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Speed Decorating: Transform Your Home in No Time

Ever dreamed of giving your space a makeover but are short on time? What if we told you that a full-blown interior transformation could be done in just one day?
Lauren Figueroa from LF Designs

Transform Your Space in Just One Day with Lauren Figueroa Interior Design 

Hey there, design enthusiasts and makeover mavens! Have you ever dreamed of giving your space a complete overhaul but thought, "Who has the time?" Well, what if we told you that a full-blown interior transformation could be done in just one day? Yes, you read that right – one day!

Enter Lauren Figueroa Interior Design and their game-changing "Designed in a Day" service. This isn't your average design consultation, they're doing things a lil' bit differently. Imagine spending a day diving deep into your design dreams, exploring your style, and crafting a plan to bring it all to life. From 3D drawings that make your space come alive on screen to a shopping list that covers every corner of your room, Lauren's team is there to turn your vision into reality.

But what makes "Designed in a Day" truly special?

It's all about efficiency, personalization, and fun. Lauren Figueroa is mastering the art of distilling the design process into a 5-hour session that's as productive as it is enjoyable. Whether you're looking to revamp your living room, bedroom, or the entire house, Lauren and her team offer personalized advice tailored just for you.

And for those who might be thinking, "But I'm not in Michigan," fret not! Lauren's got you covered with virtual sessions that can span continents. So, whether you're near or far, you can experience the magic of "Designed in a Day."

Now, you might be wondering about the cost. At $2,497, it's an investment in your happiness and your home's future. Plus, with a week of follow-up support, you're not just left with a plan but a partner in your design journey.

So, what exactly do I get?

Well, first, Lauren spends 5 hours either virtually or in person should you happen to be close to her home base in Clarkston, Michigan. During the 5 hour session, you explore the following:

  • STYLE DISCOVERY: Looking through your inspiration photos and talking about likes, dislikes, and functionality needs
  • SPACE PLANNING & 3D DRAWINGS: Measuring the space and work out the best possible furniture layout, as well as drawing up simple 3D cabinetry and built-in drawings
  • SHOPPING: Once the layout and list of finishes/fixtures is determined, you hop online to make selections with Lauren

Then, once that work is complete and Lauren has a great sense of who you are, you will leave with the following in hand:

  • SOURCE LIST with links for all furniture, decor, fixtures, and finishes for your space
  • STYLE BOARD to help you visualize how the pieces/finishes will look together in your room.
  • 2D LAYOUT of the space so you know how to set it up when your items arrive
  • 3D DRAWINGS when applicable, if we are focused on a kitchen/built-in unit, etc.
  • LOCAL CONTACTS (when available) for our go-to vendors to help you execute things like paint, countertops, tile, etc

So, why wait for a lengthy renovation when you can see your space transformed in just a day? Lauren Figueroa Interior Design is not just about making spaces beautiful; it's about making design dreams doable. Here's a link to some past designs you should definitely check out.

For those ready to take the plunge into a design adventure that's both efficient and exhilarating, "Designed in a Day" might just be what you've been waiting for. Check out Lauren's website for more details and to book your session. Your dream space is just a day away!

About Lauren Figueroa

"I’m Lauren, the gal behind the designs, and this little corner of the internet is where I highlight some of the fun things I get to do as an interior designer, business owner, and human.

My husband and I moved from Grand Rapids to Southeast Michigan almost three years ago now—where has the time gone!?—and work wise, I split my time between West Michigan and the Metro Detroit area.

Anyhow…while design can sometimes seem a little superficial, ultimately it’s about people, how they live, what they need, and what their people need."

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