Ashley Furniture: Ultimate Brand Review And Rating

Alex Back | CEO & Founder
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Ashley Furniture – even if you haven't bought from them, you've definitely heard of them. They're the biggest furniture manufacturer in America and one of the biggest retailers to boot. They are both monarch and president of the American couch. But with so many Ashley Furniture reviews out there, it can be tough to separate the helpful from the hype. That's where I come in! Let's do a deep dive on Ashley sofas, exploring their style, quality, and whether they're truly a smart choice for your home.

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Ashley Furniture is like the big box store of the furniture world. They offer a dizzying array of styles, and you're almost guaranteed to find something that fits your budget. They have a laser focus on affordability. While you won't usually find exclusive designer pieces, their furniture is surprisingly sturdy for the price point. Their online shopping platform makes it easy to browse their extensive selection and find the perfect piece for your home.

Online Shopping Experience Rating: 93%

Ashley Furniture has a website that gets the job done. It's got all the basics covered - you can easily browse their sofas, compare prices, and find info on sizes and fabrics. While they may not be winning any awards for cutting-edge web design, it's functional and straightforward. This can be helpful if you find their selection overwhelming at brick and mortar Ashley Furniture stores – the website makes narrowing down your options a breeze, even when shopping from the comfort of your own couch.

Ashley Furniture's Ease of Navigation

  • Finding your way around is pretty straightforward. The top navigation bar is simple with clear labels (Living Room, Bedroom, etc.), and there's also a helpful search bar for when you know exactly what you're looking for.
  • The filtering system is a lifesaver. With so many sofas to choose from, being able to narrow down options by price, style, color, and features is crucial. Ashley Furniture gets this right, even if some of their style categories feel a tad outdated.
  • Product page layouts are consistent. Each sofa has its own page with images, descriptions, and specs all organized in the same way. This makes browsing and comparing different options a whole lot easier.
  • They also have an “Inspiration” category where you can shop by sofa style, by room, luxury looks for less, and other options that make life so much easier.
  • The "My Account" section makes it easy to track orders and manage your profile. This is super convenient for anyone who's a regular Ashley Furniture shopper – it's nice when websites keep things organized on your end too.
  • The mobile version of the website is surprisingly well-adapted and worth the praise it gets in Ashley Furniture reviews. The layout adjusts to fit smaller screens, and it's easy to navigate, filter your search, and view product details. They clearly put some effort into making their mobile site just as functional as their desktop version.
  • You can also easily find ways to contact Ashley Furniture customer service from the main page. No effort needed!

Ashley Furniture's Information Available “At-A-Glance” 

  • Product images give me a good sense of the sofa's overall look. Ashley Furniture usually provides multiple photos from different angles, which is a big plus when shopping online. It would be even better if they offered more close-ups of the upholstery fabric.
  • The "Quick View" option is handy for comparing sofas side-by-side. When you hover over a sofa image, a little "Quick View" button pops up. Clicking this lets you see key details and compare options without having to open every single product page.
  • The price is front and center – no surprises there. This is great, and it's also nice that Ashley Furniture highlights sale prices clearly when they're running promotions.
  • Color options are represented by those little swatches. It's always smart to click on those to see a bigger version – sometimes colors can look a bit different on screen than they do in real life.
  • They list a few key features on each product image. Things like "power reclining" or "built-in storage" are helpful if those are make-or-break features for you.

Ashley Furniture's Product Images  

  • Overall, the images get the job done. They're clear enough to let you see the shape of the sofa and the basic color/texture of the upholstery. This is a good starting point, especially for a brand with such a wide selection of products.
  • Multiple angles are a big help. Most product pages have photos from the front, back, and side, which is crucial when you're buying something sight unseen.
  • The online buying experience would be even better if they had true 360-degree views. They provide a 360 spin feature but the product looks animated, and the image a bit small.
  • If there’s one thing Ashley Home Furniture reviews must point out, the zoom functionality can be improved. There’s a zoom in/out button but I wish it performs better and give you and me a close enough view of the different parts of the Ashley Furniture couch we’re interested to spend on.
  • I'd love to see more lifestyle images. Ashley Furniture doesn't do much to show how their sofas look in actual homes. This would help buyers visualize the scale and how the sofa would fit with their own décor. Of course, you don't have to drive very far to find your nearest Ashley dealer or Ashley Home Store to see some Ashley couches in person.

