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Tired of the same old, same old in the furniture world? Edloe Finch is shaking things up with their contemporary mid-century vibes and surprisingly affordable prices. They're big on quality too, which is always nice. So do they live up to the hype? Did other Edloe Finch sofa reviews cover the right stuff? Let's dive into this Edloe Finch review and get ready to discover if Edloe Finch furniture is the right match for your pad.

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Edloe Finch gets a solid thumbs up from me! Their mid-century modern pieces have that cool, understated vibe, but more importantly, the quality feels truly built to last. Sure, the prices aren't bargain bin level, but when you compare the construction to other brands, you're actually getting a great deal. Plus, Edloe Finch customer service seems top-notch, and the vibe of the company feels refreshingly down-to-earth.

Overall, I see Edloe Finch as a real contender in the online furniture space. If you're into classic design with modern finishes and a focus on quality, they're definitely worth checking out. Edloe Finch furniture won't transform your life, but it'll definitely make your living room way cooler, and more comfy to boot.

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Online Shopping Experience Rating: 91%

Okay, color me impressed with the Edloe Finch website. Someone there understands how to design for online furniture shopping, and it shows. “More people of all age groups are becoming comfortable with shopping on the internet. This is good news for us as our Edloe Finch brand continues to grow,” said Edloe Finch CEO Darryl Sharpton when asked about his long-term goal for the brand.

It's all about striking a balance – nice photos, clear info, not too cluttered – and they mostly nail it. Let's see if the rest of the shopping experience holds up...

Edloe Finch's Ease of Navigation

  • Simple and streamlined: Edloe Finch keeps things uncluttered with a main menu that focuses on the key categories – a good move for easy browsing.
  • Their filters for sofas let you drill down by price, name, old or new, or best-selling Edloe Finch couches. It's pretty standard, but it gets the job done if you're looking for something specific.
  • I gotta say, the big product tiles with high-quality photos make it tempting to click around and explore different sofa styles. They've got the visual appeal down.
  • Their search bar is also pretty straightforward– it’s prominently positioned on top to help those who know exactly what they want to find quickly.
  • They also have sections for their recommended products and customer reviews. Who will say no to that?
  • Clear footer menu: They round things out with a well-organized footer menu offering links to their "About Us," shipping policies, and customer service info. This is nice because it's easy to find all those extra details if you need them.

Edloe Finch's Information Available “At-A-Glance” 

  • Edloe Finch displays the price of each sofa prominently on the product card, which is great. No need to click through hoops to find out how much that gorgeous Edloe Finch sofa costs.
  • The product cards showcase the customization options you have for your sofa. Most offer the choice of Edloe Finch sofa leg styles. For sectionals, the best configuration that fits your space.
  • Thankfully, Edloe Finch includes the dimensions of each sofa right on the product page. This is essential information for anyone trying to figure out if a particular sofa will fit in their space.
  • Aside from the website mentioning free shipping, there is a clear indication of estimated shipping times on the product pages themselves. This is essential information for those who are eager to know when they might be able to sprawl out on their new Edloe Finch couch.
  • Key Features Highlighted: Some product cards mention special features like removable cushions or performance fabrics. This is a nice touch, as it allows shoppers to quickly identify sofas that might be a good fit for their needs.
  • Customer reviews and star ratings are displayed on the product pages, which is a big plus. Social proof can be important for online furniture purchases, and these reviews can give potential buyers valuable insights from real customers.

Edloe Finch's Product Images  

  • High-Quality Lifestyle Shots: It's clear that Edloe Finch invests in their product photography. The lifestyle images are bright, well-styled, and give their Edloe Finch sofas a real aspirational feel. This definitely helps me imagine how a sofa might look in my own space.
  • It’s worth pointing out in this Edloe Finch review that they do a good job of showing each sofa from a few different angles, which helps you get a sense of its overall shape and design.
  • I'd love to see more close-up shots of the fabrics and textures. As an online shopper, I really want to be able to almost feel the material and see details like stitching before I buy.  Even other Edloe Finch furniture reviews mention this feature as a positive.
  • Some of the images show the sofas in styled living room settings, which is nice for visualizing your sofa’s scale and how the pieces might work in a real space.

