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Sofa Sale Secrets: Discover the Optimal Time to Buy Your New Couch

Check out our ultimate guide for buying a new couch at the optimal time and you'll be swimming in the savings. Spoiler: You'll want to wait for Black Friday.

What time of year is cheapest to buy a sofa?

Furniture retailers offer sales throughout the entire calendar year. But there's one sale season that reigns supreme: Black Friday. Even if you miss out on Black Friday savings, there are still plenty of other types to score a sweet deal on that Wayfair sofa that's been in your cart for ages.

  • Post-holiday (January): After the holiday frenzy, January ushers in clearance sales and discontinued models. Retailers are eager to make space for new inventory for the "New Year" (wink, wink).
  • Spring revival (March to May): Spring signals a furniture refresh. Look out for sales during Memorial Day and spring clearance events, as stores make way for new arrivals.
  • Summer breeze (June to August): Summer tends to bring less demand for indoor furnishings, leading to potential markdowns on sofas. July's Fourth of July sales might hold hidden treasures.
  • Back-to-school hustle (August to September): As students head back to school, retailers might offer promotions on furniture to attract shoppers. Look for Labor Day deals and clearance events.
  • Fall-ing prices (October to November): Fall sees a mix of new releases and previous season's discounts. Keep an eye on pre-Black Friday sales and November's Veteran's Day offers.
  • Holiday hustle (December): While early December can bring discounts, the latter part of the month tends to focus on holiday shopping rather than furniture sales.

By timing your sofa purchase to align with these shopping seasons, you're arming yourself with the knowledge to seize the best deals and maximize your savings. Remember, a bit of patience and strategic shopping can yield sofa rewards that won't break the bank.

Do sales continue after Black Friday?

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Were you so sleepy from eating Thanksgiving turkey that you forgot to take advantage of the Black Friday Sale to get those Ashley Furniture couches you wanted? It happens. But the good news is that there are still a few sales on the horizon after Black Friday wraps up. Here are your best bets for cheap gets.

  • Cyber Monday triumph: Right on the heels of Black Friday, Cyber Monday steps in with its digital dazzle. Online retailers keep the deals rolling, so you can snag discounted goodies from the comfort of your couch. Pro Tip: They are almost always the same exact deal as Black Friday because if they weren't retailers would have a lot of confused and possibly angry customers. So no need to rush for certain discounts if they can wait and in you're no hurry!
  • December delights: The holiday spirit continues to infuse discounts throughout December. Retailers vie for your attention with sales events, making it a perfect time to nab last-minute gifts and home furnishings. It's also a great time to snag a clearance deal on a couch.
  • Clearance countdown: As the year winds down, retailers gear up for the new year's inventory. This often translates to clearance sales that offer fantastic discounts on remaining stock.
  • New year, new savings: Don't pack away your shopping spirit with the holiday decorations. The new year often ushers in a fresh wave of sales, giving you the chance to kick off January with budget-friendly finds.
  • Anniversary appreciation: Keep an eye out for retailers' anniversary sales and other special occasions. These events can bring renewed rounds of discounts that continue to stretch your shopping budget. Furniture retailers love sales as much as you do- it's part of their strategy! Take advantage of each other why don't you.

By staying on the lookout for post-Black Friday sales, you're mastering the art of snagging deals that extend well beyond the initial shopping frenzy. Whether it's Cyber Monday treasures, December decor delights, or springtime surprises, your savvy shopping skills ensure that the savings keep coming!

Do furniture prices drop after Christmas?

Unfortunately, the short period time period following Christmas before the New Year is one of the least sales-happy times to shop for furniture. If you've been spending your post-Christmas bliss googling "couches near me" and not finding any good deal, then that's likely the reason why. But there is a brief period around the new year (and beyond) that can still serve up some solid savings. It's also the time of year that many furniture shops like to take it nice and slow and spend time with their loved ones and friends since it's so slow business-wise.

  • Year-end clearance: After the holiday rush, many retailers aim to clear out inventory before the new year. This often leads to clearance sales where you can find furniture at reduced prices.
  • Resolution ready: With the new year come new resolutions, and retailers often align with this momentum by offering deals on home improvement items, including furniture.
  • Furniture expos: Some cities host furniture expos early in the year, showcasing new collections. To make room for these new arrivals, retailers may offer discounts on existing inventory.
  • Winter wonderland discounts: The winter months, post-Christmas, are traditionally considered a slower season for furniture sales. Retailers might respond by offering promotions to entice shoppers during this period.

We know that being snowed in is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your home furnishing shortcomings. But we encourage you to stay strong and wait for good sales in the future. That sectional couch with recliner will still be there waiting for you.

What is the biggest sale of the year?

Without a doubt, Black Friday is the biggest sale of the year. But you might be surprised to know that Cyber Monday, which falls immediately after Black Friday, often serves up the same (or sometimes better!) savings. So if you want the best sleeper sofa money can buy, this is the time to shop.

  • Black Friday: The day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, kicks off the holiday shopping season with a bang. It's renowned for jaw-dropping discounts and unbeatable deals on furniture and other items.
  • Cyber Monday: Following the weekend of in-store shopping, Cyber Monday steals the spotlight. This online shopping bonanza showcases incredible savings on furniture from the comfort of your digital realm.

So put down your Thanksgiving fork, pick up your phone, and get ready to shop! The second you see "leather couches for sale" you'll be ready to smash that 'buy' button.

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