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Between the Cushions:

Couch.com is the place to find a couch. We've aggregated all of our industry knowledge into one convenient place to help you figure out exactly what sort of couch you need and where to find it.

From countless resources on how to pick the best couch for your space and lifestyle, to advice on how to negotiate the best deal in a furniture store, we're taking you from couch potato to couch expert. We'll tell you about the best brands, the best sales, the best times to buy, and we'll even give you exclusive tips and tricks on how to care for your new couch so that you don't end up back here looking for another one for a long time. Just think of us as the Match.com of couches!

(Note that some of these features may not be available just yet since our full platform is still in development and will be launching in late 2024.)

What We Offer:

Expert Advice

Our team of industry experts or "furniture nerds" as we affectionately call them provide you with insider tips and tricks.

Top Brands

Browse our marketplace (coming soon) to discover all of the top couch brands and compare products side by side!


Get inspired by an aggregate of some of the best home decor and furnishings photography and video content online.

Planning Tools

Take our CouchFinder Quiz to find your sofa soulmate or use our 3D room planning tools to choose your new couch (coming soon).

Furniture Reviews

We're giving you unbiased reviews on what each of the top brands does well (and not so well) and where to shop.

Find Your New Couch

Locate and communicate with retailers that are eager to earn your business both in your local area and online!

Meet the Couch Crew

A man with a ginger beard and short hair wearing a grey blazer and a lilac shirt stands smiling in front of a leafy green background.

Alex Back, CEO & Founder

When I was 26, I founded the e-commerce startup Apt2B, an exciting home furnishings brand catered to modern living. During the tail end of the (last) recession, there was a gap in the industry for affordable home furnishings in larger cities and virtually no online presence for great looking sofas, beds and home decor. My friend and business partner, Mat, and I seized the opportunity and began riding the incredible wave that was the last 13 years.

After seeing the company through an acquisition in 2018 and exiting my post as C.O.O. in 2023, I took some time to really think about my next move. When I found out that the website Couch.com was available for a sum that was larger than my kids' college fund I laughed it off. But as I thought about it further I realized that this opportunity was actually a perfect fit for me- I'm not sure there is anyone else better suited to bring the experience, fun and dad joke cheese factor to Couch.com!

My dream was to create a platform that actually helps people find great furniture. Lucky for me no one has an f'ing clue where to buy a new couch! Not even those of us in the industry, to be honest. We're currently building a platform that attempts to solve that problem - think of us as the Match.com of couches!

  • A woman with long, wavy hair stands outdoors in front of greenery and flowers. She wears a colorful, striped shirt and has a calm expression, with subtle makeup enhancing her features.

    Brittany LeNoir

    Brittany comes to Couch.com after almost 6 years at Apt2B, where she worked closely with Founder and C.O.O., Alex Back, to grow the brand from the ground up. She started in the Marketing Department but was quickly promoted to Business Operations Manager, and then later to Director of Brand & E-Commerce where she oversaw and optimized all front-end aspects of the business (marketing, sales, merchandising, and e-commerce). Fun fact: Brittany is also a Retired Disney Princess! Before moving into the furniture industry, Brittany was a professional singer and actress, having worked for a very famous mouse for over a decade in both Florida and Hong Kong.
  • A person with long dark hair is sitting on a blue sectional sofa, smiling. They are wearing a dark blazer, dark pants, and brown shoes. The sofa is adorned with various patterned pillows. A photo collage is hung on the white wall behind the sofa.

    Arlyn Hernandez

    Arlyn Hernandez is obsessed with furniture, partly because she was paid to know everything about it for nearly 15 years (but also because she just really loves anything you can sit on). Between being a top editor at the luxury interior design publication Luxe Interiors + Design, launching the first design and shopping section of award-winning shelter website Apartment Therapy, running the wildly popular blog Style by Emily Henderson and serving as the Marketing Director for e-commerce furniture company Apt2B, she knows a thing or two about couches and beyond. She’s someone who appreciates spending your money on the right things, and being well-informed to avoid buyer's remorse. No matter what phase of life you’re in, she believes in loving your home and everything in it.
  • A person with short, brown hair and glasses is smiling while wearing a dark grey, textured sweater. The background shows a framed abstract painting on a beige wall.

