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Sofa Liberation! How to Donate or Dispose of Your Sofa Sustainably

Methods for donating or disposing of your couch while minimizing environmental impact. Including charitable donations to eco-friendly disposal options.

A Couch Expert Gives You His Top Advice on Saving the Planet One Couch at a Time

Thousands of American couches end up in landfills every year. And thousands of Americans complain about getting them out of their houses to these landfills- as a veteran furniture retailer, ask me how I know... It seems like a lose-lose situation for both the customer and the environment. Luckily, I happen to know a few great ways to donate or dispose of your existing couch that you may not have thought of.

I want to help you navigate the often tricky decision of what to do with a couch you no longer want. Couches are a central part of our living spaces, and finding a new home or purpose for them can be daunting. Even the idea of moving a couch to another room can be beyond our abilities. Let's face it: it's stressful! And people often choose the easiest way out. 

In the video above, I explore several creative and practical options to ensure your couch doesn’t end up in a landfill, from repurposing and selling to swapping, DIY projects, and even donating to charities. Below are some of the methods I cover in detail.

Repurpose Your Couch

Repurposing your couch can be an excellent way to give it new life within your home. Consider placing it in a different room where it might fit better. Additionally, enhancing its appearance with new throw blankets, pillows, or a fresh coat of paint on the wall behind it can transform the look and feel of the space. These simple changes can make your couch look new and exciting again.

Sell Your Sofa

Selling your couch is a practical option, especially with the numerous online marketplaces available today. Platforms like Facebook Marketplace and other secondhand furniture websites are popular for finding new homes for gently used sofas and sectionals. Additionally, you might find someone within your network of friends, family, or coworkers who is interested in purchasing or taking the couch off your hands. This approach not only helps you avoid contributing to landfill waste but also provides an opportunity to make some money or do a favor for someone you know.

Swap Your Couch

Swapping couches with someone else might sound unconventional, but it can be a perfect solution. If you and another person are both dissatisfied with your current couches, a swap could be mutually beneficial. This creative idea can lead to a “match made in heaven,” where both parties end up with a piece of furniture they prefer.

Embrace DIY

Before considering the landfill, think about the DIY potential of your couch. Disassembling it can yield valuable materials like foam, wood, springs, screws, and other components that can be recycled or repurposed for various projects. This eco-friendly approach allows you to creatively reuse parts of the couch, reducing waste and giving you materials for future DIY endeavors.

Donate Your Sleeper Sofa

Donating your sleeper sofa or any other piece of furniture to local charities and organizations is another great option. Many charities will assist with removing the furniture from your home if it is in good condition. Although some charities may have strict standards for accepting donations, persistence pays off. If one organization declines your couch, keep trying others, as different charities have varying criteria. This effort ensures that your couch finds a new home with someone in need, providing comfort and utility to another household.

So, work a little harder to discover sustainable methods for donating or disposing of your couch while minimizing environmental impact. From charitable donations to selling your used sofa to eco-friendly disposal options, our experts at showcase how to make a positive impact on both your space and the planet!


Can you really donate a sleeper sofa?

Donating a sleeper sofa to charity is a fantastic way to give back and help people in need. We've put together tips below on the best steps to take:

  • Seek out local charities that happily receive furniture donations: Check out the likes of Goodwill, Salvation Army, or even Habitat for Humanity. They'll welcome your generosity with open arms! There are also plenty of specialty entities that provide charitable services to a particular group in need i.e. a womens' shelter or an LGBTQ center in your area!
  • Unleash your communication skills: Reach out to charities via phone or email, and venture into the realm of furniture donation inquiries. Find out if they're fond of sleeper sofas and what their donation process entails. Sometimes mattresses can be a little iffy when it comes to donation.
  • Brush up on the charity's requirements: Ask about their unique set of rules: the condition of the sofa, any necessary paperwork, or if they possess the magical power of pick-up services.
  • Don't forget sofa makeover magic: Give that sleeper sofa a thorough cleaning and fix any imperfections. If you're feeling extra generous, toss in some fluff-worthy extras like pillows or blankets.
  • Play logistics maestro: Work your organizational magic with the charity of your choice. Coordinate drop-off details or schedule a pick-up, ensuring a smooth and convenient handover of your donation.

