CB2: Ultimate Brand Review And Rating

Alex Back | CEO & Founder
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CB2 is an offshoot of Crate & Barrel (CB2… get it?) But do they offer the same quality and brand standard as their parent company? In this in-depth CB2 review and brand breakdown, I take a look at CB2 and reveal their PotatoMeter rating.

Potato Meter
Overall PotatoMeter Rating

CB2 offers glamorous, stunning couch options, but their nonexistent warranty, concerning return policies, and expensive delivery charges are issues that are impossible to ignore. I love so much about the presentation, the brand, and the selection, but there’s room for serious improvement in the customer focus department.

Online Shopping Experience Rating: 94%

CB2 has an absolutely stunning, high style website. It feels like browsing through a luxury magazine. The presentation, the ease of menu navigation, and some of the practical ways to narrow down your search results impressed me. It’s a top tier shopping experience.

CB2’s Ease of Navigation

  • Gorgeous website that’s an absolute joy to navigate. The home page is spectacular and alluring with its full-format videos and stylish photography.
  • Menus are packed FULL of categories to choose from, which can be a bit overwhelming, but they’re logically organized so it’s easy to find what you need.
  • Tabs at the top of the sofa category page make it easy to shop by couch width, by “ready to ship” options, and a ton of other useful filters.
  • The usual monotony of category pages is broken up by chic, tall format lifestyle photos that encourage you to shop some of their unique offerings.
  • Product pages are very elegant. The main couch photo stays on the left of the page as you scroll down. All the important choices and options are on the right hand side. This keeps everything very tidy.

CB2’s Information Available “At-A-Glance”

  • From the category page you can see the couch name, the price (and sale price), a few additional fabric choices, if a couch is new, and if it has any sustainable aspects (FSC certified, BIFMA compliant).
  • I’d love to see a Quick View option, but generally the provided info is on par with competitors and the added sustainability tags are a really nice addition.

CB2’s Product Images

  • The product images are very alluring. The main photo has a high-style beige backdrop that really highlights the beauty of the couch.
  • Hovering over a couch image on the category page shows an alternate angle or a lifestyle image of the couch, which is a nice touch. You can also choose a different fabric to view right from the category page.
  • Couches are photographed from every angle on a white backdrop. There’s also a 360 view and an image with the dimensions overlaid. I always love those features.
  • Changing your fabric choice only changes the color of the front-facing product image and the 360 view, not all of the couch photos in the carousel.
  • The studio photography is beautiful, but it’s surprising that there aren’t more lifestyle images of the couches in homes or businesses. It makes the photos all feel a bit sterile.

CB2’s Quality of Product Information

  • The “Details” tab is open by default on product pages, and it does outline a good, general overview of the materials and construction. But it’s not specific enough about anything to be as valuable as it could be. For example, “Engineered wood frame” is too vague and leaves so much to be desired.
  • The “Dimensions” tab is nice and lists all of the important measurement details (not all sites do). They also include an image of the couch with dimensions overlaid. A nice touch.
  • The “Responsible Design” tab breaks down all the sustainable aspects in great detail, which I appreciated.
  • The “Care” tab is actually very informative. This is a great resource for knowing how to clean and maintain your fabric choice.
  • They also have nice options listed to see which fabrics are available soonest, which options might be available in a store, and if an option is also available in leather.

CB2’s Extra Bells & Whistles

  • 360 view and see-it-in-your-room AR options available.
  • Has a Sectional Builder that can help you tailor design a sectional for your home.
  • Has a registry option, which is a nice addition.

Shipping & Lead Times Rating: 91%

CB2 has fairly standard lead times and delivery timelines. However, some customers report that the delivery timeline is longer than advertised. But this is somewhat balanced by the fact that their stocked fabric options ship very quickly and are usually the most stylish options for the couch. In other words, the glamorous fabric option you see on the category page is usually the fabric choice that’s stocked, which I appreciate.

CB2’s Made to Order Products:

  • It takes roughly 8 weeks to custom build a couch.

CB2’s In Stock Items:

  • Their stocked fabric options ship out within a few days. It takes about 7-14 days for a local delivery and 2-4 weeks for a long distance delivery (100+ miles from warehouse).

CB2’s Shipping Time:

  • Once a couch has been constructed, it takes an average of 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Customer Focus Rating: 80%

Our goal at is to provide customers with the information they need to find the best couch for their home. We take customer satisfaction very seriously. So how does CB2 stack up to the competition when it comes to customer friendly resources and offerings?

