A cozy patio features a modern outdoor seating arrangement with a peach-colored sofa, two matching armchairs, and round white tables. The space is accented with green plants and white brick walls, creating a serene atmosphere for relaxation and social gatherings. A modern outdoor seating area features a green sofa and matching armchair on a wooden deck. Behind the furniture are large, dark-framed glass doors. A potted plant is on the left side, and dappled sunlight creates striped shadows across the space. A modern outdoor seating area with wooden-framed sofas and gray cushions facing a pool. Behind the seating, there is a beige wall with trimmed bushes and trees. The area is well-lit with natural sunlight, and the grass lawn is partially visible in the foreground. Modern outdoor patio with light wooden furniture and white cushions. The area features a large corner sofa, an armchair, and a rectangular black coffee table set on a wooden deck, with large windows in the background and some greenery. An outdoor seating area featuring an L-shaped wicker sofa with white cushions and a matching wicker coffee table. The setup is on a wooden deck surrounded by lush greenery. A couple of red bowls are placed on the coffee table. A person in a white outfit arranges the gray cushions on a wooden outdoor lounge chair. The chair is set on a patio near a pool with trees and a wall in the background. The scene appears bright and sunny. A close-up of a modern outdoor chair with a wooden frame and black rope detailing, featuring a white cushion and pillow. The chair is placed beside a vibrant pink flowering plant and near a light-colored wall, with a glimpse of a pool in the background. A person in a white long-sleeve shirt and gray pants walks barefoot on a patio. The patio has white wooden outdoor furniture, including a chair, loveseat, and table, with gray cushions. There is a stack of firewood in the background. A modern outdoor patio setup featuring a cushioned wooden sofa with dark gray cushions. A white hat and a magazine are placed on the sofa's armrest. The background shows large glass doors reflecting a rustic stone wall. A man and a woman sit on a white outdoor sofa set with wooden frames. The man is smiling, and the woman looks thoughtful. A wooden coffee table adorned with plants and decorative items is in front of them. They are on a patio with glass windows and potted plants.


PotatoMeter Rating: 94%

Stylized cursive text that reads "neighbor" in black on a white background. The letters are connected in a fluid, elegant script.

About Neighbor

Neighbor is a direct-to-consumer outdoor furniture brand offering stylish, sustainably-crafted pieces to bring joy to your outdoor space. Made with responsibly sourced materials like FSC-certified teak, all-weather wicker, and Sunbrella fabrics, Neighbor's timeless aesthetic and durable construction caters to those looking for environmentally conscious craftsmanship, as well as classic, clean design.

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