7th Avenue: Ultimate Brand Review And Rating

Alex Back | CEO & Founder
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Since its establishment, 7th Avenue has been on a quest to redefine the conventional furniture landscape. But does their chic design and functional sofa range prioritize aesthetics over practicality? Or have they successfully achieved a balance between the two? In this comprehensive 7th Avenue Review, I’ll dissect everything you need about 7th Avenue couches and unveil our exclusive rating.

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As a furniture connoisseur, I’ve seen my fair share of sofas, and 7th Avenue has consistently caught my eye. Their sofas are not just pieces of furniture. They’re a statement. The quality of their products is evident in the craftsmanship. Each sofa is designed with attention to detail and built to last, reflecting the brand’s commitment to excellence. 7th Avenue’s customer-centric approach is another aspect that sets them apart. They understand that a sofa is more than just a seat - it’s an integral part of your home. The brand vibe is modern, chic, and inviting, much like their sofas. It’s clear that 7th Avenue isn’t just selling sofas. They’re selling a lifestyle.

Online Shopping Experience Rating: 94%

The website of 7th Avenue is a testament to its modern and user-centric approach, presenting a seamless browsing experience that mirrors its innovative furniture designs. Navigation is intuitive, allowing visitors to easily access detailed product information and vivid imagery, encapsulating the brand’s commitment to transparency and customer engagement. While the site offers a comprehensive look at their offerings and the company’s ethos, it leaves just enough curiosity to encourage deeper exploration into their product lines and brand story.

7th Avenue’s Ease of Navigation

  • The homepage of 7th Avenue has a simple yet striking design, offering a warm welcome that aligns with the brand’s aesthetic. Its layout is intuitive, guiding visitors smoothly from one section to the next without overwhelming them with too much information at once.
  • I like how navigating through the product catalog is a breeze. The navigation bar on top allows you to make quick choices between 7th Avenue sectionals, sofas and loveseats, daybeds and pits, or living room sets. When you go to each section, you can easily filter the 7th Avenue couches depending on the depth or sort the items according to price, as featured, or best-selling.
  • Each 7th Avenue sofa is showcased with high-quality images and succinct descriptions, making it easy to get a good sense of style and quality without digging too deep.
  • Clicking on a product reveals a wealth of information, from dimensions to fabric choices, all presented in an easy-to-understand format. This transparency is crucial for online furniture shopping, where tactile evaluation isn’t an option.
  • I want to send the 7th Avenue team a virtual high-five because ways to contact customer support and a link to requently asked questions are prominently displayed. This ensures that help is always just one click away or a phone call away if you encounter any issues or have queries.
  • The checkout process is streamlined and user-friendly, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. However, any potential hiccups in this process could detract from the overall positive experience, so it’s an area where the site must maintain its standards rigorously.

7th Avenue’s Information Available “At-A-Glance”

  • If you’re shopping for a 7th Avenue couch, you will see how the brand puts “The World’s Greatest Modular Sofa” front and center when you land on their website. I like how you see excerpts from reviews by trusted publications, which is reassuring when buying a sofa online.
  • Each sofa listing is meticulously detailed, prominently presenting key information such as the product name, price, and fabric options. This clarity aids quick decision-making, though highlighting unique selling points, if any, could further refine the customer experience.
  • I see the quick comparison to popular and more expensive brands, such as the RH Cloud of Restoration Hardware and Harmony Modular Chaise Sectional of West Elm, seen when you scroll down the page as honest and bold marketing.
  • When you click on each 7th Avenue modular sofa presented on the page, it’s basically seeing different configurations of their “World’s Greatest Modular Sofa.” I know they’re pushing for one product with endless possibilities, but a way to do side-by-side comparison of several different configurations would be a welcome addition for those trying to decide what best fits their space.
  • Indicating availability, such as a “Product Ships in 4-6 weeks,” provides an immediate understanding of delivery times, which is crucial for buyers with time constraints. This feature is clearly visible, and I assume it’s updated to reflect stock levels.
  • High-quality images and the option to view sofas in different fabrics and colors are commendable. Yet, incorporating augmented reality or a room planner tool could significantly enhance users’ ability to visualize products in their own space.