    Chris Knauer

    Chris is an award winning writer living and working in Los Angeles. Most recently, he's worked as a Script Coordinator for TV series featured on Paramount+ and Netflix. He also has 10 years of copywriting, blogging, and content creation experience with a focus on interior design. But most importantly, he's a veteran of the furniture industry. He's worked every level of the couch retail pipeline from in-person showroom sales all the way up through the shaping of high-level brand strategies.
  • A smiling person in a blue and red patterned sweater sits on the edge of a light-colored couch, with a patterned pillow and books on the coffee table in front. The room features exposed brick, large windows, and modern decor.

    Kyle Schuneman

    Kyle Schuneman is a distinguished interior designer, renowned for his innovative approach to small space living and his vibrant, eclectic style. He has made a significant mark in the design world with his unique ability to blend functionality with personality, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary homes. Kyle's work is not just about aesthetics; it's about creating environments that reflect the inhabitants' lives and stories.As an author, Kyle has shared his expertise through popular books, offering practical advice and creative solutions for maximizing space without sacrificing style. His designs often feature bold colors, clever storage solutions, and thoughtful layouts that make every square inch count.
  • A close-up portrait of a person with a neutral expression, looking directly at the camera. They have short black hair and a short trimmed beard, and are wearing a black shirt. The background is a plain gray color.

    Chinedu Eleanya

    Chinedu Eleanya is a visionary entrepreneur and the CEO of Mulberry, a forward-thinking company dedicated to enhancing the customer shopping experience with innovative technology solutions. Before steering Mulberry towards new heights, Chinedu made his mark in the tech world as the founder and CEO of Zippy, showcasing his knack for identifying market needs and crafting compelling solutions. His leadership at Zippy demonstrated his commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, traits he continues to embody at Mulberry. With a passion for technology and a deep understanding of the consumer landscape, Chinedu is a driving force in the tech industry, continually pushing the boundaries to create more meaningful and impactful consumer interactions.
  • A person with short, light-colored hair and a friendly smile is wearing a light-colored, button-up shirt. The background is plain and light-colored, emphasizing the person's cheerful expression.

    Darcy McGilvery

    Darcy McGilvery is the Chief Marketing Officer at Simpli Home Furniture, having joined in June 2021. Previously, he worked at Able & Howe and Snaptech Marketing, where he honed his expertise in digital and leadership marketing. He holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Victoria, a diploma in Marketing Management from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, and an MBA from Thompson Rivers University. At Simpli Home, Darcy has been pivotal in integrating digital and physical retail strategies, focusing on omni-channel marketing and expanding eco-friendly product lines. Darcy has contributed great expertise in his exclusive interview with Couch.com.
  • A man with short brown hair and a beard smiles at the camera. He is wearing a gray, long-sleeved henley shirt with three buttons. The background is a plain, dark-colored wall.

    Travis Nagle

    Travis Nagle is the co-founder of Medley Home, a furniture company renowned for its commitment to sustainability and custom-made products. With his brother Ryan, Travis launched Medley in 2017, building on a foundation laid in 2005 when they first started creating furniture. Raised in a creative environment by a woodworker father and an artist mother in California, Travis and his brother were instilled with a passion for design and sustainability from a young age. This upbringing influenced their approach to Medley, where they prioritize eco-friendly materials, such as organic textiles and reclaimed wood, to craft furniture that combines modern aesthetics with environmental responsibility.
  • A man with short, salt-and-pepper hair, wearing a blue checkered blazer and a white checkered shirt, is standing indoors. The blurred background appears to be a modern office space with glass walls and ceiling lights.