Edloe Finch's Quality of Product Information 

  • Edloe Finch does a good job talking about the style and features of each sofa. They emphasize things like mid-century modern lines, clean silhouettes, and family-friendly materials. This gets me excited about how their pieces might look in my home.
  • The product pages always list the basic dimensions front and center, plus material information (leather, performance fabric, etc.), so I can quickly assess if a style might be a good fit for my space.
  • Edloe Finch Furniture gives us a peek at the inner workings of their sofas. Savvy shoppers like me crave these inside scoops – is it kiln-dried hardwood, how dense is the foam, those sorts of things.
  • It's nice when they have a sentence or two that really sums up a particular sofa, like "The Albany sofa is super comfortable and perfect for lounging." Aside from making life easier when doing Edloe Finch Albany sofa reviews. this helps me picture a particular Edloe Finch sofa in my life and see if it's what I'm looking for.
  • If there’s one thing Edloe Finch couch reviews point out, it’s how you can easily find details about their shipping, delivery service fees (if you decide to upgrade), and their return policy. It shows how the brand values good customer experience.

Edloe Finch's Extra Bells & Whistles 

  • Edloe Finch does a good job laying out their warranty and return policies. This builds trust and shows they stand behind their products, which is important for a big online purchase like a sofa.
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Shipping & Lead Times Rating: 90%

Edloe Finch seems to understand that getting your new sofa ASAP is important. They offer free shipping and their website has a decent amount of info about how long it takes to get their furniture. Let's dig a little deeper to see what the real deal is.

Edloe Finch's Shipping Time: They don't specify exact transit times, but once your Edloe Finch sofa ships, you'll receive a tracking number to get a better estimate. Standard ground shipping can take a few days or up to a week or two (this often means three when it comes to furniture delivery), depending on your location.

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Customer Focus Rating: 93%

One thing I know for sure – nobody wants furniture shopping to be a headache. Good customer service goes a long way, especially when you're buying online. Let's see if Edloe Finch makes the grade when it comes to taking care of their customers.

Edloe Finch's Warranty:

  • Edloe Finch offers a limited one-year warranty on all of their furniture. This warranty period starts from the date your Edloe Finch sofa is delivered.
  • The warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship. This means they'll repair or replace your Edloe Finch furniture if something goes wrong due to a manufacturing problem.
  • It's important to note in this Edloe Finch review that several things aren't covered. This includes damage caused by general wear and tear, accidents, or using the furniture for anything other than its "intended purpose."
  • The warranty doesn't apply if your Edloe Finch sofa is used in a commercial setting, like a business or office.

Edloe Finch's Return Options:

  • Customers have a solid 30 days to decide if their new Edloe Finch sofa is the perfect fit for their lifestyle. This return policy puts them in line with most online furniture retailers and gives shoppers a nice chance to live with the furniture before committing.
  • Edloe Finch states that furniture must be returned in "as-new condition" and in the original packaging.
  • Edloe Finch does charge a return shipping fee, which is calculated as 10% of the item's price (capped at $200). This is pretty standard practice for online furniture, but it's a cost factor to keep in mind, especially for larger, pricier items.
  • It's good to see that Edloe Finch has a process in place for handling furniture that arrives damaged. Their policy seems fair, offering replacements or replacement parts as needed.
  • They make it easy to initiate returning a sofa, with both email and phone options for their customer service team. This shows Edloe Finch understands that dealing with returns can sometimes be stressful.

Edloe Finch's Delivery Options & Costs:

  • Free Ground Delivery: Look, sometimes you just want your new sofa without the fuss, and that's perfectly fine. This option gets it done with zero delivery fees – delivered right to the curbside of your house or apartment. Keep in mind, if you've got stairs or tricky logistics, you might want a little extra help (which leads us to...)
  • Upgraded In-Home Delivery ($199): Let's be real in this Edloe Finch review, hauling a sofa up several flights of stairs isn't everyone's idea of fun. That's where this comes in – they'll bring it to the room you want, set it up, and voila! Instant relaxation. Now, the $199 price tag is fair for this level of service, and even though it may take a little longer, sometimes convenience is worth it. Just a heads up, they won't take away the packaging for you.
  • I love the no-nonsense approach. It's great that they're upfront about what's included with each delivery option, especially any potential extra fees for special situations. My one suggestion in this Edloe Finch review? Maybe highlight that the 'Free Ground Delivery' is ideal for those who have a helping hand at home. It emphasizes the perk of that option, while subtly steering those who truly need assistance towards the upgraded service.