Ashley Furniture's Quality of Product Information 

  • They cover all the basics, which is a good start. Most sofas have descriptions that include information about upholstery material, frame construction, cushions, and dimensions. This gives you enough info to make an initial comparison between choices.
  • Detailed specifications make it easy to see if a sofa will fit your space. Each product page has a handy chart with specific measurements for the sofa's width, depth, height, and even seat depth. This is super helpful for anyone worried about squeezing a sofa through a doorway or into a tight corner.
  • The descriptions give you a solid overview of the sofa's features and materials. While some of the super-specific details might be missing, Ashley gets the main points across clearly. For casual shoppers, this is a good starting point, and if you want to know more, their customer service team can fill in the blanks.
  • One thing I love – the Ashley Furniture warranty information is easy to find. Ashley Furniture clearly links to their warranty info, and it's reassuring to see that their sofas at least have basic coverage.
  • Customer reviews and ratings are where the real insights are. While Ashley doesn't directly control this, reading what other buyers say is often the best way to get a true sense of the quality, comfort, and durability of a particular sofa.
  • It's great that they highlight their furniture financing options right on the product pages. This makes it easy for shoppers to see how they can make their sofa purchase more affordable, which is always a bonus.

Ashley Furniture's Extra Bells & Whistles 

  • Financing options galore: If spreading out payments is important to you, Ashley Furniture definitely delivers. They highlight their various financing plans – both the standard options and special deals they might be running. This can make a huge difference to shoppers looking for an Ashley couch but on a budget.
  • Their huge network of stores is an advantage. Being able to check out a sofa in person at an Ashley Home Store can take some of the guesswork out of online shopping. While their product selection might vary by location, it's nice to try before you buy, especially with something as big as a sofa.

Shipping & Lead Times Rating: 90%

When it comes to buying a new sofa, sometimes the hardest part is waiting for it to arrive! Ashley Furniture knows this, so they try to make the shipping and lead time process as straightforward as possible. Let's break down how their system works and how long you might be tapping your toes before your new sofa shows up.

Ashley Furniture's Made to Order Products: With focus on producing large quantities of home furnishings, Ashley Furniture does not support custom orders at the moment.

Ashley Furniture's In Stock Items: Ashley Furniture states that the estimated delivery timeframe for in-stock items will be provided as you add them to your cart. It's important to note that "in-stock" doesn't always mean a sofa is ready to ship immediately, especially with a big company like Ashley Furniture. In-stock items may still need to be transferred from a warehouse or store location before the shipping process starts.

Ashley Furniture's Shipping Time: Actual shipping times can vary significantly depending on your location, the specific delivery method chosen, and the product's availability. Delivery could be as quick as 2 business days, if 2-day shipping option is available for the product you purchased. According to their chat agent, when you buy online, the typical earliest delivery is within 7 to 10 days.

Customer Focus Rating: 93%

Shopping for a new sofa should be fun, not a headache! Okay, maybe just a little bit of a headache when you have to haul the old one away. But that's beside the point. Let's take a look at Ashley Furniture's customer service and how they try to make the buying process a little less stressful. It’s a good step before you Google Ashley Furniture coupon code or that promo code that gives you Ashley Furniture 10 percent off your first order promotion.

“As an industry, we’ve got to make sure our websites are great; we’ve got to make sure we’re on the social media channels they’re on. We have got to make sure our product is relevant, and we have to make sure our stores are exciting. Our stores have to be more contemporized than ever before. That’s a big shift that we’re seeing in the marketplace,” said Ashley Furniture CEO Todd Wanek.

