Urban Outfitters: Ultimate Brand Review And Rating

Alex Back | CEO & Founder
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From boho-chic to mid-century modern, Urban Outfitters has curated a collection of couches that cater to diverse tastes. Known for their affordable prices and eye-catching designs, Urban Outfitters sofas seem like a dream come true for budget-conscious shoppers seeking a statement piece. But does style compromise comfort? In this Urban Outfitters couch review, we'll uncover the truth and help you decide if their sofas are worth the investment.

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Urban Outfitters might not be the first name that pops into your head when you think "sofa shopping," but hear me out. They've got a pretty solid selection of couches that are perfect for the style-conscious and budget-minded among us. Sure, their sofas might not be the most luxurious or the most customizable, but they definitely deliver on the cool factor. You'll find unique designs, bold colors, and trendy fabrics that'll make your living room the envy of all your friends.

And while they might not be heirloom-quality pieces, they're definitely built to last a few years (or more, if you treat them right). Plus, their commitment to sustainability is a major bonus for those of us who care about the planet as much as we care about our décor. So, if you're looking for a sofa that's stylish, affordable, and a little bit quirky, Urban Outfitters is definitely worth a browse. Just don't expect them to blow your mind with groundbreaking technology or ultra-luxe materials. They're all about delivering solid style and comfort at a price that won't make you cringe.

Online Shopping Experience Rating: 93%

The website of Urban Outfitters is a window into their trendy aesthetic, with a focus on visual storytelling that'll have you dreaming of redecorating your entire apartment. While the navigation could be more streamlined, the handy search bar and filtering options help you uncover their diverse selection of sofas and sectionals, making it easier to find the perfect piece to complete your space.

Urban Outfitters' Ease of Navigation

  • Home sweet home: While sofas aren't front and center on the homepage, finding the "Home" section is fairly intuitive. It's a good catch-all for home goods, and the dropdown menu makes it easy to pinpoint the furniture category.
  • Filter frenzy: Once you're on the furniture page, the filtering options are pretty solid. You can sort by price, color, material, and even features like sleeper sofas. It's a helpful way to narrow down the options and find your perfect match.
  • Picture perfect (almost): The product images on Urban Outfitters are generally pretty good. They offer multiple angles and even zoom options, which is helpful. But I wouldn't mind seeing a few more lifestyle shots to really get a feel for how the sofas might look in my own space.
  • A taste of what's to come: While the product previews offer a glimpse into the world of Urban Outfitters sofas, a bit more detail upfront, like sofa dimensions and specific materials, could make the browsing experience even more seamless. But hey, clicking through to the product page is a small price to pay for discovering your perfect piece, right?
  • Search bar: Your Sofa Shortcut. Conveniently located, the search bar is your go-to tool for quickly finding the sofa style you have in mind. It's a helpful starting point for exploring Urban Outfitters' diverse selection of seating options.

Urban Outfitters' Information Available “At-A-Glance” 

  • Price check: Urban Outfitters puts the price front and center, making it easy to see if a sofa fits your budget. Bonus points for any sale prices clearly marked in green!
  • Style snapshot: You get a pretty good idea of the sofa's vibe from the first image. It's a quick way to see if it matches your aesthetic.
  • Color options galore: Most sofas have a few different color options showcased right on the preview card. It's helpful to get a visual of how the same sofa could look in different shades.
  • Limited material info: While the main fabric is usually listed, you might have to dig a little deeper into the product page for specifics. But hey, that's what the "Learn More" button is for, right?
  • Size matters: Unfortunately, sofa dimensions aren't always immediately visible. You'll need to click through to the product page for those details. A little frustrating, but it's worth it to make sure that sectional actually fits in your living room.
  • Tagging along: Some sofas have tags like "Top Rated," which can be a nice way to see what's trending or what other buyers like.
  • Wish list worthy: The little heart icon lets you save your favorite sofas for later. It's a handy feature for those of us who need a little time to make up our minds (guilty!).

