A cozy living room corner features a light gray sectional sofa adorned with various throw pillows and a blanket. A round wooden side table holds a lamp and decor items, while a landscape painting and wall-mounted lamp add to the room's ambiance. A cozy living room featuring a brown leather sofa adorned with green and beige cushions, and a light green throw blanket. A rustic wooden coffee table sits in front, and a floor lamp and framed artworks decorate the background. Natural light fills the room. A modern living room features a grey sectional sofa with three cushions, a light grey throw draped on it, and two decorative vases on the floor. A large plant stands beside the sofa, and a wooden ring wall art hangs above. A lit lamp is in the left corner. A cozy living room with a white armchair draped with an orange blanket. A modern wooden side table holds a decorative vase and lamp. Cushions in various colors and patterns are on the light-colored patterned rug. A wicker room divider and pampas grass are in the background. A modern living room with three wooden-framed chairs, a sofa with pillows, a round coffee table with a basket underneath, a black metal shelving unit, and large windows. Pendant lights with wicker shades hang from the ceiling, and a striped rug covers the floor. A cozy living room featuring a gray tufted sofa adorned with a patterned throw pillow. To the left is a wooden side table with a lamp and decor. In front, a wooden coffee table holds a basket, candlesticks, and a small plant. The room has a large window with curtains. A modern living room features a light grey sofa with a striped pillow, a black side table with a plant vase, and framed abstract geometric art on the wall and floor. The room includes black pendant lights and a woven rug, with a background of dark vertical paneling.


PotatoMeter Rating: 93%

The image shows the red and white logo of Target, a retail corporation. The logo consists of a simple red bullseye design with three concentric circles and the word "target" in lowercase red letters beneath it.

About Target

Target's furniture collection offers stylish, affordable pieces that seamlessly blend form and function. With a wide range of designs created by trendy collaborators built to suit every taste, Target makes it easy to create a beautiful, inviting home without emptying your wallet.

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