Ashley Furniture's Warranty:

  • They offer a multi-tiered warranty. The Ashley Furniture warranty covers different parts of the sofa for different lengths of time. This kind of system is pretty common in the furniture industry.
  • Frame coverage is the strongest: The "Lifetime Limited Warranty" on frames (used in upholstered and leather products) is a good thing. While "lifetime" usually refers to the expected life of the sofa under normal use, it still shows that Ashley stands behind the structural integrity of their sofa frames.
  • Upholstery coverage is limited: The 1-year warranty on upholstery (leather and fabric) is on the short side. Wear and tear, fading, stains, and most types of accidental damage aren't covered. It's important to understand that furniture warranties generally don't cover everyday wear and tear.
  • Cushion warranty is decent with a slight catch: The 3-year warranty on cushions sounds good, but note that it's prorated after the first year. That means Ashley will cover only a percentage of the replacement cost if your cushions fail later on. This is fairly common in the industry, however, as virtually no one has an unconditional warranty on cushioning.
  • "Labor Coverage" is a bonus: Ashley will cover labor costs for repairs during the first year of the warranty period. This is more generous than some other furniture brands, who may charge labor fees even for warranty repairs. Love it.
  • Reguard plans extend coverage beyond the manufacturer's warranty: Ashley Furniture's own sofa warranties have limitations. A Reguard protection plan can potentially cover accidental damage that wouldn't be covered by the standard warranty – things like spills, stains, rips, or certain types of breakdowns. We always recommend purchasing extended warranties at

Ashley Furniture's Return Options:

  • Flexible options based on purchase method: Ashley Furniture offers different return windows depending on whether you buy a sofa in-store or online. This caters to shoppers who prefer the convenience of online shopping or the personalized touch of a brick-and-mortar store.
  • In-store support for personalized guidance: Each Ashley HomeStore location has its own return policy for sofas. This is because Ashley Home Stores are a franchised set of businesses with different rules set by different ownership groups. This can be a positive if you prefer to talk directly to a salesperson and get a clear understanding of the specific return terms before you buy. Just remember to ask about their policy at the time of purchase!
  • Risk-free trial period for online purchases (with standard shipping): If you purchase a sofa online with Standard Shipping, you have 30 days to return it if it doesn't work out in your space. While the window isn't huge, it does give you some time to assess the sofa and make an informed decision.
  • Clearance sales can save big: Ashley Furniture has special clearance sales on sofas, which can be a great way to score a deal. While these items are typically final sale, the significant savings can outweigh the return flexibility for budget-minded shoppers.

Ashley Furniture's Delivery Options & Costs:

Delivery options to match your needs: Ashley Furniture offers a range of delivery methods so you can pick what works best for your sofa and your budget. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Standard Shipping: This is a budget-friendly option for smaller sofa components or accessories. Think of it like getting a package delivered by UPS or FedEx. You'll get tracking updates, and some items might even qualify for super-fast 1-day or 2-day shipping. Just keep in mind that you might need to do some assembly yourself.
  • Doorstep Delivery: This is a good option if you're on a budget or you have a handy friend who can help you move the sofa inside. Ashley will deliver your sofa to your doorstep or, in the case of apartments, potentially the building's lobby. From there, it's up to you to get it inside and set up.
  • No-Hassle Delivery + Assembly: This is the ultimate white-glove service! The delivery crew will bring your sofa into your room of choice, assemble it for you, and even remove all the packing materials. This is a great option if you don't want the hassle of moving or putting together a giant sofa yourself. However, as with most white-glove services, expect to pay a premium for this convenience.
  • Costs can vary: Delivery fees depend on the service you choose, the size and weight of your sofa, and potentially even your location. The key takeaway? Be sure to get a clear breakdown of the delivery costs before you finalize your sofa purchase. This will help you avoid any surprise charges on delivery day.

