Sundays: Ultimate Brand Review And Rating

Alex Back | CEO & Founder
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Sundays has been carving out a niche in the furniture landscape with its unique blend of modern and timeless designs since its establishment in 2019. But do their stylish and cozy couches deliver on comfort and durability as much as they do on aesthetics? Or is it all about the look? In this comprehensive Sundays review, I look into the ins and outs of Sundays couches and unveil our PotatoMeter rating. Stay tuned as we explore whether Sundays truly embodies the relaxed, easy-going vibe that its name suggests.

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Overall PotatoMeter Rating

Sundays has a visually appealing website that exudes a sense of tranquility and comfort, mirroring the brand’s ethos. Their range of couches, though not extensive, is thoughtfully curated, offering a blend of modern and classic designs that cater to diverse aesthetic preferences. The customization options, particularly in terms of fabric choices, are commendable, allowing customers to tailor their Sundays couches to their specific needs and tastes. However, while the brand’s focus on customer experience and the quality of their products is evident, there are areas where Sundays could improve. Given the price point, the quality of materials used could be better. Additionally, the lack of transparency in customer reviews and the specifics of their return policy could potentially undermine the otherwise impressive offerings of Sundays. This Sundays review aims to provide a balanced perspective, acknowledging both the strengths and areas for improvement of the brand.

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Online Shopping Experience Rating: 93%

When you land on Sundays’ website, it’s like stepping into a stylish showroom where every sofa beckons with sophistication. The website has a sleek design and seamless navigation and provides a user experience that guides customers to find the perfect sofa for their needs. Let’s dive into the online shopping experience and uncover what makes Sundays sofas truly stand out.

Sundays’ Ease of Navigation 

  • The Sundays website is intuitively designed, making it easy for customers to find what they want.  The website’s clean, minimalist design is visually pleasing. It reflects the brand’s aesthetic and makes browsing through the Sundays sofa collections and specific product pages a pleasant experience.
  • The clear and concise navigation bar leads you directly to their collection of Sundays sofas.
  • When you click to explore the Sofas category, the website shows the different offerings of the brand. You can browse through Sundays sectionals, sofas, U shaped sectionals, among others. Comprehensive filters can also help differentiate the product types, colors, or seat capacity. However, I noticed that there’s no filter to sort the products according to price, which could be helpful for families shopping on a budget.
  • Each product page on the Sundays website is detailed and informative. From price, and dimensions to fabric options, everything you need to know about your potential new couch is right there.
  • You can easily spot the search feature on the top right of the page. The search function is efficient and accurate, making it easy to find the perfect Sundays sofa that suits your space.
  • Whether you’re browsing on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, Sundays’ website is fully responsive, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable shopping experience across all devices.

Sundays’ Information Available “At-A-Glance”

  • Sundays does a good job of listing essential product details. Each Sundays sofa has its name, price, and a few popular fabric options clearly displayed.
  • When you open a particular product page, you’ll be greeted by a large, high-quality image of the Sundays couch. I love the simplicity and efficiency of the design of the website. It directs the eyes to important information, such as the price, fabric options, configurations, dimensions, details, materials and care, and delivery.
  • I believe Sundays could improve by providing a “Ready To Ship” tag or similar feature. This would let customers know if a particular sofa style is available for immediate shipping, aptly setting the customer’s expectations.
  • You can also easily check customer reviews posted on specific product pages. This gives potential buyers a better idea of what to expect from their Sundays couch.

Sundays’ Product Images

  • The images on the Sundays website are clear, well-lit, and high-resolution. This allows potential buyers to see the details of the Sundays sofas clearly, providing a comprehensive understanding of the product.
  • Sundays does a good job of showcasing their sofas from multiple angles. This gives a complete view of the design, proportions, and features of the Sundays couches. The color of the sofa also changes when you choose another fabric.
  • Sundays also provides images of their sofas with individuals or pets on them. This helps potential buyers visualize how the Sundays sofas will look in a real-life environment. However, I wish Sundays would add more images of their products in different room settings for better visualization.
  • The product images include close-up shots highlighting the special features of the Sundays sofas. This allows potential buyers to appreciate the design elements of the product fully.

