Bob's Discount Furniture: Ultimate Brand Review And Rating

Alex Back | CEO & Founder
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Bob’s Discount Furniture promises comfy couches at unbeatable prices. It’s kind of their thing. But as a furniture industry veteran, I’ve learned a thing or two about deals that seem too good to be true. In this Bob’s Discount Furniture review, I’m taking a deep look into the sofas offered at Bob’s Discount Furniture to see if they live up to the hype. Will they last for years or will you be back on the sofa hunt again in a few months? Let’s see what they’ve got!

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Bob's Discount Furniture has definitely carved out a unique space in the furniture market. If you're searching for value, variety, and that "neighborhood store" feel, they deliver. While they might not be the top pick for those seeking heirloom-quality furniture, Bob's sofas and sectionals are a great option for families, first-time apartment dwellers, or anyone looking for comfy, stylish pieces at a wallet-friendly price.

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Online Shopping Experience Rating: 93%

The website of Bob’s Discount Furniture definitely gets the job done. It’s got all the basics: big pictures, prices, and enough info to help you make a decision. They give a strong “your local furniture store has gone online” vibe, which is great if you’re after that kind of experience. Let’s see how well it stands up to the competition!

Bob’s Discount Furniture’s Ease of Navigation

  • Searching for something specific? The search bar at the top is the fastest path to find what you need. It’s prominently located, and the dropdown menu provides quick links to different furniture categories, which streamlines the browsing process.
  • Love filtering? Bob’s has got you covered with plenty of options on the left side of the page. You can narrow down your search by price, style, color, size, and even features like cup holders. This makes finding the perfect fit much easier.
  • The top navigation bar keeps things simple and familiar. You’ll find standard categories like Furniture,” “Mattresses,” etc., which makes it super easy to jump to different departments. It’s just like your favorite brick-and-mortar store!
  • Need more visual inspiration?  Bob’s website gives shoppers plenty of big photos to browse on each category page. This definitely helps you get a feel for their overall selection and sparks some ideas.
  • Sale hunters will love the clear “Outlet” and “New Arrivals” sections in the top navigation bar. They’re easy to find and those deals are always calling my name!
  • Sorting product results by price or customer reviews is a handy feature, but sometimes it can be a little slow to load.  It’s not a deal-breaker, but shoppers on the hunt for the latest and greatest might have to be patient.

Bob’s Discount Furniture’s Information Available “At-A-Glance” 

  • Bob’s keeps it simple with the pricing info front and center. The regular price is displayed in large type, with any sale prices clearly marked – no need to squint or search for those savings!
  • They offer a good range of color options without going overboard. Sometimes too many choices can lead to decision paralysis.  Bob’s displays a good selection of swatches on the search result page and lets you see the rest on the main product page – it’s a nice balance.
  • I love that those dimensions are displayed right under the product image. Makes it easy to check if that sectional I’m eyeing will even fit in my living room!
  • Bob’s loves a good financing option and they’re not afraid to show it. They display financing details on each product page, making it super clear that flexible payment plans are available for most items.
  • “In Stock” notes are a lifesaver, especially if you’re in a hurry.  It’s good to know whether that perfect sofa is gonna ship out fast, especially for those of us who like instant gratification. If you’re shopping in person, you can go ahead and bring your pickup truck with you to the shopping center because you might be pulling around back after paying to grab your brand new Bob’s sofa right away.
  • Clear product labels like “Bob-o-Pedic” or “Outlet” jump right out at you!**  This makes it a breeze to pick out those popular memory foam sofas or find those amazing clearance deals.