Ashley Furniture's Financing Options:

  • Ashley Furniture doesn't force you into a single type of financing, which is a good thing. You might qualify for different financing plans based on your credit and the size of your purchase.
  • The Ashley Advantage™ Card is the key: This is Ashley's store credit card, issued through Synchrony Bank. Think of it like a credit card that works exclusively for Ashley Furniture purchases.
  • Short-Term Promos vs. Long-Term Plans: With the Ashley Advantage™ Card, you'll usually see options for shorter, interest-free periods (like "6 months special financing") alongside longer-term plans where you pay interest. Be sure to read the fine print on those "no interest" offers – sometimes there are penalties if you don't pay the whole balance off within the promo period. Still, huge retailers like Ashley are privy to some of the best financing options and programs in the industry.
  • Lease-to-own is an interesting alternative: Ashley partners with Acima for lease-to-own financing. This works differently than a traditional loan. Lease-to-own can be an option if you have less-than-perfect credit but still need a sofa, but it's important to understand how it works before you go this route.

Is Assembly Required?

  • As with most furniture manufacturers, it's likely that you'll need to do at least a little assembly, even with a fully upholstered sofa. This usually involves attaching the sofa legs, or potentially connecting sections of a sectional sofa together.
  • No-Hassle Delivery + Assembly makes life easy: If the thought of assembling a sofa fills you with dread, this service is a lifesaver! Ashley's delivery team will deliver the sofa, bring it into your home, assemble it, and even haul away the packaging.

Ashley Furniture's Customization Options:

Their focus is large-scale production, not customization. Ashley Furniture's model is to produce big batches of popular furniture styles. This helps them keep prices lower, but it also means they don't generally do custom builds of sofas. Instead of changing the fundamental design of a sofa, you might be able to select from a few different things like: 

  • Fabrics: Some sofa collections offer a choice of upholstery fabrics and colors.
  • Configurations: You might be able to choose between a traditional sofa, a loveseat, or a sectional, all with the same style and fabric.
  • Size Options: If space is a concern, check whether the sofa you like comes in smaller or larger sizes to better suit your room.

Does Ashley Furniture Offer Free Fabric Swatches?

  • Ashley Furniture's website often suggests contacting your local store for fabric swatch options.
  • Your first step should be to contact the Ashley HomeStore closest to you. Ask if they have the specific sofa you're interested in on their showroom floor and whether they can provide a fabric swatch. Ashley HomeStores are independently owned franchises, so each store has its own inventory and policies.

Durability & Quality Rating: 93%

Sofas are meant to be enjoyed for years, not replaced after a couple of seasons. With Ashley Furniture, it's a good idea to set realistic expectations. Their sofas come in a range of price points, and naturally, that also means a range of quality levels. Is Ashley Furniture legit? They do offer solid value for the price, and some of their sofas can last surprisingly well with the right care. Let’s put Ashley Furniture quality under the lens.

Ashley Furniture's Quality of Materials:

  • Most of their sofas feature upholstery made from polyester or a polyester blend. Polyester is affordable, stain-resistant, and comes in tons of colors and textures – that's why it's so popular for furniture at this price point.
  • Some Ashley sofas offer faux leather upholstery. While not as durable or breathable as real leather, faux leather can be stylish and easier to maintain for families with spills or pets.
  • You'll often see terms like "hardwood solids" or "engineered wood."  As other Ashley Furniture couch reviews point out, this suggests their furniture may use a mix of both solid wood for structural components and more cost-effective engineered wood in less critical areas.
  • They use high-resiliency foam for their seat cushions, often wrapped in a layer of poly-fiber.
  • Ashley upholstery fabrics range from velvety chenilles to tightly woven flat weaves.

Ashley Furniture's Cleanability:

  • Ashley offers a range of upholstery options. Leather and faux leather can often be wiped clean – perfect for those "oops" moments with messy snacks. Fabric sofas might need a little more TLC, but some fabrics are naturally tougher than others.
  • Darker colors and busy patterns are good at hiding everyday wear and tear, but they might show dust and pet hair a bit more. It's a trade-off! Think about your lifestyle and what kind of "camouflage" you need.
  • Some Ashley Furniture sofas have removable and washable covers – a lifesaver if you've got kids or pets! Protective stain treatments are another option. Always check the cleaning instructions so you don't accidentally ruin your new sofa trying to clean it.
  • I love their comprehensive Care and Cleaning page that covers the basics.

