From Sit to Sleep: The Best Sleeper Sofa Shopping Advice

What is the most reliable sleeper sofa?

Reliability means a lot of things to a lot of different people. So we’ll define it as sturdiness, longevity, and being sold by a trusted brand. If you’re looking for specifics, the Costco Thomasville sectional sleeper certainly fits the bill. But maybe you’re looking for a leather sofa bed? Or something as unique as a couch to bunk bed style? Then you’ll need to read up on the best qualities to look for when shopping for sleepers.

  • Rock-Solid Brands: Hunt for those big names in furniture that have a knack for making stuff that lasts. Since there is a mechanism involved and since sleeper couches serve a utilitarian purchase, it’s not just about which one’s looks kill the most.
  • What’s the Buzz?: Dive into online reviews to hear straight from folks who’ve given these sleepers a snooze test.
  • Fold and Go: Check out ones with a folding game that’s smooth like butter – you want easy-peasy, not a wrestling match.
  • Built Tough: Seek out ones with strong frames and cushiony goodness that won’t go flat on you.

These tips will help keep you sharp as you shop!

What to look for when buying a sleeper sofa?

Yellow sofa sleeper in a studio

When you type “sofa sleepers for sale” or “sleeper sofa near me” into Google you might become overwhelmed by the results. There are a LOT of sofa beds available these days. Let’s say you narrow it down to a loveseat sofa bed that you love, but you’re just not sure it’s going to be good enough for your needs. How can you tell for sure? Don’t worry, we’ll help you figure it out with these tips!

  • Comfy by Day, Cozy by Night: Pick a sofa that’s comfortable to sit on and transforms into a snug bed with ease.
  • Sizing it Up: Measure your space, sofa size, and bed dimensions – gotta make sure it fits both roles!
  • Mattress Magic: Go for a mattress that gives you sweet dreams – memory foam or innerspring, your call.
  • Sturdy Structure: Look for a solid frame and easy-to-use mechanism. You don’t want a wrestling match to open it up.
  • Fabric Fun: Choose a fabric that fits your style and lifestyle – durability is key.
  • Check the Reviews: Dive into online reviews to get real-life opinions from fellow sofa sleepers.
  • Warranty Wonders: A solid warranty is your safety net in case anything goes haywire.

So you’re finally ready to ditch the 3 seater sofa and splurge on a sleeper? Well, now you’ve got everything you need to find the perfect sofa bed for you and your home (and your guests).