Sectional Healing: The Ultimate Couch Maintenance Guide

How to keep chaise cushion from sliding?

If you don’t want your chaise cushion to go sliding all over the place, our experts have a few tricks up their sleeve to keep it nice and snug:

  • Grip pads: Tired of your chaise lounge cushion playing ‘slip and slide’ on you? Say goodbye to the unintended cushion surfing by slapping on some non-slip grip pads. These bad boys will keep your cushion in check, even on the slipperiest of surfaces.
  • Velcro strips: Who needs a romantic movie-style “clinging to each other” moment when you can have your Sunbrella chaise lounge cushions clinging to the frame? With the magic of adhesive Velcro strips, your cushion will be inseparable from its frame. No more cushion wanderlust!
  • Anti-slip mat: Remember that time your chaise cushion decided to slide away like it had better places to be? Well, not anymore! Introducing the revolutionary anti-slip mat, the secret weapon against cushion rebellions. Just place it underneath your cushion and enjoy a slip-free lounging experience.

Therefore, by implementing these simple solutions, you can enjoy your chaise lounge without constantly readjusting the cushion.

How do I keep my chaise cushion from lifting?

chaise lounge sloping cushion

First of all, why is this happening: If your chaise cushion has developed a liking for levitation, no worries! This is usually due to an uneven breaking-in process of the cushion itself– it actually has to do with the cushion filling more often than not. If you sit in it and the front flips up as if it were saying “hey howarya” the most important thing to do is to put the time and effort in to breaking in the front of the cushion as well as the part that is obviously way more comfortable to sit in… after all, no one gets a chaise so they can sit on the front of it. Sadly, it’s a necessary evil of chaise cushion upkeep.

Ok so what should you do? If it’s already too late and your chaise is practicing its best hair flip, Here are some savvy tricks to keep it grounded:

  • Double-sided tape: Transform your chaise into a “no fly zone” for cushions by using double-sided tape. Stick one side to the cushion and the other side to the frame, creating an invisible force field that keeps the cushion firmly in place.
  • Grip-enhancing spray: Give your chaise cushion a little extra grip with a spray-on grip enhancer. Yes, this magical spray adds a velvety layer of stickiness, ensuring your cushion stays put without any funny business.
  • Weighted cushion anchor: Show that rebellious cushion who’s boss by using a weighted cushion anchor. Secondly, these clever anchors come in various shapes. From adorable weights, to stylish decorative objects, and they’ll keep your cushion securely in place while adding a touch of flair to your sectional sofa bed!

Finally, with these tricks up your sleeve, you can say goodbye to cushion lifting and hello to a perfectly poised chaise lounge experience! Don’t forget, these techniques can be used for all kinds of furniture, even that hide a bed!

How do you fix a sagging chaise lounge?

There’s nothing more annoying than a sagging chaise lounge! It could have to do with the frame of the piece or the cushion So, here are some tricks to revive your beloved piece of furniture:

  • Tighten the screws: A chaise lounge that is losing its luster may just need a little TLC in the form of tightened screws in the frame. So, grab your trusty screwdriver and give those bolts a swift twist to restore stability and firmness. And, prevent it from turning into a couch that turns into a bed in a bad way!
  • Add additional support: Show that sagging chaise who’s boss by reinforcing it with some additional support. Secondly, consider placing a sturdy wooden board or slats underneath the cushion to provide extra resilience and prevent further sagging.
  • Replace the cushion: If all else fails, it might be time to bid farewell. A worn-out cushion can significantly contribute to the sagging effect, so invest in a high-quality replacement to restore the comfort and aesthetic appeal of your chaise lounge. Save some dough with an easy google search of ‘chaise lounge cushions clearance‘.

With these remedies, your sagging chaise lounge will rise like a phoenix from the ashes, ready to provide you with hours of stylish and ergonomic lounging. Check out even more tips on how to keep your chaise in tip top shape!