Bob’s Discount Furniture’s Product Images  

  • Bob’s uses large, clear product images that are easy to zoom in on. This is important for a big purchase like a sofa! You can get a good feel for the overall shape and style from the main product picture.
  • Their 360-degree view feature is a cool bonus! Some sofas let you fully rotate the image on the screen, giving you an even better feel for the overall shape and style of the sofa.
  • They could use a few more close-up shots of the sofa fabrics and textures. It would be great to see a zoomed-in view of the weave of the upholstery or the stitching details. This helps get a better sense of the quality.
  • Love those lifestyle shots! While some product images are on a plain background, Bob’s also includes sofas in staged living rooms. This definitely helps me picture what the sofa would look like in my own home.
  • They do a great job highlighting any special features. Those sectionals with cup holders, built-in storage, or sleeper options usually have an extra image or two showing off the feature. Nice touch!

Bob’s Discount Furniture’s Quality of Product Information 

  • Bob’s covers the basics with dimensions, materials, and a brief description. This gives you a quick overview of the sofa’s size and what it’s made of, which is a good starting point.
  • They could go a bit more in-depth with the sofa construction details. This would be a great addition for those shoppers who value longevity in their furniture purchases. Knowing details about frame construction, support systems, and material quality helps potential buyers get a better understanding of how long the sofa might last.
  • The star ratings and number of customer reviews are a handy feature. I love getting a quick glance at what other buyers thought of the sofa.
  • They do a decent job explaining any special features. Those cupholder sections or sleeper sofas usually have an extra blurb about the functionality. Nice touch!
  • Clear warranty and care instructions are always appreciated. It’s good to know upfront how to clean the upholstery and what’s covered under the Bob’s Discount Furniture warranty in case something goes wrong. This helps set expectations for the purchase.

 Bob’s Discount Furniture’s Extra Bells & Whistles 

  • Their mobile app has an Augmented Reality “View in Room” feature. That’s a neat way to see how a sofa might look in your actual space! It adds an extra level of confidence to the buying process. And theirs works pretty well- not always the case with AR applications these days.
  • Bob’s offers a 3D Room Designer to help you picture yourself with a new sofa. This is a super handy tool for visualizing how a sofa will fit in your room and match your existing décor. It takes some of the guesswork out of the online furniture buying process and probably prevents a lot of costly returns where Bob’s sofas weren’t quite right for the space.
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Shipping & Lead Times Rating: 90%

Bob's Discount Furniture knows that when you buy a new sofa, you want, yesterday! Let's take a look at their delivery options, shipping times, and how they stack up in the furniture world.

A filter on their Bob’s Discount Furniture sofa pages allows you to check the availability of an item. You can pick In-Stock Bob’s Discount couches or in varying availabilities from 2 weeks to 3 months.

Bob's Discount Furniture's Shipping Time: According to an agent, shipping depends on the availability item you ordered and the area where you live. It could be in a matter days or several weeks, which is normal in the furniture industry. That being said, most of Bob's logistics operation is run regionally or locally meaning in-stock items are usually quite easy to procure quickly. It's a major advantage for a store like Bob's Discount Furniture.

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Customer Focus Rating: 92%

Bob's Discount Furniture is all about offering deals and getting you that new sofa on a budget. But do they prioritize customer satisfaction too? Let's see what kind of support they offer and how easy they are to work with.

“We’ve seen how our business model operates in good times and challenging times, and we stick to it. We focus on everyday low price, our value-without-compromise commitment to the consumer,” Bob’s Discount Furniture CEO Bill Barton said. ““A guest that comes into our store, comes to our website and makes a purchase isn’t just a transaction for us. It’s the beginning hopefully or the continuation of a relationship. That’s at the core of how we’re going to grow our business,” he added.