Sundays’ Quality of Product Information

  • When I explore Sundays’ sofa listings, I appreciate the thorough descriptions provided, covering everything from features to materials and dimensions. Finding such comprehensive insights into the sofa’s design and components is reassuring.
  • Sundays impresses me with their attention to detail, offering precise technical specifications for each sofa, including width, depth, height, seat depth, and arm height measurements. This information helps me determine if the sofa will fit my desired space perfectly.
  • I also value Sundays’ transparency regarding the materials used in their sofas, from fabric used, rub count, to frame material and cushion filling. Their detailed explanations, along with durability insights, and cleaning instructions, could help consumers make well-informed decisions.
  • Sundays’ commitment to quality shines through in their product information, where they highlight construction methods like kiln-dried hardwood frames and reinforced corners. Learning about joinery techniques and cushion support systems instills confidence in the sofa’s durability.
  • The Features section of a specific product page further helps potential buyers picture how comfortable a Sundays couch is, where the particular sofa is made, and whether it has removable covers and cushions, among others.

Sundays’ Extra Bells & Whistles 

  • Sundays offers free delivery in the United States and Canada on all orders. They also offer complimentary assembly on all Sundays sofas.
  • The brand also has a trade program that aims to support interior designers. Program perks include concierge service, access to dedicated trade specialists at Sundays showrooms, special pricing, and commercial grade furniture options.
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Shipping & Lead Times Rating: 91%

Sundays offers white glove delivery service. This means you do not have to worry about assembling your Sundays couch or how you’ll get rid of the packaging. Most of the items you’ll see on the catalog are on a pre-order basis. Your item will be delivered within 3 to 5 weeks. Prior to the delivery, you’ll get a call from Sundays to determine a schedule that works for you.

Delivery within the continental US and Canada on all orders is free. However, if you need to ship a Sundays sectional, for example, to Hawaii, Alaska, or other remote places, you need to reach out to the company’s customer service and an incremental fee would apply.

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Customer Focus Rating: 96%

“In furniture, we felt like the shopping experience was still quite overwhelming. We saw an opportunity for a very curated collection focused on high-quality and really beautiful design aesthetic. As parents of young kids, we also wanted something that was functional and would work for our families while looking good,” says Sundays co-founder Barbora Samieian.

At, we’re committed to helping customers find the perfect couch for their home. We value customer satisfaction above all else. So, how does Sundays make the buying experience easier for their customers, and what customer-friendly resources do they provide? Let’s look into the details.

Sundays’ Warranty:

  • For your peace of mind, Sundays couches come with up to two years of warranty for confirmed craftsmanship or manufacturing imperfections. The warranty starts the day the item arrives at your home.
  • Take note that the warranty will be voided if the Sundays sofa is used beyond the intended purpose or if the sofa has been modified. Regular wear and tear, defects, or damages due to misuse, accidents, or natural disasters are not covered.
  • The company will also not honor the warranty if the couch or sofa has not been properly maintained.
  • Just like most sofa warranties, the coverage is non-transferable and will not cover resale or second-hand pieces, among others. It also does not include commercially used products, unless the Sunday sofas are listed as commercial grades.

Sundays’ Return Options:

  • I commend Sundays for having a flexible and generous return window policy. You can return your Sundays couch within 30 days of delivery in original condition. This gives you ample time to test the product at your home environment and ensure your satisfaction with your purchase.
  • When you return a sofa for refund, a flat rate shipping fee of $150 will be applied to your exchange or refund if you had an in-home delivery.
  • For doorstep delivery items, there’s a flat rate shipping fee of $75 that will be deducted to your refund or return exchange. You might have to shoulder an original $75 if you do not have the original packaging.
  • Sundays only accepts returns in their showrooms.

Sundays’ Delivery Options & Costs:

  • I appreciate that Sundays offers free delivery on all orders within the continental US and Canada. This is a significant advantage for customers, as it eliminates the additional costs often associated with furniture delivery.
  • Sundays offers free in-home delivery and assembly for larger items, including made-to-order sofas. This service, which includes setting up the furniture and removing packaging, enhances the customer experience.
  • Sundays makes an effort to accommodate the customer’s schedule. However, you will incur a $150 delivery fee if you reschedule the delivery.
  • In the event that you decide to just return the item because of delivery scheduling issues at your end,  it will set you back $150 return shipping fee, which will be deducted from your refund.

Sundays’ Financing Options:

  • Sundays has partnered with Shop Pay so customers can pay their sofas on a buy now pay later basis. Shop Pay is powered by e-commerce giant Shopify. It allows you to split your payments in either 3, 6, or 12 months. You also don’t have to worry about hidden charges or any late fees when you miss your installment payment.