7th Avenue’s Product Images  

  • The images of 7th Avenue sofas and couches are clear and high-resolution. They allow potential buyers to see the details of the sofas clearly, contributing to a more informed purchasing decision.
  • 7th Avenue provides images that showcase their sofas from multiple angles. They also provide close-up shots that allow you to examine their sofas’ materials, texture, and craftsmanship.
  • 7th Avenue offers a variety of sofa configurations, and their images depict each configuration. This helps potential buyers visualize how the sofa will look in different setups.
  • In this 7th Avenue review, I want to point out that while the brand gives consumers top-quality images of their sofas in various colors and angles, it will be helpful if there are also images of their products in different room settings. It will also be nice to see their sofas with people or pets. This helps potential buyers visualize how the couch will look in a real-life environment and assess its versatility.
  • When you scroll down a specific product page, you’ll see a spread of images from the brand’s Instagram profile. They aptly labeled the section 7th Avenue In Real Homes. Click on one, and it will pop up and give you more information. However, as mentioned above, it will be nice to see lifestyle images incorporated into the main roll of product images.
  • The consistency in color and texture representation across different images is commendable, ensuring that customers have a reliable visual reference, which is essential for making a confident purchase decision online.

7th Avenue’s Quality of Product Information

  • 7th Avenue provides comprehensive descriptions of their sofas’ features, materials, dimensions, and construction. This includes information about the upholstery fabric, frame material, cushion filling, and any special features or design elements.
  • The technical specifications of 7th Avenue sofas are clearly listed, including measurements of the sofa’s width, depth, height, seat depth, back height, and arm thickness. This information helps potential buyers assess whether the sofa fits their space and meets their size requirements.
  • The product information specifies the materials used in the sofa’s construction. This includes the type of upholstery fabric, frame material, and cushion filling. Information about the fabric’s durability, cleaning instructions, and maintenance requirements is also provided.
  • I like how Information about the sofa’s construction methods and quality standards are readily available. This includes details about the frame construction, cushion support system, and joinery techniques.
  • The product information provides details about the sofa’s support and comfort features. This includes information about seat suspension systems, cushion density, and ergonomic design elements. This helps potential buyers assess the sofa’s comfort level and suitability for their needs.
  • If there’s one thing I wish 7th Avenue included, it’s the rub count of the fabrics they use on their sofas. A rub count is a good measure of the durability and lifespan of the fabric. To be fair, the FAQ section reveals that the Charcoal Black fabric has a 100,000 rub count while the Pure White and Natural White fabrics come at a rub count of 75,000. However, better transparency would be best for buying customers. 

7th Avenue’s Extra Bells & Whistles

  • 7th Avenue stands out with its flagship product, a sofa with endless modularity. This allows customers to customize their sofa to fit their specific needs and space.
  • 7th Avenue offers a virtual showroom experience. Customers can chat with the team over video call, get a product demo, and even see a live spill-test. This feature allows customers to explore fabric options and get a full explanation of all the sofa’s functional features from the comfort of their own home.
  • Demonstrating an understanding of modern lifestyle needs, 7th Avenue encourages potential buyers to visit their physical showrooms with pets. This unique approach highlights the brand’s commitment to customer convenience and inclusivity, recognizing that pets are integral to many families and their home decisions.

Shipping & Lead Times Rating: 94%

7th Avenue’s shipping and lead times are a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction, balancing efficiency with quality assurance. They provide clear, detailed information on their website to set realistic expectations, ensuring that customers are well-informed about when they can anticipate the arrival of their new furniture. I commend the brand for this transparency in the shipping process, and the effort to minimize wait times reflects the brand’s dedication to a seamless customer experience.

  • The company is laser-focused on pushing its flagship and only product to the market. They don’t do custom sofas, so the products were manufactured months before your purchase. Minor customizations, such as for the back cushions or sofa layouts, do not affect the logistics chain.
  • Lead time generally hovers in the range of 2 to 6 weeks.

