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So Your New Couch Didn't Fit... What To Do Next

The experts at have the scoop on what to do when your new seating sensation doesn't quite fit the bill (or the doorway)! Dive into our guide.

Can you take a sofa apart to move it?

Yes, you can definitely take a sofa apart at least partially to make it easier to move. Often, sofas will show up with some minimal assembly required. Here are some tips for disassembling a sofa:

  • Remove the cushions: Take off all the removable cushions from the sofa to make it lighter and more manageable to move.
  • Dismantle the legs: Most sofas have detachable legs, so unscrew them carefully to free up some extra space during transportation.
  • Separate modular sections: If your sofa consists of multiple modular sections, you can disconnect them to make it easier to maneuver around corners and doorways. For example, a Burrow couch assembly is usually detailed well via their online instructions.

Moreover, don't forget to take pictures or label the pieces as you disassemble the sofa to ensure an effortless reassembly process at your new location. When looking at couches for sale, make sure to check out the measurements and instructions.

Can a couch be taken apart and put back together?

Certainly, with the proper instruction, you can absolutely take apart a couch and then put it back together again. Here are some expert tips to guide you through this furniture adventure:

  • Prepare your space: Clear your path and ensure you have enough room to work comfortably.
  • Read the manual (if available): If your couch came with an instruction manual, give it a read. It might provide specific guidance on disassembling and reassembling the couch. Otherwise, try googling the couch SKU number or model number found on the tag for disassembly instructions.
  • Label and photograph: Before you start disassembling, take pictures and label each piece to ensure you can effortlessly put it back together. Believe us, it will save you from any "leftover pieces" mystery.
  • Call a professional for help: there are many services like Dr. Sofa, which serves the NYC area, that will come to your home, take apart a couch, and then reassemble it for you in its new location for a fee. Pro Tip: You might be better served calling around to some local furniture stores or factories to get one of their team members to do something like this. Services that specialize in this sort of thing can often charge a hefty premium so it might be worth doing a little legwork and finding a "local guy or gal."

Assuming you're doing this yourself, assemble your courage, grab your tools, and embark on this furniture disassembly mission! With a little determination, you'll have your couch back in one glorious piece.

How do you take the back off a couch?

Taking the back off a couch isn't as complex as one may think. So, with a little guidance from our experts, you'll conquer this challenge and embrace your inner handyman. Here's how to do it:

  • Locate the fasteners: Look for any screws, bolts, or clips securing the back of the couch. They might be hidden beneath fabric or inside the frame. Get your detective hat on and find those sneaky fasteners.
  • Use the right tools: Equip yourself with the necessary tools, such as a screwdriver or Allen wrench, to remove the fasteners safely. Remember, the right tool for the job makes all the difference.
  • Unfasten with care: Once you've found the fasteners and armed yourself with the proper tools, carefully unscrew or unclip them. Take your time and proceed with precision. Voila! The back of your couch will soon be free.

Embrace the joy of discovery as you unlock the secrets of your couch's anatomy. With these tips, you'll be able to decipher even Ikea couch assembly!

Three men trying to move a very large oversized couch out of a home

Can you take apart a sleeper sofa to move it?

Of course, you can take apart a sleeper sofa to make it much easier to move! Here are some steps to guide you through this task:

  • Empty the storage: Remove any items stored in the sleeper sofa's storage compartment, if applicable. You definitely don't want any surprises when you lift those cushions!
  • Detach the mattress: Most sleeper sofas have a removable mattress. First, make sure the mattress is clean, and then carefully remove it. It will make the sofa lighter and simpler to handle. Don't forget to check the pull out couch for loose parts.
  • Unbolt or unscrew: Depending on the design of your sleeper sofa, you might find bolts or screws that hold the different sections together. Get your tools ready and detach these fasteners, keeping track of where they belong.

Furthermore, taking apart your sleeper sofa might seem like a puzzle, but with a little patience and some basic tools, you'll be breezing through! You can even use most of the steps above to tackle more difficult furniture, like reclining loveseats.

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