Edloe Finch's Financing Options:

  • They've teamed up with Affirm to offer flexible monthly payments. The good news – sometimes you can snag a zero-interest plan if you qualify. It's always worth checking, especially if you're watching your budget.

Is Assembly Required?

  • The easier the couch assembly, the faster you go from 'unboxing' to 'lounging.' It's a big factor to consider – after all, who wants to waste an entire weekend deciphering confusing diagrams? A company that makes assembly a breeze (or even does it for you) is a clear winner in my book. In this Edloe Finch review, we put 1 under W for the brand. There’s minimal assembly for most sofas, just like in other brands. However, if you do not have the handyman skills, you can always go for their upgraded delivery service, which includes the assembly of your new Edloe Finch couch.

Edloe Finch's Customization Options:

  • Edloe Finch keeps things refined with a curated selection of sofas and sectionals. While you might not find dozens of styles, their focus is on quality pieces that you can tweak to your liking – think different leg styles or sectional configurations for that perfect fit.

Does Edloe Finch Offer Free Fabric Swatches?

  • Yes, you can absolutely request fabric swatches from Edloe Finch! It's a great way to get a real sense of the texture and color before committing to your sofa. You can either start a chat on their website or send an email to with the fabrics you're interested in. You can request up to four different ones, totally free of charge!
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Durability & Quality Rating: 93%

Okay, a sofa isn't just about looks — although let's be real, that matters too! When it comes to Edloe Finch, the big question is: Do their pieces have the under-the-surface quality to match their style? We're looking at materials, how they're put together, and whether these sofas are made for the long haul in this Edloe Finch review. It’s basically a rundown of the boxes you need to check on what you should know before buying a sofa.

Edloe Finch's Quality of Materials:

  • Edloe Finch uses kiln-dried hardwood frames across their sofa collection. This is a big thumbs-up in the durability department – these woods are less likely to warp or crack over time, making for a sturdier sofa foundation.
  • Upholstery Options: They offer a good mix of choices! You've got their sleek vegan leather, which seems pretty thick and durable, plus a selection of fabrics like cozy bouclé. It'd be awesome if Edloe Finch provided more fabric specs (like rub counts), especially for those of us with messy pets or kids.
  • It seems like Edloe Finch puts some extra thought into their sofa cushions. Options range from supportive pocket coils with high-density foam to that luxurious combo of mattress-quality foam and feathers. This gives you choices based on your preferred level of firmness.
  • Edloe Finch seems to be on par with similar mid-range brands in terms of material quality. They're not using top-of-the-line Italian leather, but their construction and fabric options look solid for the price point.

Edloe Finch's Cleanability:

  • Their vegan leather option seems like a cleaning superstar - a simple wipe down should handle most spills and messes. Fabric options might need a bit more care, but removable cushions always make life easier in case of accidents.
  • Edloe Finch doesn't mention any special stain-resistant treatments on their fabrics which isn't a cause for alarm but they may not have as much focus on durability and cleanability as some other brands more catered to kids or pets, etc. In general, it might be worth investing in a fabric protector spray, especially for lighter-colored sofas or if you've got a house full of messy kiddos (or adults!). That being said, most polyester based fabrics are very easy to clean so it could simply be that they see no need to place a greater focus or emphasis on this.
  • It's great that Edloe Finch provides cleaning instructions – always important to follow those! Overall, their sofas seem pretty low-maintenance, especially if you opt for the vegan leather. A quick vacuum or wipe down here and there should keep your Edloe Finch couch looking good for the long haul.


