Why is Furniture So Expensive Right Now?

Why is furniture so expensive right now? Inflation?

We feel your pain. Inflation is causing sofa prices to skyrocket across the board. Couch prices in 2023 were some of the highest on record and couch prices in 2024 don’t show any signs of dropping. So whether you’re shopping for an Ikea sleeper sofa or a Lovesac Sactional, you’ll notice that there are some eye-popping couch prices. Sofas are so expensive that you might need to invest in a fainting couch due to your sticker shock. But don’t give up on your leather sofa dreams in favor of a beanbag couch. Let’s get to the bottom of why furniture prices are so high right now.

      • Supply Chain Snarls: Global disruptions in supply chains are a major culprit. These affect everything from raw materials to transportation, which all contributes to a rise in manufacturing costs.

      • Raw Material Hustle: Escalating costs of raw materials, like wood and metals, result in increased production expenses that reflect on final sofa prices.

      • Labor Pangs: Skilled labor shortages, coupled with wage hikes in some areas, nudge up the manufacturing costs further.

      • Shipping and Freight Woes: Skyrocketing shipping and freight charges amplify costs as furniture journeys to your doorstep. This is a major reason why couches are so expensive right now.

      • Supply And Demand Dance: The surge in home improvement projects during pandemic times fueled demand, allowing retailers to hold firmer on pricing.

    So why are sofas so expensive? In short, manufacturing furniture is an expensive process that requires lots of moving parts and high quality materials. And, you might have noticed, most furniture isn’t small. Shipping alone is a costly endeavor that’s going to hurt your bottom line. That’s why many companies also charge a shipping and delivery fee. Here’s how much some of the biggest companies charge for couch delivery.

    Is it better to buy a sofa at a store or online?

    a 1950's furniture salesman showing a couple the best couch in the store

    If you’re trying to track down the best couch prices, then you might be wondering whether it’s better to buy a sofa at a store or online. But the truth is that finding the best couch value depends on your budget, style, and timeline.

        • In-Store Speed and Savings: If you need low cost furniture and you need it now, shopping in person at a local furniture store is your best bet. The store likely has in-stock couches to pick from at bulk supply prices. But your style options will be limited.

        • Budget Online Couch Shopping: There are many online retailers like Amazon, Hulala Home, Walmart, and Wayfair that have extremely low couch prices and can deliver to your home in just a few days. These retailers have a much wider selection of styles than in-store options, but you won’t be able to test out the sofas first. This is a great option for value couches.

        • Local Furniture Store Advantage: If testing out a sofa before buying is essential, then shopping at a local sofa store near you is a must. If it’s a mom and pop store, you might even be able to haggle down the sofa prices to get a better deal. That’s a great way to get a real furniture value.

        • Online Advantage: Online couch companies do not have to pay for any overhead like brick and mortar storefronts, salespeople’s salaries, floor model furniture, etc. This means you can often get a higher quality, custom sofa for a lower price than a similar offering at a local store. But it could take weeks for final delivery to your home.

      Still feel like that new large sectional couch is out of reach? Check out holiday sales (especially Black Friday – check out our complete Black Friday deal list) and check local listings to see if you can snag that sectional for a sick deal.