Is Assembly Required?

  • If you order a Sundays modular sofa or Sundays modular sectional, they will arrive at your home in several boxes. If you’re not much of a builder, again you don’t have to worry since the delivery team will assemble the furniture for you.
  • The team may even bring blankets to cover your floor while they work. They will also teach you where the connector clips that hold the different segments of the sofa together are located so you can easily reconfigure the sofa in the future if you want to.

Sundays’ Customization Options:

  • Sundays offers a curated selection of sofas, including the Movie Night, Get Together, and Chill Time collections. Each collection has a distinct style, allowing customers to choose a sofa that matches their aesthetic preferences.
  • Sundays provides a range of color options for their sofas. I noticed there are usually 3 to 8 color options. This allows customers to choose one that fits their interior design.
  • Some sofas are available in different sizes. This gives customers the flexibility to choose a size that fits their space.

Does Sundays Offer Free Fabric Swatches?

  • Yes, Sundays offers free fabric swatches to help customers make informed decisions about their sofa purchases. These fabric swatches allow customers to see and feel the texture, color, and quality of the upholstery materials before making a final decision.
  • By ordering fabric swatches, customers can ensure that the chosen fabric aligns with their desired aesthetic and complements their existing decor.
  • This service demonstrates Sundays’ commitment to customer satisfaction and ensures that customers can confidently select the perfect fabric for their sofas without any additional cost.
  • Delivery of fabric swatches takes 1 to 2 weeks.
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Durability & Quality Rating: 94%

Durability is a crucial consideration when buying a sofa, particularly when shopping online. Sundays asserts they want to provide the customers with sofas that would last, in terms of design and durability. So, do Sundays sofas stand the test of time as they promise?

Sundays’ Quality of Materials:

  • Most Sundays sofas feature family-friendly performance fabrics that are stain-resistant, moisture repellent, and breathable. Their trademarked LiveLife fabric is made from the fusion of twisted polypropylene yarns.
  • I found rub counts between 30,000 and 100,000,  depending on the price points. This suggests a high-quality fabric that is durable and easy to maintain. A higher rub count, while not the only factor, is a good measure on the resistance of the fabric to pilling.
  • The frame of Sundays sofas is made from a combination of solid wood and plywood, which is typically durable and long-lasting. I checked several products and they various materials such as solid pine and ash.
  • The cushions of Sundays sofas are made from high-density cold foam covered with fiber padding or feather-down blend. This combination usually provides a good balance of comfort and durability.
  • Their throw cushions usually have a blend of feather-fiber inside.

Sundays’ Cleanability:

  • The cleanability ratings of their fabrics are not detailed on the product pages on Sundays. However, most products include care tips suggesting that you soak spills with a paper towel, and for tougher stains, you can wash them with mild soap and water. This indicates that maintaining the cleanliness of Sundays sofas is relatively straightforward.
  • Many Sundays sofas also come with removable slip, cushion, and frame covers. They also have removable and reversible cushions.

Sundays’ Quality of Construction & Manufacturing Origin:

  • Sundays line of products are designed in-house at their Vancouver, Canada headquarters. Their website states that they work with European and Asian manufacturers to create modern furniture pieces.
  • Details about the construction of the Sundays sofa frames need to be more detailed. As standard, the kiln-dried hardwood pieces are cut accordingly and assembled using mortise and tenon joinery. Glue, nails, or screws are also typically used in the process. Most manufacturers also do corner blocking to ensure the durability of the frame. Some items on Sundays indicate they also use stainless steel to connect portions of the frame and the back.
  • Sundays also use no-sag springs, consisting of S-shaped coils or wires made from high-tensile steel, to ensure you have that comfortable bounce.
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Brand Vibe Check Rating: 95%

Connecting with a brand is crucial. Brands can embody certain lifestyles and sustainability goals. That’s why my aim is to help you find a company and brand that resonates with you, so you feel as comfortable with your new Sundays sofa as you are on it.

Sundays’ Key Differentiators & Unique Facts:

  • Sundays was founded by four friends, all retail and design experts with young families. They wanted furniture that was both timeless and durable.
  • Despite starting their business at a challenging time, Sundays saw a month-over-month increase in sales through digital advertising and partnerships with influencers. They now have showrooms in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, and Seattle.