Edloe Finch's Quality of Construction & Manufacturing Origin:

  • Edloe Finch partners with manufacturers across the globe, including countries like India, Malaysia, China, and Indonesia. This is pretty common for furniture brands, allowing them to tap into different parts of the globe to source materials and goods at prices that are actually affordable to the end consumer.
  • It doesn't look like Edloe Finch manufactures the sofas themselves. They focus on design and working with overseas partners to produce their pieces. This approach is totally fine, as long as they have strict quality control standards in place.
  • Kiln-dried hardwood frames are a great start - that's a sign of a solid foundation and other Edloe Finch furniture reviews would agree. The mention of spring suspension systems is also encouraging because it suggests they're not skimping on support beneath those comfy cushions.
  • It would be awesome if Edloe Finch provided more behind-the-scenes transparency on their website. Showcasing the craftsmanship that goes into their sofas would up the confidence factor even more.
  • The Quality Promise: A strong warranty speaks volumes. Knowing Edloe Finch stands behind their products, even with a global manufacturing approach, is reassuring as a buyer.
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Brand Vibe Check Rating: 86%

Buying a sofa isn't just about looks (although that's important, obviously!). It's about finding a brand whose vibe matches yours, and that’s our ultimate goal in this Edloe Finch review. Do they care about the same things you do? That feeling of alignment makes a new sofa even more satisfying. Let's uncover the Edloe Finch ethos.

Edloe Finch's Key Differentiators & Unique Facts:

  • From the Gridiron to the Living Room:  Edloe Finch was founded by Darryl Sharpton, a former NFL linebacker. This background adds an interesting dimension to the brand, potentially appealing to those who appreciate that drive and competitive edge. Just watch out if the pocket protection breaks down around the couch because Darryl might dive in out of nowhere!
  • The Albany Park Connection: Darryl Sharpton also founded Albany Park, another online furniture company with a similar focus on modern style and convenience.

Edloe Finch's Sustainability:

It's awesome when a stylish sofa also treads lightly on the planet. Does Edloe Finch make the eco-friendly grade?

  • Edloe Finch uses kiln-dried hardwood frames, which is a good start as these woods come from sustainably managed forests. They also offer vegan leather options for a smaller environmental footprint.
  • "No Harsh Chemicals" Policy:" Their commitment to avoiding harmful chemicals in their sofas is a significant plus for both our health and the environment.
  • Room for Growth: While it's unclear if Edloe Finch has specific certifications related to sustainability, their focus on quality materials and healthy practices is a solid foundation for further eco-friendly initiatives.

Edloe Finch's Overall Brand Presentation:

  • Edloe Finch gets some major points for style. Their sofas have that clean, modern look that works in a ton of spaces. They seem focused on making the buying process easy – free shipping, simple assembly – which is always a win. A bit more transparency about where their materials come from would be awesome, but overall, Edloe Finch is a solid option for those wanting a good-looking sofa without the headache.
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Still feeling couch curious...?

More Brand FAQs

What are Edloe Finch’s top couches?

Ready to dive into quick Edloe Finch couch reviews and discover their hottest sofas? From stylish sectionals to cozy sleepers, Edloe Finch aims to blend modern looks with easy living. Let's unveil the top 10 best-selling sofas and see which ones deserve a spot in your home. Read on before you click that buy button or look for the best Edloe Finch coupon code to save you some moolah.

1. Albany Sofa (Vegan Leather) Review ($1,329)

  • This sofa nails that mid-century modern vibe without feeling outdated. The vegan leather adds a touch of sophistication, making it super versatile for different styles. This reminds me of their popular and already sold-out Edloe Finch Finley sofa.
  • Comfort is King: "Mattress quality foam" is no joke! The Albany seems built for serious relaxation sessions. Plus, those pocket coils add extra support and bounce.
  • Stress-Free Setup: I'm all about easy assembly, and the Albany's tool-free approach gets a big thumbs up. Plus, the manageable box sizes mean less "furniture Tetris" getting it into your space.

2. Park Sofa (Vegan Leather) Review ($1,459)

  • Feathers on top of foam cushions? That's a recipe for serious sinking-in satisfaction. The Park seems like the ultimate spot to unwind after a long day.
  • Sleek and Sophisticated: The name "Park" fits, as this sofa has a hint of that chic, upscale vibe. It's a great option if you want a statement piece for your living room.
  • Vegan Leather Lovin': Again, thumbs up for the durable vegan leather and focus on healthy materials. Edloe Finch definitely delivers in this department!

3. Park Sofa (Grey Fabric) Review ($1,289)

  • Grey Fabric gives the Park a softer, more inviting vibe compared to the leather versions. It's perfect for creating a super-chill living room atmosphere.
  • You still get those awesome feather-topped cushions for maximum relaxation – because who doesn't love sinking into a cloud-like sofa?
  • The Park in Grey Fabric is a winner for comfort-lovers who want a versatile sofa that won't clash with their décor. Bonus points if you have kids or messy housemates (that reversible cushion feature comes in handy!).