Customer Focus Rating: 95%

At, we’re dedicated to guiding you to the perfect sofa choice for your lifestyle. Customer care is our priority. So, let’s dive into how 7th Avenue caters to its customers with its service-focused offerings. Does their commitment to warranty, return policies, and delivery options reflect a genuine customer-first approach? Let me lead the way as we scrutinize their services to see if they put the consumer at the heart of their business.

7th Avenue’s Warranty:

  • 7th Avenue offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of their modular sofas. I must say offering a lifetime warranty can increase customer confidence in the quality of 7th Avenue sofas. It suggests that the company stands behind its products and is willing to address any issues that may arise.
  • A limited lifetime warranty is quite generous compared to the industry standard. Many other furniture companies offer warranties that last a few years at most. This further emphasizes 7th Avenue’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • The warranty covers all construction, including the frame, wood, springs, and hardware. This comprehensive coverage provides peace of mind to customers.
  • It’s important to note that the warranty does not cover wear and tear on cushions and fabrics. This is standard across the industry, but customers should be aware of this.
  • You must provide the original receipt or order number for warranty claims, ensuring a straightforward process and validating the authenticity of the purchase.
  • Products purchased through secondary markets do not qualify for warranty, emphasizing the importance of buying directly from 7th Avenue to ensure warranty coverage.

7th Avenue’s Return Options:

  • 7th Avenue offers free returns within 10 days of complete delivery. This customer-friendly policy allows buyers to return their sofa if they’re not satisfied with it.
  • The 10-day return window is reasonable for customers to decide whether the sofa fits their needs. However, it may be short for some customers.
  • The return process is straightforward and hassle-free. This can make the buying experience more comfortable for customers, knowing they can return the product.
  • The company does not offer full product exchanges. However, you can do free fabric exchanges if you want a different fabric color within 30 days of receiving your 7th Avenue couch.

7th Avenue’s Delivery Options & Costs:

  • 7th Avenue offers delivery and assembly services nationwide throughout the contiguous U.S. This is a great convenience for customers, as it saves them the hassle of arranging for delivery and assembly separately.
  • 7th Avenue offers shipping via FedEx Ground for all orders, with the shipping fee based on the customer’s location. While the costs are not explicitly stated on the website, you will be informed of the amount you need to shoulder upon checking out, ensuring transparency and predictability in shipping costs.
  • For Southern California residents, 7th Avenue provides an enhanced local delivery service, including unboxing, assembly, and packaging removal, showcasing their commitment to customer convenience in the local market.
  • The delivery time for 7th Avenue sofas typically ranges from 2 to 6 weeks. This is fairly standard in the furniture industry.

7th Avenue’s Financing Options:

  • Yes, 7th Avenue does offer financing or payment plans. This can make purchasing a sofa more manageable by spreading the cost over a period of time.
  • 7th Avenue’s financing program is managed by their third-party partners, such as ShopPay, Klarna, and Affirm.

Is Assembly Required?

  • Yes, your 7th Avenue sofa will be delivered in several boxes. They have a good section about assembly on their FAQs. It will point you to video guides that show specific steps from unboxing your new couch to assembly prep, assembly steps, and finishing touches.
  • The company also offers an optional white glove assembly service done by third-party assemblers from platforms like TaskRabbit and Thumbtack. They can do all the work for you for a small fee ($100 based on the numbers we see upon checkout).

7th Avenue’s Customization Options:

  • Customizations are generally limited to your choice of fabric colors, total seat depth, and firmness of the back cushions. And since the sofa is modular, you can buy extra seats to combine with your existing pieces to upgrade your sofa, say from a 3-seater to an L-shaped sectional.

Does 7th Avenue Offer Free Fabric Swatches?

  • Yes, 7th Avenue does offer free fabric swatches. This allows you to see and feel the fabric options before purchasing. You can request all available fabric colors, but the website does not state how long it takes to get them. Once the swatches have been shipped out, the company’s fulfillment team will email you.

Durability & Quality Rating: 96%

When considering a new sofa, the promise of durability is key, particularly for online purchases. 7th Avenue asserts a commitment to high-quality, customizable furniture that caters to the varied tastes and requirements of their customers. “We are currently laser-focused on one product in the household, the sofa. Sofas are the most important (and expensive) furniture purchase a customer typically makes, and therefore we aim to create sofas that have a beautiful contemporary design but also be able to withstand people’s active lifestyles,” says 7th Avenue co-founder and CEO Billy Shaw.