Lastly, by donating your sleeper sofa, you can help someone in need while also decluttering your space. Happy donating!

How do I get rid of a sleeper sofa?

Getting rid of a sleeper sofa can be a daunting task, allow our experts to help! Before putting it out on the curb or calling for a special bulky item trash pickup, follow these tips to bid farewell to your trusty couch:

  • Explore the world of second-hand sales: Consider selling your loveseat sleepers on online platforms like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You never know, someone might be dreaming of the perfect piece to complete their living room ensemble!
  • Embrace the art of bartering: Trade or swap your sleeper sofa with friends, family, or neighbors who might be in need of a furniture upgrade. It's a win-win situation!
  • Think beyond traditional disposal: If your sleeper sofa is beyond salvaging or finding a new home, investigate recycling centers in your area or contact local waste management services. Inquire about responsible furniture disposal options or a quick google search of "how to dispose of a couch" will provide several options.

Remember, getting rid of your sleeper sofa doesn't have to be a snooze-fest. Think creatively and give it a proper send-off while making someone else's living room dreams come true!

What should I do with a couch I don't want?

A married couple feels good after donating a sleeper sofa to a charitable cause

Your furniture fate is in good hands with help from the experts at! Here are some out-of-the-box suggestions for dealing with an undesirable couch:

  • Reimagine its purpose: Get creative and repurpose that modern couch into something totally unexpected. How about transforming it into a funky bench for your entryway or a cozy nook for your furry friend?
  • Host your own furniture swap party: Gather your fellow single buddies and organize a furniture swap. You might end up with a sleek new addition to your living room while bidding farewell to your unwanted couch.
  • Embrace the DIY spirit: Roll up your sleeves and unleash your inner handyman. Take apart the couch and salvage the wood, springs, or upholstery for future DIY projects. You'll feel like a furniture wizard!

Even though you may not want the couch, it doesn't mean it doesn't have potential. Moreover, with a little imagination and some clever resourcefulness, you can give your unwanted couch a new lease on life.

How do I get my couch out of my apartment?

Getting your couch out of your apartment doesn't have to be a Herculean task. Follow these tips to navigate tight spaces and tricky corners like a pro:

  • Measure, measure, measure: Before you begin the great couch escape, measure the dimensions of your couch. Including all the doorways, hallways, and stairwells it needs to traverse. This will save you from embarrassing couch entanglements and potential DIY chiropractic sessions.
  • Call in the reinforcements: Enlist the help of a trusty friend (or two) to assist you in the extrication process. Remember, a couch exit strategy is always better with a sidekick by your side.
  • Channel your inner MacGyver: Try disassembling the couch into more manageable pieces. Remove the legs, detach any modular sections, and unleash your inner furniture ninja. Lastly, remember to keep track of all the screws and bolts for reassembly later!

Lastly, the right tools (and friends), and a sprinkle of determination, you'll have that comfy couch out of your apartment and ready to embark on its next adventure. Bon voyage, couch!

Can you donate pillows to charity?

Absolutely! Donating pillows to charity is a wonderful way to give back and help those in need get a good night's sleep. Things to consider:

  • Choose a deserving charity: Look for local homeless shelters, women's shelters, or organizations that support those experiencing homelessness. They often accept pillow donations to provide comfort to those in need.
  • Check the condition: Ensure that your pillows are clean, in good condition, and free from any stains or tears. Charities typically prefer pillows that are in gently used or new condition.
  • Contact the charity: Reach out to the charity of your choice to inquire if they accept pillow donations and if there are any specific requirements or restrictions. Some charities may have guidelines regarding the type of pillows they can accept.

In addition, by donating your pillows, you're not only decluttering your space but also making a positive impact on your community!

Should I donate or throw away pillows?

When it comes to deciding whether to donate or throw away pillows, we're here to help! Take the below into consideration:

  • Donate if your pillows are in good condition: Got some pillows that are still in the lap of luxury? Don't be a pillow hoarder! Spread the comfort and consider donating them to a worthy cause. Someone out there could use a little fluff in their life!
  • Throw away if your pillows are worn out: Pillow talk time: If your pillows have seen more twists and turns than a soap opera, it's time to bid them farewell. Show those worn-out cushions the door and make space for plusher, dream-inducing replacements.
  • Recycle creatively: Feeling like a pillow Picasso? Don't just toss those old pillows into the landfill abyss. Get crafty and give them a new lease on life! Unleash your inner artist by repurposing the filling for fun projects or transforming the fabric into stylish pillow covers.

