Interior Define: Ultimate Brand Review And Rating

Alex Back | CEO & Founder
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If you're the kind of person who's ever sighed, "Why can't I find a sofa that's actually me?", Interior Define might just be the answer. They're all about customization, from fabrics to leg styles and everything in between. But with so many options, is it overwhelming, or the solution to years of furniture frustration? In this Interior Define couch review, I'm taking a close-up look to help you decide.

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If you're a die-hard design nerd like myself, Interior Define is a big deal. They understand that your sofa should be a reflection of your personality, not just another piece of furniture. Their craftsmanship is solid, their Design Experts are surprisingly helpful, and wow, their customization options are impressive. Some of their price points might raise an eyebrow, and they won't be winning any awards for speedy delivery. But if you're craving a sofa with serious pizzazz that's built to last, Interior Define deserves a close look.

Online Shopping Experience Rating: 93%

The website of Interior Define feels like your stylish friend's Instagram feed, but with sofas instead of avocado toast. Everything's laid out nicely, finding the couch of your dreams is (mostly) a breeze, and the photos are seriously good. They've added in some fun tools to help you visualize your perfect sofa. One or two things could be smoother, but let's dig into the details, shall we?

Interior Define's Ease of Navigation

  • Right away, Interior Define does a great job showcasing the breadth of their product selection and highlighting their emphasis on customization. You get a clear sense of their brand vibe from the moment you land on the site.
  • Interior Define's main menu is easy to scan, with categories like "Living", "Bedroom", "Dining", "Lighting", and "Outdoor." This makes it simple to find the type of furniture you're looking for, and shows they've expanded their product offerings beyond just sofas.
  • Shopping by style is a breeze: Their "Shop by Collection" feature lets you browse curated selections, which is great when you're looking for inspiration or know the general aesthetic you want.
  • From sofa size to fabric type to price range, the filter options on Interior Define's sofa pages are well-organized. This is a must for customizing and making those big furniture decisions a bit easier.
  • The search bar is your friend: Interior Define's search bar is reliable and quick. This is always a good sign, especially when you have a specific sofa model name in mind

Interior Define's Information Available “At-A-Glance” 

  • I love that Interior Define immediately showcases the wide range of fabric and sofa leg options available for each sofa. It helps you visualize all the possibilities before you even click into the product page.
  • Pricing is transparent: Each sofa listing clearly shows the starting price. This makes it easy to get a general sense of your budget right away, which is especially important with customizable pieces.
  • Double thumbs up for their “How It Sits” section on the specific Interior Define sofa product page. Their sofas are shown in standard depth and models of different heights show how one would sit on the furniture. There’s also a quick summary of the seat comfort, height, and depth.
  • Sale pricing is easy to spot: Sale prices or promotions are clearly labeled, making it simple for shoppers to find potential deals within the Interior Define furniture selection.
  • Product dimensions could be more prominent: You usually have to click on the individual sofa page to see the dimensions. It would be nice to have this basic info displayed in the quick view for easier comparison. This is typical of the industry, however, and ya can't have it all!
  • Props to the brand too for having the estimated delivery schedule prominently displayed on specific sofa pages. Interior Define sofas are produced with rather long lead times comparatively to other brands so this is particularly important.

Interior Define's Product Images  

  • Interior Define does a great job showcasing their sofas in beautifully styled rooms. This helps you envision how a piece could fit into your own home, and gives inspiration for overall design vibes.
  • Zoom function is a win: Being able to zoom in on product images is essential for online furniture shopping. Interior Define couches let you get up close and personal with fabric textures and construction details, which is a bonus.
  • They've got the standard front and side views of their sofas, but I also appreciate the 360-degree videos they include on product pages. Those really give a sense of the piece as a whole.
  • Interior Define includes close-up shots of various fabrics and leg finishes, which is crucial for anyone building their dream sofa.