Does 7th Avenue live up to its assurance of enduring design and material quality? Let’s look into the craftsmanship of 7th Avenue sofas to see if they truly offer lasting value.

7th Avenue’s Quality of Materials:

  • 7th Avenue uses engineered high-quality, water-repellent, and stain-resistant fabrics12. The fabric is plush and premium performance velvet1, which is durable and gives an impression of quality.
  • The sofa frame is made from Indonesian solid hardwood, which is kiln-dried to prevent mold growth and further reinforced by corner blocks and metal support for extra strength.
  • At the center of the cushion, you’ll find high-resiliency foam, the highest-grade polyurethane foam that is highly elastic, distributes pressure equally across an entire surface, and extremely durable. Such foams can last more than 10 years. Then there’s a memory foam blend for that extra comfort and bounce and an additional layer of hypoallergenic and vegan down alternative.
  • The suspension of 7th Avenue modular sofas consists of a high-gauge sinuous spring suspension system for a well-balanced seat.

7th Avenue’s Cleanability:

  • For spot cleaning, 7th Avenue recommends using wet paper towel and water. You can also use mild soap or mild cleaning agents. You can proceed with machine washing or dry cleaning when dealing with heavy dirt and scuff marks.
  • All the covers of their sofas are removable and replaceable, so maintenance is easy.
  • Overall, 7th Avenue provides clear cleaning instructions, ensuring owners can maintain their sofa’s appearance and durability without resorting to harsh chemicals or expensive professional services, which is essential for long-term care and upkeep.

7th Avenue’s Quality of Construction & Manufacturing Origin:

  • All sofas are shipped out from their Los Angeles, California warehouse.
  • The company claims 7th Avenue sofas are built to last 8 to 10 years.
  • As mentioned earlier, they use high-density Indonesian solid wood for their sofa frames. These kiln-dried wood are reinforced by corner blocks and metal support for extra strength.
  • The legs of the sofa are also steel-reinforced to absorb extra pressure on the sofa.
  • The support system consists of high-gauge sinuous spring suspension, which is resilient and good to see in the price range.

Brand Vibe Check Rating: 97%

Finding a brand that resonates personally and ethically can enhance your living experience, making your furniture choices reflections of your identity and values. 7th Avenue emerges as a distinctive voice in the furniture world, marrying sleek design with practical, sustainable practices, appealing to the eco-conscious and style-savvy alike. I like how their furniture is about more than just filling a space. It’s about complementing a lifestyle that values innovation, aesthetic appeal, and conscious living. This 7th Avenue review looks into how their commitment to these ideals could transform not just your space but also how you feel about it.

7th Avenue’s Key Differentiators & Unique Facts:

  • 7th Avenue was founded in early 2022 by Billy Shaw and Josh Stinson. They saw an opportunity to combat the furniture industry’s focus on aesthetics over function through what they refer to as “functional luxury.”
  • Unlike other furniture companies, 7th Avenue only offers one product– “The World’s Greatest Modular Sofa”– because, as Shaw says, “we want to do one thing really well rather than many things in mediocrity.”
  • 7th Avenue’s sofas are highly modular, allowing customers to simply purchase a new modular seat to upgrade their sofa from a 3-seater to an L-shaped sectional and beyond.

7th Avenue’s Sustainability:

7th Avenue puts the spotlight on their sustainable practices, using eco-friendly materials and processes, which appeals to environmentally conscious consumers and differentiates them from competitors less focused on green initiatives.

  • As ‘fast furniture’ clogs up secondhand markets and landfills, 7th Avenue is pioneering a sustainable, affordable modular furniture future.
  • All products are sustainably built, free from harmful chemicals, and designed to last 10 years or more.
  • I love seeing how the brand highlights its sustainability practices on their website. For example, the product pages clearly show that they only use wood certified by Forest Stewardship Comul, the gold standard on sustainable forest management.
  • The fabrics used are all OEKO-TEX certified, which means they passed rigorous testing to ensure they’re free from harmful chemicals.
  • The company also states that their performance and stain-resistant fabrics are free from microplastics. They also use a protective coating free of formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals.
  • The modular design of their sofas allows for easy expansion or contraction, reducing the need for entirely new pieces of furniture.
  • The removable and washable covers extend the life of the sofa, reducing waste.

