Is Centering Your Room Around Your TV A Big Mistake?

Should a sectional face the TV?

As much as we’d love to believe that we’re the type of people who don’t watch TV, the truth is that most living rooms are designed around a TV. And you know what? Why shouldn’t they be? You invested a lot of money in that nice new Smart TV so you might as well actually be able to look at it from the comfort of your sofa!

  • TV Central: Sure thing! If TV time is your top priority, arranging your sectional to face the TV creates a cozy entertainment hub.
  • Consider Comfort: However, don’t forget about comfort. Ensure that seats have a good view and are at a comfortable distance from the screen.
  • Conversation Corner: If your living room is also a social space, angle the sectional to create a cozy corner for both TV watching and face-to-face chats.
  • Balance is Key: Ultimately, it’s about finding the sweet spot. Balance TV viewing with room flow and interaction to create a living space that suits all your needs.

So, whether you’re watching your favorite Pedro Pascal movie and TV shows or enjoying a lively chat, find the sectional placement that brings comfort and connection to your living room. Position things properly and you’ll be able to stream from the comfort of your sectional with pull out bed. I’ll get the popcorn!

Does a couch need to face the TV?

Couch in front of the television in nice apartment

No, that beautiful Cloud sectional of yours doesn’t need to face the TV. Many people have their couches facing the fireplace or even another sofa (who needs two sofas when you can just invest in a double chaise sectional, anyhow?). But when the allure of your Apple TV becomes too great, you’ll likely wish your sofa were in your view.

  • TV Focused: Well, it’s up to you! If catching the latest shows is your jam, facing the couch toward the TV makes for comfy binge-watching.
  • Design Play: But hey, there’s flexibility. Your couch can face other ways too! Consider room flow and how you use the space.
  • Multifunctional Magic: Maybe you’re after a cozy chat spot too? Arrange your couch to encourage conversations and create a versatile layout.
  • Your Call: It’s all about your lifestyle and preferences. Make your living room a reflection of how you love to relax and connect.

So, whether your couch faces the TV or takes a creative twist, make it work for you. Your living room, your rules!