Sundays’ Sustainability:

When it comes to sustainability, the brand takes a firm stance and states on their website, “We believe that true sustainability is the whole life-cycle of a product, so quality, natural materials, and multi-functionality are integral to our philosophy at Sundays.”

  • I agree with the brand that fewer and better things is one way to reduce waste and promote sustainability in the furniture industry. This means well-designed and well-built furniture translates to less overall environmental footprint.
  • Sundays prioritizes sustainability by sourcing materials from responsibly managed forests and eco-conscious suppliers, ensuring minimal environmental impact throughout the production process.
  • The brand utilizes renewable resources like FSC-certified wood in its furniture construction, reducing reliance on virgin materials and promoting circularity.
  • Sundays’ commitment to sustainability extends to its packaging, designed to minimize waste and utilize recyclable materials, aligning with its eco-friendly ethos. They are taking steps to reduce the use of styrofoam and shift to more sustainable packaging materials.
  • Likewise, free fabric swatches help lower the risk of additional travel for returns.
  • Sundays also donate returned items to local charities.

Sundays’ Overall Brand Presentation:

  • My overall impression of Sundays is highly favorable. They prioritize quality craftsmanship, customizable designs, and sustainable practices, ensuring their sofas meet both aesthetic and ethical standards.
  • Their emphasis on direct-to-consumer sales and online presence enables them to offer premium sofas at accessible prices, reaching consumers seeking stylish, eco-friendly furniture without compromising on quality.
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Still feeling couch curious...?

More Brand FAQs

What are Sundays’s top couches?

With so many types of couches to consider, this Sundays review aims to help you make an informed decision in your couch-buying journey. To make life easier for you, we have rounded up some of the best-selling Sundays couches that you can consider:

1. Movie Night 4-Piece Modular Sectional Review ($4,670-$5,180)

  • This sectional is part of the best-selling Movie Night collection, known for its five-star comfort. It features oversized feather-fiber cushions for a pure, pillowy perfection.
  • Despite its softness, it’s also stain-resistant, durable, and real-life-proof.
  • The frame is made with hardwood wrapped with a generous amount of multi-density foam.

2. Movie Night™ 3-Piece Modular Sofa Review ($3,710 – $4,130)

  • This sofa offers a luxurious seating experience with its oversized feather-fibre cushions.
  • It’s covered in Sundays’ LiveLife™ performance fabric, an ultra-soft, flatwoven material that’s breathable, moisture-repellent, and stain-resistant.
  • It comes with removable and reversible cushions.

3. Get Together™ 4-Piece Modular Sectional Review ($5,100 – $5,710)

  • This sectional sofa features a timeless tailored design with soft-yet-supportive cushions that hold their shape.
  • Just like other modular sofas, you can configure and reconfigure the piece to suit your space.
  • I like how the seats are extra deep and high enough, so it should be really comfortable, and getting up and down wouldn’t be a problem.

4. Get Together™ 3-Piece Modular Sofa Review ($4,070 – $4,560)

  • This well-designed sofa is soft yet its cushions are quite supportive.
  • You’ll get 5 cushions, 3 seat cushions, and 5 throw cushions with this sofa.
  • Just like other Sundays modular sofas, it comes with connectors to secure the pieces together.

5. Chill Time 4-Piece Modular Sectional Review ($5,100)

  • This sofa has that appealing modern style with slimmed-down proportions.
  • Its performance fabric is not only stain-resistant but also boasts 50,000 rub count.
  • This sectional Sofa from Sunday comes with anti-slip feet, so there’s no need for connectors.

6. Chill Time 3-Piece Modular Sofa Review ($4,070)

  • Just like its 4-piece sibling, it comes with performance fabric with that distinct hand-woven look.
  • It also has removable covers for the frame, slip, and cushion.
  • It’s bleach cleanable so you don’t have to worry if you have to deal with tougher stains.

7. Sunday Sectional Review ($3,262.50 – $5,212.50)

  • This sofa is effortlessly versatile with space-saving dimensions and an iconic shape.
  • It’s a commercial-grade piece so you can expect its durability against wear and tear.
  • The sofa has a functional seating depth and clean lines, making it a living room legend. 

