A brown leather sofa with two white pillows and one gray pillow is set against a backdrop of beige curtains and large windows. In front of the sofa, there is a round black coffee table with a cup and several books. The floor is covered with a light-colored rug with a blue geometric pattern. Some stacked books with a coffee cup sit to the left. A modern living room with a white sofa adorned with pillows, situated on a neutral-toned rug. A book lies open on the floor in front of the sofa. Light filters in through large windows in the background, highlighting a corner shelf with decorative items on the left. A modern outdoor patio setup featuring a wooden sectional sofa with dark cushions, adorned with gray and yellow throw pillows and a beige blanket. A matching wooden coffee table holds a candle lantern and a small decorative item, with plants in the background. A modern gray sofa with wooden legs is adorned with a black and white patterned pillow and a green throw blanket. It's situated in a cozy living room with a geometric patterned rug. Nearby, there's a small side table holding a potted plant, a book, and a glass. A cozy living room with a light brown sectional sofa adorned with multiple pillows and a draped blanket. A small, round, wooden side table with a white cup sits beside the sofa. The space is softly lit with natural light filtering through a large window. A modern tan leather sofa stands on a textured beige rug in a cozy living room. The sofa is adorned with patterned throw pillows in neutral tones and a gray knit blanket draped over the armrest. A matching ottoman is partially visible next to the sofa. A cozy living room with a beige textured sofa, two decorative pillows (one pink fluffy and one with a beige pattern), and a rattan coffee table with a glass top. On the table are two books and a small vase with white flowers. A pastel patterned rug lies beneath. A cozy living room with a green couch, matching green ottoman, and a beige armchair. The couch is adorned with pillows, and a vase of pink flowers sits on the ottoman. Large windows with neutral curtains, a wooden cabinet, and a framed picture complete the room's decor.


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The image displays the word "ARTICLE" in large, gray, capital letters against a white background. There is a small, red dot placed at the end of the word.

About Article

Article is a modern furniture company known for its commitment to offering stylish, high-quality designs at accessible prices. By working directly with manufacturers and selling online, they streamline the supply chain and maintain cost efficiency. Article's style ranges from mid-century modern, to contemporary, to Scandinavian-inspired pieces, catering to diverse design preferences.

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