Urban Outfitters' Product Images

  • Zoom in: The zoom feature on Urban Outfitters' product images is a game-changer. You can get up close and personal with the fabric texture and stitching details, which is super helpful when you're trying to decide on a sofa without seeing it in person.
  • All angles covered: I love that they show the sofas from multiple angles. You get a front, back, side, and even a bird's-eye view of the piece. It's almost like you're walking around it in a showroom. They do a very good job with this, by and large.
  • Style inspiration: The lifestyle shots are a nice touch. They give you ideas on how to style the sofa and create a whole vibe in your living room. I'm talking plants, throw pillows, the works. It's like having a personal interior designer at your fingertips. I've seen people literally opt for an entire room design from lifestyle images like these. They're very well put-together.
  • Room for improvement: While the couch product images are generally high-quality, some of the color representations could be a bit more accurate. The lighting in the photos sometimes makes it hard to tell if a sofa is truly gray or beige, for example. But hey, that's what customer reviews are for, right?
  • Configuration confidence: Urban Outfitters gets it – sectionals are all about flexibility. That's why they often show multiple configuration options right on the product page, so you can see exactly how the pieces fit together and visualize different layouts in your space. No more guesswork!
  • Missing pieces: I'd love to see more close-up shots of unique features or design elements on some of the Urban Outfitters couches. A few extra details could really help highlight what makes each piece special.

Urban Outfitters Couches: Quality of Product Information 

  • Material world: Urban Outfitters usually gives you the basics on materials, like whether a sofa is upholstered in velvet, linen, or faux leather. However, I wouldn't mind seeing a bit more detail on the fabric content or if it's stain-resistant—especially for those of us with pets or kids.
  • Fill factor: They usually mention if the couch cushions are foam-filled or down-filled, which is helpful for gauging comfort level. But details on the foam density or down quality would be a nice touch. I don’t fault Urban Outfitters on this, a lot of furniture companies miss this opportunity to inform us couch geeks!
  • Size it up: Thankfully, the dimensions are always listed on the product page, so you can double-check if that sectional will actually fit through your front door (a lesson I learned the hard way!).
  • Care instructions: You'll find basic care instructions, but they could be a bit more specific. Knowing whether a fabric is dry cleaned only or if it needs special spot cleaning would be helpful.
  • Feature focus: Some sofas have cool features like built-in storage or reversible cushions. It's great when those are highlighted, but I wish there were more details about how those features actually work and why they're beneficial.

Urban Outfitters' Extra Bells & Whistles 

  • Unique finds: Not really extra bells and whistles, but I just have to say that while Urban Outfitters might not have the widest range of customization options, they offer unique sofa designs you won't find anywhere else. If you're looking for a statement piece to spark conversation, this is a good place to start your search.

Shipping & Lead Times Rating: 92%

Urban Outfitters knows you want your stylish sofa ASAP, but their shipping times can vary depending on what you're ordering and how you want it delivered. Let's break it down so you know what to expect. 

Urban Outfitters' Made to Order Products: If you're eyeing a custom-made sofa from Urban Outfitters, patience is key. Lead times can vary, but generally expect to wait 6-8 weeks or so for your personalized piece to be ready to ship. While this might seem like a while, it's fairly standard for custom furniture orders and allows for the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating your unique piece.

Urban Outfitters' In Stock Items: For those who can't wait to sink into their new sofa, Urban Outfitters offers a selection of in-stock items that typically ship within 2-4 weeks. While not lightning fast, this timeframe is still reasonable for furniture delivery, especially considering the size and weight of sofas.

Urban Outfitters' Shipping Time: Once your order ships, the actual delivery time will depend on the chosen shipping method and your location. Standard shipping usually takes an additional 2-5 business days, while expedited options might get your sofa to your doorstep sooner. This is quite fast and generally means that some Urban Outfitters sofas ship via parcel delivery like FedEx or UPS. There are also full service and white glove delivery options which I'll get to a little bit later.

Customer Focus Rating: 92%

Urban Outfitters has a loyal following among trendsetters and style mavens, but are they equally dedicated to their customers' happiness? We're pulling back the curtain on their customer focus, from warranties to return policies, to see if they truly prioritize shopper satisfaction.