    Steven Ting

    Steven Ting is a seasoned professional with a robust background in the home furnishing and e-commerce sectors. His career journey includes significant tenures at industry giants like Houzz, Cymax, and Homelegance, where he has honed his skills in various facets of the business, from sales and marketing to operations and customer service. At Houzz, Steven contributed to the platform's growth, enhancing the connection between homeowners and home improvement professionals. His time at Cymax allowed him to delve deeper into e-commerce strategies, optimizing online retail experiences. With Homelegance, Steven played a crucial role in product development and market expansion, further solidifying his expertise in the home furnishing industry.
  • A bald man with a short beard and mustache is wearing glasses and a black sweater. He is smiling and posing against a white background.

    Jonathan Wilson

    In 2005 I got a job as a furniture salesman. In 2007 I began to perceive it as a career. In 2011 I was promoted to the upholstery buying team at one of the largest furniture retailers in the country. I've trained managers, stagers, decorators, and more... but above all, salesman. To date, I've probably given around 5,000 sales meetings. I helped build and stage 200,000 square foot stores. Once, I led a team of fifty as we staged over 50,000 square feet with upholstery sets, rugs, accessories and all, in around 8 hours the day before Grand Opening Labor Day Weekend... with zero prep. The story is as ridiculous as it sounds, I'd love to tell you about it. Later, I joined up with Jackson/Catnapper to serve the Colorado and Arizona regions as a factory representative. I really wanted to learn the manufacturing side of the business, combine my retail skills, and serve the entire industry as a better rep. In my four+ years with Jackson Furniture Industries, my sales grew from $12MM to over $30MM dollars annually. I empowered thousands of salespeople to best represent the brand. Their confidence in their product was evident in the tremendous sales growth. Today, I'm still serving the furniture industry as the VP of Strategic Partner Success at Legends Home in Phoenix, AZ.
  • A woman with short brown hair smiles and poses inside a stylishly decorated home. She is wearing a black blazer, white top, and blue jeans. The room behind her has contemporary decor, including patterned wallpaper and modern light fixtures.

    Rebecca Hay

    With a focus on exceptional quality and sustainable products, Rebecca manages complete decor and design projects from start to finish. Her designs infuse the old with the new in an innovative and eco-friendly way. Rebecca's work has been showcased in the pages of some of the country’s top design and lifestyle magazines. She is also a regular columnist for several GTA publications.
  • A person in a light blue scrubs top with a name tag examines a patient's foot. The patient‚Äôs lower leg and foot are visible. The practitioner appears to be pointing to a specific area on the foot. The background shows anatomical posters and part of a sculpture.

    Dr. David Bond

    As our resident chiropractor, Dr. David Bond brings over three decades of chiropractic expertise to Couch.com, specializing in holistic and comprehensive approaches to pain management. He excels in manipulative medicine and energy techniques, emphasizing the crucial role of body alignment for optimal health. Dr. Bond's innovative spirit shines through in his creation of The Bond Wand, a patented device designed to enhance fascial stretching and massage, showcasing his commitment to advancing patient care and well-being. He is glad to provide us with advice and insight on how to choose the right couch for your sitting style and how to deal with back pain.
  • A young man with short brown hair and black-framed glasses is smiling. He is wearing a blue, green, and white checkered button-up shirt. The background is plain white.

    Ryan Duff

    Ryan has nearly 10 years of SEO experience specializing in creating customized SEO content strategies for e-commerce stores. His ability to integrate specific SEO strategies into the bigger picture plans has provided Ryan with several examples of ranking success. When not engaged in the magic of SEO you can find Ryan hoopin’ on the court or cookin’ new recipes the kitchen.
  • Black and white close-up portrait of an older man with short gray hair and a beard, looking thoughtfully into the distance. The background is blurred.

