Couch Ownership Tips

Before You Lounge: A Checklist For Your Brand New Sofa

The experts at serve up must-follow tips on how to treat that new couch! From measuring twice (and sitting once) to clearing the room of any clutter.

What are the first things I should do before enjoying my new couch?

Once you receive your new couch, unlike some other types of furniture, it's usually ready to enjoy right away! Whether it comes in a box or wrapped in plastic or blankets, it should be ready to sit on as soon as it's in your new home. However, before diving into the blissful comfort of your new couch, make sure to follow these initial steps:

  • Measure twice, sit once: Before diving into sofa shopping, let's get our measuring tapes ready. Don't fall into the pitfall of eyeing that perfect green sectional without knowing if it will fit through your door or navigate those tricky corners. So, take measurements and save yourself from a furniture fiasco.
  • Prepare the stage: It's time to play interior designer extraordinaire! Clearing the room like a decluttering champ, you'll create a spacious haven for your coveted new Malta Leather Sofa. Juggling with the furniture pieces and surreptitiously shuffling the décor, you'll set the stage for a show-stopping living room masterpiece.
  • Unwrap the treasure: Drumroll, please! The moment has arrived to unveil your luxurious new corduroy couch. And, with the grace of a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, carefully unwrap it, savoring each crinkle of the packaging and the delightful anticipation of experiencing your cozy oasis.
  • Make sure it's safe: If the couch has legs that need to be attached, it's best to do that before you plop down because you may never want to get up again! Also it's virtually impossible to do with anyone sitting or lying on it. If it has a strong chemical-y smell or "new couch smell" you also want to make sure it's had the appropriate amount of off-gassing time prior to sitting on it. Here's a post on how to navigate new sofa smells.

How long does it take to break in a new couch?

So, here's the deal with couches. Each one is like its own special snowflake. But just to give you an idea, here's a ballpark estimate for to expect:

  • Time flies: In the realm of new couches, it's merely a matter of time. Prepare yourself for a delightful journey as we dive into the world of breaking-in rituals. Finally, buckle up and let the transformation commence!
  • Exercise that patience muscle: Initially, it may seem as firm and disciplined as a seasoned sofa soldier. However, like a chameleon, it will adapt and effortlessly conform to your body's every curve.
  • Onward to coziness: Embrace the breaking-in period as an opportunity to forge an unbreakable bond with your couch companion. Together, you will conquer all realms of relaxation and create memories that will stand the test of time.

Will my new sofa get softer?


Absolutely! Your new sofa will soften up with time, becoming your loyal companion for relaxation. Here's what to expect:

  • The magic of upholstery: The more you use your new sofa, the more the fabric will loosen up and naturally soften. This gradual transformation will enhance your comfort and make each lounging session even more enjoyable.
  • Feathered comfort: If your sofa has seat cushions filled with down or feathers, they will settle over time, giving you a cloud-like seating experience. Embrace the fluffy comfort as it embraces you.
  • A personalized touch: As you sink into your couch's plush cushions, your body's imprint will leave a mark - quite literally. This custom shaping adds to the overall softness and makes your sofa uniquely yours.

How should you prepare a new sofa to keep it clean?

To keep your new sofa looking pristine and fresh, follow these simple steps:

  • Shield it from harm: Apply a fabric protector to your new sofa as a preemptive defense against spills and stains. This invisible shield will help repel liquids and prevent them from leaving a lasting mark. Lastly, invest in a good sofa cleaner for regular maintenance.
  • Dusting duty: Regularly dust your sofa using a soft-bristle brush or a clean cloth to remove any loose particles. This simple maintenance habit will prevent dirt from settling into the fabric and prolong its life. Also, this will ensure you won't need a couch cleaning service any time soon.
  • A cushion flip dance: To ensure even wear and tear, periodically flip and rotate your sofa cushions. This will prevent one side from getting excessively flattened and extend the life of your beloved seating companion.

Remember, your new sofa is not just a piece of furniture; it's a sanctuary of comfort. Treat it with care, and it will reward you with years of blissful relaxation. Finally, check out our in-depth article on how to clean couch cushions here.

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