7th Avenue’s Overall Brand Presentation:

  • My overall impression of 7th Avenue is that they are a brand deeply committed to modernity and sustainability, offering consumers stylish, adaptable, and eco-conscious furniture options. They market their sofas by emphasizing their adaptability to various living spaces and lifestyles, alongside a solid commitment to environmental responsibility. The focus on modular design, sustainable materials, and community engagement reflects a brand aiming to resonate with contemporary consumers who value both aesthetics and ethical considerations in their furniture choices.

Still feeling couch curious...?

More Brand FAQs

What are 7th Avenue’s top couches?

Here are the 10 best-selling sofas from 7th Avenue and why they are popular:

  1. 4-Seat Modular Chaise Sectional Review ($3,850)
  • This sofa offers a spacious seating area with a chaise for lounging.
  • It’s made with high-quality, water-repellent, and stain-resistant fabrics.
  • The modular design allows homeowners to customize the sofa to fit their specific needs and space.

2. 5-Seat Modular Corner Lounger Sectional Review ($4,750)

  • This sectional provides ample seating and includes a corner lounger for extra comfort.
  • Because of its large size, it’s perfect for families or those who entertain frequently.
  • The corner lounger adds a unique and cozy touch that homeowners appreciate.

 3. 4-Seat Modular Chaise Sectional with Ottoman Review ($4,500)

  • This sofa includes an ottoman, providing versatile seating and lounging options.
  • It also comes with removable covers, so cleaning, when needed, is as easy as removing the covers and machine washing them at home.
  • The included ottoman offers flexibility, serving as extra seating, a footrest, or even a coffee table.

 4. 2-Seat Modular Loveseat Review ($2,300)

  • This compact loveseat is perfect for smaller spaces or as a complement to a larger sofa.
  • Like any other 7th Avenue couch, it comes with hypoallergenic, vegan, and cruelty-free cushions.
  • Its compact size makes it a versatile piece that can fit in various spaces.

 5. 3-Seat Modular Chaise Sectional Review ($2,950)

  • This sofa offers comfortable seating for three and includes a chaise for lounging.
  • A perfect blend of size and functionality without compromising style.
  • The three seats and chaise offer a balance of seating and lounging space.

 6. 6-Seat Modular Double Chaise Sectional Review ($5,400)

  • This large sectional offers ample seating and includes two chaises for ultimate comfort.
  • This 7th Avenue modular sectional sofa variant is favored for larger rooms or spacious entertainment areas.
  • The double chaise design is a standout feature that offers plenty of lounging space.

 7. 3-Seat Modular Sofa Review ($3,200)

  • This sofa offers comfortable seating for three.
  • You can choose between medium soft or medium firm for the firmness of your back cushion.
  • It’s simple and classic design fits well in any living room.

8. 5-Seat Modular Corner Sectional Reviewl ($5,250)

  • This large sectional offers ample seating and includes a corner seat for a cozy nook.
  • It’s endlessly modular, so you can add more seats and reconfigure it to your liking if the need arises.
  • The corner seat adds a unique touch and extra seating.

9. 4-Seat Modular Corner Sectional Review ($4,350)

  • This sectional offers comfortable seating for four and includes a corner seat.
  • Combines the practicality of modular design with the aesthetic appeal of contemporary styling
  • The corner seat creates a cozy nook that homeowners love.

10. 8-Seat Modular Double Lounger U-Sectional Review ($7,200)

  • This huge and multi-function sectional can easily become the focal point of your living space.
  • Ideal for families or people who love to entertain.
  • Surely a modern classic made with materials that can endure the test of time.

How much do 7th Avenue's couches cost?

