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After You Buy: The Truth About Sectional and Chaise Placement

Learn where to best place your chaise sectional. We break down the best options for chaise sectional placement.

Should a chaise go against the wall?

Just bought a giant leather sectional with chaise and not sure where to put it? No problem! If you have a wall that can accommodate it, then we've got great news.

  • Cozy corner: Placing a chaise against the wall can create a cozy nook perfect for relaxation and reading.
  • Open appeal: Floating the chaise away from the wall adds an open and airy feel, making your space look more expansive.
  • Traffic flow: Consider the room's layout and traffic flow. Placing a chaise against the wall might free up space.
  • Personal preference: It's your space, so it's all about what feels right. Whether against the wall or not, make it your haven.

When it comes to your chaise, there's no strict rule. It's all about finding the setup that fits your style and comfort.

How do you separate a sectional and make it look good?

That white sectional of yours sure is convenient, but what if you have company over and want to create a more conversational space? Can you split up your sectional and still have it look good? A sectional isn't necessarily designed to function while split apart, but it can certainly fulfill that purpose in a pinch!

  • Modular magic: A modular sectional offers the flexibility to rearrange pieces for different layouts, making separation easier.
  • Stylish divide: If it's a regular sectional, place a stylish console or table between the sections to create a chic separation.
  • Rug play: Use a large rug to visually distinguish sections, even with a non-modular sectional.
  • Cohesive theme: Maintain a consistent color scheme and style across both sections for a harmonious look.

With a little creativity, you can stylishly separate a sectional for a fresh and functional space.

Where should a chaise sofa be placed?

It almost feels wrong to put that gorgeous velvet sectional in the corner, but that might be exactly where it belongs. On the other hand, a pull out sofa might fare better in the center where it has room to unfold.

  • Lounge luxe: Place the chaise part in a cozy corner, letting you kick back and relax with maximum comfort.
  • Open invitations: Position the chaise facing into the room, creating an inviting space for conversations and relaxation.
  • Light love: Consider placing the chaise near a window to enjoy natural light and a pleasant view.
  • Traffic flow: Be mindful of the room's traffic flow—don't obstruct pathways with the chaise.

A chaise sofa adds a touch of luxury and comfort to any space. Choose a spot that complements your room's layout and enhances your lounging experience.

Where should a chaise be placed in a room?

If you're like most people, you're going to be using your chaise to binge hours of content on Pluto TV. Angling it for a prime TV view is always a good starting point. But it's not the only option at your disposal!

  • Cozy corner cuddle: Tuck that chaise into a corner – perfect for snuggling up with your fave book or daydreaming.
  • Center of attention: Plop that chaise right in the middle and make it the star of the show, inviting everyone to relax.
  • Window watcher: Park your chaise by a window for some natural light and a primo view – ideal for gazing and lazing.
  • Chat central: Angle that chaise towards your main seating area, promoting chit-chats and creating a vibe that screams, "Let's hang!"

Wherever you plop your chaise in your living room, just remember – it's your space, your rules, and the comfiest spot for all your lounging dreams! But if a sectional is too big, you might consider a smaller twin sleeper sofa instead.

How do you balance a room with a sectional?

It's no secret that chaise sectionals are big pieces of furniture. This means that it might require some interior design trickery to create a balanced aesthetic.

  • Symmetry dance: Place a matching chair or loveseat opposite the sectional to create visual harmony. Symmetry adds balance!
  • Smart space dividers: Use furniture or open shelving to create defined zones without blocking the flow. It's like a chic room within a room.
  • Light it up: Strategic lighting, like floor lamps or pendant lights, spreads the glow evenly and offsets the sectional's dominance.
  • Gallery wall magic: Hang artwork around the sectional to spread the visual interest and create a dynamic backdrop.

Turning your large sectional into a room's star is all about clever arrangements and curated pieces that play well together. Get creative and have a blast!

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