stack up to the competition when it comes to customer friendly resources and offerings? Unfortunately, I’d hope for better from such an expensive brand.

Restoration Hardware’s Warranty:

  • RH has a lifetime “guarantee” that covers the frame, springs, and cushions on their upholstered couches, chairs, daybeds, settees, benches, ottomans, and stools. The word “guarantee” doesn’t inspire as much confidence as “warranty,” but at least they appear to cover all the important aspects of the couch’s construction.

Restoration Hardware’s Return Options:

  • If an item arrives damaged, it will be returned and replaced at no charge to the customer.
  • Any “special order” item cannot be returned. This includes ANY couch where you choose the fabric, length, or any customization whatsoever.
  • When you order any couch that’s not specifically listed as In-Stock, RH charges a non-refundable 50% deposit to begin construction. The other 50% is charged when the couch ships. Canceling your order results in the loss of the deposit.
  • RH says in your shopping cart that In-Stock couches can be returned within 30 days of delivery, but does not provide any pricing, fees, or cost information for this process. According to their Returns page, you won’t be able to initiate a couch return at one of their local RH gallery stores.

Restoration Hardware’s Delivery Options & Costs:

Their “unlimited furniture delivery” is white glove, which includes room-of-choice placement, assembly, and packaging removal. This is the only available service and it’s charged at a flat rate depending on your distance to the nearest RH gallery. Here’s a breakdown of their unlimited furniture delivery pricing:

  • Within 50 miles = $299
  • Between 51-100 miles = $399
  • Between 101-150 miles = $549
  • Between 151-200 miles = $699
  • Over 200 miles = $849
  • Alaska or Hawaii = $1,699 (but hey, at least it’s an option!)

Restoration Hardware’s Financing Options:

To qualify for financing, you must have an RH credit card. If you have an RH credit card, here are the financing options available:

  • 0% APR financing for 12 months with equal payments (Preferred Financing – only available for RH members)
  • 3.99% APR financing for 60 monthly payments (Preferred Financing – only available for RH members)
  • 2.99% APR financing with 12 monthly payments (Standard Financing – available for non-RH members)
  • 6.99% APR financing with 60 monthly payments (Standard Financing – available for non-RH members)
  • 0% APR financing for 9 months with equal payments (Outlet/In-Store Financing – available to RH members and non-RH members)

Is Assembly Required?

  • No, RH will provide all assembly services with their “unlimited furniture delivery.” This is a white glove service that is your only delivery option. Their couches are delivered fully intact and any assembly will be limited to installing legs or attaching sectional pieces.

Restoration Hardware’s Customization Options:

  • On most couches you can customize the width, the depth, the cushion type, and the fabric.

Does Restoration Hardware Offer Free Fabric Swatches?

  • Yes, they offer complimentary swatches with no limit to the number you can order. You can even order their premium wool and bouclé offerings at no extra charge. You can also order leather swatches by clicking the somewhat hidden button near the top of the page that says “Premium Leathers”.
  • Ordering swatches from a product page is possible but a very clunky and terrible experience. Ordering from their fabric swatch page is vastly superior and absolutely the method you should use.
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Durability & Quality Rating: 93%

Durability is a major factor when it comes to purchasing a couch, especially when you’re ordering online. So do Restoration Hardware couches hold up over time? They’re a premium retailer and they do have premium materials. They also have very durable craftsmanship practices.

Restoration Hardware’s Quality of Materials:

  • RH has incredibly high quality materials. Their fabrics are all top-of-the-line, luxury offerings with natural materials like linen, cotton, and wool. However, they don’t list the double rub count of their fabrics. Many of their fabrics, being luxury, will be less durable and more fragile overall, but that’s expected with this level of product. These are not couches for households with kids and pets running wild.
  • They offer full-grain and top-grain leather options. There are dozens of gorgeous leather options to choose from. The full-grain leathers are the highest grade available, but top-grain is also a perfectly good leather grade for a couch.
  • RH cushions generally all use high-resiliency foam that’s either wrapped in polyfiber or down fill. Certain cushions even use a propriety combination of memory foam and latex. Regardless of your cushion choice, you can rest assured that it will be top quality.
  • At this price tier I’d like to see them use channels for their down so that it remains evenly distributed across the cushion. Stitching down into horizontal channels allows for the feathers and materials to “stay in their lane” so to speak. Otherwise you end up having to fluff your down cushions quite often so the material can be re-distributed, which can be annoying.