The pricing of 7th Avenue’s couches reflects their commitment to quality and design, catering to a range of budgets while ensuring value. Whether you’re seeking something luxurious or more modestly priced, 7th Avenue aims to offer competitive pricing for their innovative, sustainable, and stylish sofas, allowing you to invest wisely in your home’s comfort and aesthetics.

7th Avenue’s Average Range:

  • Affordable luxury is one of the marketing push of 7th Avenue. So, yes, you’ll see stylish 3-seat modular sectionals below $3,000 and bigger ones between $6,000 and $8,000. For those who want to get complete living room sets, they have practical options that give you different combinations of their sectional sofas.

Most Expensive 7th Avenue Couch:

  • 9-Seat Modular U-Sectional with Double Ottoman ($10,400). This high-end sofa is a 5-piece set that’s reconfigurable to fit any space. It’s a timeless piece that can help complete the look of your dream living room.
  • 3-Seat Modular Sofa ($3,200). This modern, luxurious 7th Avenue sofa is one of the brand’s best sellers. It offers comfort and visual aesthetics to liven up your interiors.

 Least Expensive 7th Avenue Couch:

Does 7th Avenue have good reviews?

7th Avenue has garnered a reputation for their stylish and functional pieces. While the company’s website boasts positive reviews, a comprehensive look at external review platforms like TrustPilot and BBB provides a more balanced perspective.

Overall 7th Avenue Reviews:

  • 7th Avenue has received an excellent rating of 4.6 on TrustPilot. Customers have praised the quality and style of 7th Avenue’s furniture, noting that the furniture looks even better in person than in the pictures online. They also appreciated the helpful and friendly customer service they received when ordering furniture.

7th Avenue’s Top Product Reviews:

  • 4-Seat Modular Chaise Sectional 5 Star 7th Avenue Review “I’ve always dreamt of having a white couch, but basically gave up on that dream after having kids — until I met this couch. Overall, we absolutely LOVE it. When we were looking for a new couch, we knew it needed to be easily cleaned having two toddlers and a dog, it needed to be comfortable since we like to lounge and we didn’t want to spend a fortune on it. This couch met all our requirements and more…” – Ivy C. (Verified Buyer)
  • The reviews of 7th Avenue’s product pages are mostly positive. In light of this, I’m sharing a negative review (3 Stars)  found on Trust Pilot: “We really like the comfort and modularity of the couch, but are disappointed by the fabric. Ordered the performance white because we have 2 dogs and 3 young kids in the house. Had the couch for less than 6 months and stains/dirt do not completely come out in the washing machine and fabric is piling. Would likely purchase again but definitely pick a different fabric.” – JFRH

 7th Avenue’s Customer Service Reviews:

  • 7th Avenue’s customer service has generally received positive feedback. Many customers have praised the company for their excellent customer service. They have described 7th Avenue Furniture as “the best” and have praised their “seamless” ordering process1.
  • However, there are also some negative reviews. For instance, on Sitejabber, Seventh Avenue has a rating of 2.16 stars, indicating that some customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. The reviewers frequently mention problems with customer service.
  • It’s important to note that customer service experiences can vary greatly from person to person. While many customers have had positive experiences, others have had issues. It’s always a good idea to read multiple reviews to comprehensively understand a company’s customer service.

What kind of style is 7th Avenue furniture?

7th Avenue, renowned for its innovative furniture, embodies a contemporary luxury aesthetic. Their flagship product, “The World’s Greatest Modular Sofa,” appeals to eco-conscious furniture buyers. And with what I’ve seen so far, it’s doing a great job!

7th Avenue’s Range of Couch Options:

  • 7the Avenue offers sectionals, sofas and loveseats, daybet and pits, and living room sets. All these classifications are basically different configurations of their flagship product, “The World’s Greatest Modular Sofa.”

7th Avenue’s Range of Couch Styles:

  • The style of 7th Avenue’s furniture is contemporary luxury. They offer modern modular sectionals that are functional, water-repellent, stain-resistant, and sustainably built.

Does 7th Avenue Have Other Products Besides Couches?

  • The brand only offers one product for now, the sofa.

What are some alternatives to 7th Avenue?

Several other companies offer similar products if you’re looking for alternatives to 7th Avenue furniture. Here are some popular options: