Couch Revitalization

Super Common Fixes to Couches and How to Perform Them

Flex your DIY prowess and learn how to quickly and easily fix common issues with your couch.

How do you remove a folding bed from a couch?

Want to transform that sofa bed into a sofa AND a bed? Or maybe you're moving and want to lighten the weight load of the heavy sleeper sofa you have by removing the mattress. Then have we got good news for you. It's actually not that hard! Here's how you can first open the folding bed and then remove the mattress if desired or needed:

  • Empty the nest: Begin by removing any pillows, cushions, or bedding that may be on the couch. You want a clear canvas to work with.
  • Locate the release mechanism: Most folding beds have a release mechanism that frees the bed from its hidden compartment. Look for levers, buttons, or handles in inconspicuous spots, often near the bottom or back of the couch.
  • Engage the release: Gently engage the release mechanism as indicated. This might involve pulling a lever, pressing a button, or lifting a latch. The couch should start to shift, revealing the folded bed.
  • Assist the unfolding: As the folding bed emerges, provide a helping hand to guide it out smoothly. It might unfold in sections, so pay attention to the unfolding process.
  • Clear the path: Ensure there's ample space around the couch for the folding bed to fully extend without obstruction.
  • Lock in place: Some folding beds have locking mechanisms to keep them securely in place once fully extended. If applicable, engage the lock to prevent any unexpected folding while in use.
  • Prepare for use: Voilà! Your hidden bed is now in plain sight. Dress it with bedding and pillows, creating a cozy sleeping nook. (Note: If you're interested in removing the mattress for moving purposes, etc. now is the time to do so, once it's fully in open position).
  • Retreat the bed: When you're ready to tuck the bed back into its couch cocoon, reverse the steps. Disengage any locks, fold the bed sections as required, and guide them back into their secret compartment.

Unveiling the folding bed within your couch is like revealing a secret passage to a comfortable oasis.

How do you fix a couch spring?

Red sofa sleeper with folding mattress

In need of a couch spring repair? It can be a tedious fix, but it's absolutely worthwhile. So don't move your broken couch and make it live its life in shame as a corner sofa. Here's how to bring it back into the limelight if you're feeling like you're up for the challenge (this is an intermediate to advanced level task):

  • Locate the culprit: Begin by identifying the troublesome spring. This might involve removing the upholstery fabric to access the springs beneath. However, usually springs can be located by removing the dust cover underneath the sofa. The dust cover is the dark colored felt piece that is affixed to the bottom of the couch to keep dust and objects from getting inside the couch.
  • Secure the area: Once you've located the renegade spring, clear the area around it. You want a clutter-free zone for your repair endeavors.
  • Check for damage: Examine the spring for any visible signs of damage, such as breaks, twists, or misalignments. This is your chance to determine if the spring needs repair or replacement.
  • Reattach or align: If the spring has come loose or shifted, your task is to reattach it or align it back in its proper position. This might involve using pliers to manipulate the spring's ends and secure them to the frame.
  • Stabilize with clips: Spring clips are your allies in this quest. Use upholstery clips to fasten the spring securely to the frame and neighboring springs. Ensure a snug fit without overstretching the spring.
  • Add support: Sometimes a little extra support can go a long way. You can use foam blocks, wooden shims, or even zip ties to provide additional stability to the repaired spring.
  • Test the bounce: Gently test the repaired spring by applying pressure to the area and observing its responsiveness. It should bounce back with its signature springiness.

Repairing a couch spring is like coaxing a trampoline back to life. With a curious mind and a touch of DIY magic, you're on your way to restoring the spirited bounce that makes your couch a cozy retreat. Couch repair never felt so good.

How do you cut an old couch?

Did you embark on a journey of leather couch repair only to find yourself googling "couch repair near me" with no luck? Sadly, not every sofa is destined to be fixed. If your couch needs to find a new home in a landfill, then here's how you can cut it down to size for easy moving.

  • Assess the couch: Take a good look at your couch and identify the parts you can safely remove or modify to make it more compact. This might include removing legs, arms, cushions, or other attachments.
  • Gather tools: Arm yourself with the appropriate tools, like a saw, screwdriver, pliers, and measuring tape. These trusty companions will help you navigate the transformation.
  • Detach legs and arms: Start by removing any detachable legs or arms from the couch. Carefully unscrew or detach them using the right tools, keeping them aside for safekeeping.
  • Unzip and uncover: If your couch has removable cushions, unzip the covers and set them aside. This will give you access to the inner frame.
  • Measure and mark: Measure the areas you intend to cut, ensuring accuracy. Use a pencil or chalk to mark the cutting lines, following your measurements.
  • Cut with precision: Employ your saw to make clean cuts along the marked lines. Take your time and ensure steady, even cuts to maintain the couch's stability and appearance. And definitely wear safety goggles and long clothing because you're cutting through various materials- fabric, foam, wood, metal- and the conditions can be very unpredictable.
  • Smooth edges: After cutting, sand down any rough or uneven edges to ensure a polished finish that's comfortable and safe to handle.

So long, sweet sofa. We hardly new ye. But at least you have the opportunity to do some fun sofa shopping now!

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