A modern living room with a blue sectional sofa adorned with white and gray pillows and a throw blanket. The room features a gray rug, light-colored wooden flooring, a plant, and abstract artwork on the wall. A dining area is visible in the background. A living room features a mustard yellow sofa adorned with decorative pillows. In front of the sofa is a round wooden coffee table with a black rim, holding books and a potted plant. The light-colored rug has a star pattern, and a tall cactus sits nearby. Bright and spacious living room with a large teal sectional sofa. The sofa has gray and white throw pillows, and a black modern coffee table is placed on a patterned rug. The room features large windows, plants, and various decorative items. A modern living room and kitchen area with a gray reclining sofa adorned with pillows, a round black coffee table, light wood flooring, and black cabinets in the kitchen. Decorative items and plants enhance the cozy, contemporary ambiance. A modern living room with a large window showcasing an outdoor view. It features a gray sectional sofa, a gray armchair with an orange throw, a wooden coffee table, and open shelving filled with decorative items. In the background, there's a dining area with a wall art piece. A sunlit living room features a brown leather sectional sofa adorned with white fur cushions, a white coffee table with a bowl of green apples, stacked books, and a plant. Large windows offer a scenic view of the outdoors. A plant and a wooden cabinet are also visible. A modern living room with a brown leather sectional sofa on a patterned rug. Black and white throw pillows are on the sofa. Behind it, there's a staircase with wooden steps, potted plants, two framed artworks on the wall, and large windows letting in natural light. A cozy living room with a blue tufted sofa in the center, adorned with assorted pillows. Behind the sofa is a metal-framed shelf holding books, plants, and decorative items. A guitar rests against the wall, and a large window lets in natural light. A cozy living room features a brown leather sofa with tufted cushions, a wooden coffee table with books and a potted plant, a tall bookshelf filled with books and decor items, a large green plant in a dark pot, and a framed abstract art piece on the wall.


PotatoMeter Rating: 91%

A black and white logo consists of two sections: the left side reads "APT 2B" and the right side reads "Modern Furniture." The text is enclosed in a rectangular border.

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Apt2B is your go-to source for stylish, high-quality furniture that won't break the bank or leave you waiting months for delivery. This rapidly-growing online retailer offers an extensive selection of sofas, sectionals, bedroom sets, dining furniture, and more, all sporting on-trend designs at affordable price points. With a focus on top-notch customer service, speedy shipping, and a 100-day guarantee, Apt2B makes furnishing your entire pad a total breeze.

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