Urban Outfitters' Warranty:

  • One-year guarantee: Urban Outfitters backs their sofas with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects. This means if your couch starts to sag or the seams split within the first year, you're covered. While there are longer warranties out there, it's a solid assurance that your Urban Outfitters sofa is built to last.
  • Defect protection: The warranty specifically covers defects in materials and workmanship. So, if you notice any issues with the fabric, sofa frame, or other components that weren't caused by normal wear and tear, Urban Outfitters has your back.
  • Easy claims process: While the warranty details are a bit hidden on their website (you'll have to dig into the return policy), the claims process seems pretty straightforward. Just reach out to their customer service team and they'll guide you through the steps.
  • Limited coverage: It's important to note that the warranty only covers manufacturer defects. Damage caused by accidents, misuse, or normal wear and tear isn't included. But hey, that's where your own furniture insurance or a good stain remover might come in handy.
  • No extended warranty: Urban Outfitters doesn't offer an extended warranty for their sofas. While it would be nice to have the option for longer coverage, the one-year warranty is still a good sign that they stand behind the quality of their products. There are some great warranty programs out there, however, like Mulberry Unlimited which allows you to protect ALL of your online purchases for a low monthly fee.

Urban Outfitters' Return Options:

  • 30-day window for full refund: If you're not vibing with your new Urban Outfitters sofa, you have 30 days from the delivery date to return it for a full refund to your original payment method. Just make sure it's in unused condition and you have your proof of purchase.
  • Mail or in-store returns: You can return your sofa by mail (with a $5 restocking fee) or take it to a UO store for free. Heads up, though: in-store returns aren't available for furniture. They don't have enough fitting rooms to store all of the returned couches not wearing any packaging, I guess...
  • Beyond 30 days: If you miss that 30-day mark, don't panic. You can still return your sofa for an e-merchandise credit within a year of purchase. Just keep in mind that some exclusions apply, like made-to-order furniture and final sale items.
  • Furniture returns: Returning furniture is a bit more of a hassle, as it can only be done by carrier within 30 days of delivery. And there might be a restocking fee, depending on the specific item.

Urban Outfitters' Delivery Options & Costs:

  • Flat-rate shipping: Urban Outfitters keeps things simple with a flat-rate shipping fee of $149 for most furniture items. It's a predictable cost, even if you're ordering a whole living room set.
  • Over the threshold delivery: This basic option gets your sofa inside your front door, but that's it. No assembly, no hauling away the packaging – it's up to you to handle the rest. But hey, if you're a DIY pro or have a few friends willing to help, it could save you a few bucks.
  • White glove delivery: Feeling fancy? Splurge on White Glove Delivery and let the professionals handle everything. They'll bring your sofa to your room of choice, unpack it, assemble it, and even take away the trash for $199. It's a bit pricier, but totally worth it if you want a hassle-free experience.
  • Doorstep delivery: This option is the most affordable, but it only gets your sofa to your front door (or lobby for apartments). It's a good choice for smaller items or if you don't mind doing a little heavy lifting yourself.
  • Pricing transparency: Urban Outfitters clearly outlines the delivery fees for each option, so you know what you're getting into before you check out. No surprises here!
  • Shipping upgrades: If you order multiple items with different delivery options, the higher-priced option will automatically apply to all of them, at no extra charge. It's a nice little perk that can save you some money.
  • Industry comparison: Urban Outfitters' delivery options and costs are pretty comparable to other furniture retailers. While the flat-rate shipping is convenient, some competitors might offer more affordable options for smaller items or local deliveries.

Urban Outfitters' Financing Options:

  • Buy now, pay later: Urban Outfitters partners with Afterpay and Klarna to offer those sweet "buy now, pay later" plans. It's a great way to split up the cost of a new sofa into smaller, more manageable payments. Plus, no interest if you pay on time!
  • No in-house financing: While Urban Outfitters doesn't have its own financing program, their partnerships with Afterpay and Klarna give you plenty of flexible payment options. It's all about making that dream sofa a reality, even if you don't have all the cash upfront.

Is Assembly Required?