Bob's Discount Furniture's Warranty:

  • Standard 1-Year Coverage:  Most Bob's sofas come with a 1-year warranty protecting against factory defects in materials or construction.
  • What's covered: This warranty covers repairs for broken frames, faulty mechanisms, or stitching issues within the first year, as long as they're true defects and not regular wear-and-tear.
  • In-Home service advantage:  A great perk is Bob's in-home service for warranty repairs, saving you the hassle of transporting the sofa yourself.
  • Warranty exclusions to know: Be aware that "As-Is" furniture from Bob's Outlet has no warranty coverage. Additionally, the warranty won't cover damage caused by the customer, such as spills or tears. This is all fairly standard and nothing to be worried about.
  • Bob's Goof Proof Protection Plan offers 5 years of coverage for stains and accidental damage on a wide range of furniture and home decor items, providing peace of mind for customers who are worried about life's little mishaps. Gotta love the Bob's extra branding touches here- furniture doesn't have to be boring, folks! Have a little fun like Bob!

Bob's Discount Furniture's Return Options:

  • Return policies for standard shipping items: Items shipped via FedEx/UPS have a 3-day return window. That's pretty short, but it does give customers a chance to change their minds if the sofa doesn't work out. It's worth noting that return shipping costs will be the customer's responsibility.
  • Main furniture return policy: It's important to understand that most furniture items (including Bob’s Discount sofas) that are delivered or picked up at a Bob's store can't be returned unless there's a factory defect. This places more emphasis on careful decision-making during the shopping process. This is a bit of a differentiator but not uncommon with low margin, value based couch retailers like Bob's.
  • Clear cancellation policy: Bob's makes it easy to cancel an order for a full refund any time before delivery or pickup. This provides customers with a good amount of flexibility. It's also helpful when you want to move forward with a transaction online or at a Bob's furniture store without being worried that you're locked in forever to it.
  • "As-Is" outlet purchases: Furniture purchased from Bob's Outlet is a final sale situation. There are no returns, exchanges, or warranties on those items, so shoppers need to be extra sure of their decisions. Furniture returns are costly for retailers due to the size and potential for damage during transport, which is why most stores prioritize careful decision-making before the sale and offer warranties to cover defects.

Bob's Discount Furniture's Delivery Options & Costs:

  • Bob's offers a range of delivery choices: They understand that customers want options, so they provide "BOBtastic White Glove Delivery" (their premium service), "BOBtastic Threshold," and "BOBtastic Pickup" for those who want to handle the transport themselves. Again, super fun branding at every turn with Bob's. They know who they are and they own it.
  • Transparency on costs: Bob's believes in upfront pricing. They explain that their low furniture prices are possible because they charge separate delivery fees, instead of hiding those costs within the price of the sofa.  Delivery fees are calculated at checkout based on your location and the value of your order.
  • "BOBtastic White Glove Delivery": This is the most convenient option and likely the most expensive.  It includes delivery to your room of choice, unpacking, assembly, cleanup, and even old mattress removal (where available). It's a great option for customers who want a completely hands-off experience. This method of sofa delivery may range between $70 and $350, depending on the cost of the item and other factors.
  • "BOBtastic Threshold Delivery":  This option is more budget-friendly. Your sofa gets delivered just inside the front door, and you'll handle the unboxing, assembly, and packaging disposal.  This will be cheaper than the White Glove option. This method of Bob’s couch delivery may range between $40 and $220, depending on the cost of the item and other factors.
  • "BOBtastic Pickup": This will be the least expensive delivery option.  If you have a suitable vehicle and enjoy a little DIY, you can save on delivery costs by picking up your sofa from  designated Bob's Discount Furniture stores.

Bob's Discount Furniture's Financing Options:

  • Bob's has your back: They get that new furniture can be a big investment, so they offer several financing options to help make your sofa dreams a reality. You can even pre-qualify to see what you might be eligible for without hurting your credit score!
  • My Bob's Card is king: This is their main financing option, giving you a credit line you can use right away.  They offer different special financing deals based on how much you spend, like 6 months interest-free or longer terms with an APR.
  • More choices: If you don't qualify for the Bob's Card, don't sweat it! They have other financing plans available, just ask in-store or check their website.
  • No credit? No problem! Bob's offers "No Credit Needed" options too. These are lease-to-own plans that can help you get that new sofa even if your credit score isn't perfect.