Furthermore, whether you choose to donate or throw away your pillows, do it responsibly and in a way that aligns with your values. Happy pillow transitioning!

Does the Salvation Army take bedding?

Frankly, bedding, is the essential ingredient for a good night's sleep. Here's the scoop on whether the Salvation Army is up for some sheets and blankets:

  • Yes, indeed! The Salvation Army generally accepts bedding donations, including sheets, blankets, comforters, and pillowcases. So don't hesitate to add some cozy vibes to someone's sleeping quarters.
  • Beware of the condition: Make sure your bedding is in decent shape, free from stains, tears, or any other unwanted surprises. Remember, it's all about giving someone the gift of a restful night's sleep.
  • Double-check with your local branch: While many Salvation Army locations accept bedding, it's always good to confirm with your specific branch. In light of this, give them a quick call or check their website for any guidelines or restrictions.

Again, donating bedding to the Salvation Army is a win-win. Equally, you declutter, someone gets a comfy night's sleep, and it's all done with a sprinkle of generosity!

What can you do with old sofa cushions?

crappy couch

Absolutely, the possibilities are endless when it comes to repurposing those old sofa cushions. Here are some excellent repurposing tips:

  • Create a cozy haven: Transform your old sofa cushions into a plush spot where you can unwind and relax. Use them to create a reading nook or a comfy meditation corner. Just imagine sinking into a pile of cushions, surrounded by tranquility!
  • Upgrade your pet's comfort: Spoil your furry friend by repurposing those cushions into a luxurious pet bed. Also, your four-legged companion will appreciate the extra cushioning during their nap time. It's like a little slice of heaven for your pet!
  • Get crafty: Unleash your creative side and repurpose the cushion filling for fun DIY projects. Use them to stuff handmade pillows or create unique stuffed animals. Who knows, you could become the next Picasso of cushion art!

Of course, your old sofa cushions may have lost their charm in one setting, they have the potential to bring joy and comfort in many others! So get your creative juices flowing and let those cushions have a second chance at life.

What do I do with a sofa I no longer want?

When it's time to bid adieu to your trusty old sofa, a world of possibilities awaits! Take a peek at our advice below:

  • Host a furniture farewell party: Gather your buddies and throw a "Sayonara Sofa" bash. Additionally, encourage them to bring their own drinks and a friend who might be interested in taking the sofa off your hands. Who knows, you may end up with a new sofa and a double date!
  • Embrace the power of social media: Snap some stylish photos of your unwanted sofa and share them on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Also, add a catchy caption like "Free couch looking for a new love nest. Must have excellent taste in Netflix binges." You'll be surprised by the responses you receive!
  • Play the role of the sofa matchmaker: Approach your local theater or community center and see if they're in need of seating for their upcoming performances or events. Your sofa might become a star on the stage!
  • Dispose of responsibly: A quick search for 'couch disposal near me' will reveal options to effortlessly hand over the responsibility to local experts in the field!

In addition, with a sprinkle of creativity, you'll bid farewell to your old sofa in style. Happy sofa-scaping!

Can you give away a sofa without a fire label?

Ah, the trials of a sofa lacking its fire label! No worries, our experts at have the answers you seek:

  • Safety first, always!: While it's not advisable to give away a sofa without a fire label, there may be some options available, such as:
    - Check with local thrift stores or consignment shops that might be able to accept it.
    - Explore online platforms like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, where you can disclose the absence of a fire label and let potential takers make an informed decision.
  • Knowledge is power: Before taking any steps, educate yourself about local regulations and the importance of fire labels. It's crucial to understand the potential risks and legal implications involved.

Finally, armed with these tips and a dash of your own ingenuity, you'll be well on your way to giving your sofa the happily-ever-after it deserves.

Is a sofa classified as household waste?