  • Assembly required (sometimes): Whether you need to assemble your Urban Outfitters sofa depends on the specific model. Some sofas come fully assembled, while others require some simple assembly steps.
  • Instructions and tools: For sofas that require assembly, Urban Outfitters typically includes clear instructions and any necessary tools. You can also find assembly guides for many of their sofas online, making the process relatively straightforward for most DIY enthusiasts.
  • White glove delivery for assembly: If you're not a fan of IKEA-style instructions, or simply prefer to leave the assembly to the pros, Urban Outfitters offers White Glove Delivery. This service includes delivery to your room of choice, unpacking, assembly, and debris removal. It's a bit pricier, but it's a convenient option if you want your new sofa set up and ready to enjoy without lifting a finger.
  • DIY assembly for the budget-conscious: If you're looking to save a few bucks, opting for a sofa that requires assembly is a great way to do it. Plus, it gives you a sense of accomplishment when you finally sink into your self-assembled masterpiece!

Urban Outfitters' Customization Options:

  • Modular marvel: Urban Outfitters' Modular Custom Sectional Sofa lets you build your own seating arrangement to fit your space perfectly. Choose from armless chairs, ottomans, and corner pieces to create a unique configuration that suits your needs.
  • Color me impressed: While most sofas come in a few pre-selected colors, the options might be limited for some styles. However, the available colors are often on-trend and eye-catching, so you're likely to find something that fits your aesthetic.
  • Fabric choices: A few select sofas offer different fabric options, like velvet or linen. It's a nice touch for those who want a specific texture or feel, but it would be great to see more fabrics available across the board.
  • Pillow talk: Even if you can't customize the sofa itself, you can always add personality with Urban Outfitters' vast selection of throw pillows. Mix and match patterns, textures, and colors to create a look that's uniquely yours.

Does Urban Outfitters Offer Free Fabric Swatches?

  • Urban Outfitters gets that choosing the right sofa is a big decision, especially when you're buying online. That's why they offer free fabric swatches for select sofas and sectionals, so you can see and feel the material before committing to a purchase.
  • Find your perfect match: Browse the Urban Outfitters website for sofas and sectionals with the "Order a Swatch" option. There’s a $1 fee per sample fabric. Select the fabric swatches you'd like to see in person. They come in 5" x 7" samples, giving you a good idea of the color and texture.
  • Free shipping: The swatches are shipped for free within the contiguous United States.

Durability & Quality Rating: 93%

Urban Outfitters might be known for their trendy clothes, but can their couches withstand the test of time? We're digging into the materials, construction, and customer reviews to see if their sofas are built to last, or if they're just another fleeting fashion statement.

Urban Outfitters' Quality of Materials:

  • Diverse upholstery options: Urban Outfitters offers a variety of upholstery choices, catering to different tastes and preferences. From luxurious velvet to durable performance fabrics, there's something for everyone.
  • Comfort is key: Most sofas feature foam or down-filled cushions for a comfy lounging experience. While the specific materials may vary, Urban Outfitters prioritizes comfort and coziness in their sofa designs.
  • Sustainable choices: Urban Outfitters incorporates sustainable materials into some of their sofas, like recycled leather, showcasing their commitment to eco-consciousness.
  • Sturdy frames: Solid wood frames are commonly used in Urban Outfitters sofas, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Mix of materials: While most sofas boast high-quality materials, some may incorporate materials like polyester blends or plywood in their construction. This allows for a range of price points and styles, making stylish sofas accessible to different budgets.

Urban Outfitters' Cleanability:

  • Spot clean only: Most Urban Outfitters sofas are spot clean only, which means you'll need to be extra careful with spills and stains. But hey, that's what coasters and Tide Pens are for, right?
  • Fabric considerations: If you're prone to spills, opt for a sofa with a darker color or pattern, as these tend to hide stains better. Alternatively, consider a performance fabric like the one used in the Aria Sofa, which is designed to resist spills and stains.
  • Removable cushion covers: Some Urban Outfitters sofas feature removable cushion covers, making it easier to spot clean or even throw them in the washing machine for a deeper clean (check fabric care options on your particular Urban Outfitters Couch before attempting to machine wash). It's a small detail that can make a big difference in maintaining your sofa's fresh look.