Interior Define's Quality of Product Information 

  • Interior Define covers all the basic info you need to know about construction and materials. I do appreciate the details like "kiln-dried hardwood frame" – it builds confidence knowing they're paying attention to quality.
  • Fabric descriptions are impressive. They go beyond just the fabric type. You get info on durability ratings, cleaning instructions, and even detail if the couch is pet-friendly or not. This shows they're thinking about real-life use.
  • They address customization head-on: With so many options, clear product info is critical. Interior Define does a good job explaining the differences between cushion types, seat depths, and more, so you don't feel overwhelmed.
  • Visuals are amazing! Sometimes it's easier to show rather than tell. Simple illustrations or photos of the different leg finishes or cushion options take their product info to the next level. Even how they show how a specific Interior Define couch sits.
  • The brand is also transparent about the product reviews. You can filter them based on ratings. It’s great because a lot of sofas have hundreds of reviews and that helps online shoppers find out more about how the sofas perform in real life.

Interior Define's Extra Bells & Whistles 

  • Interior Define's augmented reality feature is a game-changer for online sofa shopping. Visualizing how a sofa will look and fit in your own space eliminates so much guesswork. The fact that they offer this on a variety of devices makes it even more accessible to shoppers. Many other similar applications are only iOS-based or have certain limitations that Interior Define's AR feature does not.
  • The "Design Services" tab is a nice touch: Even in the quick view, Interior Define reminds you that they offer free design help. This makes the customization process feel less overwhelming and more accessible.

Shipping & Lead Times Rating: 92%

Waiting for furniture can be a drag. That's why it's important to understand a company's shipping and lead times upfront. Let's take a deep dive into Interior Define's process – because when it comes to your custom sofa, patience might just be the most important thing you order.

Interior Define's Made to Order Products: Since Interior Define sofas are all made-to-order, it's important to manage expectations. The upside is you get your dream sofa, but the downside is you'll be waiting a while. Ten to 14 weeks is the general timeframe. Certain collections only take 6-8 weeks, according to an Interior Design customer service rep. This is a fairly standard lead time for custom furniture, but it's worth emphasizing that this can vary. It might be a bit longer for complex pieces or certain fabrics.

Interior Define's Shipping Time: Overall, the entire process from order placement to receiving your custom sofa can take several months, roughly 2.5 to 3.5 months. A longer timeline is expected in the custom furniture industry but Interior Define produces their pieces overseas unlike many of their competitors so this adds to the overall lead time. Shipping once the item is ready to go isn't any longer than any of the other players in the industry and generally averages 1-3 weeks.

Customer Focus Rating: 95%

Okay, choosing a custom sofa is a big commitment. You want to feel confident not only in the product but in the company behind it. Let's take a close look at how customer-focused Interior Define really is.

Interior Define's Warranty:

  • Interior Define offers a 10-year limited warranty on sofa frames:  This robust warranty demonstrates confidence in their construction and provides peace of mind for buyers making a significant investment in a custom sofa.
  • The warranty covers things like broken frames, faulty springs, and similar manufacturing issues. It's reassuring to know Interior Define stands behind the 'bones' of their sofas for a lengthy period.
  • The warranty doesn't cover everyday wear and tear, accidents, misuse, or damage caused by things like improper cleaning. It's also limited to the original owner at the original delivery address.
  • Interior Define encourages customers to inspect their sofa upon delivery and report any issues within 72 hours. This proactive approach helps address potential problems quickly.
  • "Handmade" means some variation is expected: Interior Define transparently acknowledges that minor imperfections may occur with custom pieces. This helps manage expectations and can potentially avoid warranty disputes down the road.
  • Interior Define offers extended warranty plans through a third-party company, Mulberry. These plans expand coverage to include accidental damage (like spills, stains, or tears) that would fall outside the standard warranty. It's important for customers to carefully review the full terms and conditions of a Mulberry plan before purchasing.

Interior Define's Return Options:

  • 60-day return window is fairly standard: This gives you some time to live with your Interior Define sofa before making a final decision. Can you return your sofa if it doesn’t fit? Keep in mind that custom furniture generally has shorter return windows than ready-made items due to the 'made-to-order' aspect.
  • The hefty 50% restocking processing fee: This is a significant downside to Interior Define's return policy and a major factor for shoppers to consider. It underscores the importance of making a confident choice upfront to avoid that costly change of mind. Take note though that most furniture manufacturers do not accept returns since there’s a high risk that they cannot resell the customized sofa.
  • Interior Define emphasizes that damaged or altered items cannot be returned. This makes sense, but reinforces the need for careful inspection upon delivery. Any issues need to be reported ASAP.
  • One return or exchange per household: This limitation could be frustrating for shoppers if their first exchange piece isn't the perfect fit either. It encourages careful decision-making and perhaps getting those fabric samples before ordering.


