A cozy, modern living room with a light gray sectional sofa adorned with patterned throw pillows. A round wooden coffee table sits on a vintage rug. The wall behind features white built-in shelves with various plants, books, and decor items, including a painting and a lamp. A bright living room with large windows, white walls, and wooden floors. The room features a blue velvet sofa, two brown chairs, a round wooden side table, several potted plants, and a colorful painting on the wall. The floor is adorned with a patterned rug. A stylish living room with a light grey sectional sofa adorned with a red accent pillow. The sofa is placed on a green rug, beneath a set of vibrant abstract paintings on a taupe wall. A white floor lamp stands to the left and a potted plant is on the right. A vibrant living room featuring a blue sofa decorated with colorful pillows and a knitted throw. A pink armchair with a geometric cushion is beside a leafy plant. A wooden coffee table with books and plants sits on a patterned rug. Art and plants adorn the space. A cozy living room featuring a teal sofa, a yellow couch, and a white armchair around a round coffee table with a blue and white patterned rug. The wooden paneled wall has framed art, and shelves with books and plants add greenery and texture. A cozy daybed with white cushions is adorned with a variety of colorful pillows and gray faux fur throws. A woven basket containing more pillows is placed nearby, and a stack of books sits on the floor. A leafy green plant and large windows brighten the space. A modern living room features a beige sofa with a red cushion and a decorative pillow, a woven wall hanging above, and two abstract framed artworks. A green armchair, a marble coffee table with gold legs, a round textured red ottoman, and plants complete the space.

World Market

PotatoMeter Rating: 92%

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About World Market

World Market is a treasure trove of eclectic and affordable home furnishings, offering a global bazaar of unique and authentic pieces sourced from artisans around the world. From hand-knotted rugs and intricately carved wood furniture to vibrant textiles and worldly décor, World Market invites you to explore a curated collection with a commitment to ethical sourcing and supporting artisan communities that celebrates the beauty and craftsmanship of diverse cultures.

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