Urban Outfitters' Quality of Construction & Manufacturing Origin:

  • Made in the USA: Urban Outfitters takes pride in their Chamberlin and Milly sofas, which are handcrafted in the USA. This is a testament to their commitment to quality and supporting local craftsmanship.
  • Imported from abroad: While some sofas are made in the USA, others are imported from overseas. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as many high-quality sofas are sourced from global manufacturers. However, it's worth noting if you prefer to buy American-made products.
  • Solid wood frames: Most Urban Outfitters sofas boast solid wood frames, which are typically more durable than those made from particle board or other materials. This is a good sign for the longevity of your Urban Outfitters couch.
  • Details matter: While some sofas might not be the most luxurious on the market, Urban Outfitters pays attention to details like stitching and cushion construction. This ensures your sofa looks good and feels comfortable, even if it's not the most expensive option out there.
  • Mixed materials: Some sofas, like the Macy Modular Sofa, incorporate plywood and pine wood in their construction. While these materials might not be as sturdy as hardwood, they contribute to a more affordable price point, making stylish seating accessible to a wider range of budgets.

Brand Vibe Check Rating: 95%

Urban Outfitters has that effortlessly cool vibe down pat. Their sofas, like their clothes, are all about embracing individuality and self-expression. You won't find any cookie-cutter designs here – just unique pieces that add a touch of personality to your space. But does their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices match their trendy image? Let's find out if your values align with their brand ethos.

“For Urban to succeed, we need to have a place that is highly creative and innovative, where creative people feel comfortable. It’s been demonstrated people can be much more creative if they are in a happy environment. We go to pretty great lengths to try and supply that,” said Urban Outfitters CEO Richard Hayne when asked asked about the culture at their company.

Urban Outfitters' Key Differentiators & Unique Facts:

  • From campus corner to couch central: Urban Outfitters wasn't always about sofas. They started as a small shop near the University of Pennsylvania, catering to college students with a quirky mix of clothing, accessories, and home goods. Over the years, they've evolved into a global lifestyle brand, expanding their home offerings to include a stylish selection of sofas that perfectly complement their eclectic aesthetic.
  • More than just a furniture store: Unlike traditional furniture retailers, Urban Outfitters offers a unique shopping experience that blends fashion, music, and home décor. Their sofas aren't just meant to be functional; they're designed to be conversation starters and statement pieces that reflect your individual style.
  • Exclusive designs: You won't find Urban Outfitters sofas anywhere else. They collaborate with emerging designers and source unique pieces from around the world, ensuring their collection is always fresh and on-trend. This makes them a go-to destination for those seeking one-of-a-kind furniture that stands out from the crowd. Basically, they have their very own line of Urban Outfitters sectionals and couches.

Urban Outfitters' Sustainability:

Urban Outfitters isn't just about trendy furniture – they're also making strides in sustainability. They're taking steps to reduce their environmental impact and create a more responsible brand. But how far do their efforts go? Let's dive in and find out.

  • Recycled materials: Some sofas, like the Chamberlin, are crafted with recycled leather, reducing waste and promoting a circular economy. It's a stylish choice that's also good for the planet.
  • Sustainable packaging: They're making efforts to use more recycled and recyclable materials in their packaging, including 100% recycled materials for mailers. It's a small step, but every bit counts.
  • Responsible sourcing: Urban Outfitters is committed to working with suppliers who share their values and uphold ethical standards. They also conduct audits to ensure these standards are met.
  • Circularity initiatives: They're exploring circularity programs, which aim to extend the life cycle of products and minimize waste. This could mean repurposing materials or offering repair services for their sofas in the future.
  • Reduced plastic use: They're working to reduce virgin plastic use in their packaging and operations, aiming to minimize their environmental footprint.
  • Sunny disposition: Urban Outfitters is putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to clean energy. Their main distribution center boasts one of the largest solar arrays in the USA, saving a whopping 22 million kilowatt-hours of energy annually (not to be confused with gigawatts from the movie, Back to the Future). That's the equivalent of planting over 24,000 trees! Talk about a bright idea.
  • Ongoing progress: While Urban Outfitters still has room to grow in their sustainability journey, it's encouraging to see them actively working towards a more eco-conscious future. Their commitment to using recycled materials in some of their sofas and packaging demonstrates a step in the right direction.

Urban Outfitters' Overall Brand Presentation:

  • Urban Outfitters is making a splash in the sofa scene with their trendy designs and affordable prices, attracting a younger crowd seeking stylish yet budget-friendly options. Their marketing emphasizes the unique aesthetic of their couches and sectionals, often featuring them in curated lifestyle photos that showcase their versatility and personality. While some areas like material transparency and customization could be improved, their overall approach resonates with those who prioritize style and value.


  • Trendy and unique designs
  • Affordable prices
  • Fast shipping for in-stock items
  • Variety of delivery options
  • Free fabric swatches
  • Commitment to sustainability


  • Limited customization options
  • Return shipping fees and restocking fee for mailed returns
  • Furniture can only be returned via carrier
  • Quality can vary between models
  • Limited transparency regarding materials and construction

Still feeling couch curious...?

More Brand FAQs

What are Urban Outfitters’s top couches?

Ready to take your living room from drab to fab? Look no further than Urban Outfitters' diverse collection of sofas and sectionals. Whether you're craving a plush velvet sleeper or a modern modular masterpiece, they've got a couch that'll speak to your soul (and your budget). Join me as we dive into the top 10 Urban Outfitters sofas and uncover the unique features, stylish designs, and comfort factors that make each one a standout choice.

1. Greta XL Sleeper Sofa Review ($1,199) 

  • Sofa by day, bed by night: This oversized sofa transforms into a sleeper in seconds, making it perfect for small spaces or hosting overnight guests.
  • Click-and-recline: The Greta's sturdy metal frame easily adjusts from upright to reclined to fully flat with a simple click, offering versatile lounging options.
  • Legless design: The Greta's legless design gives it a modern, minimalist look that fits seamlessly into any space.

2. Macy Modular Sofa Review ($319 - $799)

  • Build your own dream couch: The Macy's modular design lets you customize your seating arrangement to perfectly fit your space and lifestyle. Whether you need a cozy loveseat or a sprawling sectional, the Macy has you covered.
  • Ribbed corduroy comfort: Upholstered in trendy ribbed corduroy, the Macy is as comfy as it is stylish. The soft, textured fabric adds warmth and character to any living room.
  • Modern minimalist vibes: The Macy's clean lines and understated design make it a perfect fit for modern and minimalist interiors. But its versatile style can also complement a variety of other aesthetics, from boho to industrial.

3. Lottie Velvet Sleeper Sofa Review ($799)

  • Vintage vibes, modern comfort: The Lottie seamlessly blends vintage and modern design elements, with its curved silhouette, spindle-style legs, and plush velvet upholstery. It's a statement piece that'll add a touch of retro glam to your living room.
  • Sleeper surprise: Don't let its stylish looks fool you—the Lottie is also a functional sleeper sofa. Simply extend the backrest to create a cozy bed for overnight guests.
  • Velvet luxury: Upholstered in plush velvet, the Lottie is all about comfort and indulgence. It's the kind of sofa you'll want to sink into after a long day.

4. Aria Sofa Review ($1,299)

  • Retro-modern chic: Inspired by '60s modernist design, the Aria Sofa exudes retro charm with its sleek curves and smooth lines. It's a statement piece that'll add a touch of vintage flair to any living space.
  • Performance fabric power: Upholstered in durable performance fabric, the Aria is built to withstand everyday wear and tear. It's a practical choice for those who want a stylish sofa that can handle spills and stains with ease.
  • Choice of colors and textures: The Aria comes in two distinct options: a white boucle fabric for a cozy, textured look, or a rust-hued faux suede for a touch of warmth and sophistication. This allows you to choose the perfect match for your individual style and existing décor.

