A modern living room features a blue tufted sofa adorned with colorful pillows, a mid-century wooden coffee table, and a coral chair. Artwork and plants decorate the white walls, and a large window brightens the space. A cozy rug completes the room. A modern living room with deep red walls featuring a white sectional sofa adorned with colorful cushions and a patterned throw. A contemporary chandelier with globe lights hangs above. The space is accented by a large abstract painting and a striped rug. A stylish living room with a floral-patterned sofa and armchair, adorned with yellow and red cushions. A glass coffee table holds books and a floral arrangement. Large green plant and framed art add to the decor. Natural light streams through arched windows. A stylish living room features a green velvet sofa with decorative pillows, surrounded by numerous green plants. Above the sofa is a vertical garden with lush greenery. A wooden coffee table with books and a glass of water stands in front of the sofa, and a wooden dresser is on the right. A modern living room with a teal sectional sofa, a light pink ottoman, and a striped blue area rug. Decor includes wall art, plants, and various decorative objects. Large round and rectangular windows allow natural light to fill the room, highlighting wooden flooring. A retro living room features vibrant orange, red, and yellow patterns. The room includes a floral-patterned sofa with green cushions, a matching armchair, a wooden coffee table with magazines, a tall floor lamp, and a retro wall and carpet design. A modern living room featuring a blue, tufted sectional sofa with an angled backrest. A decorative pillow with a geometric pattern is placed on the sofa. A round wicker coffee table with a geometric wire decor item is on a light and dark patterned rug. A stylish living room features a teal sectional sofa adorned with colorful cushions and a matching round ottoman. Abstract art pieces decorate the walls, and a large window allows natural light to fill the space. A rug accents the wooden floor and a plant adds greenery.


PotatoMeter Rating: 92%

A teal-colored bird logo with the word "JOYBIRD" in uppercase letters to the right of the bird. The bird is standing on two legs with a raised tail. The design appears on a white background.

About Joybird

Joybird is a modern furniture company that offers customizable, mid-century inspired pieces handcrafted in Mexico. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and sustainable materials, Joybird creates timeless designs in bold color that are built to last. The company offers free fabric swatches, a 365-day home trial, and a lifetime warranty on frames and workmanship, ensuring customer satisfaction with every purchase.

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