Is Assembly Required?

  • For customers who choose White Glove Delivery, the sofa is assembled as part of that service. If you want to DIY it, just like for most manufacturers, Bob’s Discount Furniture sofas may require minor assembly, such as attaching the sofa legs or putting the pieces of sectionals together.

Bob's Discount Furniture's Customization Options:

  • Since Bob's keeps prices low by focusing on in-stock items, extensive customization would likely increase the cost of their sofas. Their limited customization options, such as in choosing sofa fabrics or configuration of sectionals, help them maintain a budget-friendly approach.

Does Bob's Discount Furniture Offer Free Fabric Swatches?

  • Bob's Discount Furniture doesn't offer the option to request fabric swatches directly. This is likely because they focus on keeping costs low and offering a large selection of in-stock sofas, making individual fabric samples less practical. To help customers, Bob's Discount Furniture provides detailed product images, the ability to experience sofas in-store at their showrooms, and customer support assistance to help customers make informed decisions about sofa fabrics and colors.
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Durability & Quality Rating: 88%

Bob's Discount Furniture is all about getting you that new sofa on a budget. But "budget" doesn't have to mean "cheaply made". While they're not out there using exotic hardwoods and hand-tied springs, it's still worth checking out how well their sofas endure everyday life. Let's break down what's under the upholstery.

Bob's Discount Furniture's Quality of Materials:

  • Upholstery: Bob's mostly sticks with polyester fabrics for their sofas. Polyester is a common choice because it's budget-friendly, pretty stain-resistant, and wears decently well for the price. You won't usually find fancy leathers or high-end linens here.
  • Fabric weave: It can vary! Some of their polyester fabrics have a tighter weave for better durability, while others feel a bit looser.  Always check the product description and zoom in on the sofa photos to get a sense of the weave.
  • Sofa frames: Bob's sofas don't use top-tier hardwoods, but many feature solid wood construction in key areas, combined with some engineered wood for affordability. This is pretty typical for value-priced furniture.
  • Cushions: You'll see a lot of foam cushions, often with that added layer of "Bob-O-Pedic Memory Foam" for comfort. This is a good sign. While fancy down-filled cushions are luxurious, foam holds its shape well for the long haul.
  • Overall feel: While not the most luxurious materials ever, Bob's does try to find durable, comfortable options that fit their price point. Always read the product descriptions and customer reviews to get an idea of how a specific sofa's materials hold up over time.

Bob's Discount Furniture's Cleanability:

  • Bob's keeps it practical: Most of their sofas use polyester fabrics, which are fairly easy to live with.  They usually won't stain super easily and the cleaning codes often involve spot cleaning with mild cleaners – nothing too fussy.
  • Color matters: Check out those product photos carefully!  Bob's offers a range of colors and patterns.  If you've got kids or pets, a darker sofa or a pattern might hide those little accidents better than a light-colored one.
  • Upgrade option: Remember that "Goof Proof Protection Plan" they keep mentioning?  Extra furniture fabric protection could be a lifesaver if you worry about stains or spills. It shows they know their sofas are meant for everyday life, where mess happens.


Bob's Discount Furniture's Quality of Construction & Manufacturing Origin:

  • The brand has partners in America, Asia, and Europe, according to a Bob’s Discount Furniture customer representative over chat. This helps them get those budget-friendly prices, but sometimes makes it harder to track down specific details about where a particular sofa was made.
  • Frame focus: Their product descriptions don't get super detailed about frame construction. You'll see mentions of solid wood used in some areas, but they likely also use engineered wood to keep costs down.
  • Comfort components: They often mention "Bob-O-Pedic Memory Foam" and "sinuous springs" in their sofas. This indicates a focus on basic comfort and support at a value price point.
  • The bottom Line: Don't expect Bob's sofas to have all the bells and whistles of high-end brands.  They focus on providing decent construction and comfy features that fit their target budget. And that's ok.
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Brand Vibe Check Rating: 95%

A sofa isn't just a place to sit – it's a statement piece in your home. So, does Bob's Discount Furniture mesh with your style and values? Let's check out those vibes to see if it makes the cut!