5. Chamberlin Recycled Leather Sofa Review ($949)

  • Sustainable style: This sofa is a win-win for both your living room and the planet. Crafted from 100% recycled leather, it's a stylish and eco-conscious choice that proves sustainability can be chic.
  • Handcrafted in the USA: Made with care by skilled artisans in the USA, the Chamberlin boasts quality construction and attention to detail that you can feel good about investing in.
  • Timeless design: The Chamberlin's clean, retro-inspired silhouette with modern metal feet is a classic look that will never go out of style. It's a versatile piece that can anchor any living room, from minimalist to eclectic.

6. Milly Velvet Sofa Review ($999)

  • American-made luxury: Handcrafted in the USA, the Milly Velvet Sofa is a testament to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. You can feel good knowing you're investing in a piece that's built to last.
  • Vintage victorian charm: With its plush velvet upholstery and tufted, low-profile seat back, the Milly exudes vintage Victorian elegance. It's a statement piece that'll add a touch of old-world charm to your living room.
  • Modern touches: While the Milly is inspired by vintage design, it features clean, curved lines and a modern silhouette that make it feel fresh and contemporary.

7. Modular Velvet Sofa Review ($479 - 649)

  • Velvet luxury, modular flexibility: This luxe velvet sofa combines the plush comfort of velvet with the versatility of a modular design. You can create a custom seating arrangement that perfectly suits your space and easily rearrange the pieces whenever you want a change.
  • Mix and match your dream couch: With three different modules (arm chair, armless chair, and ottoman), the possibilities are endless. You can create a cozy loveseat, a sprawling sectional, or anything in between.
  • Made to order for you: Each piece is made to order, ensuring a truly personalized sofa that's unique to your home. Choose from a variety of rich velvet colors to create a look that's all your own.

8. Maia Sectional Sofa Review ($2,299)

  • Modern minimalist marvel: The Maia Sectional Sofa is the epitome of understated elegance. Its sleek lines, low profile, and neutral tones make it a perfect fit for modern and minimalist interiors.
  • Customizable configuration: The Maia comes in a three-piece configuration, allowing you to arrange it in various ways to suit your space and needs. This adaptability makes it a practical choice for both small apartments and spacious living rooms.
  • Comfort meets style: The Maia's comfy seat is complemented by tonal lumbar cushions, providing ample support for lounging and relaxing. It's a sofa that's as comfortable as it is stylish.

9. Camila Velvet Sofa Review ($1,799)

  • Curvaceous chic: The Camila Velvet Sofa is a showstopper with its sweeping curves and luxurious velvet upholstery. It's a statement piece that instantly elevates any living room with its glamorous presence.
  • Wraparound comfort: The Camila's wraparound back, featuring tucked seaming for a ruched effect, creates a cozy and inviting feel. You'll love sinking into its plush cushions after a long day.
  • Tapered wooden legs: The Camila's tapered wooden legs add a touch of mid-century modern flair, balancing the sofa's plushness with a sleek and minimalist touch.

10. Corium Modular Sofa Review ($649 - 1,099)

  • Contemporary cool: Featuring a sleek, contemporary design with plush cushions, the Corium brings a touch of modern elegance to any space. Its neutral color palette and clean lines make it easy to incorporate into various interior styles, from minimalist to boho.
  • Build your dream seating arrangement: With multiple modules to choose from, including corner chairs, armless chairs, and a spacious sofa, you have the freedom to create a seating arrangement that's uniquely yours. And the best part? You can rearrange the pieces whenever you want to switch things up.
  • Urban Outfitters exclusive: As an exclusive to Urban Outfitters, the Corium Modular Sofa is a unique find that you won't find anywhere else. It's a statement piece that's sure to become the centerpiece of your living room.

How much do Urban Outfitters's couches cost?

Whether you're ballin' on a budget or ready to splurge on a statement piece, Urban Outfitters has a sofa with your name on it. Their prices run the affordable couch gamut, catering to every wallet and design preference while still staying in the cost-conscious lane.

Urban Outfitters' Average Range:

  • The average price for a 3-seater sofa at Urban Outfitters falls around $1,300. This sweet spot makes them a tempting option for budget-minded shoppers who aren't willing to sacrifice style.