Ashley Furniture's Quality of Construction & Manufacturing Origin:

  • They have factories in the US and Vietnam. This gives them flexibility in manufacturing and keeps costs down.
  • Most Ashley sofas seem to have corner-blocked frames. This is a good sign, adding extra stability where the frame needs it most.
  • They use high-resiliency foam for their cushions, often wrapped with a layer of poly-fiber. This combo gives a plush initial feel and should hold its shape reasonably well for everyday use.
  • Many of their sofas feature a platform foundation underneath the cushions. This provides a firm, supportive base and a consistent feel across the entire seat, which is nice for those who prefer less "bounce."

Brand Vibe Check Rating: 95%

Your Ashley couch is more than just a place to sit – it's a statement piece, a reflection of your style. So, does the brand behind your sofa match your vibe? Some brands are all about eco-consciousness, while others focus on making affordable stuff for everyday living. Ashley Furniture hits a sweet spot – they're committed to giving back to their communities, creating a positive work environment for their team, and even mention a dedication to environmental conservation efforts. Let's break down what else makes Ashley Furniture tick.

Ashley Furniture's Key Differentiators & Unique Facts:

  • Humble beginnings to market leader: Ashley Furniture started small back in 1945 as a sales company in Chicago. They've grown into one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world thanks to efficient manufacturing and a focus on affordability.
  • Big on selection, big on value: Ashley is known for offering a massive range of styles at accessible prices. They're masters at keeping up with trends while making furniture that works for lots of different budgets.
  • All-in-one shopping options: Ashley also operates retail stores under the Ashley HomeStore name. This gives shoppers a chance to see furniture in person and potentially walk out with their new sofa that same day! Many other brands sell online or through third-party retailers, so this sets them apart.

Ashley Furniture's Sustainability:

Let's talk green! Ashley Furniture recognizes the impact they have on the environment. They're taking steps toward recycling, energy efficiency, and responsible sourcing, although the details could be a bit clearer.

  • Ashley makes an effort to recycle materials like cardboard, scrap metal, and wood byproducts from their manufacturing processes. This helps keep those materials out of landfills.
  • They're working to reduce energy consumption in their factories, distribution centers, and stores. This minimizes their carbon footprint, which is a good thing!
  • Ashley aims to reduce their overall waste, indicating a commitment to responsible disposal and minimizing their environmental impact.
  • Ashley mentions considering the environmental impact of their products. This suggests they're taking steps toward more responsible material sourcing and manufacturing practices in the future.

Ashley Furniture's Overall Brand Presentation:

  • Overall, an Ashley couch is a smart choice for budget-conscious shoppers who want a huge selection of styles and the convenience of finding furniture in person at their local Ashley HomeStore. They make comfortable, on-trend sofas at very accessible prices. While their primary focus is value and accessibility, they're also making efforts toward greater sustainability and give back to their communities in meaningful ways. This makes them a solid choice for shoppers who want stylish furniture at a good price.


  • Wide array of styles and budget-friendly options
  • Surprisingly sturdy construction for the price
  • Multiple delivery options including white-glove
  • Easy online shopping experience
  • One-year warranty with labor coverage
  • Commitment to community and environmental efforts


  • Limited customization options
  • Warranty coverage could be more comprehensive
  • Vague information on materials and sourcing
  • Potential inconsistency in quality between different models
  • Reguard protection plans cost extra

Still feeling couch curious...?

More Brand FAQs

What are Ashley Furniture’s top couches?

Ready to cozy up? Our Ashley Furniture sofa reviews reveal the best of the best, from plush sleepers to stylish sectionals. Find your perfect match for comfort and budget with our top 10 picks.

1. Cambri 2-Piece Sectional with Chaise Review ($1,460)

  • Double the chaise, double the chill: If you love stretching out, this sectional is your jam. With two chaises, it's practically begging for movie nights and marathon naps.
  • Cozy chenille comfort: The chunky chenille fabric is super soft and inviting – perfect for snuggling up with a good book or a furry friend.
  • Style chameleon: Ashley calls it "snow-tone neutral," but this light color is a blank canvas to match your style. Toss on some colorful pillows or a bold throw, and it transforms.