Bob's Discount Furniture's Key Differentiators & Unique Facts:

  • Headquartered in Manchester, Connecticut, the brand boasts over 170 Bob’s Discount Furniture stores across 24 states. This shows they're a major player in the furniture retail world.
  • Growth & values: Founded in 1991 by Bob Kaufman, the company is one of the fastest-growing furniture retailers in the U.S. They also promote from within and give back generously to their communities – nice touches that add to their brand story.
  • Beyond the sofa: Bob's doesn't just sell furniture! Their dedication to donations, partnerships with non-profits, and employee volunteer efforts showcase a brand that genuinely cares about making a positive impact.

Bob's Discount Furniture's Sustainability:

Bob's Discount Furniture isn't just about low prices. They're also working to lower their environmental impact. From energy-efficient Bob’s Discount Furniture stores to responsible material sourcing, Bob's is proving that affordability and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.

  • Energy-smart operations: Bob's focuses on reducing energy use in their stores and distribution centers. They use LED lighting, install energy management systems, and optimize truck routes to minimize fuel consumption.
  • Recycling champions: They recycle a massive amount of cardboard, foam, and other materials, keeping waste out of landfills. Bob's even participates in a mattress recycling program!
  • Responsible sourcing: Bob's is working to increase the use of responsibly sourced wood in their furniture, aiming to protect forests and promote ethical practices.
  • Supporting conservation: While their focus is on internal practices, Bob's also supports organizations dedicated to ocean conservation, demonstrating a broader commitment to environmental causes.

Bob's Discount Furniture's Overall Brand Presentation:

  • Bob's Discount Furniture is a master class in branding and marketing. It's a fantastic example of figuring out who you are and owning it. Their positioning as the most approachable and most affordable retailer allows them to be hyper specific in everything they do. There are few brands in the furniture industry who have achieved that level of specificity and it really works. Bob's has been one of the fastest growing retailers over the past decade for a reason and, dare I say it, they're not even cool!
  • Bob's presents itself as the smart shopper's choice for sofas. They focus on value, offering stylish options at prices that won't break the bank. Their marketing emphasizes affordability, fun features on select models, and their "Goof Proof" protection plan to ease worries about everyday messes. While they aren't a luxury brand, they're a solid choice for budget-conscious shoppers looking for comfy, practical sofas.
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Still feeling couch curious...?

More Brand FAQs

What are Bob's Discount Furniture’s top couches?

Forget those boring, old couches! Bob's Discount Furniture has an awesome selection of sofas for every style and budget. Whether you want a super-cozy spot to binge-watch or a sleek sofa for your modern pad, they've got you covered. Let's check out some of their top picks and quick Bob’s Discount Furniture sofa reviews!

1. Playscape Gray 2 Piece Sectional Review ($999)

  • This sectional rocks for smaller rooms – it's comfy without being bulky! Plus, that hidden storage chaise is a genius touch for stashing extra blankets and pillows.
  • It's a sleepover star: That pop-up sleeper is perfect for surprise guests or movie nights that turn into sleepovers. Talk about getting more bang for your buck!
  • Comfy and durable: Bob-O-Pedic Memory Foam and a "tight woven" fabric mean this sofa feels good and can handle regular family use.

2. Bettie Avocado Sofa Review ($499)

  • Mid-century magic: The Bettie has that cool retro vibe with its tufted back, clean lines, and those tapered legs. It's got personality without being over-the-top.
  • Comfort and support: Bob-O-Pedic Memory Foam and those springy cushions mean this sofa isn't just stylish – it's seriously comfy too.
  • Color pop: That avocado green color is so fun! It adds a fresh, unexpected touch to any living room.

