A modern living room features a gray sofa adorned with a textured yellow pillow and a pink throw blanket. Two round brown ottomans sit nearby. Patterned chairs, contemporary artwork, and a window add to the chic, well-lit space. A pink rug covers the floor. Modern living room featuring a brown leather couch, two wooden chairs, a round coffee table, and a fireplace. A geometric artwork hangs above the mantle, flanked by white walls and built-in shelves displaying art pieces and decor, with a large potted plant nearby. A cozy living room with dark green walls, featuring a white tufted sofa, a small round table, and a plaid rug. Framed artwork and wall-mounted lamps adorn the wall behind the sofa. A desk with a chair and a lamp can be seen by the large windows, allowing natural light in. A cozy living room with dark walls adorned with framed art. A beige sofa with brown and white pillows sits next to a large window. A wooden coffee table with decor, a lamp, a potted plant, and an intricate rug complete the space. A sophisticated living room with dark gray walls featuring a large arched window. It is furnished with a brown sofa, two white armchairs, a glass coffee table, and shelves filled with books and decor. A potted plant and modern chandelier add elegance to the space. A cozy living room with a large window, white sofa, and a variety of framed pictures on the wall. A coffee table with flowers and a candle sits in front of the sofa. There's a wooden chair with a pink cushion, a soft rug, and plants adding a touch of greenery. A cozy living room with a tufted brown leather sofa and a black leather armchair, both accented with brass nailhead trim. In the background, there's a black wooden cabinet with glass doors, and a brass floor lamp with two adjustable lights. Framed artwork hangs on the wall. A modern living room with a beige sofa adorned with blue and white cushions. Behind the sofa are abstract paintings. A wooden coffee table with books and a flower vase is in front. There's a lamp on a side table to the left and another lamp on the floor to the right. A modern living room with rustic wooden walls features a light grey sofa and a matching armchair. A large green plant stands next to the armchair. A dark grey area rug, two coffee tables with books and decorations, and bright natural light complete the look.

Burke Decor

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About Burke Decor

Burke Decor offers a curated collection of stylish, modern furniture and décor that brings a fresh, elevated look to your living space. Their clean lines, chic designs, and quality craftsmanship suits a variety of interior aesthetics. With a focus on functionality, timeless style, and attainable luxury, Burke Decor aims to help you create a home that reflects your unique personality and lifestyle.

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