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Blu Dot vs Article: Who Has Better Couches?

Struggling to choose between Blu Dot's attention to detail and Article's fast shipping for your new couch? Let's dig deeper to see which brand wins!
Blu Dot vs Article
Get ready to settle the debate - which brand, Blu Dot or Article, reigns supreme when it comes to couches? Let's unravel the mystery together!

Side By Side

Blu Dot
Made to Order Lead Times 8-12 weeks N/A
Free Shipping Option
White Glove Delivery Option $249-$349 $199
Return Option
Warranty Included
Financing Option Affirm Affirm
Assembly Required
Large Fabric Selection
Free Swatches Available
Manufacturing Origin USA Asia
Avg. 3-Seat Couch Price $$-$$$$ $$

If you're leaning towards Blu Dot, you're opting for innovative designs, premium materials like kiln-dried hardwood, and a 5-year warranty. On the other hand, Article lures you in with budget-friendly couches, fast delivery within 2 weeks, solid wood frames, and a robust return policy. So, if you value sustainability and craftsmanship, Blu Dot is your go-to. But, if you prioritize quick delivery and affordability, Article takes the lead. Consider your preferences carefully as you decide between the two!

BRAND #1: Blu Dot

A simple logo featuring the words "BLU DOT" in uppercase blue letters, set at an angle within a blue circle against a white background.

Blu Dot was born out of a shared frustration among three college friends - two architects and a sculptor - who sought to create affordable, well-designed furniture. This passion for accessible design continues to drive the brand, evident in their commitment to quality craftsmanship, innovative designs, and sustainability. Blu Dot's sofas are a testament to their dedication to creating pieces that not only look great but also enhance the user experience. Their focus on sustainable materials and practices further solidifies their position as a socially responsible brand.

Blu Dot | Brand Summary

Diving into the world of Blu Dot, I'm continually struck by the allure and functionality of their sofas. They aren't just pieces of furniture. They are expressions of a design philosophy that puts the user's experience at the forefront. Their sofas embody a fusion of comfort and style, constructed to enrich any living space they inhabit. The attention to detail, the responsive customer service, and the vibrant community Blu Dot has cultivated speak volumes of its dedication to excellence. Engaging with their products, one can't help but feel part of something genuinely forward-thinking—wow, what a brand!

Blu Dot | PotatoMeter Rating:

Online Shopping Experience Score 94%
Durability and Quality Score 95%
Shipping and Lead Time Score 93%
Vibe Check Score 95%
Customer Focus Score 93%
Overall PotatoMeter Rating 94%
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Blu Dot | Pros & Cons


  • Innovative designs balancing style and substance
  • High-quality, durable materials like kiln-dried hardwood and performance fabrics
  • Generous 5-year warranty
  • 30-day return policy with free return shipping
  • Free fabric swatches
  • Strong emphasis on sustainability


  • Lead times can vary depending on product and customization level
  • 10%-20% restocking fee for returns after initial 30-day window
  • Specific cleaning techniques required for certain materials
  • Limited transparency regarding specific construction techniques
  • Limited availability of white-glove delivery service for some locations

Blu Dot is a brand that excels in creating stylish and functional sofas that prioritize the user experience. Their commitment to quality is evident in their use of premium materials like kiln-dried hardwood and performance fabrics, and their 5-year warranty offers peace of mind for buyers.

However, lead times can be unpredictable, and returns come with a restocking fee after the initial 30 days. Some might find the cleaning instructions for certain materials to be a bit demanding. Overall, Blu Dot is an excellent choice for those seeking a well-made sofa with modern design and sustainable features.

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BRAND #2: Article

The image displays the word "ARTICLE" in large, gray, capital letters against a white background. There is a small, red dot placed at the end of the word.

Article is a Canadian company that was founded in 2013. They proudly state that their brand values are, "Customer obsession, do it differently, ownership mindset, win together." They helped pioneer the online couch market and they're still a major player in the sofa space. Plus, being Canadian, they ship to Canada!

Article | Brand Summary

Article’s clean and uncluttered website makes couch shopping a joy. Their chic couch selection and delivery timeline gives them an edge over the competition. Lack of customization options and a shorter warranty period were the main knocks against them. A few 1 star reviews aren't a major concern, though it does indicate that occasionally an unlucky person might get a lemon.

Article | PotatoMeter Rating

Online Shopping Experience Score 94%
Durability and Quality Score 88%
Shipping and Lead Time Score 96%
Vibe Check Score 86%
Customer Focus Score 89%
Overall PotatoMeter Rating 91%
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Article | Pros & Cons


  • High style at low prices
  • In-stock couches ship very fast
  • Ships to Canada
  • Has a 4.5 star rating on TrustPilot
  • Solid wood frame construction
  • Generous return options


  • Couches manufactured in Asia
  • Only a 1-year warranty
  • Limited fabric selection
  • No brick-and-mortar locations

Article is really punching above their weight class when it comes to offering stylish sofas at budget friendly prices. Even better, their sofas are generally all constructed using solid wood frames. That’s great at this price point. Article also has exceptionally fast lead times for their couches, aiming to deliver to your home within 2 weeks. On top of that, they have a tremendous and generous return policy. One bonus is that Article also ships to Canada. We think Article offers excellent value for their quality. But don’t just take our word for it. The article has a stellar 4.5-star rating on Trust[ilot. Nice!

That being said, Article’s fast lead times and budget couches are made possible thanks to manufacturing their sofas in Asia. This also means that Article has a limited fabric selection and does not have made-to-order couches. Despite their exceptional return policy, Article only has a 1-year warranty on their couches, which isn’t ideal at this price point. Article also cuts costs by not having any brick-and-mortar locations or showrooms. But none of these downsides are enough for us to steer you away from Article’s excellent selection of sofas.

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And the winner is...

In the battle of Blu Dot vs. Article, Blu Dot emerges as the standout choice for those valuing sustainability, premium materials, and innovative designs. While Article impresses with affordability and fast shipping, Blu Dot's focus on quality craftsmanship and sustainable practices sets it apart as the ultimate winner in the couch game.

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