    Yoram Weinrich

    Yoram is the CEO of Simpli Home Furniture, where he oversees the operations, strategy, and growth of this leading home furnishings e-commerce brand that produces and sells solid wood, upholstered, and bathroom furniture under various labels. With over 23 years of experience in the furniture industry, he has a passion for creating stylish, affordable, and quality products that enhance the lives of their customers. He has a proven track record of developing and sourcing products from top global manufacturers, building strong relationships with major online retailers, creating a sophisticated advertising platform, and establishing a market-leading brand and website.
  • A person with short brown hair and glasses is smiling at the camera. They are wearing a dark grey t-shirt and standing against a plain grey background.

    Joe Phelan

    Joe brings over a decade of expertise in e-commerce and digital marketing, crafting tailored strategies that drive revenue and growth for businesses. His deep insight into market trends and consumer behavior enables him to expand brand reach and increase sales. Skilled in navigating the dynamic digital landscape, Joe empowers businesses with strategies and insights for significant growth.
  • A man with wavy, medium-length dark hair and a beard is standing outdoors in front of a blurred background. He is wearing a blue shirt and looking directly at the camera with a neutral expression.

    Mitchell Bishop

    As a video editor, Mitchell have worked for many companies such as ESPN, Yahoo Sports!, CBS Online and Billboard Music. He worked 2 seasons at NFL Network and 5 years at Buzzfeed in the Branded department. His main strengths are Trailers, Sizzles, and Music Videos, but he has edited long forms such episodic and feature stories as well, both comedy and dramatic. At Buzzfeed Branded he cut videos that were long and short form brand tie-ins while staying on top of how the same video would have to be reconfigured to the many different social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.). He is a versatile editor with an understanding that the landscape of platforms and media is changing constantly.
  • A man with short dark hair and a trimmed beard stands in front of a red brick wall. He is wearing a denim shirt over a white T-shirt and has a serious expression on his face. The background features a combination of red bricks and faded gray paint.

    Kevin Snider

    In the digital media space, Kevin has developed a keen talent for blending innovative technology with creative flair, making his content distinct in a competitive field. Drawing from his 20 years of experience as an educator, he skillfully translates complex concepts into compelling content at Couch.com, offering insights into the world of stylish and functional furniture. Known for his intuitive grasp of audience interests, Kevin crafts experiences that are not just informative but also remarkably engaging. Off duty, Kevin's 'field research' often involves a couch - where he's well adept at sitting, reclining, eating, napping, etc...

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Couch.com was made for consumers by furniture experts

Welcome to Couch.com, your premier destination for high-quality and stylish couches, sofas, and living room furniture. Couch.com was born from a group of visionary furniture retailers who identified a major need in the industry: consumers had no idea where to shop for the perfect couch, and retailers struggled to find qualified customers. We created Couch.com to bridge this gap, offering a seamless shopping experience that connects discerning buyers with top-notch furniture.

At Couch.com, we pride ourselves on featuring the best furniture experts in the industry. Our team includes Couch CEOs, VPs of marketplaces, interior designers, and retail brand founders, all dedicated to discussing important topics that matter to consumers. Leveraging our extensive network of sofa experts, we provide valuable insights and advice to help you make informed decisions about your furniture purchases.

Our experts have collectively sold millions of couches, including sectionals, sleeper sofas, pull out couches, and leather couches, making them some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the field. Their expertise ensures that every couch on our site meets the highest standards of quality, comfort, and style.

Whether you’re looking to update your living room with a chic new couch, or seeking the perfect sofa to match your home’s décor, Couch.com has something for everyone. We are passionate about helping you find the perfect furniture to enhance your home’s ambiance and provide a cozy, inviting space for you and your loved ones.

Not sure how to clean a couch or how to buy a couch? Our experts are here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring you find the right fit for your needs. Explore our diverse range of couches and living room furniture today, and discover why Couch.com is the trusted choice for discerning homeowners. Visit our couch store and furniture store sections to find your perfect match.

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