8. Sunday Sofa Review ($2,062.50)

  • Just like its sectional sofa cousin, the Sunday Sofa is made with OEKO-TEX®-certified fabric, high-density cold foam and polyester, and FSC-certified European wood.
  • It’s made in Europe.
  • No-sag springs and high-density cold foam ensure it’s comfortable yet has the right amount of support.

9. Wind Down 4-Piece Modular Sectional Review ($6,580)

  • It’s clean, well-structured, and amazingly comfortable.
  • It has a fixed frame cover and sports solid ash removable feet.
  • Just like other sofas by Sundays, its performance fabric is breathable, stain-resistant, and moisture-repellent.

10. Pillow Talk Outdoor Sofa Review ($3,970)

  • This sofa has a solid teak frame and weather-resistant cushions.
  • It has that inviting vibe because of its natural warmth that’s perfect for the outdoors and even the indoors.
  • It has 100% Olefin fabric and quick-dry foam for its cushion.

How much do Sundays's couches cost?

When it comes to pricing, Sundays sofas offer a blend of quality and affordability. They provide a range of sofas that cater to different budgets, ensuring that customers can find a sofa that suits their financial needs without compromising on style or comfort.

Sundays’ Average Range:

  • The average price range for a 3-seater standard sofa from Sundays is approximately $2,400 to $4,130.

Most Expensive Sundays Couch:

Least Expensive Sundays Couch:

Couch Potato Note: When shopping on Sundays’ website, you can check the Special Prices section where you can find products at a discount.

Does Sundays have good reviews?

While Sundays boasts primarily positive customer feedback on its website, the scarcity of reviews on external platforms like BBB or Trustpilot raises some concerns about the brand’s reputation.

Overall Sundays Reviews:

  • Being a young company could be Sundays good excuse why they’re hard to track down on unaffiliated, third-party review sites.

Sundays’ Top Product Reviews:

  • Movie Night™ 4-Piece Modular Sectional 5 Star Review: “We love our new Movie Night Sectional. The fabric is so soft (brie) and the sofa is deep and comfy. The service reps have been very responsive through any delivery issues/questions. Very happy!” – Andrea D. (Verified Buyer)
  • Movie Night™ 4-Piece Modular Sectional 2 Star Review: “It is comfortable and looks nice. But honestly i have spilt water on it a few times, and the liquid goes right into the fabric. It’s not resistant to liquids at all. Can’t imagine if i spilt a darker liquid like their ads suggest. We have also had a ton of feathers coming out. Theyre constantly poking through and stabbing you, shockingly sharp little things. Hopefully we can refill the cushions eventually otherwise they will be flat and lifeless within 1-2 years.” – Madison (Verified Buyer)

Sundays’ Customer Service Reviews:

  • It seems experiences vary. Customers praise the Sundays couches and you see the company’s customer service team responding to concerns on the website’s review section. External reviews also praise the Sundays team for being extra nice but also point out some kinks, particularly in delivery.

What kind of style is Sundays furniture?

Sundays furniture exudes a contemporary and versatile style, offering a range of options to suit various tastes and preferences. With a focus on modern aesthetics and functional design, their furniture pieces seamlessly blend into diverse home settings, promising both style and comfort.

Sundays’ Range of Couch Options:

  • Sundays boasts an extensive range of couch options, catering to different needs and lifestyles. From sleek and minimalist designs to more plush and cozy styles, their collection encompasses various sizes, configurations, and features to accommodate individual preferences and space requirements.

Sundays’ Range of Couch Styles:

  • The brand’s furniture collection focuses on modular sectional sofas with modern or contemporary designs that invite you to lounge. Customers can explore clean lines and understated elegance in their pieces. Additionally, Sundays incorporates contemporary elements such as modular configurations and versatile upholstery options to appeal to a wide range of design sensibilities.

Does Sundays Have Other Products Besides Couches?

  • Beyond their impressive array of couches, Sundays offers a comprehensive selection of furniture and home decor items to complete any living space. From coffee tables and accent chairs to storage solutions and lighting fixtures, their product lineup encompasses essential pieces for every room in the home. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design, Sundays aims to provide customers with a holistic furnishing experience that reflects their unique style and personality.

What are some alternatives to Sundays?

If you love Sundays’ sofas because they’re not just pieces of furniture but integral parts of a comfortable, relaxed lifestyle, you might also want to check out other sofa brands with a similar vibe. Below are other brands that also exude a sense of tranquility and comfort, reflected in their product designs.