4. Albany Sofa (Olive Velvet) Review ($1,259)

  • Velvet Vibes: Olive Velvet gives this Albany a totally different feel – a bit more luxe and glamorous. I'm digging the hint of vintage sophistication.
  • You get the same amazing cushion construction with pocket coils and foam, making this a seriously cozy choice.
  • The Albany in Olive Velvet is perfect if you love a touch of luxury, want a trend-forward look, and don't mind giving your sofa a little extra care.

5. Albany Corner Sectional (Rust Velvet) Review ($2,029)

  • Statement Maker:  Talk about a showstopper! Rust Velvet on a corner sectional is a bold move. If you want your sofa to be the focal point of your room, this is it.
  • Corner sectionals are perfect for stretching out. Movie marathons? Game nights? This Albany configuration is calling your name.
  • The Albany Corner Sectional in Rust Velvet is for folks who want a touch of drama, have the space to accommodate it, and love entertaining or just having maximum lounging real estate.

6. Park Sofa (Bouclé) Review ($1,389)

  • Bouclé is the star here! It adds awesome visual interest and a touch of cozy sophistication to the Park design.
  • The Trend Factor: Bouclé is super hot in the furniture world right now. This sofa is a great way to bring a current, designer-inspired feel to your space.
  • The Park in Bouclé is for trend-conscious folks who love a textured, luxurious feel and aren't afraid of a more delicate fabric.

7. Park Sectional Sofa (Distressed Vegan Leather) Review ($2,199)

  • Distressed vegan leather adds a touch of sophistication, even in a large-scale sectional format. It strikes a nice balance between cool and cozy.
  • Sectionals are generally more of a splurge. Yet, Edloe Finch's quality construction and focus on healthy materials make it feel like an investment worth making.
  • The Park Sectional in distressed vegan leather is perfect for anyone who wants a stylish and spacious sofa, values comfort, and prioritizes durability and healthier materials.

8. Albany Corner Sectional (Distressed Vegan Leather) Review ($2,099)

  • This sectional combines the chill vibes of a corner configuration with the sleek look of distressed vegan leather – it's a stylish and comfortable combo.
  • Corner sectionals can be genius for maximizing seating in tricky layouts. Make sure to measure carefully against those room dimensions!
  • The Albany Corner Sectional in distressed vegan leather is perfect for those who want a statement sofa, have the room for it, and appreciate both comfort and a cool, modern look.

9. Ashbury Sleeper Sofa Review ($989)

  • Sleeper sofas are MVPs in smaller homes or for anyone who frequently hosts guests. The Ashbury's sleek design makes it feel less "dorm room futon" and more "stylish space solution."
  • The wood frame and clean lines give the Ashbury a classic look that works with tons of different décor styles.
  • The Ashbury Sleeper Sofa is perfect for anyone who needs a stylish guest bed solution, loves that mid-century modern aesthetic, and values quality construction and materials.

10. Park Sectional Sofa (Charcoal) Review ($2,089)

  • Charcoal adds a touch of sophistication and works with a ton of design styles. It's a great choice for those who want depth but shy away from true black.
  • Feather-Topped Comfort: Edloe Finch knows that sinking-in feeling is essential. Those feather-filled cushions offer next-level relaxation - no doubt about it.
  • The Park Sectional in charcoal is perfect for anyone who wants a stylish and spacious sofa, values comfort, loves the versatility of a neutral, and prioritizes durability and healthier materials.

How much do Edloe Finch's couches cost?

Edloe Finch understands that style shouldn't break the bank. Their sofas offer a tempting mix of modern looks and quality sofa construction, all at surprisingly wallet-friendly prices.

Edloe Finch's Average Range:

  • For a standard 3-seater sofa from Edloe Finch, you can expect to pay anywhere between $1,200 and $1,500. This seems to be their sweet spot, where you'll find most of their popular sofa styles. This is a very hot price point these days and highly sought after by a majority of consumers.

