An inviting outdoor patio features a wooden furniture set with grey cushions, including a sofa and two chairs. A wooden coffee table, a woven basket, and various potted plants surround the seating area. The patio overlooks a lush garden with a wooden deck. A sunlit outdoor seating area next to a swimming pool, featuring a wicker sofa and armchair with cream cushions and gray pillows. A wooden coffee table holds a bowl of peaches, a glass of juice, and a magazine. A cozy throw blanket drapes over one arm of the sofa. A stylish outdoor patio setting featuring a wooden sofa and armchair with gray cushions and patterned throw pillows. A matching wooden coffee table is in front of the seating. The background shows a dining area with a table and chairs, and some potted plants. A modern outdoor patio setup with a gray cushioned wooden sofa, white and gray pillows, a gray throw, a side table, wicker accessories, and greenery in the background. In front of the sofa is a swimming pool with reflections of the furniture in the water. An outdoor seating area with cream-colored cushions and a black-and-white checkered blanket draped over the side. A small potted plant and wicker basket sit on the wooden floor. A table with a bowl of grapes is partially visible in the foreground. A patio with gray tiles features two beige cushioned wicker sofas on a gray rug. Two orange pillows are on one sofa, and one orange pillow is on the ground. Green grass, bushes, and trees surround the area. A minimalist outdoor seating area featuring two black cushioned wooden lounge chairs with matching pillows. A small wooden coffee table between the chairs holds a terracotta pot with a green cactus. A grey blanket is draped over the arm of one chair. A serene outdoor seating area features two black wicker sofas with light cushions facing each other across a wooden coffee table. The setup is shaded by two large trees and overlooks a lush, green landscape. A white side table and a woven basket are also present.


PotatoMeter Rating: 95%

A geometric logo with blue intersecting lines forming an abstract pattern is centered above the word "outer" in bold blue lowercase letters, all set against a white background.

About Outer

Outer is a premium outdoor furniture brand that brings style, comfort, and innovation to your backyard oasis. With their patented OuterShell® technology, Outer's sofas and chairs stay clean and dry, making maintenance a breeze. Outer's ongoing commitment to sustainability and quality craftsmanship ensure that their furniture is not only beautiful, but also built to last.

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