3. Stevie Charcoal Sofa Review ($399)

  • Easygoing style: The Stevie has a relaxed, "transitional" style that works with a ton of different looks. It's that perfect blend of comfy and put-together.
  • Low-maintenance love: Removable seat and back cushions mean spills and crumbs are a lot less stressful to clean up!
  • Flair for style: The flared arms give the Stevie a subtle touch of personality that sets it apart from super-basic sofas.

4. Playday Beige 2 Piece Sectional Review ($799)

  • Multitasking magic: Bookshelf? Check! Storage chaise? Check! Pop-up sleeper? Triple check! This sectional does it all for busy households.
  • Tech-friendly features: Cupholders and USB ports? Genius! This sofa is about relaxing without getting up to fetch your drink or a charger.
  • Storage surprise: That hidden storage in the chaise is amazing for stashing blankets, games, or whatever needs a clutter-free home.

5. Renegade Gray 6 Piece Power Reclining Sectional Review ($1,799)

  • Movie night upgrade: Power recliners? Sign me up! This sectional takes relaxation to the next level.
  • Between the plush pillows, padded arms, and recliners, the Renegade is all about serious lounging.
  • With its size and reclining seats, this sectional is perfect for family movie nights or hosting friends to watch the game.

6. Virgo Charcoal 2 Piece Sectional Review ($999)

  • That jersey knit fabric sounds incredibly cozy – definitely a unique feature for a sofa!
  • The "transitional" style and soft fabric make this a versatile choice for someone who wants comfort without sacrificing style.
  • The generous size makes this sectional perfect for stretching out and relaxing.

7. Trevor Brown Manual Sofa Review ($599)

  • With manual reclining seats, this sofa lets you easily kick back and get comfy at the end of a long day.
  • Snacking central: Between the cupholders and those spacious seats, the Trevor seems designed for cozy movie nights with your favorite snacks.
  • Durable and cozy: The polyester fabric suggests this sofa can handle everyday use, while the plushness adds a comforting touch.

8. Gray Pop-Up Sleeper Sofa Review ($799)

  • This sofa is smart for smaller spaces because of that hidden sleeper – perfect for overnight guests.
  • Bob's loves that Memory Foam, and it means the sofa is as comfy as the bed!
  • Guest-ready: The pop-up sleeper feature makes hosting overnight friends or family easy and convenient.

9. Nova Gray 3 Piece Dual Chaise Sectional Review ($1,100)

  • Dual chaises mean major stretching-out space! This sectional is for those who love putting their feet up.
  • This sectional is generously sized, but the fabric and cushions keep it feeling inviting, not overwhelming.
  • Perfect for those who prioritize comfort and lounging space, households with people who like their own sofa spots, and for those who host guests often.

10. Laurel Gray Queen Sleeper Sofa Review ($999)

  • Classic comfort: The rolled arms and plush cushions give this sofa a cozy, timeless feel that works with lots of styles.
  • A queen-sized sleeper means more space for overnight visitors compared to smaller sleeper sofas.
  • The cooling Bob-O-Pedic mattress promises comfortable sleep for guests, better than traditional sleeper sofa mattresses.

How much do Bob's Discount Furniture's couches cost?

Bob's Discount Furniture understands that finding the perfect sofa doesn't have to mean spending a fortune. They offer a wide selection of stylish and comfortable sofas that fit comfortably within a variety of budgets, making it easy to find a great piece to upgrade your living space.

Bob's Discount Furniture's Average Range:

  • Bob's offers sofas at a wide range of prices to cater to a variety of budgets. Expect simple 3-seater sofas to be on the more affordable side (between $550 to $1,200), while sofas with features like recliners, sleepers, or leather upholstery will drive up the price.

Most Expensive Bob's Discount Furniture Couch:

Least Expensive Bob's Discount Furniture Couch:

  • The cheapest among the sofa choices is the 71-inch Jolie Beanbag Sofa that selss for $319.99.

