A modern living room featuring a light gray tufted sofa with colorful throw pillows, a round wooden coffee table on a gray rug, a dark green armchair, a contemporary chandelier, and a yellow sideboard. The room has a staircase with a white railing and wooden accents. A modern living room features a curved gray sofa with a gray blanket, a rounded white chair, a black coffee table with books and a bowl, a tall standing lamp, and a fireplace. Large windows provide natural light, showing tree branches outside. A stylish living room with a white curved sofa, brown armchair, black coffee table, and striped rug. A grand piano sits in the corner near wide-open French doors, and a checkered wooden cabinet with a flower arrangement stands against the wall. A bright, modern living room features a white sofa, two beige armchairs, and a circular wooden coffee table with decorative items like vases and a sculpture. A large abstract painting hangs above a stone fireplace, and natural light streams in through wide windows. A cozy living room featuring a white sectional sofa with various pillows, a round coffee table with decorative items, a wooden side table with a lamp, a woven indoor chair, a gray ottoman, and a large rug. The room is bright with natural light from large windows. A modern living room with a cream-colored sectional sofa, a wooden coffee table, and an armchair with a beige cushion. A black floor lamp stands to the left. Large windows with white frames let in natural light, illuminating minimalist decor and wall art. A modern living room features a light beige sectional sofa adorned with decorative pillows, a round wooden coffee table with ceramic vases, and a cozy tan armchair. A tall floor lamp stands nearby, and a fireplace is set into a stone wall. Large windows bring in natural light. A modern living room with a navy blue sectional sofa, beige armchair, and wooden coffee table. The table has a vase of yellow flowers and books. Large windows and a minimalist brown painting on a white brick wall provide a bright, airy atmosphere. A modern living room with a beige sofa and a matching armchair. The room features a wooden coffee table, a side table with a lamp, a large framed landscape picture, and floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing green plants and natural light. A modern, well-lit living room featuring a green velvet sofa, a white upholstered armchair, a brown leather recliner, a round wooden coffee table, and a beige textured rug. A floor lamp, bookshelf, and large framed window complete the cozy, minimalist decor. A bright living room with large windows and white walls. It features a cream sectional sofa with assorted pillows, a brown leather armchair, and a black coffee table on a textured rug. A round mirror hangs on the wall, and various decor items are placed on surfaces. A modern living room with a curved beige sofa adorned with black and white throw pillows. There's a black coffee table on a striped rug in front of a white fireplace. Decorative items include a vase with flowers, a sculpture on a pedestal, and several books. A modern living room features a grey L-shaped sofa with various pillows and a throw blanket. A round wooden coffee table holds decorative vases and a bowl. Large windows with curtains allow natural light to fill the room. A standing lamp is placed in the corner.

West Elm

PotatoMeter Rating: 86%

West Elm logo featuring the brand name in lowercase, black, sans-serif font on a white background.

About West Elm

West Elm is a branch on the Williams-Sonoma tree, which means you can expect high-end style and sophisticated sofas. But what you might not expect are surprisingly competitive prices considering their selection and quality. West Elm has also carved out its own path in the home furnishings space by blazing a sustainability-focused trail and by supporting a worldwide community of artisans.

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