Lovesac vs Inside Weather: Who Has Better Couches?

Lovesac and Inside Weather are two couch companies that have a singular focus – selling one sofa style and selling it well. Their modular couches are best-in-class. But which brand does it better?
Lovesac couch company comparison to Inside Weather couch company. Modular couches

Side-By-Side Comparison:
Lovesac vs Inside Weather

Inside Weather
Overall PotatoMeter Rating
Made to Order Lead Times
8-10 Weeks
5-6 Weeks
Free Shipping Option
White Glove Delivery Option
Return Option
Financing Option
Shop Pay
No Assembly Required
Large Fabric Selection
Free Swatches Available
Manufacturing Origin
Asia / Mexico
Average Price
$$$ - $$$$

Lovesac and Inside Weather have such similar business models and practices that it can be hard to determine where they differ. So let’s pull back the curtain on some of the modular mysteries.

The main difference is style. Lovesac’s modular couch, the Sactional, has a very simple, modern look. Inside Weather’s modular Bondi has a more striking design. It’s a California craftsman style with exposed wood and thick cushions.

Does Lovesac have longer lead times than Inside Weather? Yes, but only when it comes to made to order fabric covers. You can choose one of Lovesac’s 30 quick ship fabrics and your order will likely ship within 2 weeks. Inside Weather does not have a similar quick ship option.

Do both companies have return policies? Yep! Lovesac has a 60 day return policy, but you can only return quick ship fabric covers. 

Meanwhile, Inside Weather has a 365 day return policy, but the return fee is 10% within 14 days (based on PRE-discounted prices). The fee is then 25% + return shipping costs between 14 and 365 days. In some cases the pre-discounted price is nearly twice as much as the price you paid.

These two companies also differ on the sustainability front. Inside Weather has made eco-friendly options a core part of their brand. Lovesac has some green aspects (which are great), but they don’t match the level of Inside Weather.

Lovesac blue modular Sactional with ottoman and Inside Weather orange velvet modular sectional sofa with ottoman

Brand Focus: Lovesac

Lovesac modular couch company brand logo


Lovesac began all the way back in 1995 when the founder, Shawn Nelson, handmade a beanbag chair. The beanbag chair exploded in popularity. After being named the fastest growing furniture company (twice), Lovesac pivoted to focusing on the Sactional, the gold standard of modern modular sofas.

Pros Cons
Incredible modular options

Free shipping via FedEx

Large and unique fabric catalog

Good return policy (quick ship only)

Modern high-tech add-ons

Machine washable fabrics

Has many in-person showrooms
"Custom" fabric covers are
not returnable

Fabric selection can significantly
raise sofa price


Assembly can be challenging

Pros & Cons: Lovesac

Lovesac’s Sactionals are modern, functional, expandable, and great for families. So what are the downsides?

As stated earlier, Lovesac offers 100+ fabric cover styles for their couches, but only the 30 quick ship options qualify for the 60 day return policy. When the fabric covers are half the total cost of the Sactional, this can be an expensive discovery.

Speaking of price, Sactionals are not exactly cheap. An average configuration can run you $5,000+. Choosing a bigger configuration can result in an even bigger bill.

Yes, delivery is free, but there’s no white glove assembly option. And assembly can be far more challenging and exhausting than advertised. Make sure you stretch first!

But don’t worry, Lovesac also has plenty of wins in the pro column. Sactionals are tremendous couches for families and pets. Almost all fabric covers are machine washable. Some are even reversible! They also offer unique fabrics with patterns and colors you won’t find anywhere else.

Sactionals are amazingly customizable, too. You can choose arm styles, back styles, and down cushion fill. You can even add surround sound systems and phone chargers right inside the couch. There are also multiple ways to configure your setup so you can find fun ways to shake things up.

Plus, you can visit one of their many showrooms to test out the Sactional in person.

PotatoMeter Ratings
Online Shopping Experience
Shipping & Lead Times
Customer Focus
Quality of Materials
Brand Vibe Check
Overall PotatoMeter Rating

The PotatoMeter is’s very own rating system that grades furniture retailers on a variety of essential criteria.

Brand Focus: Inside Weather

Inside Weather

Inside Weather was founded in 2018 with the goal of bringing sustainable, eco-friendly, modular sofas to the masses. Their Bondi Sofa is extremely stylish and has become an incredibly popular option for families.

Pros Cons
Great customization options

All couches made in the USA

Sustainably-sourced hardwood frames

Free shipping (orders over $1,500)

High quality, eco-friendly fabric
options. Some machine washable!

Massive emphasis on sustainability
Misleading and pricey 365 day home
trial return option

Only a 1 year warranty

No spring support system

Assembly can be challenging

Only 2 in-person showrooms

Pros & Cons: Inside Weather

You might love the way Inside Weather’s Bondi Sofa looks, but here are a few things to consider before you buy it.

Inside Weather’s return policy can be misleading and pricey. The 10-25% return fee is based on pre-discounted pricing. And with such large discounts (sometimes 50% off), you could spend thousands to return your Bondi Sofa.

We love the Bondi Sofa’s style and its hardwood frame, but the support system is elastic webbing. Webbing isn’t super durable and it isn’t great at this price point.

If you don’t pony up for the white glove delivery, then you could be faced with a challenging assembly process.

But don’t let the cons spook you. Inside Weather’s Bondi has plenty of pros. There are tons of ways to configure and customize your Bondi Sofa. Inside Weather also has tremendous, eco-friendly fabric options to choose from. They’re super cleanable and many are machine washable.

Their hardwood frames are sustainably-sourced and many of their materials have eco-friendly benefits, too.

Any order over $1,500 ships free and you can add on white glove delivery (including assembly) for only $175. That’s a a budget friendly white glove option, especially with the amount of assembly required.

The Bondi is also made in the USA with high quality craftsmanship. This majorly cuts down on Inside Weather’s carbon footprint. 

PotatoMeter Ratings
Inside Weather
Online Shopping Experience
Shipping & Lead Times
Customer Focus
Quality of Materials
Brand Vibe Check
Overall PotatoMeter Rating

The PotatoMeter is’s very own rating system that grades furniture retailers on a variety of essential criteria.

And The Winner Is...

Lovesac’s Sactional and Inside Weather’s Bondi Sofa are both master classes in modular design. Each one is customizable, comfy, and great for families. While they can both be a bit pricey, they’re both excellent choices for your home. If sustainability, eco-friendly materials, and USA made construction is important to you, Inside Weather is a clear winner. If you really favor customization, return options, and a softer style, Lovesac is perfect.

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