Minimalist living room with a large white sectional sofa, wooden coffee table, and neutral decor. A small vase with branches sits on the table alongside books. Two abstract art pieces are on the wall, and soft natural light filters through the space. A cozy living room features a plush green sectional sofa with pillows, set against a light wood-paneled wall. Above the sofa hangs an abstract painting in earthy tones. In front of the sofa, a round white coffee table holds a brown glass vase and a candle. A spacious living room features a white fabric sectional sofa with plush cushions. A light wood coffee table in front holds decorative items, including a vase with greenery, stacked books, and small bowls. Large windows offer a view of buildings outside. A minimalist daybed with beige upholstery and a cylindrical pillow is placed in a bright room with a white wall. A small wooden tray with a glass of water and biscuits rests on the floor nearby, along with an open book on the daybed. Geometric rug lies beneath. A modern living room featuring a gray upholstered armchair and sofa, a rectangular wooden cabinet with angled legs, and a low, round black coffee table on a light-colored rug. The walls are white and there's minimal decor, creating a clean and minimalist aesthetic. A woman and a man are sitting on a white sectional sofa. Both are smiling and engaged in conversation. They are dressed in casual, light-colored clothing. The background is minimalistic with a white wall and floor, creating a clean and serene atmosphere. A modern black upholstered chair with wooden legs is positioned next to a minimalist wooden side table. On the table, there is a clear glass bottle and a glass of water. The setup is placed on a light textured carpet against a beige wall.


PotatoMeter Rating: 94%

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About Sundays

Sundays' modern yet timeless aesthetic culminates in a collection of cozy, minimalist pieces. With a focus on clean lines, neutral colors, and natural elements like wood and leather, Sundays' sofas exude understated elegance. Their partnership with skilled artisans using eco-friendly materials and methods ensures that each piece is carefully crafted embodying their ethos of 'slow living' and relaxed refinement.

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