Absolutely not! Your old sofa is far from being classified as mundane household waste. Allow the experts to shed some light on the matter:

  • Sofa classification: Sofa falls under the category of bulky waste, which requires special handling and disposal methods.
  • Unique category: Think of your sofa as a majestic titan among mere mortals. It warrants separate consideration due to its size and materials, and it deserves a more dignified farewell.
  • Simple search: With a little research and the guidance of local waste management services, you can find the perfect end for your sofa's journey.

Do local charities or organizations take mattresses?

But of course, mattresses, the key to a good night's sleep! We dive into the world of mattress donations and help you find a good home for your sleeping companion:

  • Yes! Many (not all) local charities and organizations do gladly accept mattress donations. They understand the value of a restful night's sleep for those in need.
  • Sleepy haven: Check out local homeless shelters or organizations that support families in transition. In light of, they often welcome mattress donations with open arms.
  • Reclaim Your dreams: Another option is to reach out to organizations that help victims of natural disasters or those who have experienced a challenging life event. Therefore, your mattress could provide much-needed comfort and stability during difficult times.
  • Check the condition: Equally, ensure your mattress is in good shape, free from stains, odors, or excessive wear and tear. Charities generally prefer mattresses that are clean and still have some life left in them.
  • Contact potential recipients: Reach out to the charity of your choice to confirm their mattress donation policies. Some may require specific sizes or have restrictions on the types of mattresses they accept.

By donating your mattress, not only do you declutter your space but you also contribute to the well-being and comfort of someone in need. Sleep tight, knowing you've made a difference!

Full Video Transcript: How to donate your couch or dispose of your sofa

Alex Back, CEO of  Hey couch crazies, it's Alex with! Is your living room ready for a refresh? Don't worry about getting rid of your new couch. It's something that creates a lot of anxiety for people. However, you may not have considered all of the options available to you.

So let's break them down. What should I do with a couch I don't want? Here are four ideas:

  1. Repurpose: Try to repurpose it in your own home. There may be a different room where this couch can have new life. There also may be ways that you can gussy it up and make it a little bit nicer with some new throw blankets, some throw pillows, or perhaps even paint the wall behind it. That might be something that gives the room an entirely new look. Something to consider.
  1. Sell it:The second thing you might want to try is actually selling your sofa. There are plenty of online marketplaces today. Facebook Marketplace is super hot. There are other secondhand furniture websites that are focused on helping people like you find new homes for their gently loved sofas or sectionals. So that may be something to consider. You also may know somebody in your network of friends, family, or co-workers that might be interested in this couch either for free or for some kind of a negotiated price. Definitely something to consider before throwing it in the landfill because that's the number one thing to avoid.
  1. Swap it: Here's an idea. Let's say that you have a fairly new couch and it's not really ready for recycling or selling or anything like that. You may have somebody else in your exact same position that might be interested in swapping one. Now, this is a little bit of a crazy idea, but they may have a couch that they may not be thrilled with, and you may have a couch that you may not be thrilled with, so maybe it's a match made in heaven. I'm just saying.
  1. DIY: Finally, before you consider throwing your sofa in the landfill, why not embrace the DIY? There's still some meat left on those bones, baby. Take apart your couch. There's foam, there's wood, there's springs that can be recycled, there's screws and other objects that could be reused and repurposed in other projects. This is something that's a little bit outside of the box, but if you really think about it, there's a lot of value in this. It's a big piece of furniture with a lot of materials, so get your DIY on, put on your Bob Bea hat, and see what you can do.

Alex Back, CEO of  Can I donate a sleeper sofa? Yes, you absolutely can. You can donate most pieces of furniture to local charities and organizations. This is something that people don't really think about at first. They think about how to get this couch out of their house. Well, fun fact, a lot of these charities will come into your house and help you take it out or will take it out for you if it's in good enough condition.

The one thing about donating to a charity is that they're a little bit picky about the condition of the furniture that they receive. If you get in touch with one charitable organization and they sort of give you the old heave-ho because of the condition of your couch, don't give up. Keep trying. Other organizations may have different standards and they may be very welcoming of any sort of furniture because there's plenty of people in need out there.

So keep trying, pound the pavement, pick up the phone, use the interweb, and find your couch a lovely new home. Somebody will enjoy it!

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