Interior Define's Delivery Options & Costs:

  • White-glove delivery is the standard:  Interior Define makes things easy on customers by including white-glove service for all their made-to-order pieces. This means delivery, unboxing, assembly, and packaging removal are taken care of – a major perk for custom sofas.
  • $249 flat fee is in line with the industry: While not exactly pocket change, this delivery cost is pretty standard for custom furniture requiring white-glove service. It's important for shoppers to factor this into their overall budget.
  • "Large orders" could get more expensive: The policy mentions potential extra fees for large orders, but it's frustratingly vague. More transparency on what qualifies as "large" and how much the fees could be would help customers make informed decisions.
  • International shipping is available: Interior Define does ship to other countries, but customers should expect longer lead times and likely higher shipping costs. Their website has a dedicated section for international orders.
  • I love how they dedicated a page so their customers understand their whole sofa order journey.

Interior Define's Financing Options:

  • Interior Define partners with Afterpay to offer financing, but it's limited to orders under $4,000. This could be helpful for those looking to break down the cost of a smaller sofa purchase.

Is Assembly Required?

  • Custom Interior Define sofas are already built when delivered. There’s really no assembly needed. And since white glove delivery is the default, the delivery team handles minor assembly tasks such as attaching legs or connecting sectional pieces together.

Interior Define's Customization Options:

  • Sofa customization is their superpower! Interior Define truly shines with their extensive options for fabrics, legs, seat depths, cushion fills, and even sofa configurations. This level of control allows you to create a piece that perfectly suits your style and needs.
  • Fabric choices galore: With hundreds of fabric options, including performance varieties and even pet-friendly choices, Interior Define empowers customers to find the perfect look and feel. Their emphasis on sofa quality materials is evident.
  • Don't forget the legs: Leg styles and finishes have a surprising impact on a sofa's overall aesthetic. Interior Define offers a nice selection, letting you go modern, classic, or somewhere in between.
  • Size matters: You get to pick from different sofa sizes and seat depth.
  • Comfort is customizable too: Choose between standard and deep seat depths, and different cushion fills for a softer or firmer seat. This isn't always an option from custom sofa companies, making Interior Define stand out.
  • If you’re having a hard time deciding on which of these sofa customization options are best for you, you can always connect with their design specialist.

Does Interior Define Offer Free Fabric Swatches?

  • Free swatches are a major plus: The fact that Interior Define offers free fabric swatches, including leather options, is great! This allows you to experience the colors and textures in your own home before committing to your custom sofa.
  • You have multiple ways to request swatches. Either visit the dedicated swatch ordering page, or click "Order Free Swatches" directly on a product page – nice and convenient.

It's reassuring that Interior Define is upfront about potential shipping delays. Setting expectations for the 2-7 business day timeframe is helpful, given the current supply chain challenges that have hit many industries.

Durability & Quality Rating: 95%

Custom sofas aren't cheap. So before you click "order" on that Interior Define beauty, you want to be sure it's not just going to look great – it has to handle real life too. Do their materials and construction promise years of lounging, or will it give out before the financing is paid off? Let's investigate!

Interior Define's Quality of Materials:

  • Interior Define offers a massive range of fabrics, from textured linens to plush velvets, and even performance options. They even have a healthy selection of genuine leathers for those who want that luxurious feel. Interior Define explains the nuances of leather, including variations, dye processes, and how it will age. This helps customers understand the unique appeal (and potential upkeep) of leather.
  • They emphasize using durable fabrics and seem to partner with reputable suppliers. While some fabrics might be more prone to wear than others, their wide selection lets you choose based on your lifestyle.
  • Kiln-dried hardwood frames. This is a major plus, as it means your Interior Define sofa's foundation is built to last. Kiln-drying prevents warping and makes for a sturdier frame. Their 10-year frame warranty shows Interior Define stands behind their construction.
  • Interior Define offers different cushion fills, from high-resiliency foam to down-wrapped options. This lets you customize the firmness and overall feel of your sofa.
  • Interior Define seems to strike a good balance between customization and lasting quality. Their construction appears solid, and they provide plenty of guidance to help customers maximize the lifespan of their sofa.