2. Altari Queen Sofa Sleeper Review ($649.99)

  • Having a comfy pull-out bed hidden in your sofa is a major win for hosting guests (or impromptu sleepovers).
  • The pull-out mattress is a memory foam upgrade, promising a cooler and more comfortable sleep than those old, lumpy spring mattresses.
  • While this sofa looks polished, plump cushions and soft chenille-feel fabric keep it comfy and inviting.

3. Maimz Sofa Review ($699.99)

  • Mid-century mojo: With its streamlined shape, bolster pillows, and tapered legs, this sofa channels that iconic retro vibe. Perfect if you're into a Mad Men look on a budget.
  • Faux leather upholstery gives it a sleek, slightly edgy feel, and it's way easier to clean up spills compared to fabric.
  • Those clean lines might fool you, but high-resiliency foam cushions and polyfill bolsters mean this sofa shouldn't feel too stiff.

4. Ballinasloe 3-Piece Sectional with Chaise Review ($1,359.97)

  • A sectional gives everyone their own lounging spot, and a chaise at the end is perfect for really stretching out.
  • Neutral and nice: That soft "platinum" upholstery blends with almost anything, making decorating your space a breeze.
  • Perfect for: Families, larger living rooms, or anyone who loves a classic sofa style with lots of seating space for movie nights and guests.

5. Maggie Sofa Review ($649.99)

  • Budget ceauty: This sofa definitely falls into Ashley's affordable category, making it a great option if you're watching your pennies.
  • The minimalist design and neutral upholstery make it a chameleon, ready to blend with whatever your style may be.
  • Those high-resiliency foam cushions, wrapped in polyfiber, should provide decent initial comfort, just like most of Ashley's sofas.

6. Stairatt Sofa Review ($399.99)

  • Embrace the cool, sophisticated vibe of gray! This neutral tone works with a huge range of decor styles, from modern to farmhouse.
  • That plush chenille fabric is oh-so-soft and inviting, perfect for snuggling up with a good book.
  • Like most Ashley Furniture sofas, it features a corner-blocked frame, high-resiliency foam cushions, and that platform foundation for support.

7. Rawcliffe 3-Piece Sectional Review ($2,099.98)

  • With extra-deep seats and plush microfiber upholstery, this sectional is basically begging you to curl up and never leave.
  • That soft neutral color is a blank canvas to play with pops of color in throws and pillows – perfect if you like to redecorate from time to time!
  • Reversible cushions: Flip and rotate those cushions for even wear, extending the life of your sectional. Always a smart feature!

8. Bladen Sofa Review ($499.95)

  • This sofa brings together the cool look of leather with the cozy, soft feel of fabric – especially good for those who want a leather style without the chill factor.
  • Great for those who want the luxe look of leather without the price tag or the cool-to-the-touch feel. Also good for spill-prone families, as faux leather cleans up much easier than fabric!
  • Those high-resiliency foam cushions, standard in most Ashley sofas, should provide decent initial comfort and bounce back nicely.

9. Soletren Sofa Review ($649.99)

  • That "three over two" cushion setup is definitely unique. It creates a longer seating area perfect for stretching out, movie nights, or naps.
  • Sink-in softness: Microfiber upholstery is super soft to the touch – great for anyone who loves a cozy feel.
  • Four accent pillows with a geometric chenille pattern add a touch of fun contrast and give you some styling options.

10. Alesandra Sofa Review ($999.99)

  • The curved track arms and textured upholstery add subtle details that set it apart from your average neutral sofa.
  • That light "parchment-tone" upholstery is perfect if you want a neutral that's a little warmer and more interesting than basic beige.
  • Perfect for living rooms in need of a stylish centerpiece, or for anyone who wants comfort and a sofa with a bit of personality.

How much do Ashley Furniture's couches cost?