Restoration Hardware’s Cleanability:

  • RH has a great Fabric Care guide mentioned above that details the cleanability of each and every fabric type. However, they do not specifically list the cleaning code for their fabrics. But they do tell you if a fabric can be cleaned with solvent-based or water-based products or if it’s dry-clean only.
  • They also have fabrics that are machine washable, which is always a plus.

Restoration Hardware’s Quality of Construction & Manufacturing Origin:

  • They list the manufacturing origin for each couch on its product page. They manufacture many of their couches in Italy. Several collections are constructed in America. However, some of their couches do NOT list their origin, which I find suspicious.
  • RH’s couch frames are generally comprised of engineered wood or kiln-dried hardwood. These are sturdy and reliable options, though I’m surprised more of their frames aren’t solid wood considering the price.
  • A good number of their couches use mortise and tenon construction for the joinery of their frames. There’s no better option for joinery and I’m glad to see them use this method on so many models. Other couches are corner blocked, which is still a great option, though not nearly as posh as mortise and tenon joinery.
  • Many of their couches have an 8-way hand-tied suspension system, which is the absolute top option for couch construction. This is exactly what you hope to see at this luxury price tier. They also use a proprietary pocket spring support system for their famous Cloud Couch.
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Brand Vibe Check Rating: 88%

Vibing with a brand is important. Brands can also promote certain lifestyles and sustainability goals. That’s why it’s my goal to help you find a company and brand that you vibe with so that you’re as comfortable with your new couch as you are on your new couch.

Restoration Hardware’s Key Differentiators & Unique Facts:

  • Restoration Hardware was founded in Eureka, CA in 1979 when the founder, Stephen Gordon, had trouble finding quality hardware and fixtures when he was restoring a Victorian home. These days, Restoration Hardware is officially known simply as RH.
  • RH has absolutely beautiful “galleries” where you can experience and interact with their brand. These galleries are often complete with restaurants, wine bars, and other luxurious amenities. If you live near one, it’s well worth a visit.
  • RH releases stunning and exhaustive “source books” with high quality photography and inspirations.
  • RH has a membership program for $200/year that provides exceptional benefits and discounts. They’re essentially the country club of couch shopping.

Restoration Hardware’s Sustainability:

Current CEO Gary Friedman says of RH that, “We believe it’s not what we say, it’s what we do that defines us.” Does that statement pass muster in terms of sustainability?

  • RH uses paper from FSC-certified trees to print its massive source books. This is likely in reaction to the backlash they received for printing such large source books. This change is a good step in the right direction.
  • They have a page that details their environmental goals and current practices. It is not terribly extensive, but it does detail how they’ve managed to save hundreds of tons of materials from ending up in landfills through a donation program.

Restoration Hardware’s Overall Brand Presentation:

  • CEO Gary Friedman says, “Our focus is on doing great work and letting the world talk about us. If no one’s talking about the brand online, the work’s not good enough—which is all the more reason to invest in the products rather than posting online about ourselves.” In line with this, RH does not have a social media presence, which is bold and daring in this day and age.
  • RH is a luxury brand and it knows it. They are the epitome of aspirational. Anyone with money defaults to RH as their go-to home furnishing brand. And anyone who doesn’t have money still wants to furnish their whole home with RH products. Simply put, they are the brand everyone wants in their home.
  • RH has a membership service, which tells you everything you need to know. They present more as a country club or big city social club than they do as a common furniture store. It’s a gated system and everyone wants to be on the inside. This aspect trickles down through every part of their brand presentation.
  • In many ways, RH doesn’t need to go above and beyond with their website to sell themselves to customers. They put far more emphasis on their in-person gallery experience. Their website is practical, but this is a brand that almost demands you experience them first-hand. I’d almost say that having a somewhat lackluster website is a tactic to encourage you to visit one of their galleries. And you know what? It’s kind of working.
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Still feeling couch curious...?

More Brand FAQs

What are Restoration Hardware (RH)’s top couches?

Restoration Hardware’s Signature Best Seller:

  • Cloud Modular 3-Piece Sofa ($4,685 for RH Members and $6,247 for non-members). RH defined the modern couch experience with the Cloud Couch. Since it was introduced it has taken the couch world by storm (pun intended). It’s been duplicated and copied by almost every other company out there. But this is the original. And it’s gorgeous, high quality, and comfortable.

Restoration Hardware’s Couch That Intrigues Me The Most

  • Vida High-Back Modular Righ Arm Sofa With Table ($12,065 for RH Members and $15,085 for non-members). This is an extraordinarily unique style. The high back and the abundance of multi-sized toss pillows is extremely intriguing. Oh, and there’s also a flat portion right in the middle of it that’s described as a “table”. Is it comfortable? Is it practical? I have no idea, but I’m intrigued.