Interior Define's Cleanability:

  • Interior Define offers a huge range of fabrics, and some will be inherently easier to clean than others (think performance fabrics vs. delicate linens). Their spot cleaning guide is helpful, but do your research on a specific fabric before committing (or you can check out this how to deep clean my sofa guide).
  • Some Interior Define sofa styles offer slip-covered options. If you have kids, pets, or just love a messy snack, slipcovers can be a worthwhile investment.
  • Interior Define provides detailed care instructions, including a handy "spot code" system to determine the best cleaning methods for spills on various fabrics. Addressing stains quickly is key for any sofa, no matter the brand.

Interior Define's Quality of Construction & Manufacturing Origin:

  • It will depend on the collection, most Interior Define sofas are made overseas in their partner Asian factories like in China and Vietnam, but they also have a factory in Mexico.
  • Made-to-order approach: Remember, Interior Define's focus is on customization. That means their sofas aren't mass-produced, but rather built individually after you place your order.
  • Emphasis on quality control: They claim a rigorous 45-point inspection process to ensure each piece meets their standards. This suggests they prioritize quality, even with outsourced production.
  • Frame construction focus: Interior Define's use of kiln-dried hardwood for their frames is a good sign. They mention sinuous spring suspension systems, which are a common technique in sofa construction.
  • The customization factor: With so many possible configurations and fabric choices, some variation in craftsmanship between individual Interior Define sofas is possible. Ordering swatches and thoroughly inspecting your sofa upon delivery are always smart moves.

Brand Vibe Check Rating: 91%

Interior Define's Key Differentiators & Unique Facts:

  • While offering extensive customization, Interior Define seems committed to solid construction and quality materials. This strikes a good balance for those who want a unique piece that's also built to last.
  • The company was founded in 2014 by Rob Royer, pushed by their own struggle to find high-quality furniture at affordable prices.. E-design platform Havenly took Interior Define under its umbrella in 2023 after the original founding team had some troubles that stemmed from hyper-growth post pandemic. CEO of Havenly, Lee Mayer, is a furniture industry powerhouse, having built and acquired some incredible brands in the e-commerce furniture space. Lee and her team have things well in hand now in 2024 and, by all accounts, Interior Define seems to be thriving. Lee spoke with Business of Home and said of the brand acquisition, “We sort of grew up together. I’ve actually had six different Interior Define pieces over the years,” she says. “I liked it and thought there was something there, and felt like it deserved to exist.”

Interior Define's Sustainability:

Shopping for furniture can make you think – not just about your living room, but the planet too. Does Interior Define prioritize sustainability, or is it just about the look? Let's investigate.

  • They mention using kiln-dried wood to prevent warping, which is a good practice. It'd be great if they provided more specifics about the origins of their wood materials.
  • Interior Define emphasizes building long-lasting furniture with their 10-year frame warranty. Designing pieces that won't end up in landfills is a key part of sustainability.
  • Interior Define offers a wide selection of Oeko-Tex® certified performance fabrics. This certification indicates the fabrics are free of harmful chemicals, promoting a healthier home and environment.
  • Their detailed care instructions and emphasis on cushion maintenance encourage customers to extend the life of their Interior Define sofa.
  • Interior Define's commitment to producing cushions free of harmful chemicals like flame retardants and formaldehyde is a positive step towards a healthier home and a cleaner environment.

Interior Define's Overall Brand Presentation:

  • Interior Define presents a compelling option for those seeking stylish, custom sofas without the designer price tag. Their emphasis on quality construction and their user-friendly website make the online furniture shopping experience less intimidating. While they could be more transparent about their sustainability practices, Interior Define's commitment to customization and healthy materials make them a brand worth considering.


  • Extensive customization options for fabrics, legs, seat depths, and cushion fills
  • High-quality materials, including performance fabrics and genuine leather
  • Solid construction with kiln-dried hardwood frames and sinuous spring suspension
  • Free fabric swatches for in-home testing
  • White-glove delivery included with every purchase
  • 10-year limited warranty on sofa frames


  • Made-to-order lead times can be lengthy (6-14 weeks).
  • 50% restocking fee for returns
  • No option to change your mind once an order is placed
  • Limited financing options
  • Limited transparency regarding manufacturing origins

Still feeling couch curious...?

More Brand FAQs

What are Interior Define’s top couches?

Interior Define makes a lot of sofas. They have 20 collections of sofas varying in style, configuration, and functionality. But which ones are truly worth your hard-earned cash? Let's break down their most popular styles, from cozy loveseats to sprawling sectionals, and see which ones deserve a spot in your living room. Take note that the prices indicated may vary based on the configurations you choose.

1. Sloan 3-Seat Sofa Review (From $2,145)

  • The Sloan's clean lines and track arms are undeniably chic, but those cushions promise serious sink-in comfort too.
  • Interior Define's focus on quality construction means the Sloan can handle movie nights, pets, and everything in between
  • The Sloan's adaptable style blends seamlessly with a wide range of decor, making it a safe yet stylish choice.

2. Sloan Chaise Sectional Review (From $2,495)

  • Just like the standard Sloan, the sectional version offers tons of fabrics, leg finishes, and configuration options to make it truly yours.
  • The chaise section is perfect for movie marathons or afternoon naps, adding an extra layer of luxury to the Sloan design.
  • Ideal for those with more room to spread out, a Sloan Chaise Sectional makes a statement without sacrificing comfort.

3. Maxwell Fabric Sofa Review (From $1,845)

  • Maxwell is designed for serious lounging, with its deep seat, plush cushions, and those included lumbar pillows for extra support.
  • The collaboration with Maxwell Ryan of Apartment Therapy means this sofa blends comfort with on-trend style.
  • The Maxwell's lower seat height creates a relaxed vibe, perfect for cozy spaces or a more modern aesthetic.

4. James 3-Seat Chaise Sectional Review (From $3,195)

  • Modern with a cozy twist: The James balances sleek lines and a low profile with super-soft cushions for a stylish yet inviting vibe.
  • The option for contrast piping lets you add a pop of personality to your custom James sectional.
  • Those plush, deep seats promise maximum relaxation, perfect for sinking in after a long day.

5. Tatum Modular 3-Seat Chaise Sectional Review (From $4,180)

  • The Tatum's modular design is its superpower! Rearrange pieces as your needs or space change – it's the sofa that grows with you.
  • Choose from corner units, armless chairs, ottomans (even storage ottomans!) to create the perfect configuration for your lifestyle.
  • The Tatum can adapt to fit cozy apartments or evolve into a sprawling sectional as your space allows.

6. Ms. Chesterfield Fabric Sofa Review (From $1,945)

  • Tradition with a twist: The Ms. Chesterfield takes the iconic tufted design and updates it with a lighter, more modern silhouette.
  • This sofa is for those who want their furniture to make a statement, blending timeless elegance with a contemporary feel.
  • No need to constantly fluff or rotate cushions – the Ms. Chesterfield is designed to keep its shape.

7. Ms. Chesterfield Leather Sofa Review (From $2,895)

  • The Ms. Chesterfield silhouette gets even more sophisticated in luxurious leather.
  • Interior Define's focus on how leather ages adds to the appeal, promising a sofa that will develop character over time.
  • Included pillows for the win: Those leather-wrapped pillows add an extra touch of comfort and luxury.

8. Jasper Chaise Sectional Review (From $3,695)

  • Laidback luxury: The Jasper's relaxed design and deep, soft cushions are all about that California-cool vibe.
  • Like most Interior Define sectionals, the Jasper offers plenty of fabric options and configuration choices to make it your own.
  • This sectional is made for movie nights, lazy Sundays, or sprawling out with a good book.

9. Gaby 3-Seat Sectional with Bumper Review (From $3,245)

  • The Gaby strikes a balance between clean lines and inviting comfort, perfect for those who love modern design without sacrificing relaxation.
  • Those soft track arms and included side cushions are ideal for curling up with a loved one (or just claiming extra space for yourself!).
  • The sectional's signature bumper lets you easily switch up the configuration, making it adaptable to different spaces or lounging needs.

10. Saylor Slope Arm 2-Seat Sofa Review (From $2,095)

  • The focus on a seat and back cushion that's comfortable for most body types makes the Saylor a safe yet stylish choice.
  • The 2-seat sofa option makes the Saylor ideal for cozy apartments or those wanting a loveseat-sized piece.
  • Interior Define's claim of a shorter lead time on Saylor pieces is a major selling point for impatient furniture shoppers!

