A modern living room with floor-to-ceiling windows. The space features a grey sectional sofa, glass coffee table, black ottoman, sleek black lounge chair, and a standing lamp. There is a tall plant next to the window, cream curtains, and a round dining table in the background. A modern living room featuring a green velvet sofa with brown and gray cushions. Two wooden pendant lights hang overhead. The white paneled wall adds to the minimalistic decor. In front of the sofa is a round, ribbed coffee table with small plants and a book on top. A minimalist living room setting features a beige sofa with two large cushions against a dark wall. In front, there is a rectangular stone coffee table holding a magazine and a black bowl. To the right, a matching stone side table holds a black lamp with a large shade. A cozy living room with natural light includes a white sofa, a plush armchair, a round ottoman, and a marble coffee table. Large sliding doors open to a view of greenery and mountains. Earthy tones dominate the decor with wooden ceiling beams and wicker rugs. A minimalist living room with a beige color palette features a white sofa, a brown armchair, a marble coffee table, and a jute rug. A fireplace is set in the wall, and the room is decorated with hanging artwork, a ceramic vase, and a potted plant. A contemporary living room with neutral tones features minimalist furniture including a beige sofa, a marble coffee table, a gray armchair, and a dark brown loveseat. Large windows with sheer curtains allow natural light to fill the space. A tall cabinet stands in the background. A stylish living room features a beige armchair, a beige tufted sofa, and a modern gray fireplace. Dark walls and wooden floors create a sleek, contemporary ambiance. A low coffee table holds books and decor items, while a plant adds a touch of greenery. A modern beige sofa against a dark grey wall, accompanied by a sleek, dark marble coffee table. On the coffee table, there's an open book or magazine, showcasing a minimalist and contemporary living space. A modern living room with a deep green velvet tufted sofa, a small black side table holding a vase with flowers, and an abstract black and white geometric painting on a wood-paneled wall. The floor is carpeted in a light grey pattern.


PotatoMeter Rating: 93%

The image shows the logo of "LUMENS," a company. The word "LUMENS" is written in large, bold, black capital letters with a stylized "L" that has curved, feather-like lines extending from its base. Below it, the tagline "Enlightened by Design" is written in smaller text.

About Lumens

Renowned for its dedication to quality and innovation, Lumens offers high-end, design-forward lighting and home furnishings from a wide range of brands worldwide. Their focus is on striking, architectural-grade lighting and luxurious, statement-making furniture that is designed to elevate any space.

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