Most Expensive Urban Outfitters Couch:

  • The Farah Sectional Sofa takes the crown, clocking in at a cool $2,799.00. This modular marvel lets you build your dream sectional with various configurations, making it a splurge-worthy investment for those who crave flexibility and style.
  • Standard 3-Seater: For a classic sofa, the Ines Sofa tops the charts at $1,799.00. Its plush velvet upholstery, sleek lines, and mid-century modern design make it a statement piece that justifies the higher price tag.

Least Expensive Urban Outfitters Couch:

  • The Lisa Sleeper Sofa is the most affordable option at $499.00. This compact and versatile piece not only offers comfortable seating but also transforms into a sleeper for unexpected guests. Its pin-tucked seat and rubber-wood legs give it a warm and inviting feel, making it a practical and stylish choice for smaller spaces or those on a budget.

Does Urban Outfitters have good reviews?

Urban Outfitters has my seal of approval, but do their sofas pass the real-world test? Let's hear it straight from the source—the customers themselves—and see if their experiences match the hype.

Overall Urban Outfitters Reviews:

  • Urban Outfitters holds a 3.5 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot based on 12,000 reviews as of writing. Urban Outfitters is not accredited by the BBB and has a customer rating of 1 out of 5 stars. This is typical of any larger brand, and certainly typical of one that offers furniture. The complaints always outweigh the praises so I encourage you to take a closer look at the reviews to get a sense of the details and specifics (and also take them with a grain of salt).

Urban Outfitters' Top Product Reviews:

  • Roma Sofa, 5-Star Review: “This was exactly as I expected and more. Shipping was quick assembly a breeze and I put it together myself. The cushions are softer than they appear and are secured in place with Velcro. Keep in mind that this is a low profile sofa. My love seat next to it looks a bit off because it’s much higher. Yes, I recommend this product.” - Gisselle
  • Chamberlin Recycled Leather Sofa, 1-Star Review: “I was thrilled to purchase this couch moving in with my partner but was swiftly disappointed! After only 14 months of owning it and regular wear, the couch crunched in the center (where the bolt already pushed through) when only 3 people were sitting down, the ottoman wood also splintered while holding the weight of an average sized friend! Bummer because beautiful :( “ - Maddyvdk

Urban Outfitters' Customer Service Reviews:

  • Urban Outfitters' customer service reviews are a mixed bag, with some shoppers singing their praises for helpful in-store staff and unique products, while others express frustration over slow online responses and shipping hiccups. Despite these issues, the brand's trendy aesthetic and affordable prices continue to attract a loyal following.

What kind of style is Urban Outfitters furniture?

From boho chic to mid-century modern, Urban Outfitters has a sofa for every personality and space. Their eclectic furniture collection is like a candy store for design lovers, offering a tempting array of colors, textures, and silhouettes to choose from. It is, like everything else at Urban Outfitters, very cool.

Urban Outfitters' Range of Couch Options:

  • Urban Outfitters might not be the first place you think of for sofas, but don't sleep on their selection. They've got a surprisingly diverse range of options, from compact loveseats and sleeper sofas to sprawling sectionals and modular marvels. Whether you're furnishing a cozy studio apartment or a spacious living room, you're bound to find a couch that fits your space and style. Plus, they've got a knack for offering unique designs you won't find anywhere else,

Urban Outfitters' Range of Couch Styles:

  • Urban Outfitters is all about embracing individuality, and their sofa styles are no exception. They've got everything from sleek, minimalist designs to bold, colorful statement pieces. Whether you're into mid-century modern, boho chic, or something a little more quirky, they've got a couch that'll vibe with your aesthetic.

Does Urban Outfitters Have Other Products Besides Couches?

  • Oh, you betcha! Urban Outfitters is a one-stop shop for all things trendy and eclectic. While their sofas are definitely a highlight, they also offer a curated selection of bedding, décor, lighting, and even kitchen essentials. Oh yeah, clothes too haha. So, once you've found your dream couch, you can deck out your entire space with Urban Outfitters' unique finds.

What are some alternatives to Urban Outfitters?

While Urban Outfitters offers a unique blend of style and affordability, their sofa selection might not be everyone's cup of tea. If you're looking for a different aesthetic or specific features, check out these alternatives: