A modern living room with a large teal sectional sofa, a light wood coffee table, and a black floor lamp. The space features abundant natural light from large windows, an open bookshelf, and a cozy seating area in the background by a garden, with wooden furniture. A bright and modern living room features a light gray sofa adorned with a coral pillow and a striped throw. A wooden coffee table holds books and decorative items. Large windows reveal lush greenery outside, while indoor plants and abstract art enhance the aesthetic. A modern living room with a dark blue sectional sofa, a light wooden coffee table with books and a glass of water, and a large green plant in a black pot on a wooden floor. The room has white walls, large windows with natural light, and a black floor lamp. A modern living room features a light blue cushioned sofa with black metal legs on a beige carpet. Behind the sofa, there's a wooden bookshelf filled with books, a plant, and a black bird figurine. Tall green plants and a large window add brightness to the space. A person lounges on a blue sofa in a modern living room. They are holding a mug and are dressed in light-colored clothes. The room features minimalistic decor with potted plants, a round coffee table with books and candles, and a framed picture on the wall. A cozy living room with large windows showcasing a scenic outdoor view. The room features a yellow bean bag chair, a round wooden coffee table with a vase of pink flowers, a built-in bench with yellow cushions, and beige curtains. A cozy, dark gray armchair bathed in sunlight sits next to a set of French doors. The warm wooden floor complements the inviting atmosphere of the room. Outside, trees and a fence can be seen through the glass panes of the doors. A modern living room with a mustard yellow sofa in the center, a white floor lamp on the left, and a small white side table with a plant on the right. The background features an open kitchen with wooden cabinets and a large potted plant.


PotatoMeter Rating: 87%

The image features the word "FLOYD" in all capital letters, written in a bold, red font against a white background.

About Floyd

Floyd's curated selection of minimalist furniture aims to create durable, adaptable, modular pieces that function for modern, nomadic lifestyles. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their use of eco-friendly materials and their focus on timeless design, resisting trends and reducing waste. Floyd resonates with customers that value simplicity, functionality, and a transparent, ethical philosophy.

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