Couch Potato Note: Simply choosing a fabric for your CB2 couch makes it “custom.” There are very strict policies in place depending on whether your couch is “custom” or “In Stock.”

CB2’s Warranty:

  • CB2 does NOT have a specific warranty for their couches. This is obviously a major issue when considering longevity and customer support. At this price point there needs to be a warranty.

CB2’s Return Options:

  • Only “In Stock” couches can be returned, and the return must be initiated within 7 days, be in resale condition, and it must get picked up within 30 days. Yikes.
  • Initial shipping charges are non-refundable and the customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping.
  • Any couch ordered with a fabric not listed as “Stocked” is considered custom made and CANNOT be returned.
  • Any “custom” orders require a 50% deposit that’s non-refundable after 48 hours.

CB2’s Delivery Options & Costs:

  • $279 for Local Delivery (within 100 miles of warehouse). This is white glove, which is specified as “placement in a room of your choice and removal of packaging” so it’s possible the customer would need to do some light assembly.
  • $399 for Long Distance Delivery (further than 100 miles from nearest warehouse). This is also white glove as specified above.
  • In-store (or in-warehouse) pickup is available as a free option if feasible for the customer.

CB2’s Financing Options:

  • No standard financing plans available.
  • A CB2 credit card can be acquired, which allows you to get 0% APR financing as long as the cost of the couch is paid off within 24 months (only applies to orders $2,999 or more). Cashback benefits may also apply.

Is Assembly Required?

  • These are fully-constructed couches that only require legs to be attached or sectional pieces to be connected.
  • The white glove service SHOULD cover the assembly (as is normally the case), but the fact that the delivery terms don’t specifically say “assembly” makes me wonder if they actually do or not.

CB2’s Customization Options:

  • Generally the only customization option is the fabric choice.
  • A Sectional Builder tool helps you build the exact, custom sectional that works for your unique space.

Does CB2 Offer Free Fabric Swatches?

  • Yes, you can order 5 free swatches, but that is the limit.

Durability & Quality Rating: 83%

Durability is a major factor when it comes to purchasing a couch, especially when you’re ordering online. So do CB2 couches hold up over time? Or are they too expensive for the quality?

CB2’s Quality of Materials:

  • Fabric options are generally high quality, but CB2 does not list double rub count information, so it’s hard to know which fabrics are better for your specific situation.
  • Some fabric information is contradictory. One was listed as “Wool” but directly below it the description said “100% Polyester.” This type of mislabeling is a bit of a red flag.
  • They generally list leather as “100% cow leather,” which isn’t a specific grade. I tracked down one listing that said “top-grain,” which is great, but if all the leather options are top-grain, then I’d expect them to proudly list that information, since it’s a high quality option. The fact that they don’t is concerning.
  • They never list a specific foam density for their cushions, nor do they have extra information about the ratio of their down or the type of down enclosure that they use. I’d like to see this info so as to make a proper judgment of their quality compared to their price. They should list this info.

CB2’s Cleanability:

  • Most of their fabrics are high quality and eminently cleanable. They also provide the cleaning code information for each fabric, along with instructions for cleaning. This is great!

CB2’s Quality of Construction & Manufacturing Origin:

  • The majority of their couch frames are made from kiln-dried hardwood or engineered wood. This is perfectly in line with the price point.
  • CB2 doesn’t list any additional information about their frame construction. It’s unclear if their frames are corner blocked, glued, stapled, screwed, or something else. I’d love to know this info and it should be made available to customers, especially considering the price point.
  • Many couches are constructed in Vietnam and others are simply listed as “imported.

Brand Vibe Check Rating: 84%

Vibing with a brand is important. Brands can also promote certain lifestyles and sustainability goals. That’s why it’s my goal to help you find a company and brand that you vibe with so that you’re as comfortable with your new couch as you are on your new couch.

CB2’s Key Differentiators & Unique Facts:

  • CB2 is part of the Crate & Barrel family, which gives them excellent brand recognition to fall back on.
  • CB2 works with top designers to push the envelope on what’s possible in the world of couches and home furnishing.

CB2’s Sustainability:

CB2 has aggressive sustainability goals, which is fantastic. They start by saying, “The changes we make today transform the way we live tomorrow. That’s why we’re committing to more responsible materials, sustainable sourcing, and quality-tested products. The path to a better world starts at home.” Here’s what else they specifically state on their website:

  • “Wood is one of our key raw materials, so it matters how we source it – for the climate and our customers. Through our goal of 50% FSC-certified furniture by 2025, we’re supporting the gold standard of sustainable forest management while working to halt and reverse degradation of the world’s forests.”
  • “To move toward a more sustainable supply chain, we’re increasing our use of organic, recycled and responsible materials. We rely on the global organic textile standard (GOTS) and textile exchange certification standards to define preferred fibers from raw materials to final product.”
  • CB2 aims to have their wood be 50% FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified and to use 100% organic cotton by 2025.
  • One of their factories received 3 Green Globes certifications. Another factory has 100,000 square feet of solar panels.
  • Many fabrics are Oeko-Tex Certified or GreenGuard Gold certified.

CB2’s Overall Brand Presentation:

  • Their beautiful, Architectural Digest style presentation gives them a chic appeal that makes you aspire to own one of their couches.
  • Their minimalist look, overall neutral/earth tone palette, and their more textured, interesting fabrics give them a very unique and modern vibe. This permeates every aspect of the website. It’s a specific style that they hit hard without deviation. You either love it or you hate it. I love it.


  • Glamorous and stylish couch options
  • In-stock fabrics ship quickly
  • Large selection of high-quality fabrics
  • White-glove delivery options
  • Free fabric swatches
  • Sectional builder tool for custom designs


  • No warranty on couches
  • Strict return policy for custom orders (non-returnable)
  • Expensive delivery charges
  • Requires 50% non-refundable deposit on custom orders
  • Limited transparency regarding materials and construction details

Still feeling couch curious...?

More Brand FAQs

What are CB2’s top couches?

CB2’s Signature Best Seller:

CB2’s Couch That Intrigues Me The Most:

  • Cecil Cream Velvet Sofa ($1,899) There were SO MANY to choose from that it was hard to pick just one, but the unique shape, the upholstery style, and every luxurious detail, made this an intriguing option.

CB2’s Hidden Gem:

How much do CB2's couches cost?

CB2 couches are priced right around the mid-tier level. Most 3-seater couches are under $3,000, but you can certainly spend far more on larger items.

CB2’s Average Range:

  • The average range for standard 3-seater couches is $2,000 – $2,600.

Most Expensive CB2 Couch:

Least Expensive CB2 Couch:

Does CB2 have good reviews?

Here’s a look at some of the various aspects of CB2 reviews.

Overall CB2 Reviews:

  • CB2’s style and offerings are well-reviewed, but their customer service and their inflexible service offerings are routinely dragged by 3rd party reviewers and customer reviews. They only have a 1.6 star rating on TrustPilot.

CB2’s Top Product Reviews:

  • Strato 80″ Boucle 5 star review: “The couch is beautiful! It is very comfortable, not too low, and stain resistant. Would definitely recommend” – ccollins
  • Strato 80″ Boucle 1 star review: “I bought this sofa less than a year ago and it’s already pilling, losing its shape and discoloring! I’m even afraid to have it cleaned fearing that it will continue to discolor! Not happy with it at all and it continues to wear as if I’ve had it for years! Also helpful to note that I live alone and don’t entertain many guests, nor wear dark colors that transfer to the furniture. All of my furniture is white/off white or cream and none of my other pieces have any issues whatsoever!” – Shak

CB2’s Customer Service Reviews:

  • CB2 has an F grade on Better Business Bureau, mostly stemming from customer frustration due to difficulty of communicating with customer service representatives.

What kind of style is CB2 furniture?

If you like high style, trendy, contemporary couches then CB2 has an amazing lineup of offerings to choose from.

CB2’s Range of Couch Options:

  • They offer armchairs up through massive sectionals, but their main focus is standard sized sofas and 2 piece sectionals. They also feature some very chic sleeper sofa options that you’d never guess were sleeper sofas. If you have the space, their big sectionals are real standout pieces.

CB2’s Range of Couch Styles:

  • CB2 specializes in modern, ultra-contemporary, designer-created, boundary-pushing couches. They have a few more formal, tufted, traditional looks, but for the most part, their couches are closer to art statement pieces than regular, run-of-the-mill couches. They’re trendy and not necessarily ideal for everyday household use for an average family.

Does CB2 Have Other Products Besides Couches?

  • Yes, CB2 offers furniture for the whole home and has some incredible decor pieces worth considering.

What are some alternatives to CB2?

CB2 is chic and trendy with couch offerings that are priced just around the mid-tier level. They’re a great brand for young professionals or people without kids. If you are still curious about their competitors after reading this CB2 review, here are some alternatives that either offer a similar style or a similar price range.