Looking for a sofa that's both stylish and affordable? Ashley Furniture has you covered. Their collection boasts a wide range of prices, ensuring there's a perfect match for both your taste and your budget.

Ashley Furniture's Average Range:

  • The average price for a standard 3-seater sofa from Ashley seems to be around $600-$1500. Materials (fabric vs. faux leather), size, and added features can impact where it falls within that range.

Most Expensive Ashley Furniture Couch:

Least Expensive Ashley Furniture Couch:

Does Ashley Furniture have good reviews?

I gave you the lowdown on Ashley Furniture, but wanna see it from another angle? Let's dive into what other customers think about their sofas and overall experience.

Overall Ashley Furniture Reviews:

  • Online reviews for Ashley Furniture are a mixed bag, with customers reporting both positive and negative experiences. At Trustpilot, the sofa manufacturer has 1.2 out of 5 stars based on 796 reviews. Meanwhile at Consumer Affairs,  it scored 1.2 out of 5 stars based on more than 5,300 reviews. All quite common in the furniture industry, for better or for worse.

Ashley Furniture's Top Product Reviews:

  • Cambri 2-Piece Sectional with Chaise, 5-Star Review: “This couch is so freakin comfortable. We have had it for about 2 years and seriously everyone that comes over to our house comments on the comfort. It can also easily seat 5-6 people. Also we have a toddler and even though it is crème it is SO EASY TO CLEAN. All I do is take a white towel with some dish soap and everything comes right out!” - Michelle M.
  • Cambri 2-Piece Sectional with Chaise, 1-Star Review: “ I have waited 4 months to write this review. For the price, the quality it should have just isn't there. This is not my first purchase with Ashley, but it will be my last. Just with everything else the prices have gone up and quality has declined. The cushions are the cheapest I have EVER had. They cannot be rotated, the fabric is ONLY on the top and the front, the rest of the cushion is a scratchy black material. None of them line up properly, some are too big and others seem too small. I also did not receive all of the pillows that were to be included and when I called about it I was told they were not included because I chose to customize and change the color of material which I was told opposite at time of purchase. If you are looking to purchase something to last a decent amount of time, this is not it. We are already looking to replace it” - Brianna B.

Ashley Furniture's Customer Service Reviews:

  • Customers praise Ashley Furniture for their wide selection of styles at affordable prices, but express frequent frustrations with Ashley Furniture's delivery services. Customers have also expressed concern over inconsistent product quality, and sometimes unresponsive Ashley Furniture customer service.

What kind of style is Ashley Furniture furniture?

Hunting for a sofa that doesn't require a second mortgage? Ashley Furniture might be your spirit animal. They serve up a smorgasbord of styles – modern, farmhouse, whatever your design jam is. They've got tons of couches, loveseats, and sectionals to pick from, all at, ahem, wallet-conscious prices.

Ashley Furniture's Range of Couch Options:

  • Let's be real, Ashley Furniture is a couch buffet. That what this and other Ashley Furniture reviews will reveal. We're talkin' armchairs, loveseats, those classic 3-seaters, space-saving apartment sofas, sleepers for hosting guests, massive sectionals... you name it! They've got a ton of choices in different couch dimensions and spefications. Plus, most of their styles come in different shapes and sizes, so matching a whole room is a breeze.

Ashley Furniture's Range of Couch Styles:

  • Ashley's got your back whether you're into that sleek, modern look or cozy farmhouse vibes. They rock traditional, contemporary, mid-century modern – practically every style under the sun! If you've got a specific design crush, chances are Ashley's got a sofa to match.

Does Ashley Furniture Have Other Products Besides Couches?

  • Heck yeah! Ashley's whole thing is stylish furniture for the entire home. They've got bedroom sets, dining tables, accent pieces – the works! Their bedroom collection is especially on point if you're into that sleek, contemporary look.

What are some alternatives to Ashley Furniture?

Love the look of Ashley Furniture, but craving something a little different? Plenty of other brands offer comfy couches and stylish home goods at great prices! Let's explore some alternatives.