Most Expensive Edloe Finch Couch:

  • Most Expensive Overall: The priciest Edloe Finch piece is their larger sectional sofas, like the Park Sectional Sofa in Bouclé or Distressed Vegan Leather. These top out around $2,100 (sometimes even less on sale!). These sectionals offer maximum seating, luxe materials, and serious style – making them a true investment.
  • Most Expensive 3-Seater: The Albany Sofa in Vegan Leather is the standard sofa with the highest price tag of $1,329. It boasts kiln-dried hardwood frame and removable seat cushions with mattress-quality memory foam.

Least Expensive Edloe Finch Couch:

  • Edloe Finch really surprises with their Ashbury Sleeper Sofa coming in at a budget-friendly $989. For those needing a stylish guest bed solution or a sofa for a smaller space, this is a seriously tempting deal.

Does Edloe Finch have good reviews?

The Edloe Finch furniture review that really matters? Customer reviews! The good, the bad, and the comfy. My opinions on Edloe Finch are just the start. Let's see what real buyers think about their sofas – from the style to the customer service.

Overall Edloe Finch Reviews:

  • Edloe Finch furniture reviews are limited on platforms like Trustpilot. As of writing, it has an average of 1.7 stars out of 5, but with only 41 reviews, it’s difficult to make a definitive picture of customer sentiment. Some Edloe Finch couch reviews and customers praise the brand for its quality furniture while others frown at Edloe Finch customer service.

Edloe Finch's Top Product Reviews:
When I browsed through hundreds of Edloe Finch couch reviews on the brand’s website, these two Edloe Finch Ashbury sleeper sofa reviews caught my attention.

  • Ashburry Sleeper Sofa, 5-Star Review: “This sofa surpassed our expectations. Super comfortable - cushions are the perfect balance of firm and springy so you don’t sink too far in when you sit. Guests have remarked how comfortable it is. We got the grey one and the fabric is nice. Also the assembly is not bad and was perfect to allow us to fit a sofa down our narrow basement stairs.” - Laura E.
  • Ashburry Sleeper Sofa, 3-Star Review: “The Ashbury Sleeper is a beautiful couch; I've received compliments from everyone who has seen it. However, it is not a comfortable sleeper. It is very firm, which I like for a couch, but you can tell it has springs under the cushioning. This is probably why; the times I have tried to sleep on it have left my hips and shoulders pretty sore. I like it for a couch due to is shallow depth. It is nice to be able to sit straight up. It's not a couch for slouching. Just don't plan to spend too much time on it sleeping." - Hannah B.

Edloe Finch's Customer Service Reviews:

  • Edloe Finch customers report a range of experiences, with some praising the stylish designs and ease of assembly, while others criticize poor quality materials, shipping delays, damaged items, and unresponsive customer service.

What kind of style is Edloe Finch furniture?

Forget the furniture showroom snoozefest. Edloe Finch is your one-stop shop for modern furniture that's anything but basic. From luxe bouclé sofas to sleek mid-century sleepers, they've got a treasure trove of statement pieces to fit a range of styles, and I’m sure other Edloe Finch sofa reviews would agree. Let's see if Edloe Finch can quench your thirst for unique design.

Edloe Finch's Range of Couch Options:

  • Edloe Finch might not have every single couch combo under the sun, but they've got enough options to make even the most indecisive homeowner happy. Standard sofas, sleek sectionals, space-saving sleepers – if you can dream up a way to lounge, Edloe Finch is likely on board. The best part? You can snag different shapes and sizes within the same style, making it super easy to coordinate your entire living room.

Edloe Finch's Range of Couch Styles:

  • Edloe Finch gets that your style isn't cookie-cutter. That's why they've got a mix of modern masterpieces and those dreamy mid-century vibes. We're talking sleek vegan leather, cozy bouclé...even a hint of traditional charm if that's your jam. Edloe Finch has a little something for everyone who appreciates good design.

Does Edloe Finch Have Other Products Besides Couches?

  • Sofas are cool, but let's face it – a stylish pad needs more than just a place to plop. While Edloe Finch hasn't gone full-on home goods store (yet), they have been known to dabble in bedroom and dining room furniture. So, if you want to keep those modern vibes flowing throughout your space, they've got some options worth exploring.

What are some alternatives to Edloe Finch?

Love Edloe Finch's vibe but not sure it's "the one"? Don't worry, your perfect sofa match could be out there. Let's scope out some other brands to see if anyone else gives you that furniture-love-at-first-sight feeling.