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Futon or Fiction: Uncovering the Truth About Buying a Futon Sofa

Need help investigating which futons and sofa beds to shop for and how to make them as comfortable as can be? This article will help!

Why is my futon so uncomfortable?

Does a comfortable futon exist, or is it a myth being propagated by "Big Futon?" We swear it is possible to have a satisfying and snooze-worthy sleep on futon beds with mattresses. But if your futon's feeling less "cozy haven" and more "ouchy zone," here are a couple of potential reasons.

  • Thin is not in: Some futons come with thinner mattresses, which might be causing your discomfort. A thicker cushion or thicker mattress could be the source. Often times, adding a mattress topper can make a world of difference.
  • Frame drama: The frame's design can play a role. If it's not solid or sturdy, it might be causing uneven pressure points, making you feel like you're sleeping on a bumpy ride.

Sometimes a plush mattress or some extra padding can transform your sleeper futon from "ouch" to "ahh."

How do you open a click clack sofa bed?

Never heard of a "click clack?" Well, it's just a more fun way of saying "futon." Go ahead, try it! See? We wouldn't lie to you. Now that you trust us, we can help guide you through the process of opening that Amazon futon you just had delivered- it should be easy as easy as singin' "click clack patty whack":

  • Clear the way: Move anything in the futon's path – coffee tables, LEGO castles, you name it!
  • Release the lock: Find the latch or release mechanism, usually near the center. Give it a gentle tug to unlock the futon.
  • Push and pivot: Gently push the backrest downwards while guiding the seat to pivot. Voila, you're almost there!
  • Lower the back: Once the backrest is in a horizontal position, it's bed o'clock! Add some sheets and pillows, and you're ready to snooze.

Remember, every futon is unique, so if yours throws a curveball, check the manual or ask a friend. Things can get especially tricky if you have a futon with storage. More parts = more complexity!

Why is my sofa bed not opening?

Oh no, it's the stubborn sofa bed situation! Don't worry, we've got your back (or your bed, in this case). This quick explainer should help you through the process.

  • Release the lock: Sofa beds often have a locking mechanism, usually near the center or under the cushions. Give it a nudge to unlock it.
  • Lift and pull: Sometimes, a little lift and a gentle pull can work wonders. Use your muscles, but don't Hulk-smash it!
  • Clear the path: Make sure there's nothing obstructing the mechanism. Give it space to work its magic.
  • Call for backup: If all else fails, call a friend or consult the manual. Two heads are better than one, especially when dealing with sneaky sofas.
  • Pro tip: often times sleeper mechanisms are secured with straps, zip ties, wires, or other connective devices to the sofa frame so that they don't get loose or damaged in transit! Before you holler at the store you bought it from for sending you the most defective sleeper sofa in history, break out the flashlight on your iPhone and take a look under the hood. We may have just saved you from the "sorry, I didn't mean to raise my voice" of shame with the customer care rep...

Ta-da! Now that you've put in all that effort to get your futon open, you can now lie down on it and take a much-deserved rest.

How do you open a brand new sofa bed?

A couch in wrapping paper during Christmas

Woohoo, you've got a brand new sofa bed! Let's get that beauty opened up and ready for lounging. Here are some tips that will walk you through the process for most standard sofa beds.

  • Inspect the locks: Check for any safety locks that might be holding your sofa bed closed. Manufacturers sometimes secure it during shipping (see "Pro Tip" in the above question for more on this).
  • Clear the way: Move any pillows or obstacles that might be in the way of the unfolding mechanism.
  • Unleash the magic: Look for levers, handles, or straps designed for opening. Gently pull, lift, or release them – it's like unveiling a hidden treasure!
  • Slow and steady: As you start opening it, go easy and let the mechanisms do their thing. A little patience ensures everything aligns perfectly.

Voila! Your brand new sofa bed is ready to become the comfy oasis you've been dreaming of. Enjoy the "ta-da" moment!

How do you fix an uncomfortable pull out couch?

An uncomfortable sleeper sofa is the last thing you want to foist upon your favorite houseguests. So what can you do if things just aren't very comfy? Thankfully you don't need to get an entirely new pull out couch. Let's take a look at what you can do to solve this persnickety issue.

  • Assess the situation: Identify what's causing discomfort – sagging springs, lumpy mattress, worn-out cushions?
  • Mattress makeover: Consider a memory foam topper for instant comfort upgrade. We cannot recommend this enough. As humans with backs, we simply require a comfortable relatively flat surface to sleep on. It's not your mattresses fault if it's just not thick enough to do the trick- sleeper mattresses need to be thinner to be able to fold into the sofa so there's only so much support they can provide!
  • Fluff and plump: Give cushions a good shake and fluff to distribute stuffing evenly.
  • Add extra support: Slide plywood under mattress for extra support and to prevent sagging.
  • Realign springs: Carefully adjust or replace springs for better support. Here's a post that discusses spring repair in greater detail.
  • Lubricate mechanism: Silence squeaks with a touch of lubricant for smoother operation. A little WD-40 goes a long way sometimes!

Now that that's taken care of you can finally focus on the one million other needs that your houseguests have. Why did you invite them over for a long weekend again?

How do you pull out a futon?

That white futon might look glamorous, but it's not going to be very useful if you don't know how to open it up. Don't start prying on it - that's a good way to pinch a finger (don't ask us how we know). Instead, read this advice to learn what you might be doing wrong.

  • Clear the way: Before you start, make sure the area around the futon is clear of any obstacles or items that might be in the way.
  • Lift and slide: Stand in front of the futon and grab the front edge of the seat. Lift it slightly while gently pushing down the backrest with your other hand.
  • Lock in place: Many futons come with a locking mechanism that holds the frame securely in place. Once the backrest is down, ensure that the locking mechanism is engaged to prevent any accidental folding.
  • Flatten and adjust: Gently push down the backrest until it's completely flat. You'll feel the futon lock into the sleeping position.
  • Add some coziness: Now comes the fun part! Once your futon is fully extended, you can add your favorite bedding – think pillows, sheets, blankets – to create a comfy and inviting sleeping space.

With these easy steps, you can effortlessly convert your futon from a stylish seating area to a comfortable bed whenever the need arises. Whether it's movie night or a guest staying over, your futon's flexibility ensures you're ready for anything.

How often should you flip your futon mattress?

First, it's important to mention that most futon style sofas and futon couches have built in cushioning and are not able to be flipped.. While it doesn't need to be flipped as frequently as a traditional mattress, giving it a turn every now and then can make a difference in its comfort and longevity. Here's a general guideline for how often you should flip your futon mattress:

  • Every three months: Aim to flip your futon mattress about once every three months. This helps distribute the weight and pressure evenly across both sides, preventing uneven sagging.
  • Rotate goo: In addition to flipping, consider rotating the mattress 180 degrees when you flip it. This means the head becomes the foot and vice versa. This also promotes even wear and tear.
  • Pay attention: Keep an eye out for any signs of wear, such as lumps, sagging, or unevenness. If you notice these issues, flipping and rotating more frequently could help.
  • Check manufacturer recommendations: Different futon mattresses may have specific care instructions from the manufacturer. Be sure to check their guidelines for the best maintenance routine.

Flipping your futon mattress regularly is a small effort that can make a big difference in maintaining its comfort and prolonging its life. So give it a little spin every few months – your futon will thank you for it!

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