How much do Interior Define's couches cost?

Interior Define sofas aren't bargain-basement finds, but they're also not designer-level prices. Their focus on customization means costs vary, but expect to invest in a quality piece rather than grabbing a cheap, off-the-shelf sofa.

Interior Define's Average Range:

  • 3-Seater Standard Sofas: Interior Define's average price range for a standard 3-seater sofa seems to fall between $2,000 and $4,000. However, this is heavily influenced by fabric choices, upgrades, and any added features.

Most Expensive Interior Define Couch:

  • Overall: Interior Define's most expensive sofas are often their large, modular leather sectionals, potentially reaching $6000 or more in premium configurations. These luxurious pieces offer extensive customization and ample seating. For example, the Tatum - Leather Modular U-Corner Sectional has a regular price of $18,750.
  • Even among standard 3-seaters, leather options tend to be the most expensive. These represent Interior Define's focus on quality materials and craftsmanship. For example, the Maxwell - Leather 3-Seat Sofa will set you back $3,495.

Least Expensive Interior Define Couch:

  • One of the most affordable options from Interior Define is the Winslow Loveseat with a tag price of $895. Even at these prices, Interior Define offers impressive fabric choices, allowing for personalization.

Does Interior Define have good reviews?

You know my opinion on Interior Define, but hey, I'm just one guy. Let's check out what other folks are saying about their sofas, service, and the whole customization experience.

Overall Interior Define Reviews:

  • Interior Define's reputation seems to be a mixed bag, similar to many online furniture retailers. Over at Trustpilot, Interior Define furniture has a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars based on 1,021 reviews. On BBB, the brand has 1.14 stars out of 5 based on 143 customer reviews. They went through a very tough financial period during 2021-2023 so much of Interior Define's online reputation was damaged in the process. That being said, the new team in place has things back on track quite nicely by all accounts.

Interior Define's Top Product Reviews:

  • Sloan 3-Seat Sofa, 5-Star Review: “Perfect in our first home. I have been dreaming of this sofa for 5 years. We are over the moon with our gorgeous green velvet sleeper sofa. It is worth it to upgrade to premium features! It is an investment that will last us for a long time!” - Samantha B. (Verified Buyer)
  • Sloan 3-Seat Sofa, 1-Star Review: “This couch is so uncomfortable!! Thought it would break in and soften up over time, but it hasn’t. Very disappointed!” - Gina S. (Verified Buyer)

Interior Define's Customer Service Reviews:

  • Interior Define seems to excel with its customization and design services. However, they may need to address issues with lead times and provide more consistent customer support. It's crucial for potential customers to read reviews carefully and weigh the pros and cons before making a purchase, especially considering the custom nature of their furniture.

What kind of style is Interior Define furniture?

So, Interior Define lets you build your dream sofa, but what kind of dream sofas can you actually craft? Buckle up, because we're about to explore the wild world of their design options. From slipcovered chill zones to timeless chesterfields, we'll see if Interior Define can truly cater to all your desires.

Interior Define's Range of Couch Options:

  • Okay, Interior Define isn't playing around when it comes to sofa variety. We're talking ID Loveseats, Interior Define sectionals, modular sofas – you name it, and they probably let you customize it. They even have those fancy sleeper sofas for when your friends (or in-laws) inevitably crash at your place. Massive range? Check. Plus, you can score different shapes and sizes within the same sofa style, which is a serious bonus if you're into that cohesive room design thing.

Interior Define's Range of Couch Styles:

  • Interior Define covers a lot of ground– think sleek modern, timeless classic, and even a bit of that old-school Chesterfield vibe if you're feeling fancy. Bottom line: if you have a clear design aesthetic, there's a decent chance they'll have a sofa that fits your vision.

Does Interior Define Have Other Products Besides Couches?

  • Short answer: Yes! But honestly, the pizza place makes sandwiches too but 98% of the customers are there for the pepperoni slice... Jokes aside, they do have a selection of chairs, ottomans, and a few other pieces if you're looking to furnish your entire pad with that Interior Define flair. However, their sofa game is the real star of the show here.

What are some alternatives to Interior Define?

Love the idea of a custom sofa but not quite sold on Interior Define? Don't sweat it – the furniture world is your oyster! Let's check out some alternatives that might be a better fit for your style or budget.