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Hi there! I’m Alex, the Founder and CEO of, and I would love to chat with you! I really enjoy helping people with all things furniture-related, so please go ahead and schedule a time with me below to discuss things like:

Where can I find the best couch for a great price?

What are the best times to buy a new couch

How do I deal with a couch return if I buy one and don’t like it?

Are extended warranties worth it?

All questions are welcome and nothing is off limits. If I can help you, I will! Book your FREE 15 minute 1:1 consultation below.

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Need help shopping for a new couch? 

Are you contemplating a new couch or actively engaged in couch shopping? Connect directly with Alex Back, CEO of, for a personalized design consultation. Whether you’re buying a couch for the first time, looking for tips on cleaning your couch, or thinking about replacing your existing couch, Alex is here to help. Schedule your free consultation today to get expert advice on choosing the right couch for your space and lifestyle. Hear insights directly from the top, learn more about our products, and share your experiences. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enhance your couch shopping experience with guidance from a leading industry expert. Join us at where comfort meets style, and expert advice is just an appointment away!

Alex loves to chat about couches. He is an expert in furniture shopping, with all of the industry secrets you want to know. From negotiating in a furniture store to picking the right size sofa for your home, Alex draws upon his industry expertise to provide you with quick solutions or at least good ideas to consider in your journey.