Restoration Hardware’s Hidden Gem

  • Maxime Bench Seat Sofa ($6,150 for RH Members and $8,200 for non-members). This is a lovely style with a chic, curved silhouette and a low-slung style. It’s a very nice design that deserves a little more love than it seems to be getting on the category page.

How much do Restoration Hardware (RH)'s couches cost?

RH is not in the business of competing with other brands in terms of price. They set their prices and they’re confident they’ll have customers who will pay those prices. Because people will and they do. Therefore, don’t expect low prices if you’re planning on shopping at RH. They are an upper-tier, luxury brand and their prices reflect that.

Restoration Hardware’s Average Range:

  • The average price for a standard 3-seater couch is $4,000 – $7,000. Yes, there are many styles in the $2,000 – $3,000 range, but there are even more styles that are $10,000+.

Most Expensive Restoration Hardware Couch:

  • Vida High-Back Modular Sofa ($10,865 for RH Members and $13,585 for non-members). This version of the Vida High-Back Sofa is slightly less expensive than the version with a table included, but it is the most expensive 3-seater option without an added “gimmick”. It’s a high-style and high-profile couch that’s sure to get attention.

Least Expensive Restoration Hardware Couch:

  • Original Lancaster Sofa ($1,895 for RH Members and $2,530 for non-members). This is a very traditional couch style with rolled arms and squat, turned legs. It’s a simple, somewhat outdated look, but it has that RH polish that still makes it shine.

Does Restoration Hardware (RH) have good reviews?

Like RH’s pricing, their reviews don’t really matter. If they had good reviews people would buy their couches. If they had bad reviews people would still buy their couches. In fact, reviews matter so little for RH that they don’t even have customer reviews on their website. So then what do people think of them? Here’s a look at some of the various aspects of Restoration Hardware reviews.

Overall Restoration Hardware Reviews:

  • RH has just OK reviews from 3rd party, unaffiliated sources. They have a 2.7 star rating on TrustPilot (with only 18 reviews) and a 3.4 star rating on Consumer Affairs (with 452 votes). For their price tier I’d hope for a higher rating, but these scores aren’t terrible or terribly concerning.

Restoration Hardware’s Top Product Reviews:

  • Normally I’d use this space to highlight a 5 star customer review and a 1 star customer review of RH’s most popular couch. However, since RH does not have customer reviews on their site, I’ll post a 5 star review and a 1 star review from TrustPilot.
  • RH 5 Star Review from TrustPilot: “Restoration Hardware furniture is an investment. It is built to last. You pay for what you get. Their free design service is excellent. We have never been disappointed with any piece of furniture purchased from them.” – Kevin S.
  • RH 1 Star Review from TrustPilot: “Ordered a sofa in March and they tell me delivery is 8 weeks (in May). And may I get an email saying delivery will be in June. Today I got an email saying delivery will be in July. They make you wait two months just to tell you it will be delayed another two months. I guess it’s my fault that I didn’t read the thousands of negative reviews on this company before placing an order with them.” – K. F.

Restoration Hardware’s Customer Service Reviews:

  • RH has mixed customer service reviews. Some people claim it’s the best they’ve ever experienced and others claim it’s the worst in the industry. It seems very dependent on your in-store experience or who you manage to speak to online.

What kind of style is Restoration Hardware (RH) furniture?

Restoration Hardware has that luxury modern look that’s timeless and trendy. Their Cloud Couch is the personification of their style. Understated, cool, and classic. Their furniture looks equally chic whether it’s in an industrial loft or in a big, breezy room with French doors leading out to the Pacific Ocean. It’s a very elevated look.

Restoration Hardware’s Range of Couch Options:

  • RH has a wide range of couch options to choose from, including standard sofas, modular sofas, a sleeper sofa, and chaises. Their most popular collections are their standard 3-seater couches and their modular couches. Their Cloud Modular Couch is their top option.

Restoration Hardware’s Range of Couch Styles:

  • RH offers traditional, transitional, modern, and contemporary couches. They are all luxury options that you’d expect to find in upscale homes or ritzy hotels.
  • RH does have several slipcover style couches to choose from, which is always a nice option. These have a very elevated look and appeal.

Does Restoration Hardware Have Other Products Besides Couches?

  • Yes, RH has incredibly chic and beautiful furniture available for the whole home.

What are some alternatives to Restoration Hardware (RH)?

RH is part of the upper-tier of couch companies (that common people like us have heard of, at least). Their style and their prices are high, but their quality is also excellent. If you love RH’s look but are still curious about their competitors after reading this Restoration Hardware review, here are some other higher-end companies to consider: