A modern living room features a gray sofa, a wooden lounge chair with an ottoman, a black floor lamp, and a geometric-patterned rug. A black brick fireplace with a fire burning and minimalist art above it accentuates the room. Large windows and a potted plant add brightness. A cozy living room featuring a green sofa with a beige pillow, a round wooden coffee table with a striped vase, a tall floor lamp, wooden shelves with decorative items, and a large window allowing natural light from a leafy outdoor scene. A modern painting adorns the wall. A minimalist living space features a modern white sofa with cylindrical cushions, a marble coffee table with books on top, and a contemporary floor lamp. Large arched windows allow abundant natural light, highlighting the room's bright and airy atmosphere. A modern living room with large windows, light-colored sofas, a black armchair, a glass coffee table, and a grand piano. The room is decorated with a minimalistic style, featuring a vase of flowers and a golden side table. Outside, tall buildings are visible. A modern living room featuring a large beige sectional sofa, two beige and chrome lounge chairs, a stone coffee table, and a matching side table. The space is decorated with vases of white flowers and has floor-to-ceiling windows offering a scenic mountain view. A modern interior displays a variety of furniture and decor items. The setup includes an orange cushioned rocking chair, a white chair, a blue chair, table lamps, a globe, and various decorative objects arranged around a dark wooden table. The floor is wooden and the background is white. A stylish living room features a white plush sofa, a marble-patterned coffee table, a modern floor lamp, a cozy fireplace, and a contemporary chair on a light rug. Large glass doors open to a bright outdoor space, and a potted plant adds a touch of greenery. A spacious room with large arched windows covered with sheer white curtains. The room features a white sectional sofa, a matching ottoman, a textured armchair, a low coffee table, a patterned rug, and a small wooden stool. Plants and a floor lamp add warmth.

Design Within Reach

PotatoMeter Rating: 92%

The image features a red rectangular logo with the text "DESIGN WITHIN REACH" in uppercase white letters. A thin white rectangular border encloses the text.

About Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach (DWR) celebrates distinctive furniture from renowned designers and brands from all around the world. Their collection features a wide range of unique pieces for every room, ranging from classic mid-century modern to contemporary styles. DWR aims to make well-designed furniture accessible to design-savvy consumers who value form as well as function, while welcoming iconic, museum-quality designs into their home.

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