Does Bob's Discount Furniture have good reviews?

Thinking of snagging a sofa or sectional from Bob's? Before you do, let's get the inside scoop from other shoppers and their Bob’s Discount Furniture reviews. We'll check out reviews and see what kind of experience people had with their furniture and Bob’s Discount Furniture customer service.

Overall Bob's Discount Furniture Reviews:

  • Bob's Discount Furniture has an A+ rating with the BBB, with an average customer review score of 2.46 out of 5 stars. Complaints center around delivery delays, poor customer service, and product quality issues. Meanwhile, consumers give the brand 4.1 stars out of 5 based on more than 8,600 reviews on Trustpilot. This actually is a cut above many of Bob's Discount Furniture competitors. They clearly do a great job of handling issues when they arise.

Bob's Discount Furniture's Top Product Reviews:

  • Bettie Russet Sofa, 5-Star Review: “I have a small home and I needed sofas that were stylish (retro) and sized appropriately. They are gorgeous! The cushions are firm; just the way I like them. They’re so comfortable.” - Amy B. (Verified Buyer)
  • Bettie Russet Sofa, 1-Star Review: “If you enjoy a sofa with zero back support, this is a sofa for you! The foot end of the chofa cushion is constantly in a state of being flipped upwards because the weight of your body is at the sofa end of the cushion and the cushion itself is not attached to the base. Even when not being sat on, the foot end is still flipped upwards and obviouslyRead more about review stating The “chofa” is a nice idea… on paper. separated upwards from the base. Tried to weigh in down overnight to get it so stay flat but it won’t. Incredibly disappointed and since there are no returns, we are stuck.” - Deborah V.

Bob's Discount Furniture's Customer Service Reviews:

  • While Bob's Discount Furniture might be appealing for their prices and selection, their customer service seems to have a good room for improvement like any other large furniture retailer. Those who have smooth deliveries and don't need to contact support might be happy, but many customers experience significant frustration with post-purchase issues. Again, this is par for the course but their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and their high rating on TrustPilot are proof that this is a brand that cares.

What kind of style is Bob's Discount Furniture furniture?

Ever heard the saying, "you get what you pay for?" That's the question mark hovering over Bob's Discount Furniture. They lock in customers with crazy low prices, but does that translate to a couch that looks like it belongs on the set of Friends, or something out of your grandma's attic?

Bob's Discount Furniture's Range of Couch Options:

  • Okay, forget counting sheep – let's count the couches at Bob's! They've got the whole lineup: armchairs, loveseats, those classic 3-seater sofas, even sleeper sofas for when your buddies crash after movie night. Plus, sectionals galore, with those modular sofas that let you build your own perfect chill zone. If you can dream up a couch type, Bob's probably got it, and it likely won't break the bank.

Bob's Discount Furniture's Range of Couch Styles:

  • So, are we talking boring beige central, or is Bob's rocking some styles? They actually have a surprising mix. Sure, there's the standard stuff, but you can snag modern vibes, those Mid-Century Modern looks everyone's obsessed with, and even some classic, comfy couches. Not every single style might be a winner, but it's worth checking out if you're hunting for a specific aesthetic that fits your place.

Does Bob's Discount Furniture Have Other Products Besides Couches?

  • Surprise, surprise, Bob's ain't just about discount sofas! While the couch section might be the star, they've got goodies for other rooms too. We're talking bedroom sets, those cute accent chairs everyone loves, even some snazzy looking dining tables – it's worth a browse if you're looking to overhaul your entire space on a budget.

What are some alternatives to Bob's Discount Furniture?

Bob's might be king of the low price tag, but what if you're craving a different style or higher-quality furniture?  There are tons of other options for scoring comfy couches and sectionals. Let's check out some alternatives that might suit your needs and get you those glowing customer reviews you crave.